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They stepped out into the garden. As they did she closed the door behind them against the murmur of voices and clinking of glasses. When she turned to face him the breath caught in her throat. There he was down on one knee just as she'd seen him so many times in my day dreams. This sight quickly filled her eyes with happy tears. Just looking at the garden she knew he'd spent time carefully planning this moment. Lights twinkled winding every which way through the blooming spring garden that was filled with her favorite flowers: daisies. She could hear their song being played softly in the background as well. After she'd had a moment to take all of this in she looked back at him, kneeling patiently there on the cold stone walk in his suit. She saw the question in his gorgeous green eyes before he said a word. And when he finally did speak she thought her heart would burst. "Gin, marry me?" Harry asked completely forgetting the little speech he had planned. This made Ginny chuckle and instead of delivering the dignified answer she'd meant to give she simply said, " Of course, silly." with that she dissolved into giggles while Harry started to laugh and fished the little diamond ring out of his pocket. It slipped so easily on to her finger that she suspected he'd already talked to her parents about this. They stopped laughing and she gazed at the little ring for a moment. Then she giggled again and told him, "Silly, you're getting your nice clothes all dirty." He laughed again as he stood and brushed the dirt off of his knee. And so a happy couple went back into the house where a loud redheaded family cheered as they entered the house, Ginny blushing as Harry held her hand aloft showing off the little ring. Someone tapped their fork against a glass and the room went silent as they all looked expectantly at Ron who stood at the end of the table behind Hermione who was still in her wedding dress. Ginny strongly suspected that Ron had know about the proposal too as he had the most peculiar smirk on his face and harry told Ron and Hermione everything. Ron congratulated them and as the family cheered again Harry was swept away into the den by the men who said they were going to prepare him for what they called “the ordeal” of wedding plans. The women all moved into the kitchen to fawn over Ginny who was the baby so naturally they were all very interested in her engagement. Hermione who didn't like the attention that the wedding had brought on her was glad that her sister-in-law was now the center of attention. Aunt Muriel leaned over and told Mrs. Granger, who by the way was a little frightened of the floating tea pot, “Now we'll have to start planning all over again.” Mrs. Weasley crying, “My baby!” hugged her daughter tightly until Ginny protested that she couldn't breathe. After a while the women settled down and they could hear raucous laughter issuing from the men's retreat. Ginny sat on a stool sipping tea and playing with the ruffled hem of her blue bridesmaid's dress silently until Hermione slipped onto the stool beside her. Hermione lifted up Ginny's hand to examine the ring and then as their eyes met she squeezed Ginny's hand with the exclamation, “Ginny, We're going to be sisters!”as if she'd only just discovered it. That caused them to burst into hysterical laughter causing the women to smile and shake their heads knowingly and making the men to stick their heads in the kitchen and demand to know, "What the devil is going on?" Once they realized that they were causing such a fuss and making fools of themselves they quieted down. All too soon the reception for Ron and Hermione's wedding was over and the family left. Charlie with his wife Katrina and their sleeping son Owen, Bill and Fleur with their sleepy twin daughters Marie and Molly (who incidentally were as impossible to distinguish as Fred and George), Fred and George with Katie and Angelina. Ginny and Harry lingered in the kitchen as the rest of the Weasley clan said their goodbyes outside. They stood staring at each other until Harry remarked, “Nice night isn't it?” Laughing Ginny closed the distance between them and Harry held her tight. He tilted her chin up and they kissed. After a few minutes they heard someone clear their throat and they sprang apart both blushing at the sight of a bemused Ron in the doorway. “I just came in to say goodnight. Hermione and I are leaving now.” Ron said then got a strange look on his face as if he still hadn't grasped the fact that he and Hermione were married. He wandered off muttering, "I'm married!?" in an awed voice. Ginny and Harry laughed at Ron's retreating back, kissed once more, and went into the living room to say goodbye to Ron and Hermione who were going off on their honeymoon on the continent. After they left Harry said good night to Ginny and disapparated. Appearing in the bedroom of his small London flat Harry felt like the king himself. He fell into bed and thought of Ginny as he drifted off to sleep. At the same moment Ginny was back at the Burrow lying in her bed staring out the window thinking of Harry and their wedding which would be able to take place just as soon as she graduated from Hogwarts in June and then she too lapsed into sleep.

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