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Disclaimer: err this is my story if anything looks familer its probably not mine and just keep in mind that this is for my own amusment and maybe yours too?

(A/N) Hello welcome back to 'The Unlikely Prospect of Happiness' sorry that i havent written in a very very long time but i have been writting future bits i just have to write even more to join them all up so yeah...thanx and here we GO!!

The Unlikely Prospect

Of Happiness

By: MiSs WeStHoFf HeRsElF

CHAPTER FOUR:The new side

“C’mon Evans you’re coming with us,” James said as he swung the injured boy up onto his shoulders, heading towards the exit of the park.

“But…but…but? Lily stuttered not knowing what to make of this new James Potter. Normally he’d probably laugh at her if she didn’t have anywhere to go. She was going to ask ‘Why the sudden change of heart?’ but she was interrupted.

“Hi,” said the boy upon James’s shoulders “Who are you?”

“Oh yeah. Evans this is Michael, Michael this is Evans,” answered James, before Lily could answer herself.

“Evan that’s a funny name for a girl,” said Michael apparently confused.

“Oh my real name is Lily, he just calls me that.”

“So your name is Lily Evans,” Lily nodded “So you’re the Evans the James always tal-“

“MICHAEL! If you keep talking, your knee will hurt more!” James said going a tad pink in the cheeks. Lily smirked she finally had some dirt on James-bloody-Potter. Aha the wonders of blackmail. But yet again before Lily could speak she was interrupted,

“What time is it?” wondered Michael

“Quarter past three,” answered James

“Are we there yet?”

“No we just started walking.”

“Why do we have ten toes?”

“Because if we had eleven, we’d be uneven,” said James while moving Michael’s foot which had been digging painfully into his chest.

“Why is the sky blue?” Lily had begun to wonder if he was always like this.

“Because it would look funny purple,” She had also noticed that James answered in a way that made it final.

“Why is grass green but when you turn it over it’s brown?”

“Because it wouldn’t look as nice the other way round.”

“But, why are trees green?”

“I don’t know but personally I like the colour.”

“Why does that muggle have a nicer letter box than us?”

“Because my mum had to put a charm on it, so our dear Sirius would stop putting ‘Filibuster fireworks’ in it.”

Lily laughed. That seemed like something Sirius would do.

“So Lily, how’re your holidays going so far?” James said using her real name for the first time since…since…well since for ever but to be exact, since third year when James’ head got pumped up with the help of winning the Quidditch Cup in their second year, also it didn’t help when girls decided that dating was ok and James Potter and Sirius Black were more than ok.

“He-he Lily Evans he-he,” Michael giggled, “James likes yo-“

“-GURT COVERED POTATOES, yep yogurt covered potatoes,” James said looking disgusted at the very thought.

“Yeah I like them too” Lily said actually feeling sorry poor boy (that she used to hate) that was being embarrassed by his little…actually who was Michael? Because he looked a lot like James: maybe his brother. Then again after having a kid like James, his parents probably wouldn’t want another child, but who was he, he couldn’t be a family friend no one can look that alike except maybe James and Sirius, that only left one thing, Michael was James’ Son.

Lily gasped making James look at her, she blushed then turned away to continue with her thinking.

‘That could be true, if you believe the rumours I mean the mother could be a girl at school. What was that girls name she left a couple of years ago? Was it Bertha or Rita? Ah well, James Potter’s personal life does not interest me,’ she decided and pushed all thoughts to the back of her mind ‘But I wonder where the mother is!’

“What’s the time,” wondered Michael…again yet sleepily

“Quarter to four,” James replied

Lily was shocked they had been walking for half an hour yet it did not seem so long. Now that she thought about it her legs did hurt though and she also had stitch. How much longer away was his house? Lily still wanted to know why he was being nice all of a sudden. Then again she was tired and didn’t feel like having a fight especially in front of a kid, with some of the things that came out of both their mouths when they were angry was no role model for a child. Lily looked up to see Michael but saw him slumped on James’ head fast asleep. She studied his face he was rather cute looking with his messy black hair with a reddish-brown shine to it,

“Potter, he’s asleep,” Lily muttered to James, who lifted Michael of his shoulders and placed him on his hip.

“That’s okay we’re almost there anyway.”

‘Finally,’ Lily had begun to think that James was leading her nowhere. Her attention was drawn to the houses surrounding her most with high fences, tennis courts, indoor swimming pools (at the front of the house, so they can show off) and the houses were HUGE, people had always said that James Potter was rich but there were no facts. James, who had always bragged about anything and everything whenever he could, never bragged about money. Lily looked once more around the neighbourhood and decided. He must be loaded. Lily lived close by but that area was less…how do you say…loaded with lots and lots of cash?

The two teenagers and the sleeping boy turned into a large cul-de-sac with six houses in it, all of them huge and with clean, tidy, neat gardens. James made his way over to a house. Well actually a wall of creeping ivy covering a high wall which you could see the tips of trees. There was a large archway with a large black door with another matching small archway beside it. James opened the door and whispered:

“Ladies first,” before letting Lily in he followed in behind trying to close the door quietly but with juggling a sleeping boy it was quite difficult. He accidentally slipped and with his foot kicked the door into its place with a BANG!

And the sleeping boy was no more.

James swore under his breath quietly then smiled at Michael.

“Mate we’re home,”

‘Home’ is what Lily would call her nice smallish home with four rooms upstairs and six rooms downstairs. What James called home was a mansion with a couple of small towers made from large stones with many windows looking out on to the perfect green gardens with a driveway leading from the big black door around to the front of the house surrounding a fountain. Huge white columns guarded the front door. Lily was amazed by the size of the MASIVE house (A/N wow how many times have I said something like that?)

James led Lily up onto the front porch and tiptoed across the floor. Upon the door was a large door- knocker shaped as a lions’ head and upon the sandstone walls there were large lamps lighting up the porch along with the setting sun. James quietly lowered Michael off his shoulders and put his finger to his lips, which Michael copied and giggled silently, He slowly opened the door (the huge door) and stuck his head through leaving Lily with a boy she didn’t really know and James Potter’s backside sticking out of James Potter’s door to James Potter’s house, nay, mansion.

‘If I am dreaming,’ Lily thought ‘this would be a great time to wake up,’ she said squeezing her eyes shut ‘or now,’ she said after opening her eyes and not finding herself in her room going delusional from starvation, ‘now?’

“Err…Lily,” James whispered as he waved his hand in front of her face between blinks “we can go in now”

“Oh, right, I knew that” Lily muttered as she quietly followed the still giggling Michael and the tip toeing James into his house.

James quietly closed the door a bit more silently than the gate then started across the entrance hall. With large marble floors a grand staircases leading up to the other levels, it reminded Lily of Hogwarts a bit with the stone walls and the torches on the walls but this was more “homely”. Lily raised her head to look at the roof it was made from wood and copper with many windows and got a crick in her neck just looking at it. It looked like the sort of roof that would echo ‘Must try it some day,’ Lily thought.

“JAMES I-CAN’T-REMEMBER-YOUR-MIDDLE-NAME POTTER” yelled some one who had skilfully hidden at the top of the stairs in the shadows but Lily, Michael and James knew exactly who it was.

“Sirius Back, get your bum down here now!” yelled back James,

So down skipped Sirius but a bit differently than usual, you see for a guy it’s a bit hard to skip with high heels on and not to mention he looked funny with his hair done up in 5 pigtails all over his head along with lipstick and nail polish. “Sirius when I said you should become a cross dresser I was joking,” said James not knowing whether to bag him out about it or be afraid, very afraid. (So the author decided that he should suffer, she decided on both) at this point in time Lily and Michael were forgotten.

“Well you see a certain someone is here to see you and they didn’t know what to wear so me being the kind gentleman that I am (James snorted) I decided to help her”



“JAMES!” A slim girl yelled while running down the stairs wearing a pair of dark jeans and a dark blue top, with her very dark brown hair covering her face, James picked her up in a huge bear hug and swung her around.

“James, put me down!” she shrieked as he swung her more and slowly ceased “James if you’re here where’s my son?”

“MUMMY!” Michael yelled from beside Lily running over to this woman.

‘Aha this must be his mum, hmm I wonder if James is going to get married to her.’ Lily thought.

“So Lucy what are you doing here” James asked as he casually swung his arm over her shoulder.

“Well I came to see my son of course and you Jamsie!”

“Hey what’s Evans doing here?” Sirius yelled changing the topic quiet abruptly and also after staring at Lily for the last five minutes

“Oh yeah where’s mum and dad, Lily’s going to stay for a while”

“Did mum and dad say ok already?” asked Lucy

‘Hmm maybe they are married already she called James’ parents mum and dad, this is so confusing I swear that after this I will never meddle with James Potter’s personal life’ and during Lily thoughts the conversation went onwards.

“So when are you going back?” James asked and yet again Lily was ignored.

“Why where’s mummy going?”

“Mummy’s going to Australia to do training remember?” James said as Sirius got bored and whacked James over the head, which lead to a fight rolling on the ground

“Hi, I’m Lucy Potter,” said Lucy as she held out her hand for Lily to shake and Lily couldn’t help but looking at the huge engagement ring on her finger

“Err…hi I’m Lily Evans”

“Lily Evans! I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“DADDY!” Michael squealed after seeing James get hit by Sirius, even though he wasn’t watching the fight he was looking up stairs, Lily couldn’t help herself.

“Potter is Michael your son?” she asked as James succeeded to get out of the headlock Sirius had him in.

James looked at her weirdly “Yes, Michaels my son and I had him I was thirteen and his mother is my sister, this was followed by a silence “he’s my nephew.”


“You thought he was my son?” asked James struggling to keep a straight face

“Well…err…I…um” But she was thankfully saved by as shouting voice


“My god how many people are yelling my name tonight?” he muttered.


So there we go an i hope u liked it!!
thanks to everyone that reviewed my story...... I love you all!!!!


Lots of Love
MiSs WeStHoFf HeRsElF

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