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disclaimer -> Ya, ya, ya, J. K. Rowling is the supreme goddess of this universe as we know it.

A/N-> Well, I'm back. I wonder if I still have readers.

Ch17. The Problem With Teenagers

James Potter and Sirius Black stopped just outside the portrait that would lead them to the Gryffindor common room. They had come to find Remus and Lily so that they could show them the discovery that they had unveiled inside the familiar potions room.

“James loves Lily,” James said to the lady in the portrait, waking her up.

“Yes, well we all know that by now, don’t we?” The fat lady answered, faking anger at the two boys for waking her up.

“Oh, come on, you know you’ll always be number one with the marauders!” Sirius said as he sent her a wink.

“Well I should hope so…the number of times I’ve let you guys in here after hours…” she started to say as she swung open and a rush of sound greeted the two black haired boys’ ears.

James climbed through first but stopped dead in his tracks once he had reached the other side. Sirius soon followed suit and the pair of them exchanged a look before addressing the crowd that was taking over the common room.

“What are you guys doing?” James asked as a wide grin spread across his face. He knew what they were doing.

“Ya,” Sirius added, “we have classes tomorrow and everything!”

A short, fit looking boy with curly blonde hair stepped forward and walked unsteadily over to the two marauders, a drink in his hand.

“We’re having a party, what does it look like?” he said as he spilled a bit of his drink when he gestured to the rest of the room full of Gryffindors of every year.

He was clearly not drinking pumpkin juice. And he had clearly not been drinking pumpkin juice for a while now.

“Moore, you idiot!” James yelled at the blonde in front of him who was in fact named Riley Moore, “we have a Quidditch game tomorrow against Slytherin! How’s it going to look if our keeper can’t stay on his broom because he has a hangover?”

Sirius let out a laugh and watched as a couple of people were stopping their conversations to get a look at who was yelling over them music.

“Haha, Potter, that’s the reason we’re having a party, silly! To get everyone excited about the game tomorrow! And besides…I’m drunk not,” Moore stated as he unfortunately slurred his last sentence.

James smirked before answering, “very convincing!”

“Aw, it’s ok Jimmy,’ Sirius said as he clasped a hand on James’ shoulder, “remember last time…we invented that potion that cured our hangovers. We’ll just brew a batch big enough for everyone this time!” he finished to an agreeing crowd who were cheering at his words.

James smiled again.

“I totally forgot about that, Siri!” he said to Sirius before turning around to face everyone once again, “carry on everyone!”

Everybody resumed what they had been doing before, and it was clearer on second glance that more people were not in their right state of mind. James could tell that most of the students from fifth year and up were in fact under the influence at the moment and he wondered just how long him and Sirius had been down in the dungeons for.

James turned around expecting to talk to Sirius, but instead found empty air. Looking to his right, he saw his friend talking to a couple of giggling girls, a drink now in his hand.

Sirius had never been really good at controlling himself.

James walked a little further through the crowds of people hoping to see some sign of Remus. But he had clearly misjudged some of the fifth year girls.

“James, dance with me! I was waiting for you to show up,” a pretty brown haired girl from James’ transfiguration class said to him as she threw her arms around his neck.

“Cassie!” James said in surprise to having a girl already draped across his front, “Look, baby, in a little while…ok? I’m looking for someone right now,” he said as he unclasped her hands from around his neck with skill and looked past her in hopes of seeing Remus.

“She’s not over there, Potter,” James heard from someone on his left.

He turned and saw another girl, this time with short blonde hair, with a look of anger on her face.

“What are you talking about, Megan? Who’s not over there?” James answered.

This was one of the girls that liked to follow him around and he got quite annoyed by it from time to time.

“Your precious Evans,” she said with a sneer.

James stopped trying to walk through the people and looked her in the eyes. If she thought she was going to insult Lily, well, she thought wrong.

“Don’t be jealous of Lily, Megs. You had your chance. You and me…we’re in the past, get over it. And even though it’s none of your business, I’m not actually looking for my ‘precious Evans’,” James said as he walked around her, leaving her standing there alone, speechless.

After dodging a few more girls and even a couple of guys who James was quite scared of now, he eventually made his way back over to Sirius who by the looks of it had drank whatever had been in that cup plus whatever else he had been offered.

“…and Snivellus has never eaten with a spoon ever since!” Sirius finished to a round of laughter from a crowd that had formed to hear him tell his stories.

James walked up to him smiling.

“James, m’boy! How wonderful of you to join us here on the floor! I was just telling them of our last heroic prank against the slimy…”

“Snivellus. Yep, I heard you Padfoot,” James said as he took a seat next to his friend.

“Well this is a first,” Sirius said as he patted James rather forcefully on his back, “James is completely sober at a party!”

James had to smirk. Even when Sirius was not in his right state of mind, he could still read James perfectly.

Everyone in the area turned to look at James as if he was some animal in a zoo. With a small wave, James grabbed a couple glasses from some surrounding people’s hands and downed them as a loud cheer erupted.

And that was the problem with James Potter. He usually fell victim to peer pressure.

After about half an hour, when Sirius and James had both drunken more than really should have been allowed, James found himself dancing with girl after girl in the middle of the common room. And for reasons unknown to both of them, they were both currently without shirts.

“I’d say that us Gryffindor’s really know how to party!” Some random boy from the middle of the crowd yelled to nobody in particular.

Over the yells of agreeing Gryffindors, James immediately remembered why he and Sirius had come back to the common room in the first place.

“Siiiiirius!” he yelled in a singsong voice over the heads of students, trying to find where his friend had gotten to.

Within seconds came the reply.

“I’m right next to you, mate!” Sirius said and sure enough, he was dancing with girl just feet away from where James was currently standing.

Taking a minute, (or two), to laugh, James motioned for Sirius to come over to him.

Once they were within whispering distance, James reminded Sirius of the chamber they had found and asked him if he had seen Remus.

Sirius, not understanding why they were whispering, answered in his loud booming voice.

“It’s ok, Jimmy, we’ll tell him tomorrow! Besides, I haven’t even seen him once tonight.”

That seemed to be answer enough for James and he resumed his dancing.

Another half an hour had passed and before James knew it, he was making out with some random fourth year girl. Moments before, he had seen Sirius with Lily’s best friend, Christina, and not wanting to feel outdone by his friend, had latched onto the nearest girl he could find.

Just then though he felt a tugging on his arm and he broke the kiss to see a marauder on his knees with tears forming in his eyes.

“Peter!” James exclaimed in delight at the sight of the boy, clearly not realizing that Peter was on the verge of a breakdown.

“James,” Peter started, “I’m sorry. The Slytherins…they lied to me…said I was…and now I’m afraid…you have to be careful…I won’t do it again…I’m…I’m…sorry,” he finished as tears started coming out of his eyes.

James looked at him in a very confused way.

“Pete, you’re not making any sense right now. Tell me later, I’m a little busy,” and he went back to kissing the fourth year.

Peter scuffled away but not without realizing that Sirius had been listening as well from his couch.


Remus spared a glance at the map that was just lying precariously on the floor in front of him and Lily.

“Oh my God, Lily! Look at the common room!” Remus shouted with surprise, which was extremely unnecessary seeing as how Lily was sitting very close to him.

Lily looked into her new boyfriend’s alert eyes before she too looked down at the map.

“Looks like a party, Rem. But how did we not hear it from here?” She asked, clearly at a loss.

Remus took one look at the door before answering, “I guess the room is still soundproofed.”

After about a minute of silence, they both went into a fit of laughter.

For the first time in a long while, Remus found himself in complete happiness. The past hours he had spent with Lily had been more enjoyable than he had thought they would be. They had talked about everything and already he felt like he had just found another best friend. Not to mention when he had kissed her, it was the best kiss he had ever had.

The only problem was that James kept popping up in his head whenever he looked at Lily. Like her hair for instance, whenever he looked at her perfect defining trait, he was forcefully reminded of the many conversations he had shared with the marauders in which James would go on and on about Lily’s hair. But he soon learned to move those thoughts to the back of his mind.

What James didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Lily and him had decided that together. They had agreed to a secret relationship. No one would know and they’d just see how it played out. Although secretly, they were both dreading the day when James would find out.

But that day was in the far, far future and Remus was more concerned about focusing on the present.

“We’d better go down and see the damage then,” he said to Lily as he stood up and offered her his hand, “McGonagall would have our badges if she knew we let the party go on any further on a ‘school night’.”

Lily stood up too with the help of Remus’ hand, smiled, and walked with him to the doorway. As they opened to door to a wave of noise and music, they unclasped their hands and walked together to the staircase.

At the top of the stairs, they took in a view of the common room. It looked like a few people were already passed out on the floor, while more were, by the looks of it, making out on the couches by the fireplace. No one was really dancing anymore and the music seemed to be playing without a purpose. There were cups and food everywhere, not to mention random pieces of clothing, and overall, Lily and Remus declared it a sad sight.

Walking down the staircase, Remus told Lily that he’d go get Sirius and James from their spots on the couches and tell them that the party was over. Lily agreed, not wanting to get asked out by a drunk James Potter and went to ask some girls talking in a corner to go to bed.

As soon as they had turned the music off and some of the students had staggered up the stairs to their dorms, most people declared the party done and soon followed to bed. Remus had been having a hard time getting James and Sirius away from the girls they had been with, but eventually managed the feat as only a marauder could.

“Good idea to stop the party Moony,” Sirius said once everyone else had gone up to bed except for the few people passed out on the floor around them, “ I was getting a little bored anyways.”

“I bet you were. Here drink some water, it will help,” Remus said as he offered his two friends some water.

“We don’t need water, silly. We’re perfectly fine,” James said and Sirius quickly agreed.

“Then where may I ask are your shirts?” Remus said with a faint smile on his face.

James and Sirius looked down at their chests as if just realizing for the first time that they were topless.

“That is a mighty good question,” James said as he ran hand across his stomach, “but who needs shirts anyways? I mean, they only cover our beautiful bodies, right Pads?”

He looked over at Sirius who was now sitting on the same couch as him.

“Right you are, Saint Jimmy,” Sirius agreed, as they knew he would.

“Well that just proves that you need the water,” Remus said as he handed over two glasses to his friends with a smirk.

He then chose that time to go and help Lily vanish the mess around the room and attempt to levitate the people passed out on the carpet up to their dorms. In about fifteen minutes the room looked back to normal and Lily, knowing how long it would have taken to clean it up the muggle way, was eternally grateful for magic. Her and Remus then went back over to the couches to see what James and Sirius were now talking about.

To Remus’ great amusement, the two marauders on the couch were currently snuggling very close to one another, clearly cold without their shirts on.

“I guess that’s why we need shirts, guys…so that we don’t get cold and start spooning with our best friends,” Remus teased, causing him and Lily to laugh hysterically.

James, hearing Lily laugh, seemed to notice that she was in the room at last. He quickly brought a hand up to his hair, causing the two prefects to roll their eyes.

“Lily! You look smashing, my dear! Would you care to sit here on the couch with me and keep me warm? Sirius will move, don’t worry!” James said.

“No, James, I would not care to do that, sorry,” she answered before thinking ‘and so it begins… in her head.

While she had been in Sirius’ body, she had liked the fact that James hadn’t been hitting on her. In fact, she had liked James briefly and was starting to see why his friends adored him so much. But now those views were slowly fading from her mind. Especially as he sat on the couch without a shirt, clearly drunk.

“Lily, you might as well go up to bed. I can handle these two,” Remus said as he motioned to his friends.

Lily nodded, smiled over at Remus and offered a quick ‘goodnight’ before walking up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

Once she was gone, Remus turned back to the other marauders and snapped back to reality.

“Ok, well you might as well go up to our dorm as well then. I already had to levitate Peter up there,” Remus added with a small laugh.

“Good idea…oh! Wait, Remus, we have to tell you something!” Sirius exclaimed as he jumped up in his excitement.

Before Remus could even answer, Sirius went on.

“Me and James…in the dungeon! Guess what we found! You’ll never guess so I’ll just tell you! We found Gryffindor’s secret chamber! It was amazing…with waterfalls…and couches perfect for jumping on…” he started until Remus cut him off.

“I’m sure you did find all of that,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm, “now how about you finish your story on the way to our first class tomorrow.”

Sirius looked annoyed at being cut off by Remus but soon agreed that such stories were better left until the daytime. Once they had decided that they would make a potion in the morning to help with…well, hangovers, they all started walking over to the staircase leading up to the boys’ dormitories.

Halfway there, Sirius stumbled on his own two feet and fell face first onto the ground. Looking up from the floor, he quickly asked the other two if they were all right.

Remus fought back a laugh and answered that they were fine and that it was nice of him to ask.

They walked up into their room before the silence was broken again.

“You know, one of these days I’m going to have to ban these parties on the nights before Quidditch matches,” James mumbled as he climbed into his bunk.

Remus smiled at the thought that it didn’t matter at all to James that they also had classes the next day as well.

“You know, one of these days you guys are going to get arrested,” Remus joked as he got into his bunk as well, careful to avoid bumping Peter in the process.

“Oh, Remus,” Sirius added in, “if we got chucked into Azkaban, we know you’d be there to bail us out.”

Remus snorted. But he didn’t doubt that he would bail his friends out of Azkaban if they got thrown in there for such a thing as underage drinking.

“And what if I didn’t come because I had warned you that you shouldn’t break the law? What would you do then?” Remus said as Sirius turned off the lights and climbed into his bunk below James’.

“We’d escape, silly,” Sirius said from his bed.

Remus laughed at Sirius before answering.

“No one’s been able to ever break out of Azkaban, Padfoot. Just because you’re a marauder doesn’t mean you can do everything,” Remus said, wanting to get a reaction out of his friend.

The answer came almost instantly.

“Well I guess you’re just going to have to come and bail us out then,” Sirius smugly said, ending the conversation as James’ snores filled the room.

A/N-> *smiles* *edit* This chapter is supposed to just set up future ones, so I know it didn't really 'go anywhere'. It's more of a filler where I can just write really random stuff to get my writing juices going again for this story. I don't expect it to be your favorite chapter.

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