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Sorry, everyone, I got serious writters block half-way though this chapter... Chapter 7. Early Sorting.

Jade woke up the next morning to find her Dad in an armchair next to her bed.
Even though he was in his mid 30s, he still looked around 21.
It took Jade a moment to realise that she wasn’t at home. That she was infact in a four-poster bed, in a dormitry.
Jumping out of bed she ran to the window to see a large lake and a huge set of grounds, surrounded by a dark forest.
The place in the fairy tale her father told her about.
A few days ago she would have been ashamed to admit that she belived in such a fairytale. That she thought it was real.
Now her heart was pounding againts her chest, like a bass drum.
She was a witch!
She could do magic!
Her excitement suddenly was overcome by fear. A dark wizard was after her.
Why though?
Why Jade?
Sure her Dad had been a pain in the rear to this guy when he was a teen, but what did that have to do with Jade.
A memory flashed in Jade’s mind.

“Ok she’s asleep, now for some of her blood for the potion, remember to do a spell to make her arm numb.”

That was what the Death Eater had said. She knew that he was a Death Eater now.
A snowy white owl, flew into the window, she landed on Jade’s shoulder and nibbled affectionatly at her ear.
This… thought Jade, must be Hedwig, her father’s owl and trusted friend.
‘Hedwig must see me as an overly large Owlet.’ Thought Jade with a smile. A smaller owl flew in the window, it was a snowy white Owl as well, except for a silvery strek that went down it’s back.
“You must be the owlet, Dad said I could have… you are a sweet little thing aren’t you.” It sat on the bed-post looking at Jade curiously, Hedwig gave several hoots to her owlet. Obviously she was introducing Jade to her.
The Little Owl, flew over to Jade and landed on her shoulder. “I’m gonna call you….Fay… do you like that?”
The little owl hotted, excitedly. Hedwig gave an affectionate nibble to show her approval. Jade giggled.
The little owl started to zoom around the room. A hand reached up and snatched the owl.
Harry had woken up. He looked at Hedwig. He walked over and stroaked her feathers.
“Hey Hedwig… I see you picked out Jade’s new friend for her.”
Hedwig flew over to Harry’s shoulder and hooted.
Harry chuckled. “I thought so…. What did you name her?”
“Fay…. It’s short for Faith.”
“That’s a good name…”
Hedwig cooed.
“And Hedwig seems to agree with it…. which is good.” Laughed Harry. “Cause she can bite hard if she wants to…..”
“Thanks Dad.” Said Jade, she sat down on the bed.
“What’s wrong?” asked Harry.
“Why’s Voldemort after me? And don’t lie. I want to know the truth right here and now, everything you know at the least.”
Harry bowed his head. “Apprently there was another prophercy…. It says that a child fitting your description will rise up and do great things…..”
“So bluntly…”
“You’re the next Merlin.”
“Perfect… and I’m vunerable, while my magic matures.” Said Jade bitterly.
“Well, look at the bright side…. at least you can stay at Hogwarts while I’m here.”
Jade looked at Harry.
“What was mum like?” she asked suddenly.
Harry stared. “Where’d that come from?”
“It’s just at a time like this…. I want to remember her…”
“She was a lot like you…. Ever since…. The attack…. Hedwig has been watching you like you were her own. You look exactly like her, except….”
“I’ve got you’re eyes and hair color.”
“I miss her.”
“So do I, Jade… so do I”

Harry led Jade down to the Great Hall for Breakfast, down there waiting for them, were Ron and Hermione. Fay was sitting on Jade’s shoulder.
“I see you have a new friend.” Said Hermione. “Good morning.”
“Morning.” Said Harry, in reply, and sat down next to Ron and dished up some bacon and eggs.
Jade sat down, food appeared infront of her. It took a moment for her to get over the shock and then realise how hungry she was.
She had spent an evening at Voldemort’s Headquaters, but hadn’t eaten a thing. (What sane person would)
After dishing up, a hearty breakfast for herself, she dug in.
3 sasagues, 5 egges and 4 slices of bacon and a glass of milk later. Jade put down her knife and fork.
“Someone was hungery?” remarked Hermione.
“I haven’t eaten in over 48 hours.” Replied Jade. “So what are we going to do today?”
Harry got up. “To see how much you’ve paid attention, when I told you of my past in story form….”
“We’re going to duel.”
“But Dad I couldn’t never fight you….”
“That would go to Voldemort’s advantage, he could very well get me under the imperious curse, or use polyjuice potion.” Said Harry bluntly. “Come on…”
Jade gulped. This wasn’t going to be easy.
“All you have to do is disarm me.” Said Harry. “And block any jinxes I fire at you….they’ll only be simple ones, like the tickling charm or disarming charm, nothing that will harm you….”
“You knocked Snape out with a Disarming Jinx.” Remarked Jade.
Harry smirked. “See you have been paying attention, now lets see how good you are knowing the theory.”
“Before you start her training, I think we’d better sort, Jade into her house….” Came a wise voice. Dumbledore was standing out the front with the sorting hat and stool.
Harry nodded in agreement.
Jade was slightly relived. She didn’t want to duel her Dad and this was postponing that perticular event.
Besides she knew it would be hard to disarm Harry Potter.
“Just sit down here, Jade” said Dumbledore.
Jade sat down, Harry gave his daughter a reasureing smile, when the hat dropped over her eyes.
It wasn’t long before Jade heard the hat’s voice ringing in her ears.
Another Potter? I’ve been expecting you… lets see now… your clearly brave, cunning, intelligant….. hmmm…. Difficult, like your father no doubt about that… but I think you’ll be just as against of me putting you in Slytherin as he was, so that rules out that house. The hat paused. I think it would be wise to put you in the same house as your father…. “GRYFFINDOR!”

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