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Yay! Special Winter Break chapter! Mucho thankies to Loony for writing the entire thing because I was on vacation. I only made very minor changes to Tanya’s part and Remus’ part. This used to be chapter 10, but we moved it back so that its in the correct time frame.

Disclaimer: Bah dah buh buh buh… I’m lovin’ it. Yeah, we don’t own McDonalds… or the Marauders. We don’t own Hanukah either. But I don’t think anyone really does, anyway.

POV: Tanya

It’s nearly the holidays and I’m pretty excited. I’m going to get to see my parents again and best of all… get gifts! Yes! Sadly, however, Laura has to stay at the school over break because her parents decided to visit her brother in America at the last minute. I asked if she wanted to stay with my family for Christmas, but she said no.

“I can’t,” she said as she looked over the homework that she was assigned for the break.

“Why not?”

“Because Sirius is staying over break and he’d be all alone if I went with you.”

It was true. Remus, Potter, and Peter were all going home for the holidays.

“You just want a fortnight with him alone. Oh well. Do as you wish…” I sighed as she closed the planner the she had been poring over.

“Oh, here’s your present.”

She tossed a blue and silver package at my head.

Maybe a few weeks alone with Laura will get Black to come around. But that’s just me being hopeful.

POV: Laura

“Sirius…” I gasped. “Stop…I…can’t…breathe!” I shouted at him. I was rolling on the floor laughing. He had performed Rictusempra on me after I jumped on him from behind. Yes I had, in the literal sense, ‘jumped his bones’.

“Fine…” he said as if it were a burden for him to perform the counter curse. He flicked his wand and my laughing ceased.

“You know I could have died,” I said in a mock angry tone.

“That would have been tragic,” he answered back in a just as fake a sad tone.

“Where would you be without your Laura?” I asked as he gave a hand to help me up.

“In the broom closet with some random girl?” he suggested with his wide smirk.

“Come on, I want to show you something,” I told him as I started to walk towards the portrait hole. I took him to Ravenclaw tower and into the common room. I sat him down.

“Accio Hanukah things!” I said before a menorah and candles flew at me. I caught them artfully and set them on the coffee table.

“What are those for?” he asked looking at the Menorah.

“Well I’m something one would call Jewish.”

“Oh I’ve heard of that, isn’t it a cult or something?”

“It’s not a cult, it’s a religion.”

“Oh I see… What’s a religion?”

“Erm...” I started, trying to find the words. “It’s a belief system that explains how we came to be and how to live your life.”

“Alright then. So what do Jewish people believe in?”

“Well that the world and all the people in it were created by a higher power named God.”

“I’ve heard that people say that during sex…” Sirius said with a laugh.


“You know, ‘Oh god! Oh god, yes!’” he said in a in a high pitched female voice.

“Oh… yeah.” I said with a laugh. “Well besides that… Anyway, God created everything…” I continued. “Part of Judaism, that’s another name for it by the way, is it’s holidays. One called Hanukah is celebrated near Christmas. Hanukah celebrates a time that Jews gained freedom and miracles occurred.”

“So what happened?” Sirius asked, sounding genuinely curious.

“Well a long ago the Jews were ruled by a kind king.”

“King? You mean they didn’t have a minister?” he interrupted.

“No, this was a real long time ago,” I answered. “And don’t interrupt.”

“Fine…don’t get your knickers in a twist...” he mumbled slightly inaudibly.

“But he was succeeded by a cruel king that said they had to believe in his religion. But the Jews wouldn’t have it and asked a bloke named Judah Maccabee to lead them out of the king’s tyranny. So they fought off the king’s army.”

“So the king was a complete nancy? Or did he just not have magic?”

“Well,” I began. “This was a time when muggles and wizards lived together in peace, and we think that both sides had magic, but the Jews had God on their side.”

“Oh I see. She helped them out…”

“She?” I asked with a puzzled look on my face.

“God created everything, right? Do you honestly think a bloke made rainbows and flowers?”

“You have a point,” I said, giving it some thought.

“Or he was batting for the other team…” Sirius said with a smirk.

“Once they won, the Jews rushed to the temple, the place they worshipped God,” I said with a matching smirk. “The evil king had desecrated it by putting animals and trash in it so they had to purify it.”

“What a git!” Sirius exclaimed.

“I agree. Anyway, so once it was cleaned they went to burn the giant menorah.”

“The giant what?” he asked looking confused.

“It looked like this,” I said as I pointed to the silver menorah I had brought out.

“Oh so it’s like a candelabra,” Sirius said, picking it up.

“But there was a problem. They only had enough oil to burn for one night.”

“Why didn’t they use magic?”

“Because, you couldn’t perform magic in the temple. Actually you still can’t… But that’s for various reason,” I said thinking about how I had to clean the entire floor without magic last winter holiday.

“Back to the story. Even though they knew that it would only last one night they burned the oil anyway. Then a miracle occurred. The menorah continued to burn for eight days.”

“Merlin, that’s a long time.”

“That’s why it was a miracle. So, in honour of that, Jews today celebrate Hanukah,” I finished.

“So how do you celebrate Hanukah?” Sirius asked, still holding the menorah.

“Well because the menorah burned for eight days, Hanukah is eight days.”

I gently took the menorah from him and put it in front of us next to the candles.

“We light one candle for each night.”

“Then why is there a ninth branch in the middle?” he said looking back at me.

“That’s for the Shamash, the helper candle. It’s used to light the others,” I explained.

“So, are we going to light them now?” he asked, picking up two candles.

“No need. All you have to do is say the blessing…” I said with a smile. His eagerness seemed childlike. Then again, Sirius is pretty childlike himself.

I took out a slip of paper that was wrapped around the base of the menorah.

“Baruch atah Adonai elohaynu melech ha’olam…”

As I expected, a single candle rose up and became lit.

“Holy sh—“ Sirius murmured, but I cut him off with the next verse.

“…asher kid-shanu b’mitz vo’tav…”

The other candle rose and placed itself in the menorah.

“…vitzi-vanu l’hadlik neir...”

The Shamash then lit the second candle.

“…shel Hanukah.” I finished as the Shamash returned to the center stem of the menorah.

“That was so ace!” Sirius said looking over at me. “But, er, what does it all mean?”

“Something along the lines of :
‘Praise be thou, O’ lord our God,
Ruling spirit of the universe,
Who has sanctified us by thy laws and commanded us to kindle the Hanukah lights,’”
I said off the top of my head.

“I see…” he said, staring at the candles. “Do muggles believe in Jewish too?”

“Yes but they have to light the candles themselves. Imagine my father’s shock when he first celebrated Hanukah with my Mum…” I smiled at him.

“Christmas is almost over…” Sirius said sadly.

“Well all good things must come to an end I suppose…” I said, looking out the setting sun and the falling snow.

POV: Remus

Poor Sirius. He has to stay at school all by himself during Christmas break…. Wait… what am I saying! He’s with Laura. That jammy bloke! Well I get to see Tanya so I guess it’s somewhat even…

“So did you just get back from Japan two days ago?” I asked her as we sat in McDonalds

“Yeah, it’s good to be back,” she said after eating a few chips.

“What do you think Sirius and Laura are doing?” I asked a bit impulsively.

“Oh I dunno… snogging in your dormitory. On your bed most likely,” she said with a shrug.

I was shocked for a second, before I realized she was being sarcastic. “Don’t be a smart arse,” I said before I could stop myself.

“Well that has to be the fourth time you’ve asked me.” She looked away.

“Sorry. It’s just… well, I’m worried if they are alone together he’d…”

“You act as if that’s the only thing two people do together when they are alone.” Tanya rolled her eyes and took my apple turnover.


“Okay. Think about it this way. Are we doing that?” she said, pointing an abnormally limp chip at me.


POV: Sirius

New Years Eve was brilliant! Dumbledore decided to throw a New Years Eve party. I danced the entire night. Oddly, enough I saw Evans dance near Prongs. He nearly fainted. There was a song called the hustle that played that Laura and Tanya taught us the dance to. Tanya had been skiving me all night so I eventually ended up dancing with Laura the remainder of the evening, much to Moony’s dismay. I sat with her in the Great Hall at 11:55. She was wearing a very flattering, black cocktail dress. She reached for her shoes, which she had stored under the bench we were sitting on. (She had taken them off when she sat down) and I got an interesting view.

“White lace knickers, eh?” I said to her with a laugh. She hit her head with a thunk, trying to move and cover her arse. She regained her composure and stood up. I looked over at the clock.

“It’s almost midnight,” I said, looking back over. “So are you going to kiss me?” I asked innocently.

“What?!?” she said looking rather abashed.

“Well you know the tradition. You are supposed to kiss someone into the New Year.”

“Oh that’s right…” she said with an air of very slight disappointment.

“So are you going to? You should feel lucky. Kissing Sirius Black is a very coveted task.”

“Oh really. I’ll have you know I’m pretty good kisser myself,” she said with raised brows.

“Is that so? Well how about we make a bit of a contest out of this,” I suggested, folding my arms.

“Alright, but we have to be fair, if the other is better we have to admit it,” she added.


We shook on it as people started counting.


“One last thing,” Laura said as she positioned herself closer. “Don’t hold back.”

“I wasn’t planning to.”

“Two…One!” everyone shouted. I leaned in and was shocked to find I was almost knocked off my feet. It had been six months since I had kissed anyone but it wasn’t even just that. She was good! No, not good. Brilliant! It was like music was playing. Loud, upbeat, rock music. I lost track. It was to good to be true. It was a bit weird that I was kissing Laura, but honestly, it didn’t matter. The thoughts ‘where has she been all of my life?’ crossed my mind, but then she suddenly squirmed and pulled back.

“Sirius!” she hissed. My eyes shot open. Her hair was a mess.

“Huh? What?”

“Hands!” she hissed again. What the bloody hell was she talking about? I thought. But then I looked down.

“Oh hands…” I said after removing my hands from her boobs. Somehow in the midst of it all I had managed to slide my hands into the openings of the low cut halter of her dress.

“Sorry...” I said meekly.

“It’s alright, just next time you want to grope me take me to a broom closet first,” she said through a clenched smile that she was giving all the people that had been staring. It was 12:05. I was taken aback. She had let me snog her that long? Half the girls in the room were crying. The other half were give Laura looks of jealousy and contempt. Almost all of the guys were nodding and whistling. A few gave thumbs up.

“Come on, let’s get out of here!” I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. I heard catcalls and sobs as we exited urgently. Later, I met up with my fellow Marauders in our dorm.

“Sooo, who’d everybody kiss?” Prongs announced after everything had settled.

“I kissed Alice!” Wormtail said excitedly.

“Good show!” Prongs said to him with a pat on the back.

“What about you Moony?” Prongs asked, turning to him.

“Lily.” He said looking up from his book.

“You lucky wolf!” Prongs said with a distinct jealousy. “Well I kissed Tanya,” he said back.

“What!” I said a bit louder then intended.

“Calm down, it was on the cheek and it was only because she was the only one around,” he said, putting his hands out in front of him.

“What about you Padfoot? Who was the lucky seventh year?” Moony said looking over.

“Er… well… Laura.”

“So you pecked her right?” he asked with a sense of urgency.

“Pecked! Bloody hell no. He full frontal snogged her!” Prongs laughed.

Moony threw down his book, “I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” he said before smacking me in the face with a pillow with more force then I thought capable of him.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” Wormtail squealed.

Wow, so everyone believes they have kissed the wrong person, huh? (Well, other than Laura.) Unless… Frank is not Neville’s real father… dun dun dun… Wow, that’s a disturbing thought…

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