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A/N: Hi everyone! Well, I'm sorry for the long wait in this chapter. I know it took a long time and I apologize for that. I hope you review, things are starting to get... well... bad in the story. Thanks everyone and remember to review!

Death… and pain… they were things no one should have to experience so young. And yet, as the war Voldemort was causing kept raging on, the pain and death was growing higher and higher.

Draco’s body quivered as Voldemort pointed his wand somewhere else. His body remained hunched over on the spot. He softly cradled his arm and tried not to whimper. He would be killed if he whimpered, and that couldn’t happen yet.

His shadow fell over his arm as he pulled his sleeve up around his elbow. He carefully caressed the dark mark on his arm, it was evil and it stung. Was this the price he must pay for being a Malfoy?

“Stand!” exclaimed Voldemort rising before him. Draco’s knees quivered but he managed to stand, taking all his strength before him. He wavered on the spot, holding his head high and staring at Voldemort. “You are my servant Draco, and I need you at Hogwarts.”

“For what?” asked Draco weakly.

“You are strong, and I need you to spy for me,”

“On who?”

“DO NOT INTERRUPT YOUR MASTER!” he yelled pointing his wand at Draco’s chest. Draco bowed his head and waited for Voldemort to continue on. “You will be getting information for me now Draco, and you will use someone.”

Draco nodded, not wanting to speak again. “The Weasley girl Draco… you will gain her trust and then, when the time is right. You will finish her off, but make it an accident, you must keep your innocence at Hogwarts.”

Draco’s eyes watered as he bowed his head again. Ginny? Why her… had someone suspected their relationship?

“Do you understand Draco?” asked Voldemort. Draco raised his head and blinked, showing nothing but strength now.

“I will do as you say master,” He said and turned away, walking to stand beside his father. He breathed in and out deeply, trying to release the pressure that was building in his chest. The panic and unfairness was overpowering. His mission… was to kill the one he loved the most.

“Before we return, I have one mission for you, my faithful Deatheaters. We are bringing down a community tonight. Draco, you will return to Hogwarts later on. We leave now, for Godric’s Hollow.”


“Ginny, I miss Draco,” Said Sylvie sitting on Ginny’s bed. Ginny nodded and winked at her as she pulled a shirt out of her closet.

“I know you do darling. Brush that beautiful hair, we’re going to hogsmeade today, we have to get our school supplies.”

Sylvie nodded and picked up the brush. She ran it through her silvery blond locks so that they waved in and out. Ginny sighed as she stared at her. She wasn’t the only one who missed Draco. Sylvie jumped off the bed and went over to her dresser. She was sleeping in Ginny’s room as well. She pulled out a little green skirt. It flared around the knees and then a white shirt.

“Does this look good Ginny?” she asked holding them up to her small frame.

“It will look beautiful on you,” Said Ginny. She smiled happily, but inside she was confused about why her mother had let Sylvie stay with them.

“Are you girls ready yet?” asked Molly from the doorway. Sylvie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. Slipping out past Molly she ran to the bathroom and slipped under Fred’s legs, slamming the door in his face.

“What the frig!” he said turning the handle. He turned and looked at Molly, who just shrugged her shoulders and suppressed a giggle.

Ginny sighed and closed the door behind her. She pulled at the tight jeans and finally got the zipper up. It was strange how muggle clothes were so hard to wear sometimes. Pulling the gold shirt over her head she examined herself in the mirror. Her hair looked sort of frizzy so she collected it in her hand and pulled it into a high ponytail.

“Ginny! Did you see my shoes Draco gave me?” asked Sylvie standing in the doorway.

“Yes, but I put them away, they’re for dancing darling,” Said Ginny pointing to Sylvie’s dresser.

“Yeah… but they’re from my bruver, so I want to wear them,” She said marching over and pulling out the drawers, she found them and slipped them on. Tying them up her legs. Ginny giggled, watching the little girl parade around in dancer shoes was something that made her laugh because it was so cute!


Sylvie tugged on Ginny’s sleeve and pointed in the window. “Can we go in there Ginny?”

“Mum… we’re going in the joke shop for a few minutes,” Said Ginny yelling over her shoulder. Molly nodded and Ginny took Sylvie's hand in her own. It was so small and pale that she looked as if she were sick. Ginny knew better though, it was a Malfoy trait.

Opening the door, a bell rang and George came bounding over. “Where’s Fred? He said he’d come work when you guys came!” he exclaimed over the busy chatter.

“I dunno. Where are your new…” Ginny leant up and whispered something in George’s ear. He nodded and looked at Sylvie curiously but smiled. She blushed and giggled as he winked at her.

“Right this way my lovely ladies!” he said bowing, he held out a hand to Sylvie and she took it, her feet seemed to jump and she fidgeted as he threw her into the air and caught her. He pushed his way through the crowd and stopped at an assortment of pink things.

Sylvie looked at him and raised her eyebrows. “What are they?” she asked, Ginny stood on the other side of him and smiled as George picked one up.

“Ginny told me you want to dance,” He said opening up the little pink satchel. Sylvie nodded and watched the small figure fall out of the bag. It straightened its little blue skirt and posed like a dancer.

“Does it dance?” asked Sylvie staring at it with wonder.

“Just say the magic word,” Said George dropping the figure into her hand.

“Dance for me.” Whispered Sylvie. The ballerina immediately began dancing, pirouettes and glissades, she twirled around beautifully.

“She doesn’t just dance ballet either Sylvie, she’ll dance whatever you want her too,” Whispered Ginny, with her hand on her shoulder. Sylvie nodded as George whispered words to the dancer. She switched then from Ballet, to Tango, and on to Salsa. He pulled a little piece of paper from the satchel and handed it to her.

“Just say the words, you can change the dance, the outfit, and even her looks,” He said setting her down; she jumped up and down before dropping it into the satchel again.

“I love it!” she reached into her pocket and pulled out a galleon. “Will that pay for it?”

George shook his head and put the galleon back into her pocket. He winked and reached up into a higher shelf. Pulling down a blue satchel he handed it to her. “In this is a boy dancer, he’ll dance with the girl if you want them too, the instructions are inside too. You don’t have to pay, they’re a present from us,” He said.

“Thanks.” Whispered Ginny as Sylvie stared at the boy dancer in amazement.

“No problem, but I have to go,” He said turning away. Then as if forgetting something he turned around and kissed Sylvie on the cheek. “I’ll see you later squirt,” He said. She blushed and grabbed Ginny’s hand, hiding behind her in embarrassment. He stood up and smiled at Ginny. “She’s not to bad for a Malfoy.” He said turning around. Just then Fred came into the store. “Oi! Fred, where’ve you been mate?”

“Thanks Ginny,” Whispered Sylvie. Ginny smiled, said she was welcome and then, taking the little girl’s hand walked away from the joke shop. Unaware that this young girl’s brother, her lover, had a task. It was to kill her.

So tell me what you think is going to happen to them? What is Draco going to do? What .... oh just wait for the next chapter, things are just getting worse. I promise they'll get happy again, but I need reviews! Tell me if you liked, or hated it, I'm up for any kind of critisism people!
Thanks for reading,

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