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“Hey, buddy,” The taxi driver said loud enough for Snape to wake up. “I’m going to stop at McDonalds. Want anything?” “Um,” Snape looked around. “I’ll have a large fry.” “You know your paying for that, right?” The driver asked. “Uh,” Snape thought. “Actually, make that a small fry.” Voldemort awoke with a start. “Where the hell am I?” He asked himself as he spun around. “Goddamn it! The race! I have to win!” Voldemort suddenly stopped spinning and started sprinting into the road, where he was hit. Voldemort went flying into the air and fell flat on the ground. “Holy smollies!” The driver yelled. He stopped the car so it didn’t run over Voldemort. He jumped out of his car and ran to help him up. “Are you okay?” The driver asked. “Ouch! Son of a…” Voldemort stopped and stared at his attacker. “Damn, your pretty sexy.” “Thank you,” The male driver said. “Are you queer?” “What?” Voldemort looked confused. “Did you hit me with that car?” “Um,” The driver twirled his fingers. “Uh, um yeah.” “In that case,” Voldemort pulled his fist back and punched the man. “You mother******! I’m going to **** you all the way to hell! Once there, they will change your name from Tucker to ******! You hear me! You ******* hear me!” “Ouch!” The driver rubbed his now bleeding nose. “My name is Wayne Bright! Not Tucker or… Or whatever you just called me!” Voldemort took another slug at Knight. “I was going to repay you by giving you a ride…” Voldemort stopped and started to listen. “… to anywhere you want.” “Take me to Silver City!” Voldemort yelled at the Bright. “Okay, getting in the car and I’ll take you there,” Bright said. Voldemort pranced to the car. Lupin was sitting on the side of the road. A yellow taxi passed by, but stopped and came back. The back seat window rolled down to reveal Snape. “Hey Remus,” He laughed. “You must be hungry.” “I’m starving Snape,” Lupin moaned. “Want a French fry?” Snape said holding a thin French fry out the window. Lupin nodded hungrily. “Well, got to catch us first! Floor it buddy!” The taxi jerked into motion. Lupin jumped up and started casing the taxi. Snape leaned out the window laughing his head off. Harry and Ron were driving on the highway. Suddenly, a car came up next to them. Inside contained Hermione and Ginny; Hermione was driving. “Hey!” Hermione called over to Harry, who was driving. “Good to see you! Looks like we’re tied right now.” “Yeah,” Harry muttered. “That will change in a second.” “So,” Hermione continued. “What’s up? Meet any obstacles along the way?” Harry opened his mouth to talk but was interrupted. “We didn’t!” Hermione said. Harry has had enough. He turned the steering wheel and drove Hermione and Ginny of the road. “Haha! You losers!” He yelled at them. “Wow!” Fred yelled. He had just seen a car drive another car off the road. “What the hell was that!” “I don’t know but…” George started but saw a glimpse of Ron in the passenger seat. “Hey! That’s Harry and Ron!” “Drive George! Drive up and I’ll get them!” Fred told his twin. George drove up to Harry and Ron. “Lookie here! It’s Harry and Ronald.” Fred taunted them. Ron suddenly woke up. “You two know you are not going to win this race, don’t you?” “Bug off!” Ron yelled to Fred. Suddenly, Harry and Ron felt a jolt behind them. They looked back and found Hermione’s car trying to ram them. “Golly,” Harry remarked. “Golly? Golly!? Is that all the hell you can say? Golly!” Ron yelled at Harry. Hermione bumped into Harry’s car and they flew off the road. Ginny then leaned out of the car and shot a spell at Fred and George’s car tire. The car flew up into the air and crashed back down in flames. Ginny laughed manically. “Um,” Hermione stuttered. “Do you know you could’ve killed them?” “You mean I didn’t?” She moaned. “Goddamn it!” Harry and Ron appeared at the car’s side. “We are going to beat your butts to Silver City!” Ron yelled at them. Fred jumped out of the burning car. He dragged George out by the collar. “Fockers! They are going to beat us now!” Fred whined. George got up. “Don’t you mean ******s?” He asked. “No. Fock,” Fred told his twin. “No, you’re pronouncing it wrong. It’s ****,” George explained. “Fock you!” Fred yelled. “**** you, fool!” George yelled. “Your mama smell so bad, she made right guard turn left!” Fred dissed George. “Fred,” George explained. “You have the same mother as me.” “Forget you,” Fred turned on George. “I’m walking.” Fred started walking to Silver City. “Fine,” George yelled after him. “I’m going to hitchhike!”

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