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Chapter 12

Ucky’s Fresh Bait

Draco sat leaned against the wall of the basement wondering just how long he had been there. He hadn’t eaten in what could have been days. He stared at the jug of water that say nearby and was uncertain about just how long it would last him. He tried drinking only when absolutely necessary, not knowing how long they intended on leaving him there. He had over heard them discussing the need to leave however they never came for him. He took in a deep breath; the heat was really taking a toll on his malnourished body. His lungs were beginning to feel constricted; his heartbeat was slowing and felt as though it might pound right out of his chest. His muscles were beginning to shake uncontrollably and he could feel himself slipping in and out of consciousness. He thought that it could be a blessing in disguise. It might prevent him from knowing when the time was to come for him to die.

He set his eyes on the door just waiting for the slightest movement. He was tired and eventually gave in to the exhaustion that was overcoming his body. He lay over and drifted off into a deep slumber.

The flying sensation startled Draco and he opened his eyes to see a fresh green field of wildflowers covered in the soft dew of the morning. Through the haze of the fog he could see a beautiful woman laid back onto a quilt amongst the wild grass. He felt himself try to veer in her direction when he noticed he wasn’t on a broom at all but floating along, unaided. That couldn’t be possible but laughter soon caught his attention and he turned to see two children playing. One, a boy, carried a frog, as he chased the girl.

“Come on Sis, he doesn’t bite,” the boy teased.

“I don’t care, I don’t like them,” the young girl squealed

“Children,” the lady said from the quilt, “Please stop teasing one another.”

He felt a great deal of familiarity fall over him. He felt a deep feeling of need, wanting to join them. As he hovered, he heard a voice that sounded like someone he knew.


The moon shone bright overhead and Harry thought that Ron really needed to be with Hermione at this point. He was a mess and he wasn’t doing himself, Hermione or Rose for that matter any good by being out here. He was afraid that if they should find her, well, not alive, he didn’t want Ron to be the one to find her. He believed Ron would loose the last bit of sanity he had left.

“Hey mate, let’s head on back, she may well be back there by now.” Harry was trying to sound as positive as possible.

“Don’t patronize me, Harry, I know as well as you do that they would have sent out the Patronus to us.” He walked on, not missing a beat. “I’m an Auror, too, remember, I know the odds of us finding her alive. The longer it takes the less likely we’ll find her, alive that is.”

“Ron, then you should know as well as anyone that you need some rest. You are losing your edge and only rest can help you clear your head for the next step. Besides, Hermione needs you.” Harry was hoping that he was convincing enough.

Without another word Ron turned into the opposite direction and began jogging back towards the pitch. Harry wondered how after the hours of walking and searching that he could run. He picked up speed with each stride, pumping his arms harder to gain momentum.

Harry was fighting the urge to stop; he had to at least try to keep up. “Ron,” he gasped, “I, uh, could you hold up a bit?”

Ron ran only faster and Harry only breathed harder. He was thankful when he finally spotted the entrance to the pitch and then the locker room. When Harry fell into the door of the locker room Ron was sitting beside Hermione who was lying on a camp bed, asleep. Harry’s face soaked up the refreshing coolness of the concrete floor where he laid after falling in the door.

“Harry,” Ginny called as she rushed to his side, “What happened?”

“Just,” he gasped, “trying to keep up with your brother.”

Ron brushed the hair from Hermione’s face and looked at his mother. “How has she been?”

“Distraught,” Mrs. Weasley said through sad eyes, “we’ve given her a sleeping draught to help her get some rest.” She then turned to Harry. “Have you found any clues,” she asked in somewhat of a whisper.

“Not that we could see.” Harry replied as he sat up. “But we were only two of many looking for her.”

Bill and Charlie entered the room with the same looks of despair plastered across their faces. Ron rushed to meet them. “And,” he questioned them.

Charlie shook his head as he placed his hands onto his hips. “But Mad-Eye has just sent out a fresh squad of Aurors.”

Ron nodded as he looked back as Hermione. “We have got to find her soon, before Hermione wakes.”


The neon lights of the all night station caught the eyes of Fred and George and they zoomed in for a closer look. They landed behind the billboard just beside a line of trees that ran along the property line of the station. They dropped their brooms and strolled out to the parking lot. The sign above the awning of the front door had a “L” missing causing it to read “ucky’s” and in smaller letters underneath it read “Last Chance for Fresh Bait”.

“Who would by fresh bait at “ucky’s,” Fred laughed.

“Got me,” George then noticed a familiar face coming out from the store. “Remus, have you found anything?”

“Not as of yet, however I did leave her picture here for the attendant. He said he would show it around. It seems they have a lot of wanderers down this way, you know the kind.”

“Yeah, Mundungus,” Fred scowled.

The parking lot was fairly empty with the exception of a few locals and hard core outdoorsmen. An old beat up truck was loading up on bait and there was a car that looked to be older than both Fred and George, filling up with fuel. They discussed a deeper search of the area when they thought a trip back to the pitch would be best. They needed to share their information and let everyone know about this area, the possibility of a great hiding place for a kidnapper.


Rose thrust the piece of metal directly at the taillight of the car. It cracked and she went again without stopping. As she readied to hit again keys could be heard, someone was trying to get it after her. She wasn’t about to let them bang her up even more, she held on tight and waited for the boot to be lifted.

When the first sign of light peered in she closed her eyes and put every ounce of her energy into the stick of iron in her hand and hit…something. She heard a crack and then a scream and she added to the drama by screaming along with her attacker and without thinking she opened her eyes and swung again. Her attacker had not a clue that she had swung again, they were to busy worrying about the blood that fell from the broken nose on their face and the pain didn’t allow them to see her advance.

“Get off of me you little brat,”

“You hadn’t need to worry about me had you not taken me you big goon. You snatch me then you have the nerve to tell me to get off of you, have you lost your mind…you made the mistake of choosing me you big oaf.”

Rose never stopped her yelling or her hitting but not only was she yelling she was scolding him much like an adult would a child. She never noticed those that were around them but she didn’t seem to care. She would ensure that he didn’t try this again, at least not anytime soon.


Remus strolled into the room that was currently being occupied by the Weasley’s and wished that he had better news for them. Fred and George were close behind him and they all took seats around a conjured table and explained to the others about “Ucky’s”. Hermione had awoken and staggered to the table with Ron’s help to listen in on the conversation.

“As you all know, Alastor has a fresh group out looking for her and the best thing for you all to do is to get some rest. And I know that will be hard but you all know it is best.” As Remus lectured them Mr. Weasley popped in with an arm full of parchment.

“Profiles,” he said as he passed them out. “Most are known child abductors but I wasn’t picky, if they were abductors, I got them.”

“Shouldn’t we start with those closer to the area,” Bill asked as he scanned over some of those closer to him.

“No,” Hermione finally spoke, “this isn’t a normal child abductor. This is a revenge abduction.”

The room remained silent as she spoke. She then went on but not as though she was explaining to them but as though she was playing it out in her head. Figuring out what they were thinking or what they wanted.

“They aren’t looking for money or they would have left something behind, a note. But there are so many of us that this could hurt. They could be trying to hurt me for something I did at the Magical Creatures department or Ron, for something he did in the Auror’s office. If it were Harry they wanted to hurt they would have taken Ginny,” she rambled on and on.


“Get up!”

Draco groaned as he felt the toe of a shoe rammed deep into his ribs, before he could focus he felt a hand come down on his face causing the already existing wounds to re-split. He felt blood trickle down the side of his face and the taste of blood from his busted lip.

Daisy’s father was standing over him, wand drawn. “We are moving,” he snarled.

Before Draco could speak he was bound and floating in mid air.

Author's note: Chapter 13 is written and I will be working on getting it typed and posted very soon. (as in a couple of days, around the 10th) And I will set off to writing the 14th chapter. I want to post more chapters quicker for you all seeing that that last few post have been delayed quite a bit. Enjoy!!! Thanks again for reading and reviewing...EVERYONE>

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