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Chapter Three


Three Days Later, Dinner

Ew. . .

Who in their right minds eats spinach?

. . .Well, Peter does. . .but Peter eats anything that can stay still long enough. . .

Gross. Sirius can dare me to try to get a date with Lily Evans, but he cannot dare me to eat even one bite of spinach. No way.

"Are you scared, James?" Sirius asked slyly.

I huffed. Really.

I am not scared.

James Potter doesn't get scared. . .Well, except when pudding fairies and Sirius' underwear are involved. Then things get really scary. But I'm not going to in-depth with that. Maybe when mum is having one of her embarrassing recall moments, will I even think of bringing pudding fairies and Sirius' underwear.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Sirius daring me to eat the gross green mush called spinach.

"I'm not scared. I just don't want to choked to death while trying to swallow the disgusting stuff." I replied hotly, poking, with a pinched nose, at the spinach Sirius spooned to my plate in front of me.

"I happen to find spinach very refreshing." Peter put in, sneaking a bit of spinach off my plate and on to his.

"You also find eating cardboard lollipops very refreshing." Remus said.

Sirius and I snickered.

"Hey!" Peter exclaimed,"I thought it was real, okay? It looked real!"

"Peter it said,"Display only" in big black-"

"They were indigo, Remus." Sirius replied.

Remus rolled his eyes and sighed,"-in big indigo letters!"

"So? I thought it was part of the design." Peter replied simply, then swallowed down a forkful of spinach.

Remus seemed to have given up and returned to his pumpkin pie without whipped cream.

Can you believe that?

No whipped cream!

I ask Remus why he didn't put whipped cream on his pumpkin pie or on anything actually.

He said it was fattening and besides he was allergic. It would just make him fat and what was the point? He also said that I should lay off the whipped cream because I was looking on the heavy side lately, not that there was anything wrong with that. And would I get off my fat arse and do something productive with my life. . .And stop pestering him about food so he could study for exam on The Goblin Revolution in History of Magic.

It was two days before the full moon, by the way.

Remus gets a little edgy around that time because of his, you know, furry little problem.

Acts like a bloody girl during that time of the month if you ask me. . .just don't tell Remus I said that. Actually, don't tell anyone, especially Sirius and Peter- AKA: Blabber Mouth One and Two. If Remus found out I said that, especially around full moon time, oh Merlin, I am so dead.

Anyways, after Remus went back to his pumpkin pie without whipped cream and Peter went back to "secretly" borrowing spinach off my plate and "secretly" borrowing chicken off of a nearby third year's plate. Leaving Sirius to daring me to eat the spinach.

"Come on, just a bite." Sirius persisted.

"Why are you so anxious about me eating spinach?" I asked suspiously.

"Because it's funny to see your face when you swallow it." He replied.

Okay, I have eatten spinach before. Once. Then I vowed it would be the last time. Just like when I six-years-old and vowed never to eat my mom's sugar cookie dough raw again after a rather unhappy visit to the bathroom.

Poof- Wait, Poof! sounds pansy-ish. . .Is that a word? Oh well. How about. . .Boom! Yeah, so much more manly.


Four days later I broke my vow had another unhappy visit to the bathroom and two hours later an even more unhappier visit to St. Mungo's.

"Your such a chicken, James! It's just spinach!" Sirius said.

I sighed. Sirius would never stop pestering me till I eat the stupid mush. "Alright. . ."

"Good. Hee hee hee hee. . ." Sirius started cackling quietly to himself. Apparently not to himself enough since half of the Gryffindor table heard him.

Just duck your head under the table, James, and pretend you don't know him. You have no idea who this raving mad cackling idiot is. No idea.

Seems to have worked, the half of the table that heard Sirius has gone back to their dinner.

"Alright, James, eat up." Sirius said slyly, pushing the plate closer to me.

"Yeah, yeah." I muttered moodily.

Remus and Peter looked up from their non-whipped cream pumpkin pie and borrowed spinach plus borrowed chicken, to me.

I gulp and slowly pick up my fork and delicately pick at the spinach for a while.

"Oh, for the love of jello, James! Just get a forkful of the bloody spinach and put it in your mouth. Then chew and swallow. Really simple." Sirius said impatiently.

I glared at him and took a small sliver of spinach and ever so slowly put it in my mouth, not chewing it, instead just gulped it down. "There. I did it."

"You got a little bit. You're scared of spinach!" Sirius stated before bursting out in laughter.

Oh, no.

Duck and cover again, James. People are looking over. Pretend you don't know him. Don't know him. No clue.

"You are such a wuss!" Sirius said to me.

That got me mad.

I, James Potter, am not a wuss.

That's why, a second after, in front of everyone watching, I got a bulging forkful of spinach and stuffed it in my mouth, chewing and swallowing. The whole broomstick.

I looked up in my fellow Marauders faces with a triumphment look, cheeks bulging with spinach.

"Ew, James. I know Sirius was egging you on, but did you really have to eat that much?" Remus asked in disgust.

"Ha-ha, you actually ate the mushy crap! Ha-ha!" Sirius said laughing his big head off.

"It's great, isn't it?" Peter asked brightly.

That's when it happened.

During the whole minute or so I had chewed the spinach I hadn't even thought about how it tasted, only thinking about the defeated look on Sirius' face. Peter brought me back to reality. And, boy, was reality gross.

"Ugh!" I moaned choking and gulping the spinach.

"Er, James. . ." Remus started.

"Not now, Remus. Can't you see I'm a bit busy here?" I asked, or at least tried to asked through all of the spinach.

"But James. . ." Remus started again, looking behind me.

I ignored him.

"James, Lily's behind you. . ." Sirius said, also looking behind me.

I snorted. . .tried to snort,"You can't trick me, Sirius. Like Lily's behind. . ." Or "Yan cun'p trap my, Savious. Lake Luly's bayhand. . ." I trailed off as I glanced behind me.

To see, who else, but Lily Evans.

I groaned inwardly, still gulping down the last of the mush.

Just what I needed.

Lily Evans to be standing right behind me as I acted like a complete idiot gulping down a bunch of spinach.


I cough a bit and drink down some pumpkin juice. "Er, hello, Lily. How are you today?"

Lily stood behind me with a small smile on her face, a dusty book clutched to her chest. "Hello, James. I'm alright." She nodded to the rest of the Marauders meekly.

Peter nodded back to Lily.

"Hey, Lils. Can I call you Lils?" Sirius asked, grinning up at Lily playfully.

"Hi, Lily. Ignore him, just ignore him." Remus said pointing to Sirius.

Lily smiled at the three and then turned back to me,"We need to present our heads ideas to the Headmaster soon. . ." She trailed off.

"Oh, right. . ." I said deflatedly. The heads ideas. So much fun.

"Yes, well, I thought I'd remind you. . .you have spinach on your chin." Lily said pointing to her own chin then to mine.

"Oh." I said quickly, brushing the green gross stuff off, embarrassed.


"Well, I'd best be going now." Lily said and turned to leave.

I bit my lip,"Hey, Lily!"

Lily stopped and turned to me questionably.

"Do you want to eat dinner with me. . .and my friends?" I added after a shove in the back by Sirius.

Lily raised an eyebrow for moment, staring at me,"Well, I was actually heading to the library to finished up some essays-"

"Ah, come on, Lily. You need to eat something." I cut in.

"I already did." Lily pointed out.

My shoulder sagged and I sighed quietly. Why couldn't she just agreed to eat with us and not go bury herself in books at the library? I had to "get to know her".

"Well, you can eat again. . .we haven't really ever talked much and we are Heads. . ."

Lily tilted her head at me and just stared, clutching her book tighter. ". . .Alright. . ."

"Great!" I said, making Peter move over to make room for Lily.

Lily walk to back over to us and sat down next to Peter and I.


"So, Lily, do you like quidditch?" Sirius asked brightly.

Lily looked up from her book she had open on the table,"Oh, it fairly interesting. I like watching it. I don't think I'd ever play the game though."

Sirius nodded his head and said nothing.


Here's someone that can render Sirius speechless. Ten points to Lily Evans!


"Do you like chocolate frogs?" Sirius tried again.

"Yes, I do." LIly replied politely.

"That's great. I do too. So does Peter and Remus and, wow, James does too! What a concidence!" Sirius replied enthusiasically.

Geez, Sirius is a great pal, isn't he? It seems like he's trying help me out with the bet. . .

. . .Wait, something's wrong here. Sirius wouldn't help me win this bet! What's the prat up to?

Lily looked over at me, nodding her head,"That's. . .nice, Sirius."

"Oh, yes it is, isn't it? Do you know what else James likes?" Sirius asked.

Oh, holy mandrakes. What is he going to do?

Lily shook her head.

"James, buddy, here likes the color purple!" Sirius replied,grinning at me.

Oh, Sirius, you wanker, I'm going to kill you! That's not fair! It's cheating! He's interfering with the bet, he can't do that!

Remus and Peter snickered behind their forks.

Lily smiled.

I had never seen that smile before though.

It was a different one.

It wasn't one of those polite smiles or one of those small knowing smiles. Or one of those force ones. Just a smile.

. . .Ok, well, moving off the subject of Lily's smiles. . .

"Don't listen to him, Lily! I don't like purple! I've already told you during patrol that blue is my favorite color, not purple." I stated, kicking Sirius under the table.

"What's wrong with purple?" Was Lily's question.

Peter and Remus stopped snickering, Sirius stopped craddling his knee and I stopped glaring at Sirius, to stare at Lily.

"What's wrong with purple?" I repeated.

"Yes. I like the color purple." Lily stated more bold then she usually was.

I grinned at Sirius. He scowled in return.

"Oh well, nothing is wrong with purple. Nothing at all! In fact it's the best color ever." I replied happily.

"You just said-"

I cut her off,"Oh, but I meant that purple was my second favorite color, right after blue."

Lily stared at me with a smile, then started chuckling.

Wow, that doesn't happen very often.

Chuckling, I mean.

She stares at me, probably because of my charming good looks or my dashing personality.

Or possibly just because that's what she does.

Lily stares at people alot. Just stares at them with this knowing look on her face.

Anyways. . .


The Next Day, Charms

"Hi, James."

"Oh, hi Sarah." I greeted to Sarah and her two other friends, Belinda and Melinda or was it Relinda and Linda? I can never remember their names. Their twins by the way.

It was charms, the last class of the day. Class wouldn't be starting for another ten minutes.

I know.

The Marauders, or at least three of them, getting to class early.

Pfft, is the world ending?

Sirius was in Filch's office for setting off some dung bombs off in a girl's lavatory. He left the rest of us out. Can you believe that?

Sarah was nice enough, not the brightest though. Neither were her friends. Very pretty, no denying that.

"So, how's working with Lily Evans going?" She asked as she and her friends sat down in the desk in front of me. . .oh, and Remus and Peter. Forgot them.

"Okay, I guess." I replied, pulling out my charms book.

"I feel bad for you. It must be dull. She doesn't talk much, does she?" Sarah asked.

Sarah was right. Lily didn't talk much. Except for at dinner last night. She had talked more than I'd ever seen her talk. . .which wasn't that much talking, but more than the usual "yes" and "no" replies. It seemed though if she talked a bit more and did less work she wouldn't be that bad.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied again.

"You guess? I've been her dorm mate for seven years. The longest sentence she's ever said to me is, "The bathroom's free"." Belinda and Melinda or Linda or. . .or the twin people laughed as Sarah smirked.

I laughed some too, Remus frowned some, and Peter, always doing what the majority did, laughed with us.

"And she's always carrying around her precious books. Who would do something like that?" Sarah asked with a laugh. The Linda Twins laughed with her.

"Oh, people with actually brains." Remus muttered to himself. He carried around books. I don't think Remus really likes Sarah or the Linda Twins. . .

"What was that, Remus?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, nothing." Remus replied, pulling out his charms book out and began reading it.

"All she does is work and reading. She doesn't have a social life. I swear she spends more time in the library then she does sleeping and eating combined. . .she is skinny." Sarah went on. "Lily's so plain. Always the same." Sarah and her twin friends rolled their eyes. "I don't know how you patrol with her every night. It must be Boredom Hour." They laughed again, then looked at me expectantly.

"Oh, right. Yeah, Lily so boring to be around. Always so quiet. That's probably why she doesn't have many friends." I replied. Remus gave me a stern glared.


Crash! (That's a lot better than poof. Although you can't really use poof for this sound effect. . .whatever)

We swerved around to see what the noise was at the back of the classroom.

On the floor was a broken ink well, ink spilt everywhere. And Lily's long red hair leaving the classroom door.

Oh, crap.

She heard.

Get ready to pay for all the Honeyduke's chocolate Sirius wants and hundred galleons to him, James.

You're so going to lose this bet.


Revised: 7/30/06

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