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You guys must have really hated the previous chapter...Only three reviews...(ouch) Well, this so far has been my favorite chapter, just because it moves a little faster.... In the next three chapters, my plot is really going to be revealed, Harry is fixen to look into the pensive (just a hint of what's to come) Thanks to all my Reviewers, you guys, as always, are amazing... Keep Reading and Reviewing Nothing is my Own. ********************************************************** Chapter Twenty-Five: Cho’s Secret “Harry, what in the world do you think you’re doing!?” Hermione yelled as he ran past her with his invisibility cloak tucked firmly under his arm. Harry didn’t have a reason nor the patients to answer her question, he had to get back to the Ravenclaw common room, he had to get to Cho. He didn’t have time to look behind him as Ginny and Hermione followed him voicing objections. “Harry, even if you do get into the Ravenclaw common room, how are you going to talk to her?” Hermione tried. “Dumbledore’s in there, and so are like six other professors, don’t you think they’ll find it odd that you’re talking to Cho through the cloak?” Ginny argued. Harry still didn’t respond, his heart was pounding as he thought of Cho laid out on the floor in tears, near the verge of death. Madame Pomfrey’s words repeating themselves over and over in his mind like a broken record, “poor dear probably wouldn’t be able to survive another encounter.” “HARRY, listen to reason! What you’re planning on doing is insane!” Hermione continued. She suddenly let out one of her infamous Hermione sighs, “Ginny, where is your brother?” Ginny shrugged, “Luna isn’t going to help you sneak in, she has more house pride than that.” He was almost there now, if Ginny and Hermione didn’t leave soon, they’d blow his cover. Suddenly stopped in the middle of the corridor and spun around, “listen, I know what I’m doing, you guys are just going to have to trust me.” “What are you doing, you’re not thinking clearly,” Ginny continued. “I’m going to try to talk to her, maybe I can get her to unlock the door,” Harry said stupidly. Hermione shook her head, “how are you going to get past the Professors? Use a dung bomb?” Hermione badgered. “If I have to,” Harry confessed, foolishly. Ginny let out a snicker, “use your head, don’t you think that might be slightly obvious, it isn’t like Dumbledore doesn’t know about the cloak.” Harry felt anger rising in his stomach and he had to use ever ounce of patients to hold it down, “I can’t just wait around for something to happen, I have to do something.” Hermione paused, “then do something logical, not foolish. There are better ways of handling this situation.” “Like what?” Harry asked slightly annoyed. “Like flying through the Ravenclaw girls dormitory window on your Firebolt,” Ginny joked. Harry’s eyes grew wide, “that’s brilliant!” Hermione gave Ginny a desperate look, “she wasn’t being serious!” “No, I wasn’t!” Ginny agreed. “I bet the Professor’s haven’t even thought of that yet,” Harry continued, “do you have any idea which dorm window is hers?” “NO!” the two girls said in unison. “I know what tower the Ravenclaws are in, I could look in every window,” Harry started saying to himself. “That’s going to look good, ‘Oh look Potter is flying outside our window’,” Ginny mocked. Harry held up his cloak impatiently. “Don’t you think it will look suspicious a flying broom without a passenger?” Hermione questioned. They were now following him down the corridor that lead to the Quidditch Locker rooms, where Harry’s Firebolt was. “Harry, please think about what you’re doing!” Hermione begged. Harry pushed his way through the locker room doors, “you guys can either help me, or stay out of my way.” “I’m not going to help you get yourself expelled,” Hermione said flatly. Ginny sighed, “we’re not going to be able to talk you out of his, are we?” “NO!” Harry said loudly. Ginny shook her head and went over to her own locker room to retrieve her broom. Hermione looked at her amazed, “what are you doing?” “Providing a distraction,” Ginny said. Hermione rolled her eyes, “this is ridiculous.” “If you’re not going to help than leave,” Harry urged. Hermione closed her eyes as if she was debating with herself the course of action she was going to take, “which locker is Ron’s?” Ginny smiled, “that’s the spirit.” Hermione looked feverous, “I’m not very good on a broom.” “Okay, Hermione, you watch the professors though the common room window, stay out of sight, don’t let them see you. Warn us if you see the professors get though the door. Ginny you take the right side tower, I’ll take the left side,” Harry instructed. “What if we’re caught?” Hermione asked suddenly. “If they spot us, fly straight to the Gryffindor tower, and though the nearest window. Hopefully they won’t recognize us if they do see us,” Harry replied before kicking off the ground. Hermione looked slightly ill as her feet dangled uncomfortable from the ground, Ginny and Harry looked so natural. The three flew out the locker room entrance and into the cold crisp night. The Ravenclaw tower was completely on the opposite side of the grounds, so they flew in-between the window level just to be safe. It was easy to spot the tower due to the large amount of commotion coming from it. “Okay, remember, if you’re seen whistle really loudly,” Harry said starting to feeling slightly anxious. “I can’t whistle,” Hermione said suddenly. Ginny had to suppress a chuckle, Hermione looked like a ghost sitting on Ron’s broom, “use a whistling spell.” Ginny and Harry both took off with slightly more speed towards the tower windows, while Hermione stayed close to the outside walls, peaking in though the corner of one of the main windows. The plan was working brilliantly. Ginny had only had to look into one set of windows to discover the right side of the tower was the boy’s dormitory. She joined Harry to speed up their search on the left side. They were careful, peeking quickly into each window, luckily all the rooms were empty, since everyone was in the common room watching the professors. “I found her!” Ginny yelled in a whisper down to Harry. Harry rose up to the window Ginny was peering into, and braced himself for the worst. There she was, sitting on her bed with tears falling down her face. She looked so scared, and puzzled. He tapped lightly on her window, “Cho?” “I’m going to help Hermione keep a look out, if you hear us whistle it means the professors are coming in.” Harry nodded before tapping on the window again, this time a little louder. Cho’s head shot up as she searched the room for the source of the tapping. Harry tapped again. Cho’s eyes widened as she saw Harry, she ran over the window. “Harry! Help me!” she cried nervously. “Cho, what’s wrong?” Cho shook her head as she desperately tried to open the window, failing. “I can’t get out! I’m sorry,” she continued to sob. Harry forced a weak smile, “it’s okay, just open the window.’ “I can’t! I can’t get it to budge,” she tried to open it again. Harry placed his face near the glass and looked around the room, “what’s going on in there?” “I went to the Room of Requirements to get the Death Journal, I was just going to play with it. I started talking to it and suddenly the door slammed shut, I haven’t been able to get it open. Oh the book, it’s saying horrible things Harry, it won’t leave me alone!” Harry swallowed hard, “it’s okay, I’m going to get you out of here.” “Harry, where are you going?” Cho pleaded as Harry disappeared. Harry flew down to the lookout point where Ginny and Hermione were waiting, “Hermione.” Hermione looked up to Harry motioning to her and flew up to him, “what’s wrong?” “How can I break a chamed window?” Harry asked suddenly. Hermione looked at him skeptically, “she won’t let you in?” “She can’t, the windows charmed and she can’t open it,” Harry answered. Hermione followed Harry back up to Cho’s window, where she was smashing her fist against the glass in vain. “Harry! Hermione!” Cho cried. Hermione pulled out her wand, “smitherous bloatious croakous.” The window glass shattered spraying Harry and Hermione. Harry shielded his eyes with one hand and was able to keep his balance on his broom, but Hermione who wasn’t as nimble on a broom fell. “HERMIONE!” Harry yelled barely catching her arm in time. She let out a scream, “Don’t Let Go!” Her body dangling dangerous in the air. Cho’s face went white as she reached out the window and pulled Hermione’s escaped broomstick into the room with her. Hermione was slipping out of Harry’s grasp as he tried to pull her onto his Firebolt. “HOLD ON!” Cho yelled wiping her eyes on the back of her robe. She quickly mounted the escaped broom and positioned herself below Hermione, “let go, I’ve got her.” Harry reluctantly released his loose grip on Hermione’s arm and she feel on the broom stick with Cho. A loud whistle busted though the night, and Harry jerked his eyes up just in time to see Professor McGonagall come though the once locked Ravenclaw dormitory door. An hour later Harry, Hermione, and Ginny sat in Professor McGonagall’s office, “irresponsible, foolish! You could have been killed. I expected better of you, especially you Miss Granger and Miss Weasley. Mister Potter, how many more of these stunts are you going to pull?” “It was my idea Professor,” Harry admitted, “Ginny and Hermione tried to talk me out of it.” “Indeed, apparently they failed,” she spat. “One weeks worth of detention and twenty points each from Gryffindor. Miss Granger and Miss Weasley are suspended from their prefect duties until further notices, for serious lack of judgement,” McGonagall handed down. “But Professor,” Hermione started to object. “Being named a Prefect is a honor, it’s something you have to earn with hard work, and right now you’ve lost that trust,” McGonagall snapped. “I haven’t stripped your badges from you yet.” “We saved Cho though professor, no telling what would have happened if we hadn’t shown up,” Harry started to argue. She nodded, “we opened the door only moments after your little stunt. It’s a miracle Miss Granger here isn’t in the hospital wing or worse.” “The door wouldn’t have opened if we hadn’t busted the window,” Hermione continued. “That maybe be true, but you had no business taking the situation into your own hands. The three of you are students and it’s time you realize that.” The three beaten Gryffindor walked down the corridor back to the Gryffindor common room. “Suspended, I can’t believe it,” Hermione whined. Ginny shook her head, “what about Quidditch Practice, we’re going to miss a week, and we can’t afford to miss a week!” Harry lowered his head, “at least Cho is okay, who knows what would have happened if we hadn’t shown up.” “HARRY! The teacher got though the door moments after we did! She would have been fine!” Hermione snapped. He narrowed his eyes, “you said yourself that the only reason the door opened was because we smashed the window.” “I just said that hoping to ease our sentence. We can’t prove our busting the window had anything to do with the door opening. We should’ve left it to the teachers!” “I didn’t ask you guys to help!” Harry retaliated. Ginny stepped in-between them, “don’t fight over this, its done.” Harry backed away and started walking the opposite direction down the corridor. “Harry! Where are you going?” Ginny called after him. He almost didn’t answer, but finally yelled back, “to find Cho.” The images from the night played in his mind, and McGonagall’s words accompanied each action. He wasn’t sure if he was mad at Hermione, mad at Cho, mad at McGonagall, or mad at himself. The passageway seemed to continue on for what seemed like an eternity. It was quiet now, all the Ravenclaws had apparently turned in for the evening. He hadn’t a clue how he was going to get into the house, his invisibility cloak was down in the Gryffindor’s locker room. He just had to talk to Cho. “Harry?” said her voice as she approached from the opposite side of the corridor. “Are you okay?” he asked somewhat desperately. “I was with Professor Flitwick, he wanted to talk to me about tonight,” she said softly. He lowered his head, willing his temper not to surface, “what the hell were you thinking?” “Don’t use that tone with me,” she warned. “You said yourself Death Journals were a hoax, I just wanted to try for myself.” Harry lifted his eyes to meet hers, “so you could talk to Cedric?” “It isn’t what you’re thinking. I haven’t lost my mind, “ Cho spat. “Than what is it. Cedric is dead! Just like my Godfather, they’re dead! You can’t talk to them!” Harry almost screamed at her. Cho fists balled at her sides, “I KNOW THEY’RE DEAD! You don’t have to remind me.” “Than why did you use the Death Journals?” Harry said suddenly. Cho lowered her now sobbing head, “because I need some kind of closure. You don’t understand.” “What don’t I understand?” Harry pushed. Cho suddenly lifted her head, “when you and Cedric disappeared everyone said it was part of the tournament, that you guys were fine, but I saw Dumbledore’s eyes. He was worried, and I knew something wasn’t right. It seemed like you guys were gone forever.” She suddenly broke down, and started crying uncontrollable. Harry tried his best to comfort her by pulling her into a hug. “I was glad it was him instead of you,” she whispered. Harry wanted to speak, to say something, but her words had caught him completely off guard. “Damn it Potter, why couldn’t you have just asked me to the Yule Ball sooner,” she shouted pulling back from him trying to dry her eyes. Harry searched for something to say, but couldn’t find the words. “It would have been so much easier if I’d never known Cedric Diggory,” she almost whispered. “What did the Death Journal say tonight?” Harry asked carefully. Cho took a deep breath, “what difference does it make, they aren’t true.” Harry eyed her suspiciously, “you sound like you’re trying to convince yourself.” “It’s just a stupid book, it doesn’t mean anything,” Cho protested. “What did it say?” Cho face curled up and she blurted out, “it said you we’re going to die. It said you were going to meet your end soon.” Cho’s face fell into her hands as she once again began to sob uncontrollably. Harry placed his arm around her trembling shoulders, “nothing is going to happen to me.” “Oh cut it out Harry,” she said quickly throwing her hands down, “you know you can’t promise me that.” “I’m not going to let anything happen to you, I can promise you that,” he said quietly tilting her chin up with his fingers. Cho looked deep into his eyes and nodded, “Harry, who’s Wormtail?”

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