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The weeks of summer drifted lazily by for Elle Dursley. She spent most of her time studying, much to the dismay of Sirius. He had inherited his parents’ intelligence, just not so much of their common sense. He preferred to leave things to the last minute and play Quidditch instead. Elle, however, felt a strange need to prove herself to the magical community, and studied hard for school, and was always top of the year, much to her delight. She supposed in a way it was her way of proving her family wrong. By doing well and working hard, it showed the world she wasn’t nothing.

When she wasn’t studying, Elle was spending a lot of her time walking in the surrounding country side, not really thinking about anything. Since her talk with her mother, Elle had become much more calm and relaxed, as if the anger inside of her had some how being siphoned of. She awoke early one August morning. There was two weeks of the holidays left, and Elle had completed all her homework, ands had even managed to coax Sirius into doing some of his, and achievement in itself. She threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and bounded down the stairs to the kitchen, to find Ginny nervously pacing the kitchen while Lily and Sirius sat at the table. Sirius, for once, was pale and quiet, and seemed to be throwing nervous glances at three envelopes clutched in his mother’s hands. Lily was sitting composedly in the chair, but her hands trembled as she tucked a strand of her vivid red hair behind her ear.

“What’s going on?” Elle asked, confused.
“Letters from Hogwarts are here!” Ginny explained, finally stopping her pacing as she realized Elle had arrived. “Now that everyone is here, you can all open tour letters together.” she smiled at them warmly and handed each person their letters.

A sudden feeling of panic rose in Elle’s stomach as Ginny handed her the envelope that contained the results of her O.W.Ls. She had clean forgotten about them, something she was mildly surprised at. Lily had already ripped open the results of her N.E.W.Ts and had wasted no time in screaming excitedly as she seen her grades. From what she could make out Lily had received all O’s. It wasn’t really surprising; Lily was the most intelligent student in her year and had been head girl. Elle congratulated her and looked back down at her still untouched envelope. Sighing, and resigning herself to the worst, Elle broke the seal on the front and carefully extracted the sheets inside. Putting aside her book list, Elle unfolded her exam results. She glanced down the grades and gasped in shock, before promptly looking again and dropping the parchment in surprise.


Pass Grades:
Outstanding (O)
Exceeds Expectations (E)
Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades:
Poor (P)
Dreadful (D)
Troll (T)


Ancient Runes O
Arithmancy O
Astronomy O
Care of Magical Creatures O
Charms O
Herbology O
History of Magic O
Potions O
Transfiguration O

Elle stood staring at her piece of parchment in utter disbelief. She checked the name again, just to make sure they hadn’t put the results in the wrong envelope. Nope, definitely me she thought. She felt a large grin spread over her face as she looked up towards Ginny. “I got all O’s” she squealed excitedly, before rushing to hug Ginny tightly.

Later that night, when everyone was at home, they invited all their cousins and friends around and had a small party that once again, ended in a Quidditch match. Elle had come to expect this at the Potter household now; in fact when there wasn’t a party, she became worried. Elle returned to her room that night thoroughly exhausted and fell straight asleep.

The next day found them in Diagon Alley, which had now become a source of mild interest as opposed to a place of excitement and wonders as it had once been. Elle now knew what most stores held, and had been in them that often, she had lost most of her interest in it. As it was, Elle kept dreaming more and more about returning to Hogwarts were she would learn more things, and finally be able to start working her way toward her ultimate goal, becoming an Auror.

Harry had told her stories from when he used to work as Auror after the Voldemort days. Of course, everyone knew Harry as the hero who defeated the Dark Lord, so it was no wonder that he was a successful Auror. In fact, he soon became more successful than Mad Eye Moody! And apparently, that was some achievement. Despite his career in the Ministry, Harry was soon asked to take up the post of Defense Against the Dark Arts, or D.A.D.A as it was better known as. He willingly obliged and hadn’t been happier since. Apparently, he felt it was so rewarding to pass on his knowledge, knowing that he was helping others every step of the way. Although, Elle was privately sure that the one thing that made him happy was knowing that the majority of his pupils received O’s.

Soon enough the last few days of the holidays dwindled into nothingness and Elle approached September 1st with increasing anticipation. It was like this every year, glad that the holidays were here, then glad that they were over with. As much as she loved being back with Ginny and Harry, she couldn’t deny her eager thirst for knowledge, ad sometimes just to prove herself. In fact that had been the very thing the Sorting Hat had said to her…

“My, you are difficult, aren’t you?” A sly voice whispered in her ear. “Almost as difficult as Harry Potter. Now let’s see…Hmm a thirst for knowledge and, oho what’s this? A definite eagerness to prove yourself! That’s strong ambition if I ever seen it! Maybe off to Slyth…No wait! Hold that! Better make it GRYFFINDOR” Elle was vaguely aware of the last word being bellowed to the hall as she made her way over to a Scarlet and gold clad table.

She was nearly put in Slytherin, wasn’t that a bad house? Didn’t everyone tell her that Lord Voldemort was in there? And Lucius Malfoy? It may have only been her first day at Hogwarts, but Elle had had four weeks chance of finding out all about the wizarding world, and there were things she didn’t like about it.

Five years on, however, Elle couldn’t care less about nearly being put in Slytherin, the fat of the matter was, that she wasn’t. She was a Gryffindor, and proud of it thank you very much! So it was with a bubble of happiness and mind full of memories, that Elle Dursley climbed aboard the Hogwarts Express for the sixth time in her life. Little did she know how different it was going to be!

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