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Chapter 8 -newts Well the day of the Hogmeade trip arrived. I came down the stairs that morning with my firey red hair wet from the luxurious bath I had taken with WATERMELON SHAMPOO. (a/n- that sentence is dedicated to one of my friends....... don't sak *Jeannie) I had thrown it up in a ponytail, and then twisted it in a tight bun. I wore a pair of muggle Levi’s and a pink t-shirt. Maggie was right behind me and James was waiting at the bottom of the steps. I immediately turned to go back to the top but Maggie stopped me, and dragged me up to him. "Hiiiiiiiii James!" she squealed "Uh yeah, sure. whatever." he moved away from Maggie and she pouted. Then he came towards me. "Ready ba... hon.......... Lily?" "Yes I'm ready." I replied and then just kept walking "Where are you going?" he asked as he messed up his hair "Hogmeade, where else?" I said coolly "Uh babe, did you forget our date?" I exploded! COULDN'T HE TAKE A HINT!!! WAS HE MENTALLY ILL? COULD HE NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!!?!?!?! "POTTER! How many times do I HAVE TO TELL YOU." I reached for my wand "I WILL NEVER." I grabbed it "GO ANYWHERE." I pulled it out "WITH YOU!" I was ready "mobil......." Then someone grabbed my wand from behind me. I turned my self around and saw Sirius standing in front of me. "Carrots, I'd watch where I point that. You could do something you'd regret" I did exactly what I had done to potter the week earlier. (Never underestimate muggle self defense.) I stepped on his foot then kneed him where it hurts. Like the baby he is, he fell to the floor sobbing. I grabbed my wand and then Maggie's hand. I whispered "cordon corbata" at Potter as we ran to the portrait whole. I looked over my shoulder, seeing Sirius screaming with pain, and James fall flat on his face was a beautiful sight! I didn't see potter again until midday at the Honeydukes. He was in a corner doing who knows what with some brunette. I heard from Addy that Sirius wasn't coming; he was in the hospital wing trying to fix his sitting problem. Madame Pomfrey apparently had trouble curing muggle self defense. I picked up a package of I love you, I hate you candies, on my way out. I figured I could use them on Sirius and James when Valentines day rolls around, but that was still a little while off. A few weeks past and a pure white dust of snow began to cover the Hogwarts grounds. The weather was suddenly bitter and going down to the dungeons was almost unbearable. Wizards call muggles uncivilized..... But notice they're the ones still using fire. I missed the nice warm heater in my parent’s house on the edge of Britain. What I give for that thing right next to my table during potions! Remus, Addy and I were working on a forgetfulness potion, and James and Sirius were on the other side of the room changing the newts so that they had three eyeballs instead of 2. With an utterly arrogant looking grin on his face he threw a newt over at us. I shrieked as it landed on me and began to crawl up and down my chest. "Get it off me! Get it off me" The newt suddenly began to spout green goo that soaked into my robes. I shrieked even louder, I hated lizards. "Get it off me!" James came over, his grin was even larger than it had been before. "Sure baby, just hold still." he moved his hand close to my chest....... too close. "NOT YOU!" I said turning out of his reach and toward Addy. She, who had no fear of lizards, plucked it off. "Hun I was just trying to help." James said with a grin still plastered on his face, I reached out to slap him but someone beat me to it. It was Addy. "Pervert! That is what you wanted to happen all along!" "I don't know what your talking about." he said mockingly innocently as he rubbed a red spot on his face. I slapped him on the other cheek. "Do we have a problem here?" Said Professor Orin. "Yes......" I began "No ma'am no problems here." James said trying to hide his face "Ms. Evans?" the professor asked me "Yes......" Addy kicked me "…..No ma'am no problems here." "Then Mr. Potter, please return to your seat. I supposed since you are out of it, your potion is complete. Let's test it shall we?" To my delight, it was no where near complete and both James and Sirius received zeros. Potter didn't seem to care he just messed up his hair and then pulled out his snitch. He seemed to be perfectly happy. I groaned, but Addy whispered. "Lily, it's time to take matters into our own hands, and I have the perfect thing." And slowly a smile became plastered on my face. ~~~~~~~ AN- Hey ya'll hope you enjoyed that chap! The responses for the last chapter have been posted in chapter 7. *Jeannie

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