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"This is our island. It's a good island. Until the grown-ups come to fetch us, we'll have fun"’ (-- pg. 35 )
Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: The Berkley Publishing Group, 1954.

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By Queen of Serpents

Disclaimer: The story is loosely based on the theme of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I am fortunate to be able to use the characters of Harry Potter but alas I do not own them.

Author's Note: Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry! I know I take AGES to update. I’m ashamed of myself. I really am. But I haven’t given up! Here it is, the next chapter. I’m thinking we’re almost near the middle of the story. Amazing huh? :D

Oh and this chapter is like a comic relief chapter. It’s a drastic change from where we were previously, but I think it’s for the best. Read it. Enjoy it. Review it!

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Chapter Six: Of Derision and Diversions

Sweat accumulated on his forehead. His lips curled into an irritated sneer. His eyebrows furrowed. It was hot. The sun was burning into his skin.

He opened his eyes at last, unable to go back to his unfinished sleep. He noticed he was shirtless, for he had bunched his shirt up under his head to serve as a pillow. Still, the heat was oppressive and he was hot.

Then he noticed why he was more warm than usual. A shapely, female leg was thrown carelessly over his, and a hand rested dangerously low on his abdomen. She had a warm, cozy body.

When he turned to see her face, he was pleasantly surprised to see Hermione sleeping peacefully for a second night in a row. An unusual sort of flush rose to his cheeks, and his body tingled all over.

Draco smiled, feeling unusually satisfied.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

When Pansy woke up, she sighed: one more day of loneliness, one more day of hunger. How long would it have to be until she would finally meet her friends? Was Draco even looking for her? Were any of them remotely missing her? Were they even alive?

She shook her head and sat up slightly. It was then that she realized that unlike the day before, she wasn’t that cold. It was odd, but when she looked down, she saw what the creature was that gave her this warmth. It was a cat that was curled up by her side, its face nuzzling her thigh.

It took her every effort to not scream.

Trembling, she touched the cat, hoping it was just an illusion. But its gray fur was soft against her touch and that meant it was real.

When she looked closely at it, the cat seemed strangely familiar.

Could it be that it was Mrs. Norris?

Her eyes widened. Maybe everyone was alive. Maybe she had a chance!

Normally, she hated that cat, but when it woke up, she picked it up, kissed its filthy nose and snuggled it to her bosom. The cat snarled and struggled to get free, but Pansy didn’t take any notice.

Mrs. Norris was the first speck of civilization she had the luck to encounter and she was elated beyond imagination.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

After he woke up, washed his face, and ate another blueberry pie, Draco walked back to where Hermione was sleeping. The sun was higher up in the sky by now, the rays dancing over her cheeks and causing her to shut her eyes tighter as the light began to strengthen. He could tell that she was just about to put her arms over her face as to block out the bright rays of the sun but he approached her to prevent the light from waking her with his shadow.

Draco watched her as she slept for a few minutes, wanting deeply to caress her freckled cheeks and plant kisses along her jaw. This desire he felt for her was beginning to grow overpowering.

He never would have thought he would be lusting over Hermione Granger of all people, but ever since he saved her from drowning, he felt an unusual bond between her and as much as he tried, he couldn’t shake the feeling off. After being alone with her for so long, he realized she wasn’t as bad as he had always thought she was. In fact, her personality intrigued him.

Granted she was still a know-it-all, and she was quite snobby about it. She was continually bossing everyone around with her orders even though he had been picked as leader, but that just made him want her more. He liked his girls bossy. It was kinky.

And she also had a flirtatious side and he still couldn’t get his mind off of the time when she pushed that chocolate cake through her teeth, savoring the taste of it as though it was the most delightful thing that ever existed. He could only imagine what it would feel like to kiss her.

Before last night, when she cried, the feeling was purely a sexual attraction, but now he didn’t know what he felt. Draco Malfoy didn’t hug girls- that was Potter’s job- but now that he did, he felt another bond with her. She saw him in a vulnerable moment and he had comforted Hermione in hers.

Draco never felt so distraught before. Although he knew that barrier surrounding the island would make it impossible for Harry and his gang to make it through, he couldn’t help but hold some semblance of hope. It was only natural.

However, when the boys fell, it was as though a heavy weight was dropped onto his shoulders, a burden that he found no way to get rid of. If they couldn’t fly through the barrier, what guarantee was there that anyone who would come to rescue them would get past it? What chance was there for them to ever get saved?

There was another route they could use, but it was far too dangerous. It was to construct a boat and leave the island just like the way they came. But the whirlpool that had directed them here would obstruct their way again, and who knew if they could survive?

Draco was thinking this last night, and he had felt his heart sink at every thought. Unless they figured out a way to disable the force field, they would be doomed to stay here for all eternity. However, ‘How?’ was the question. How could they figure out a way to undo the barrier?

He gave everyone the hope that they would saved sooner or later because Snape warned them about this particular island, but that didn’t even console him, let alone everyone else. Doubt was brewing in everyone’s minds about Draco’s words, and now he himself didn’t believe there would be a chance.

To add to his worry, Pansy was still out there missing. He knew she couldn’t have vanished in the sea and died. She was a good swimmer and if Neville of all people made it to the island without a scratch, certainly Pansy did too.

All of these thoughts were floating in his head, and he just wanted to sink into the ground and leave all the worry behind for others to take care of. When Hermione tried to console him, he ignored her, for what she gave him was false hope and he didn’t want that. It was better to know the bitter truth and accept it than to be ignorant of it or spin up excuses to deny it. All his life he had been a pro at being ignorant, but he knew it was better not to be.

So when he saw Hermione crying, he knew she had finally realized the gravity of their situation. He hugged her to comfort her. It was instinctive, and would’ve been perfectly innocent were it not for the fact his treacherous fingers traced the outline of her pouted lips. Just the feel of her lips against his skin made him wonder how it would feel to really kiss her. He didn’t mean for it to awaken these compressed emotions in him, but it had.

And now he was watching her while slept.

Wait a minute, he was watching her while she was sleeping? Draco quickly shook his head and snapped out of his trance.

What was he thinking, watching a girl sleeping? Especially in the morning, when she could wake up at any moment and others could see him mooning over her like a love-struck puppy?

He shook his head at his peculiarity, turned his head from side to side to make sure no one saw him, and then walked away when the coast was clear, leaving Hermione to bake in the sun.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

They looked so worried for him- so concerned, Draco thought, feeling an unusual churn inside his stomach. He never saw that look directed to him before and he was…jealous?

No, he shook his head. He wasn’t jealous. And he certainly was not jealous of Ronald Weasley.

When he walked away from Hermione in the morning, he found himself wanting to explore a bit. It was a new day, bright and sunny, and he felt adventurous. Perhaps he could even find Pansy. The chances were small, but he had hoped, and his hope led him nowhere.

When he got back, he noticed emptiness in everyone and instead of delighting in their sorrow like he probably would have if they were back at Hogwarts, he felt unhappy right along with them. He had never experienced these feelings before. The understanding of the distress and worry others had. He never really felt pain or sadness. He never felt helpless. He was jealous of Harry Potter and Hermione because the former was famous and the latter smart, but he wasn’t jealous of people because of how much they were loved.

He was being suffocated with these new feelings and the burden of being stuck on this island. It was as though he was changing, evolving into an entirely different person, and he couldn’t put a stop to it. He even forgot why he made that truce with Hermione. He knew he had an ulterior motive, but he had no idea what it was anymore.

It was as though being confined to this island made him lose not only his home, but his identity. And not having Pansy to remind him of his place made things all the more worse. She was the one to anchor him from straying his thoughts, to remind him of his duties of the only son of a Pureblood family. Without her, was he really himself? If she never came back, what would he become?

He pushed his thoughts away and looked back to the trio. Weasley woke up and dumbly asked where they were and why it was so bright in his dorm. When they reminded him of what had transpired he swore loudly. Hermione’s eyes flashed and she scolded him for his foul tongue.

It was strange how she was the same person around them, but completely different around him.

It was also strange how that same thing applied to him as well.

"Ahem, Potter, could I have a word?"

"Not now, Malfoy. I’m busy," he replied, shooing him away and helping Ron sit up.

"I think what I have to say is a lot more important than Weasley vying for attention," he snapped back.

"Malfoy, you’ve got some nerve," Harry told him, getting up on his feet. His voice rose in pitch and Hermione grabbed his arm.

"Just hear him out," she told him, vexed.

"Fine! What is it, Malfoy?" he asked reluctantly.

"We need entertainment—"

"Entertainment? Are you out of your bloody mind! What do you mean by entertainment? We’re here, stuck on a bloody island, and all you’re thinking about is entertainment!"

Draco gave out a mock yawn. "Are you quite finished, Potter?"

"No, I’m not finished—"

"Good, because I don’t care." He tried to hide his grin. He loved seeing Potter so worked up. It was quite satisfying. Maybe he should do this more often, it made him temporarily happy.

"Why are you always so melodramatic?" Draco said flatly. He didn’t allow Harry to retort and simply continued, "As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted, we need entertainment. It’s to keep everyone’s minds off of depression. Look at everyone. Crabbe and Goyle are fighting over the same banana while there’s probably a few more right next to their heads. The Patil twins aren’t talking to each other. Goldstein is yelling at Abbot, accusing her of cheating on him…" Draco didn’t mention the fact it was due to him. He mentally chuckled because of it. "Everyone’s gone crazy. What we need is a diversion."

"Bloody Hell. How did Malfoy get so smart?" Weasley commented from the ground, slinging his arm over Hermione’s shoulders.

If it weren’t for the fact Weasley was so close to Granger, he would actually smirk at the comment. Instead he was trying very hard no to grind his teeth together or sneer.

"It’s true, how did he get so smart suddenly," Hermione agreed, furrowing her brows in contemplation. When she noticed the scowl on Draco’s face, she stuck out her tongue at him. He shook his head, but couldn’t help smiling at her.

"Fine," Harry said reluctantly. "But what are we going to do?"

"Leave that to me," Draco replied smugly. He threw the conch in the air, caught it, and then blew on it for added dramatics. Harry rolled his eyes and watched as their mates arrived.

"Alright, you guys, I know what you all are thinking," Draco told them. "We’re stuck here, yes, we probably won’t be saved any time soon," he paused and then spoke louder to get his voice heard among the mumbling, "But that doesn’t mean we won’t be saved. It just might take longer than usual. What we need to do is figure out a way to get rid of the force field. And trust me, it will happen. But in the meanwhile, we have to keep on having hope."

Hermione noticed the lack of enthusiasm in his voice. What happened to yesterday’s speeches with the magnetism and the confidence?

"And stop moping around," Draco told Neville who was looking at the floor in a lonely manner. "It’s not the end of the world." He shook his head at Neville and then continued, with a bit more passion, "There’s no school, no professors to breathe down our backs, and most importantly… we have a wand," he paused to let the implications sink into them. "So I say… let’s have some fun!" He raised his hand in the air and was going to cheer along with everyone one else but there was silence. No cheering, no clapping, no grunts of agreement.

Draco chewed his lip and put his hand down. His face was flushed. He looked back at Potter and Weasley who shook their heads and lowered their eyes in shame. He clenched his fists and looked back at the lifeless crowd. Suddenly, he smirked, glanced at the sullen Potter and Weasley again, and cackled silently. The idea was just too good….

"And to start off…" his voice was booming on the island, "We’ll have Harry and Ron dressed in drag!"

There was long period of silence. Potter and Weasley looked utterly confused. And then…

The crowd went wild.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

"Oh my god," Hermione cried out between a fit of giggles. "That was just the most hilarious thing in the world. Malfoy, you are a genius!"

She collapsed onto the sandy beach and looked up at Malfoy from her sitting position on the floor.

"Yeah, I know," he replied smugly. She smacked his leg playfully.

"It was a good thing Parvati and Patil had some extra dresses on them…though why they did was beyond me," Hermione continued. "And Neville! When we go back home and graduate, he must open an herbal makeup company."

"Mmhmm," Draco replied, uninterestedly. When Hermione was about to chide him for not paying attention to her, she noticed he was intently looking down on the ground. He crouched and then picked up what looked to be an earring. "Pansy," he whispered.

"What happened?" she asked him, crawling nearer to him.

"This earring," he told him, showing her a golden earring shaped like a snake. Typical for a Slytherin, Hermione thought to herself. "It was Pansy’s. I gave it to her on her birthday last month."

Hermione was just about to go "Aww" and coo about how sweet he was, when she remembered Pansy was missing.

"This means that she’s here. She might even be alive." The joy and breathlessness in his voice was clear. Hermione couldn’t help but feel slightly…envious?

"That’s wonderful," she replied unenthusiastically.

"I wonder where she went though," he said sadly.

There was silence. "You’ll find her soon enough." She paused and then said, trying not to crack her voice, "Do you love her?"

"Yeah," he told her without hesitation. Hermione’s heart was sinking. "She’s like a baby sister to me…only she’s just 2 months older than me," he added with a smile.

"Oh!" Hermione couldn’t help but let out the relief in her voice show. She noticed her response might have sounded odd so she added gently, "That’s sweet."


To stop an awkward silence from creeping up between them, she stood up and rubbed her shoulders, looking out to the distant sky. She could tell it was midday and her stomach was protesting. "I’m hungry."

He turned to face her, a smile on his lips. "You’re always hungry. Maybe being out here in the middle of nowhere with no food, you’ll finally lose those extra pounds." His remark was supposed to be humorous, but Hermione didn’t see it.

"How dare you?" she screeched, offended. She folded her arms across her chest and gave him a hard glare before walking away. "I knew you’d always be the same," she said over her shoulder.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Girls always had to be so difficult, Draco thought to himself as he walked towards Blaise. Millicent came over to Draco when she saw him and clapped him on the shoulder. He smiled; Millicent was probably the only girl who didn’t care about her looks or her demeanor. He liked looking at hot girls — which boy didn’t? — but he also would have liked a girl who didn’t get offended so easily.

"Where have you been all day?" Blaise asked lazily while reclining against a tree. His dark skin was glossy with sweat.

Draco noticed that a lot of girls were staring at his exposed chest, much like they did to his the day before. Jealous, he grabbed Blaise’s shirt from the branch it was dangling on and threw it at him.

"What was that about?" Blaise asked him, sitting straighter.

Draco didn’t feel the need to answer him. A moment later, he asked, "Have you seen Granger?"

Blaise furrowed his eyebrows. That was not the reply he was expecting. "She’s with Scarhead and Weasel. But—never mind," he shook his head, deciding it was better not to ask him. "Any clue regarding Pans?"

Draco froze. Pansy. The earring. He dug through his pocket and fished out the earring he had found. He threw it to Blaise, who caught it and inspected it.

Millicent leaned her head forward to take a look too. "Where’d you find this?" she asked.

"On the east part of the beach."

Blaise stood up and grabbed Millicent’s hand. "We’re going to look for her."

Before Draco had a chance to respond, or even tell them he wanted to go too, they ran off.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

"When I get my hands on Malfoy, I swear…" Ron grumbled, trying to wipe the makeup from his face.

Hermione giggled and helped him wipe off the color from his lips. Ron flushed when she touched him so intimately and quickly shooed her hand away.

"Oh c’mon! It was funny." Hermione told him, thinking Ron shooed her away because she was giggling about the two of them dressing like girls. "Aren’t I right, Harry?"

Harry emerged from behind the bush he was changing from. "Oh of course, Hermione. It was hilarious. I cannot contain my laughter," he told her sarcastically. "I just can’t wait to go off and dress like a girl in front of my peers again."

"You boys need to lighten up," Hermione told them.

"Ha? You’re telling us? Miss I-must-study-for-the-NEWTs-even-though-we-still-have-7-more-months-left-so-I-can’t-go-to-the-party," Ron told her nastily.

Hermione bit her lip and stood up, once again folding her arms across her chest. She glared at them and walked away.

"What’s up with her?" Ron asked Harry who in turn just sighed.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

Hermione wandered among her peers, sometimes mingling, sometimes simply watching them as they ate or chatted among each other. The girls were by the lagoon mostly, and the single guys watched over them. One or two times, she even caught them staring hungrily at the water drenched girls.

Hermione smiled. It was quite an improvement since yesterday. Though this happiness was but an illusion, Hermione came to the conclusion that without ignorance and illusions, people would simply go mad. They needed to indulge once in a while.

"Oh gross, Malfoy. Put on some pants," she heard Seamus yell. She furrowed her eyebrows and turned to see what all the commotion was about.

Draco was standing there, his hair was a dark blond, wet and dripping. His face was completely red. She looked down noticing his enticing wet chest and then further down…

She felt her face grow hot and quickly averted her eyes when she realized he wasn’t only wearing no pants, but no boxers either.

"I would wear some, but someone wanted to see me naked and took my pants," he said. Hermione was surprised to hear that his voice wasn’t angry, just amused.

"Who? Ron?" Parvati squeaked.

Hermione spun around to look at Ron, her eyes were wide and accusing. "Are you serious? Ron!"

"He made us dress like girls. It’s payback," Ron replied, his face crimson as well, but his voice was surprisingly firm.

Fred and George appeared from behind a bush. The two of them were laughing hysterically.

"Now we could finally say…" Fred began.

"That you are worthy of being called our brother," George finished off.

Hermione rolled her eyes. Boys were so typical. "You had your fun, now hand the pants back to him," she scolded.
Ron pouted. Harry nudged his shoulder. Ron finally gave in. "Fine. Accio Pants." The pants came zooming into Draco’s face, nearly knocking him over.

Everyone howled with laughter and giggles.

"What about his boxers?" Hermione was the only one not laughing.

Ron and Harry shrugged their shoulders. "We didn’t want to touch it. So we left it there."

Hermione made an annoyed sound between a shriek and a squeak, walked over to Draco, not caring he was naked, grabbed his hand and led him away.

She didn’t know why but she suddenly felt responsible for getting Draco his clothes back on. No one needed to be made into a spectacle like that. Dressing like a girl was one thing, but naked another. It set a bad example to everyone else.

When they disappeared into the trees, away from everyone else, Hermione dropped his hand, suddenly realizing what she was doing.

She turned around to tell him to wear his clothes, when she found herself staring at him down there. She gulped and quickly looked away. Draco chuckled.

"Ugh, Malfoy! Please put on your pants!" She shut her eyes tightly.

"Are you angry?"

"No I’m not angry!" she yelled at him. Then realized how foolish her response was.

"Why? Fight with Weasley before?"

"No. And even if I did it’s none of your business!"

"As leader of this band of survivors, I’d say I have all the right I need. Not to mention I’ve been sharing a bed with you for the past two days. Now that has to count for something."

"Two days? What are you—" But then she stopped, because the memories of last night came flashing back. After the two of them talked, hugged, and parted, she had that same dream again. She didn’t know why but she got up and went to him and asked him if she could sleep near him. But that did not count for the fact she was sleeping with him! There was a 3 foot distance for what she remembered!

"Exactly," he told her smugly.

"It doesn’t count. There was space between us."

"Not when I woke up. You were all over me."

She rolled her eyes. "Whatever."

"You don’t believe me?" he asked with his head titled to the side.

"No," she retorted. When she turned to look at him, she accidentally looked down again. "Malfoy! Put the pants on!"

"Fine," he said. She could tell that he was still amused by the situation, not embarrassed in the least. It was only after she heard him zip up his pants that she realized she could’ve just left long ago.

She was just about to when she felt his hands on her arm. He spun her around. "Going somewhere?" he asked.

She nodded.

"You’re not going to help me look for my boxers?"

She shook her head, trying to focus on not looking at his chest.

He gently pushed her against a tree and she felt her breath escape from her mouth. Her heart picked up speed and was beginning to pump madly. "But I want you to stay," he said into her ear.

She gulped again. By then, she could feel every curve of his body pushed up against hers. His lips touched her earlobe and she trembled slightly. His hands wove around her body, pulling her closer to him. His lips left her ear and went down to touch her neck, kissing her softly where the neck met the shoulder. She held her breath from either shock or pleasure, or maybe even both.

"Malfoy." She meant it to be a protest, but it came out in a breathless gasp, which he took as a word of encouragement. He pulled her closer at every touch until she could feel his growing sense of arousal buried in her thigh. His lips were everywhere- on her neck, the length of her jaw, her cheeks, and her eyelids. Everywhere except for her pining lips.

"Malfoy! Come here quick!" called out a male voice. It sounded like Zabini’s.

All too soon, his lips left her.

"Be right there!" he called back.

He looked back at her, his gray eyes were dark and clouded with lust. He nuzzled her neck. "And as for you," he told her huskily, "I’ll be back." He kissed the side of her mouth, still not touching her lips, before releasing her from his hold and taking off.

She remained standing there, panting and trying to calm her frantic nerves.

Only a second later did Hermione realize that he had been teasing her.

- - - -:- - - - -:- - - - -:- - - -:- - - -

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The next chapter will arrive very soon!

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