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G'day every one sorry for the long wait but I'm finally back for the fifth instalment of "the Unlikely Prospet of Happiness" Please Review

DISCLAIMER: i don't own harry potter, harry potter does'nt own me, neither do i own Doctor Pepper and idon't have any idea how to cook Lime Merngue Pieand i don't own "Invisable Air In An Invisable Can" Cameron does, Sorry Cam Don't sue!!



The Unlikely Prospect

Of Happiness

By MiSs WeStHoFf HeRsElF

CHAPTER FIVE:James’ family

HOME AN HOUR AGO, SO IF I WERE YOU I’D START RUNNING!” yelled a voice from somewhere in
the mansion.

“Oooooh,” Sirius squealed very girl like, “Jamie’s in trouble!” He added with a kick of his high healed foot. James just glared at him for using that nickname.

“Lucy, help me!” James begged.

“No way James. You were late and I’m guessing you promised Mum you’d be home early, anyway I haven’t seen Michael in a long time” she said as she bent down and gave Michael a hug.

“But I never told Mum it was you that ruined her five layered cake for Mr. Roberts’ second marriage!” James pleaded.

“So that was you Lucy?” Said a reasonably calm voice from behind James.

“He-he oops,” muttered James giving his sister a weak smile, then turned around with a fake smile on his face “Mum!” Opening his arms wide.

“James I’ll deal with you later!” Said a woman who was in her late 50’s early 60’s with graying red-brown hair and James’ shinning eyes.

“So it was you all along and you didn’t even tell me, instead you and James blamed it all on the big black shaggy dog!”

“They did WHAT?” Yelled Sirius, after checking his lipstick wasn’t smudged. During this James tip-toed slowly away, trying to avoid the wrath that was Carol Potter.

“Jimmy where do you think your going?” Asked a voice to his left.

“Dave! How are you? I got to go, remember you owe me, I let you marry my sister!” James said all with one breath.

“I understand James,” Said Dave (as he was called) put an understanding hand on James shoulder “CAROL I’VE GOT HIM!” as the understanding hand became a tight grip around James’ shoulders.

“Thank-you David, James don’t think you’re getting off easy. That’s the third time you’ve come home late while babysitting Michael, while your sister has been away!” Carol’s voice sounding louder with every word, “I never want to see you with kids” she added on a more cheerful note “but as punishment you and Lucy can make dinner.” Everyone in the room groaned except Carol and Lily, who was wondering how bad Potter’s cooking could be!

“It’ll give you time to catch up. A whole year without seeing each other is a long time.” She added with a smile, that reminded Lily so much of James’ smile.

Sirius looked very put out by the prospect of James cooking and sat on the ground, with Michael looking just as happy, sat on the floor next to him.

“Off you pop!” Carol said sweetly hitting her children on the bottom as they went passed, “And kids no wands this time”

“Aww mum” they both whined,

“Now that’s sorted” she looked round the room, Sirius acting very immature and Michael following his lead, some random girl and Dave standing there ginning like a fool after Lucy…Some random girl?

“Err not to be rude but who are you?” She asked the young girl, with her deep red hair that was in loose curls and startling green eyes she looked very familiar, then it hit her, there was a picture of this girl on James’ wall but when she was younger.

“Oh I’m Lily Evans, Potter said I might be able to stay here a while, if that’s ok with you of course?” Muttered Lily looking slightly worried.

“Lily Evans, we’ve heard a lot about you.” Said Dave coming out of his daze indicating to Carol and himself, while Michael giggled on the floor (“he-he Lily Evans he-he”)

“Yes dear your welcome here, this house gets a bit lonely sometimes,” She said as she looked around “actually scratch that with James and Sirius around its never boring, but your free to stay all the same.”

“Thank-you Mrs. Potter.”

“That’s alright Lily. Please call me Carol or at least call me Mrs. P. anyway I’ve always wanted a daughter.” She sighed.

“HEY!” Was yelled from the kitchen showing that Lucy and James weren’t actually working but listening in on the conversation. Carol grinned and took Lily’s bag off her shoulder and hung it up on a hook by the doors.

Lily was then immediately steered into the spacious kitchen to be properly introduced to everyone:

Carol was James’ and Lucy’s mum although Lily had already guessed that. Lucy was James’ sister and there was about six years difference. She was head girl when they were in first year, that’s why she looked slightly familiar. Michael was James’ nephew and Lucy and David’s son and had stayed at the Potter estate with Carol while James was at school and Lucy and David were at Auror training in Australia (they just got home). David was Lucy’s husband, he had neat black hair and bright blue eyes, and he was also head boy along side Lucy. And James’ dad was still at work.

David and Michael had gone off to have some father/son time and Carol had mysteriously disappeared, actually she went off to prepare a room for Lily but Sirius was convinced that she had disappeared and that they should go searching for her…after dinner of course. So that left Lily and Sirius watching James and Lucy make the dinner.

Lily wasn’t sure what they were making exactly, but surprisingly enough it smelt good. And for the first time since their first year Lily actually had fun with the more roguish half of the Marauders, which made it far from a punishment for don’t forget that is what it was. But it still felt odd after hating someone for so long, then to be friends in an hour or two, so Lily preferred to talk to Lucy while the other two mucked about laughing and talking while James restrained himself from looking at Lily.

And finally dinner was served.

Lucy and James had actually made a pretty tasty looking Italian type pasta. The three members of the Potter family plus a few others sat down at the large table. Everyone with a large bowl of pasta in front of them yet no one touching it.

“Oh come on it can’t be that bad?!” Said Lucy

“Yeah you’re right,” Said Dave lifting the fork to his mouth “Michael I love you, and Sirius if I die, sue these guys,” He said pointing at his wife and brother-in-law “for me”.

“Yes sir.” Said Sirius saluting David while Lucy whacked him and James hit Sirius upside the head.

“Jamie did you really want to hurt your bestest best buddy?”

“Good question Siri, I guess not.”

“See where would you be without me?”

“Living in peace.” muttered Dave and James.

“Exactly!” Said Sirius not really paying attention to the conversation, but instead to the plate in front of him.

“My goodness it can’t be that bad at least it looks edible compared to last time?!” James said as he winced at the thought. Apparently it was bad

“I totally agree honey.” Said Mrs. P as she brought her fork up to her mouth and ate, everyone held their breath even James who was positive that the food was non toxic “This is actually good pasta, well done guys.”

“Still I’m a bit surprised that there’s no yogurt covered potatoes in it, Potter.” Said Lily slyly.

“Hmm no sorry love, ran out of potatoes, what a pity might have some tomorrow though.” Said James with a mock sadness on his face.

“Yogurt covered potatoes? James, honey are you alright?” Asked Carol with a worried expression on her face.

“Not sure. I think it’s from being dropped on my head as a child, I have you two to blame for that thank you very much” James said pointing at Lucy and his mum with his fork.

“Ah so that’s the reason for the stupidity.” Muttered Sirius loudly earning a hit on the head from James

“Dude will you stop doing that it hurts.”

James just shrugged then he was reminded of something.

“Sirius, are you going to get out of that stuff?”

“What stuff?”

“The lipstick, the nail stuff, the hair and the shoes.”

“Yeah I’ll take it all out but the shoes are really comfortable.” Sirius told James as the whole table went silent. James laughed nervously and edged away from Sirius banging shoulders with Lily, normally he would have pretty much fainted at being this close to her but right now he had other things on his mind.

“Dave,” James called across the table “Wanna switch seats?”

“No.” Dave answered not interested returning to the news paper he had taken of his wife, which understandably earned him a slap upside the head.

“For me?” Giving him puppy dog eyes. Lily snorted. James was even more unbearable at home.


“Not even for my darling sister Lucy?” James said, being like one of those people on the muggle TV shows trying to sell you things like ‘invisible air now in a trusty new invisibly can’.

“James stop pestering David he’s a mature adult and doesn’t have to put up with your immature whining.” Reminded Carol as she brought her wine glass up to her lips, giving Dave a loving smile but as soon as she turned away Dave stuck his tongue out at James while flicking some sauce and him hitting him in the eye.

“OWWW!!” James shrieked,


“What I’m injured!” He said disbelievingly.

“Me too.” Michael said while taking a break from the war that was going on between the salt shaker and the pepper.

“Oh James your so immature.” Muttered Lucy while indicating to Dave to check Michael’s knee.

Lily rolled her eyes and went to grab the cheese from the middle of the table, but her elbow knocked her empty wine glass (made from crystal). Everything turned slow motion for Lily as it started to roll off the table…it was falling when suddenly…

James grabbed it before it got too far away.

“Git, show-off.” Lily muttered.

“Why thank-you, I love you too.”

“You are a very rude, insufferable git, you’re a…a…” Lily said struggling to find words to describe the boy, who was looking curiously into her eyes.

“Arrogant bullying toe-rag?” he added helpfully.

“Exactly!” Quite shocked that James actually helped her but also just insulted himself, “How did you know? Are you a mind reader?” She asked looking into his eyes challengingly; wow there must be something in this food.

“No, you just say the same thing over and over again.”

“Really? No that’s not it. The fact that you know what I was saying has a very logical explanation,” James gave her a questioning look, “It just means that you have finally decided to listen to, to the people who…err who, the people who are much more intelligent and better looking!” she finished triumphantly.

“Uh huh” he said disbelievingly while leaving Lily to plot his torture with Lucy and turning to his right to talk to Sirius who was currently talking to Michael and Carol at the same time, having different conversations James used to think that having a couple of conversations at once was a women’s trait but here was his best mate sitting in all his glory nail polish, high heals and all.

“So that’s how I make lime meringue pie and If you just sprinkle something like sugar on top I think its gives it-
Aha Evil Doctor Pepper you have captured me at last but you will never take over the world! I have agents searching for me you’ll never get away with it-
Yeah so it gives it a sort of bitter sweet taste like-
See we are surrounded there’s no getting away now you are trapped thanks to-

“Sirius?” James asked


“Wanna play Quidditch?”

“Sure why not, just give me a sec. So if you put it in the oven for about half an hour- MWAHAHAHAHA your time has ended Evil Doctor Pepper and the world is safe Thanks to SEXY SEA SALT SIRIUS!”


(A/N) Thanx for reading this and sorry i havent updates in a while but once again I'm getting distracted with future chapters and my friends story so yeah thanx

oh i tried to explain somthing in the story but i just gave up so im putting it here just in case anyone is confused

-James left for school
-Two weeks before the end of sixth year Lucy and Dave were called to Australia for combat training
-Leaving Michael with James' Mum and Dad
-James and Lucy havent seen each other since the begining of the year
-And Michael has been staying at the Potter Estate for the past two weeks and two days

Lots of Love
MiSs WeStHoFf HeRsElF

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