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Chapter 13: Ur-ine Pain

“I don’t know if you have noticed but I like you, or as some younger students like to say, I like like you” He started off.

I cringed, I know he was trying to make it funny but it was still way too awkward.

“Anyways” he continued “I know it was kind of stupid of me to take another girl to hogsmeade when I like you. Maybe I wanted a reaction, I don’t really know but Amy informed me that you didn’t have one and I can be okay with that”

I began licking my ice cream and nodded to avoid saying anything.

“Are you going to say anything, it might make this a little easier”

I opened my mouth, but nothing was coming out. I had no idea what to say to him. We heard the sound of the portrait door opening and Amy’s laughter filled the room. Our friends entered and all of them stopped short when they saw Sirius and I were in close range of each other.

“Well thanks for the ice cream” I said brightly and tore my way out of there, pushing past everyone and glaring at them as if daring them to try and follow me. As the portrait door closed behind me I sighed. “You are such a bitch” I said to myself.

“Yeah, you just might be”

Damn him, he followed me out.

“We weren’t finished”

Now how can I get away from him while using a logical explanation.

Wait a tick, I’m Paige Springer, since when do I need logic? “What’s that?” I exclaimed pointing behind him and the git actually fell for it! I tore off running and managed to jump onto a moving staircase, giving me significant headway as he waited for the next one to come along.

As I ran through the corridors I frantically looked for a place to hide, it was way after hours and practically every door was locked. Finally I stopped in my tracks as I found the right door. He’ll never think to look for me in here.

I hurried into the boys bathroom and looked around, urinals, stalls, and sinks. Stalls would be my best but I doubted he’d think I would hide here anyway. I crouched on the toilet. Okay now what do I do?

5 minutes went by,

5 more,

Soon I’d been in there for about half an hour. Just when I thought I was in the clear I heard the door open. Every muscle tensed as I listened to the foot steps cautiously walk in and I finally relaxed when I heard the door close again. I had had enough of this stall and its slight odour that seemed to be getting stronger. I leapt out triumphantly but my face fell when I saw Sirius leaning on the wall by the door, arms crossed and a big grin on his face.

“Hello Paige, good hiding spot”

“Obviously not”

He began walking towards me “Why don’t you like me the way I like you?” he asked, but not pleadingly, the confident grin was still there. It seemed as if he knew something that I didn’t.

“Uhh I like you more as a friend” I stuttered, it sounded like a flimsy excuse. He took another step towards me and I stepped back as my that object in my chest started doing this annoying thing where it beat too much.

He shook his head “No, I think that you actually do like me, but its so out of the norm for you that you’re repressing your feelings”

I managed to laugh a little while taking another step back the wall was getting closer. “Well that’s a bit far fetched, maybe you can’t handle that for once, a girl doesn’t feel the same way”

He cleared his throat “If you wanted to stay friends, than why avoid me constantly and get freaked out when I’m around instead of just telling me right of the bat that nothing was going to happen?”

I gulped, was he always this….sly? My hand reached behind me to steady myself on what I thought was a sink. Unfortunately it was a urinal behind me and when I reached, my hand went lower then I expected and I ended up falling. And hitting my head very hard. I groaned when I realized that suddenly there were two Sirius Blacks in front of me.

“Paige are you alright?” he attitude went from smug to concern. I reached to touch my head where it hurt and winced at the size of the bump I felt.

“Sirius look what you made me do!” I exclaimed after taking the situation in.

“What? You fell on your own!”

“That’s cause you were cornering me and talking crazy”

After my remark I stood up and began stomping away. He followed me silently and thankfully knew that it wasn’t the time for a chat. When we reached the common room, five heads anxiously turned toward us, hopeful expressions on their faces. We just stood there for a bit.

“Sooooo” Amy pestered “How’d it go?”

I glared at her “I hit my head off a urinal” and with that I had my somewhat logical explanation to leave and go to my room, which I did.


“It hurts every time I touch it” I whined the next morning.

“Than don’t touch it” Lily rationalized

“I can’t not touch it, its like telling a five year old not to pick his scab, cause he’s gonna pick it no matter what”

Amy threw a pillow at me “First of all, for the record, EWW, and second of all you do realize you just compared yourself to a five year old, which coincidently is how you’re acting”

“You used to be like me” I faked scowled

She laughed “Well now I have a mature boyfriend and a rational head girl as a friend”

“Oh yeah” I challenged “Well what if I were to tell you they were seeing each other behind your back” They both rolled their eyes at me.

“ITS TRUE” I yelled dramatically as I swung open the door and ran downstairs “LILY EVANS IS A WHORE” I screamed. When I reached the bottom a very shocked Remus and James were standing in the middle of the room. I narrowed my eyes at Remus, causing him to look more alarmed “How could you?” I accused viciously and jogged back upstairs.

The three of us made our way down a few minutes later and the boys were still waiting. I gave them a friendly smile. “I’m going to have to ask Sirius how hard you hit your head” Remus told me. We began walking to the Great Hall but slowly it divided into the couples walking together and I was somewhere in between. It kind of felt sucky but if this is the Universe’s way of telling me I should be with Sirius then forget it.

Speak of the devil, he has not so subtly strolled up and started walking next to me. I touched my bump and glared at him.

“Still mad about that eh?”



“You’re supposed to go away now”

“Don’t much feel like it”

“OOOOOO look at Paigey and Blackie, squabbling like a real couple” Amy cooed. My icy glare turned to her. “Thought you were mature now” I accused and she laughed.

“I lied”


All week I tried to rid myself of Black but he had developed a new tactic, one that involved him always being around me. In other words, stalking. My friends were no help, they would always tell him where I was no matter how much I…. begged them not to.

“Paige, wait up!”

I immediately sped up when I heard his voice and tried to lose him in the corridors and finally I went down in the dungeons but I could still his calling.

I heard voices and peered around the corner, Malfoy and his troopers were talking about some uninteresting thing but then he turned and said the word “Serpent” and they entered what appeared to be the entrance to the Slytherin common room.


I scampered in behind them just as Sirius came in to view. I gave him a cocky grin and a rude hand gesture as the walls closed and separated us. He looked so confused and defeated, it was actually kind of cute. At that thought I angrily hit my head, hurting my bump. Breathe Paige breathe, just cause you think he’s cute doesn’t mean you like him.

The laughter and chatter began to fade as Malfoy and the others went up to their dorms, thankfully not noticing me. I wandered around absentmindedly taking in the sites. It was very green, and dark and cold. Reading a book and sitting on an armchair by the fire was a first year, he looked up at me alarmed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in a rather rude tone for an eleven year old. I ignored him and stared fascinated and a grisly painting on the wall.

“I’m going to tell the professor” he threatened

“I wouldn’t if I were you” I told him calmly, my eyes still on the painting “I happen to be very good friends with Amy Davidson” I gave a side glance when I said the last part and felt inner glee as he winced at her name. Looks like the children of all houses feared my best friend.

I walked over an plopped on the sofa and took out my books. “What are you doing” the kid asked me.

“I’ve got like 3 essays all due tomorrow and I haven’t started any of them” I answered clearly as if it was perfectly normal. I took out a roll of parchment and I began to write but had another thought.

“Hey kid, where’s the girls dorm?”

He wordlessly pointed to my right and I went upstairs and entered the room marked 7th years. When I came down his eyes widened in shock, I was wearing some chicks spare Slytherin robes and had a bandana tied around my head, hiding all but a few strands of my hair. I narrowed my eyes at the boy “Just in case, any body else is as nosy as you, now go back to your book” I told him. He sat there gaping at me for a little longer so I decided to ignore him and concentrate on my first essay. Finally some peace and quiet.

People came in and out and barely noticed me, except to raise an eyebrow at my bandana, other then that I was left alone. After a few hours I stretched out my arms, stood up, ruffled the boys hair (he didn’t dare leave the entire time, probably in fear I’d think he was ratting me out). A girl who was now sitting across from us looked at him questioningly as I made my way out, satisfied in my calm afternoon.

“Nice robes” I stopped short at the dungeon steps as Sirius came out of the shadows. Stupid eerie stalker.

Wait, did he wait out here for hours for me? I repeated my question out loud and he smiled. “How else am I going to prove that I’m a good guy, the bandana looks ridiculous by the way”

I tore at off immediately and surprised myself by flushing a little. Thank god it was dark.

“So “ I said, trying to gain some ground in our little war “Do you meet a lot of girls in the dark depths of the dungeons? Or is the Astronomy tower your preferred place?” His immediate guilty look made me think HA!

“Is that why?” he asked, not bothering to be specific but I knew what he meant. He had somehow gotten closer and I began to get nervous

“Kind of” I told him. Dear god I’m a complete liar, I don’t even think his so called reputation came up in my thoughts against dating him. Which is odd because one would think that would be the main reason, wait, what is my reason?

He sighed, interrupting my thoughts and turned and went upstairs. I watched him sadly. We both knew that he wasn’t really that guy anymore. I stood still for awhile and my mind made a decision. I ran up the dungeon steps.

“Sirius” I yelled across the hall.

He turned around “What?” he yelled back.

“Come here” I yelled at him again.

“You want to talk to me, you come here” he yelled back at me again.

I stomped over to him “You are annoying” I said point blank when I got there.

“Is that all you wanted to say?” he asked with a smile.

“Noooooo” I mumbled. He laughed a little

“Well then what.”

I hesitated. “Give me a second I’ve never really down something like this before.”

We stood there for a little bit longer. He took a deep breath “Okay what is this all-“

He was momentarily forced to shut up because I threw my arms around him and planted a kiss. As quickly as my lips touched his, I removed them seconds after and found myself a bit pleased and frightened at his shock stricken face. I tried to remain bold and kept my arms around him to see what he would do.

“-about” he finished. Then he kissed me back. Only this time longer and more fiercely. My mind went blank I couldn’t think of anything to do or say but to stay there in his arms and let him kiss the hell out of me.

Footsteps started coming near us and I suddenly tensed. He sensed this and parted his lips from mine slowly, each of us were breathing heavily. “I knew you liked me” he whispered smugly. I let out a sigh of relief as the sound of footsteps drifted down another corridor instead of coming our way.

“Maybe a little”


A/N: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t really expect to have them kiss so soon but here I was typing along and BAM suddenly I was typing that. Hope its not too rushed.

Sorry about the long wait, hope it was worth it.

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