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*~Chapter 6: Revisited~*

You let out a long breath as you apparated back, remorse laced into your thoughts. You just… didn’t understand. Were you going back? You hoped not. It had only been two days, and you felt right at home.

Tom took a deep breath as well as he hung up his cloak. You were ashamed. How could you ever waver? It should have been instant… no questions asked.

Tom quickly made his way to the next room, and you silently followed. You peered around the door, and he just sat there, smirking at you.

“There’s…. one way that you could help me forgive you.”

“O really?” You said as you sauntered over to him, and sitting down in his lap.

“O yes… many ways in fact.”

“Should I… guess?”

“You could do that….” He said as he started to play with the hem of your shirt.

Slowly and carefully, so unlike your personality change, you kissed him.

Aggressive and Dark Lordish, so like him, he took advantage of you being too slow, and quickly deepened the kiss. It was like all of those Slytherin after-parties, where you and Tom would just sit there and make out for two hours. Ah…. The good old times.

You let him take advantage off you, as you let his tongue dart in and out of your mouth, almost snakelike. You smiled into his mouth as you grabbed the back of his neck, pulling the two of you closer.

Suddenly, he picked you up, your tongues still dancing, and carried you towards the stairs. You eagerly let him. It had been so long, way too long. You couldn’t even wait this long in school…

You giggled into his mouth, a little too girlishly for your so called age of forty something, and he smirked into your mouth as he continued to carry you up the stairs.

The door slammed and locked.

You stared up at the ceiling, wide awake. You couldn’t understand it. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

You looked over at the window. It was thrown open to the summer heat, and the half moon let in plenty of light across the hardwood floor, casting an eerie glow over everything as the curtains blew lazily in the light breeze. You shivered. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, either.

Your eyes moved across the room, resting finally on your love’s form, his chest moving slowly with his breath. How easy, it would be. To take your wand and end it. Two words, and everything would be over. It didn’t have to be this way. It was… unnatural.

Your feet touched the ground silently, and you wrapped your robe closer to your body. You walked quietly as you crossed the room, your hand outstretched towards your wand. It laid there, waiting. You took a faster step, more anxious, but then, a floorboard creaked beneath your foot, and you froze immediately.

Your head snapped towards Tom. He didn’t seem to notice, because all he did was roll over. You sighed inwardly as you looked down at the stupid floorboard which had caused the creak. And gasped.

It was your floorboard. The one that…. It was your secret….

You crouched down quickly, and silently pried open the wood. It creaked again, and you stopped, breathing hard from your excitement. Once again, Tom didn’t notice, and you continued to pry the board from the floor.

‘I wonder if it is still there…’ You asked yourself, as your breathing became more shallow. You placed the plank silently next to you, as your smile grew. Because, untouched for many years, were your treasures. All of them.

The first that you picked up was a photo album. As you leafed through the pages on the floor, you realized that it was empty. Or, at least, most of it was. You looked at it, saddened. Wondering where all of your pictures have gone. Then, as if it hit you, you remembered. You had burned most of them, in a rage on day. Not a mean rage, but a sad rage. It was the day you realized that your old friends where terrified of you. The day you moved in with Tom.

You stopped suddenly, on one of the last pages. It was a picture of all of your old friends. The whole group was waving up at you, on what seemed to be on the Hogwarts Express in 6th year. Olive was fixing her already manicured nails. Elaine was writing a letter. Kate was looking out the window. Jason was trying to fix his broken zipper with his wand. Brent and Candace where making out, a promise ring on her finger. And there you and Tom where. You still continued to wave and smile with Tom’s arm thrown lazily across your shoulders. He seemed to be eyeing everyone rudely, as if wondering why they where disturbing the two of you. The picture Tom suddenly took your picture waist, and turned the picture you around again. He seemed to say something, and you both immediately started to fondle and make out with each other, while the others seemed to look on in mock disgust and laughter.

A tear fell on the page, narrowly missing the picture. The figures of the teenagers sighed in relief, and continued on with whatever they were doing.

You started to cry, not because of how happy you were to see that you were once happy, but cried because of the people in it. Because, everyone of them was dead.

You dabbed your eyes as you looked at Tom to see if you had disturbed him. You hadn’t.

You turned the page again, this time, to see just two people. One had tear streaks down her eyes, the other was trying desperately to clean the other up with a rag. The one that was crying was trying her hardest to push the other away, as if she didn’t appreciate it. She was also trying to smile, realizing that there was a picture being taken. She had failed though, and continued to cry, telling the other what happened.

You remembered it as if it was yesterday. Olive and you had been especially mean, and for once in your life, you felt bad about it. It was a strange feeling, remorse. One that you had never felt before.

“Myrtle?” You asked, knocking quietly on the door.

“Go away! I know you just want to make fun of me again!” She sobbed.

You sighed, “Please Myrtle…. I ….I…. Want to…. A-apologize.”

The door flew open, Myrtle on the toilet, tears streaming down her face. “What did you want to say?” She sniffed, suddenly all ears.

“Apologize. I- I crossed the line.”

“I would say you more than crossed the line. Pulling down my skirt in front of everyone in the Great Hall is more than crossing the line.”

“You didn’t have to wear granny underwear today!”

“And I thought you were actually going to apologize!” She cried, slamming the door again.

“Myrtle! I didn’t mean it like that! I just wanted to say-”

“If you are going to say it, then say it!”

“I… I… I am sorry! Alright? I said it!” You said, starting to stalk out of the bathroom.

“Wait!” You stopped, and slowly turned around.

“What?” You put your hands on your hips and turned around, “I don’t have time for your constant mudblood blubbering!”

“No one has ever apologized before…” She said, ignoring your comment, “Why you? What makes you so different?”

“Because-” You said stiffly, a smile tugging at your lips, “I am different.”

You shook your head of the thought, returning to the present. Myrtle and you had gotten close, despite the differences. For a few weeks in 6th year, you were the one that had comforted her in the bathroom everyday. Your friends, you remembered, where mad that you were even talking to a mudblood, and seemed to make more fun of her than usual.

You were the one to find the body. Tom had held you back after Olive had called her a, “stupid, mudblood Hufflepuff that will die a virgin,” and you didn’t get to her for ten more minutes then you had intended too. Yet, it was too late. She was gone.

You shivered and shut your eyes to the tears, desperate to not become another Myrtle.

You turned the page quickly, arriving on your parents beaming faces. The looked so happy. So-

You slammed the book shut, and put it back in the hole. It wasn’t fair. Everyone that loved you was dead.

‘That isn’t true…’ you heard a voice in your head say, ‘Tom loves you.’

You took a look at him again, then turned your attention back to your secret compartment. There where some letters, an a Pumpkin Pasty wrapper. You grimaced at how disgusting that was, it must have been there for decades, and lifted up your jewelry box. Again, nothing special.

Your fingers danced at the bottom, wondering. ‘Is it still there? After so many years?”

Yet, you didn’t find something fluffy, like you had expected. But what you found, however, was a box.

‘Now what do we have here?’ Your fingers clamped around it, and you slowly pulled it out of the black hole. You bit your lip, wondering what it was. In the little light, you could tell. It was black velvet and small, but for the life of you, you couldn’t open it. You frowned, but gave up, putting it back.

Your hand once again groped the darkness, and closed around what you were looking for, surprised, that it was that far under the floor.

You pulled out your bear, moth eaten and threadbare with age. You hugged it childishly, and then stopped in mid hug. It felt warm. Wonderful, actually, to be hugging it. But differently than what you would usually expected from hugging a bear. You looked down into it’s beady black eyes, and gasped. There was something in them, so power…

“Life…” You said, out loud. You quickly looked towards Tom, who just rolled over again and sighing, you looked back into it’s eyes. It was impossible, for eyes to look so real. You half expected it to jump up and start singing, or something.

You stuffed it back into the floor, freightened slightly. What in the world could make it so life like?

‘I have to get rid of it…’ You said, swiping it quickly again, standing up. ‘It can’t stay in this house…’

You rushed out of the room, and down the staircase, still clutching the bear. You threw your black cloak over your robe, the hood over your hair and eyes. You stepped out into the front yard, not to sure of what to do.

“Should I burry it?” You asked yourself, hurrying down the road so you wouldn’t be seen. “Should I-”

You stopped, an idea in your head. You quickly looked back at the Riddle house, which was now a good distance away.

With a crack, you were gone.

Author's Note: You are SO lucky i finally got an idea to keep this flowing! I would have had this out sooner, but as soon as i had it finished, they closed submissions! Sorry for the delay! Please review!

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