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Ginny pulled her pillow over her head to block out Ian’s happy cries. “Too early. Way, way, way to early.” A moment later there were at least two people hammering at her door. “Go away! I’m not getting up ‘til noon!”

Everything was silent for a few minutes, and she heard footsteps (Blaise or Draco’s. She couldn’t tell which.) fade away, but then someone else approached the door. “Ginny, puhlease get up. Draco says we can’t open presents until everyone comes down.”

Ginny groaned, and reached for the robe that she had stolen from Draco after the snowball fight. Fastening the belt, she opened the door and ruffled Ian’s hair. “Don’t worry. I’m coming, sweetheart. Go tell Draco to behave himself.”

“No way! He could crush me.” Ian bounced back into the common room where Draco, Blaise, and Rowan waited for them. Ryan and Andy had gone back home for the holiday. Rowan’s parents seemed to have forgotten their daughter completely.

Ginny dropped into the chair next to Draco and smacked him lightly up the backside of his head. “Don’t you dare traumatize the poor child, and blackmail is entirely inappropriate to use on your girlfriend.”

He leaned over and kissed her. “Entirely appropriate. If I have to deal with them, then so do you. Besides, there is a very pretty silver box somewhere under that tree with your name on it.”

Ginny dropped to the floor, and began to handout presents, keeping an eye out for the silver one Draco had mentioned. She had forgotten about the presents. She had a pile of ones from her family, the traditional Weasley jumper, sweets and the like, but there was no sign of the silver box.

“This is so awesome!” Ian exclaimed throwing his arms around her neck, before returning his focus to the comic book. “Marvin the Mad Muggle: Encounter of the Enchanted Eggbeater. Thanks, Ginny! Thanks, Draco!”

“Thank you for the pin, Ginny and Draco,” Rowan said a little softer, admiring the pewter and garnet clasp. “It’s beautiful.”

Ginny unwrapped a vial of her favorite perfume from Blaise and gave him a peck on the cheek for his trouble before she spied it. The box sat innocently on top of a large green one addressed to Ian. She pushed the long narrow box over to the excited eleven year old and carefully opened her present from Draco. Then she gasped. She had withdrawn a long silver chain with a dragon pendent on the end of it.

“To remind you that you are and always will be mine,” Draco whispered into her ear. She kissed him for an exceedingly long period of time.

The mood was broken when Ian leapt up holding his gift high above his head. “A Nimbus 2006! This rocks! Blaise, look what Sev got me!”

“Sev?” Ginny wrinkled her nose. “You’re a very brave little boy to call the potionsmaster by his given name.”

“He told me I could, but, uh, not in front of other students. Don’t tell, please,” he pleaded, looking slightly panicked.

“Our lips are sealed,” Ginny reassured him. “That’s a very nice broom.”

“Yeah! I gotta go say thanks. I’ll meet up with you guys at the feast. Thanks for the presents. They were the best I’ve ever gotten, ‘cept my Hogwarts letter.”

“Crazy kid,” Draco muttered under his breath. “So now that Rowan is going to meet up with her friends in Ravenclaw, and Blaise plans on studying in the library for some inexplicable reason, what are our plans for today?”

“I’m thinking a nice day in front of the fire, AFTER we pick up the common room. Prefect, remember?”

“Royal pain.”

“But then I’ll give you my Christmas present.”

“Alright, let’s get to work. I’m only playing house-elf for so long.”

A/N: Short, but sweet. My Glass Dragon is still nameless people! Next Chapter will contain more info on Blaise, the Oracle Twins, Ginny's best friend in Gryffindor, and Ian (His entire story.)

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