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Where do I Belong? by Snape_N_Dracos_Badgirl
Chapter 4 : Last Straw
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I couldn’t believe that my sister knew Draco all these years. I never thought I would say this about the guy but he was a true friend to her. The week he was gone from Hogwarts in his fifth year he was with her while she nurse a broken jaw because of a boy that didn’t like she was smarted then he was. He had turned the guy into a pig and when he was changed back he still had the tail for a year after wards. That was something I could see him doing but not for another person. This really had me worried. Why did Draco know my sister and what was he going to do with her when he became bored with her? Theses things were flying around in my Brain that I wasn’t even watching what I was doing as I walked down the alley to the robes shop with Satin. But she pulled me out of the way of a big man before we hit each other.

“Harry what is going on with you?” She asked as we stepped into the shop.

“I have a lot on my mind that’s all.” I said as she walked around and looked at the robes.

Satin looked around with eyes of wonder. She never had to wear robes and now she will have to but she was just amazed by all of it. I couldn’t help but smile at the look on her face. That was until I saw a tear slip down her cheek. She was happy but I also knew that she wanted to hate herself because the people that loved her were gone and she felt like ti was her fault. No matter how many times I tell her it isn’t she won’t listen and that reminded me of Ginny. When she died I only blamed myself and still do. But I will not tell anyone that. “Satin you don’t have to do this right now. We can come back some other time.”

“Oh Harry do not worry I am fine. I just thought about my parents for a moment and it made me sad. Do not worry we can do this now.” Satin said to me.

I smiled and watched her go to the expensive material like Silk and Satin. She picked out many colors and decided she want two robes in each. So she had them made and went left to go and see the twins. They have been asking me about her for a week now and I keep telling them that we will come by to see them. And now that is what we are doing. We are going to my best friend’s shop that I helped make and walked in.

“Ah Satin there you are I was wondering if we were going to see you again.” Fred said from the counter.

“Now I wouldn’t let you guys down. I promised you I would come and see some of your pranks. So here I am.” Satin said with a smile.

I knew what she was about to get herself into but I watched anyways and if it went too far I would stop it but I wanted her to have fun. She needed to have fun at the moment and that was what we were going to give to her. George came out of the back and walked over to Satin. “Oh my beauty you have finally come back to me.”

Did you know that you are funny?” Satin asked as she blushed.

I didn’t really like the way George was looking t my sister but it can’t be helped. She is beautiful. Her black hair reach to her knees. She was two inches taller then I was and she had a body of a super model. Or that was what Ron told me anyways. I really didn’t see her that way but that should be understandable since she is my sister. “Hey George what’s happening with you guys?”

“We are opening up three more shops.” Fred said to me.

“Really where?” I asked him.

“One in Ireland, one in Germany and one in Hogsmead. That will be the one we will be at the most. That is after we hire people to run this one and the other two.” George said as he walked over to me.

Satin walked around the store and smiled. “I knew that I have heard of you two before. I was given one of your flaming hair candies and my hair stayed on fire for two weeks, I wasn’t allowed out of the house until it went away.”

“No way. You got one in Paris?” Fred asked her.

“Yeah a friend of mine goes to Hogwarts and he sent it to me.” Satin said looked at me. I told her not to tell many people she is friends with Draco they might not understand it as much as I do. So she hasn’t since we had that talk.

“Well what is his name? We will have to thank him.” George said with a smile.

Satin looked at me again and I nodded. “Draco Malfoy.”

George and Fred looked at each other and then at her in surprise. “Well it looks like Ferret Boy isn’t all that bad. But too bad he had kept you away from us for so long.” Fred said as he smiled.

I just looked at them and shook my head. “Can you guys keep an eye on her I need to go get something or someone?”

“Oh you trust us to do that?” George and Fred asked at the same time.

“Yes because I know she will get you back if you don’t watch yourself. I mean you did hear about what she did to the others right?” I asked them with a smile on my face.

They both nodded and looked at Satin. They were in awe of her and I knew it. “We won’t let her out of our site.”

I nodded and then walked out of the store. I rush down the Alley and ran into the store where I saw Satin looking at that blood color gem necklace. I didn’t know what to get her for her birthday and it has already past so I thought I would make up for it with a little gift. And this was one of the first things that I saw that I knew she liked but didn’t buy. But it was gone and in it’s place was an amazing necklace that had dragons moving on it. I could see all the Diamonds and Jades in it. But when I saw the price I knew that I had to money to get it but would she want a gift that valuable from just her brother. Then I realized that I didn’t care. So I picked it out and paid for it. And I also bought the dragon jewelry box that was silver with the dragons moving on it. I knew that she would love it. She seemed to have a liking for anything that has to do with anything with wings. I watched as they gift wrapped the present and smiled. I knew that she was going to be in shock when she opened it.

“Whoever that is for young man she is one lucky lady to have you giving that to her.” The lady behind the counter said to him as she handed him the bag.

“It is for my friend.” Harry said as he took the bag and headed for the door.


I watched the twins as they walked around me. I knew that they were trying to do something but me I am not so quick to fall for it. I never have been. But I heard these boys are the best so I will have to watch my step. George watched me as Fred sneaked up behind me to grab me. But I moved swiftly out of his way before he could and he crashed into his brother.

“She is a feisty one.” Fred whispered as they stood up.

“I am more then either of you can handle.” I said with a smile as I circled them now.

“What do you think you are doing? We are trying to get you. Not the other way around.” George said as he looked at me funny.

“Don’t you hate it when the hunter because the hunted.” A cold voice that I knew all too well said from behind me.

“Draco!” I said aloud.

“Satin?” Draco asked as he walked toward me.

I moved away from him and tried to get outside but he grabbed me before I could and he turned me around to face him. I looked down at my feet so he couldn’t see the pain that I have not shown to anyone but he would see it because he knew me better then anyone else on my life. “Look at me Satin.”

“No Draco. I can’t.” I said to him.

But I didn’t have a choice because he forced my head up and looked into my eyes. I knew that he saw the pain because of the look that came to his eyes. I saw all the wrongs that he did and it made me realize that I wasn’t the only one suffering for this. He loved my parents just as much as I did and it hurt him too that they were dead. “Oh Satin. I am so sorry please forgive me.”

“Why should you need forgiveness?” Harry asked from behind him.

“Stay out of this it is between me and ----

“My sister.” Harry said to him and Draco’s mouth dropped open.

I took this chance and ran. I didn’t need this right now and it hurt me to know that they didn’t like each other. I took the back way out and ran into the main alley and looked for the way out. I didn’t know how to get out of here by myself so I just started to run. That was before a big man grabbed me and picked me up. “Satin what’s wrong my dear?”

I looked at the man and saw it was Hagrid. “Please take me home. I need to go home.”

“I will take you back to the Burrow in a second.” Hagrid said as Harry and Draco both came into view.

“No I want to go home to Paris.” I said as they spotted me in his arms.

“Satin what on earth is going on with you?” Harry asked as they walked up to us.

“Satin I am sorry about that---

“Just don’t worry about it I want to go home. I want to go back to Paris. I don’t fit in here.” I said as Hagrid placed me back on the ground.

Harry and Hagrid looked at each other while Draco stared at me. Then Draco walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me. “You can come and stay with me at my new apartment. My father kicked me out again.”

“No she isn’t staying with you.” Harry said as he looked at us.

“She will if she wants to. I have known her longer Harry and I know she will do it if someone says she can’t.” Draco said as he looked at him from over my head.

“I just want to be some where that I know everyone won’t hate me.” I whispered.

“No one hates you Satin they just don’t know you. That is all.” Harry said as he walked over to me.

I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to stay with my brother but I wanted to go with Draco. But I knew that they didn’t like each other and it wouldn’t work out if I asked Draco if Harry could come with us. “Look Harry why don’t you and Satin come and stay for a few days. Let her feel comfortable with out others staring daggers at her.”

“You would let me stay with you just so you could be near my sister?” Harry asked him.

“Yes I would.” Draco said and I knew that he hated to say it.

I just shook my head and looked at them both and I was surprised to see that they weren’t looking at each other hatefully. “Look I have known Satin for a while and I swear to god if I knew that she was your sister I would have told you by now. I may act like a prat but I am not heartless. I care for your sister more then I do myself.”

“We will stay for a week. Summer will last for another two months and I don’t see what is wrong with it just do not try anything because I swear if you hurt my sister I will kill you. Do you understand me?” Harry asked him.

“More then you will ever know.” Draco said as they looked at me.


Ron looked at them from around the corner. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. They were going to stay with Draco for a week . He didn’t understand it but he knew that Harry was doing it for Satin and that was when he realized that his sister just might get Harry killed. “I have to tell the others about this.”

Ron ran back to the store he flooed into and grabbed some Floo dust. “The Burrow!”

Then he walked into the green flames and reappeared in his kitchen where Oliver and Hermione were sitting and talking. “Hey guys I have something to tell you.”

I couldn’t believe that I had said yes to Draco. But I knew that I had to or I could have risked losing my sister and it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. Not after just getting her back into my life. The look on Draco’s face read the same thing he was shocked about it but then I saw the happiness in his eyes. I have to admit it was the first time that I have seem him looking happy. I mean truly happy.

“Why don’t you come back with us to the Burrow so you can help Satin pack her things up. Cause I have a feeling that she won’t leave anything there.” I said to him.

“Oh and we have to stop and get her robes. She should have gotten them ten minutes ago.” I said as we started walking.

Satin just stood looking at us and I could see that she was happy but there was something else there to. She was scared. I don’t know if she was scared because of this or what. But I saw the fear in her face. I held my arm out to her and she grabbed it and started walking. Draco did the same thing. We were getting looks of horror from a lot of people and I thought it was funny. But Satin just hung her head and didn’t look anyone in the eyes and that was when I realized they weren’t looking at us in horror but at her in horror. The looks were making her upset again and I knew that if we didn’t stop what was going on soon I knew that it might now be stopped for a while. “What are you people looking at???”

All of them stopped walking and looked at me. “What ? What is so wrong with a girl having her arms linked with two guys and walking down the street? She isn’t sleeping with either of us and she isn’t trash so if you need to look at someone like that then look at your selves but you are acting like white trash at the moment.”

“How dare you talk to us like that boy!” A woman said to me.

“My name is Harry Potter and this is my sister Satin Potter and this is her best friend Draco Malfoy so if you have a problem with it your worse then deatheaters.” I said to her.

“Oh dear Harry we are sorry we didn’t know.” The woman said before they all started away from us.

“Why did you do that?” Draco asked me.

“I saw the way it was effecting Satin. I couldn’t take it anymore. She deals with it enough from the ones that say they are my friends. She doesn’t need to deal with it from people she doesn’t know!!!” I said as we started walking again.

“You didn’t have to do that.” Satin said to me.

“You are right I didn’t have to do that. But I did it because I knew that they were making you upset. And I don’t want you to feel bad. They had no right thinking those things and you know it . They didn’t even know you.” I said as we walked into the Robes store.

“I was wondering if you were going to come back. I have your robes right here.” The woman said when she saw us.

Satin smile and pulled out her purse. She grabbed the money and paid for the robes as Draco and I took the four bags. They were filled up with the robes that she got. Satin smiled and I knew that she wasn’t upset anymore.

“You know Harry you aren’t as bad as I thought you were.” Draco said as Satin talked to the lady.

“You aren’t as bad as I thought you were. But I mean it Draco if you act like a arse at school to my sister I will hurt you bad.” I said before Satin walked over to us.

We headed out and Satin saw a book store and smiled. “Can we stop there I want to get Hermione something.”

“Yeah.” I said as Draco nodded.

We walked in and Satin walked over to the journals. She grabbed three of them and walked up to the counter. “That is a lot of journals for one girl.”

“Two are mine and one is for a friend.” Satin said as she pulled out the money.

“I keep forgetting how giving Satin is. Every year when I came back from school she had a gift waiting for me. I really do care for her Harry this isn’t fake.” Draco said to me.

“But how do you care for my sister? In a friend way or in a more then friends way?” I asked him.

“I think that it is the latter one Potter.” Draco said to me.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Draco had fallen for my sister and there was nothing that I could do about it. I knew that Draco was right if I told Satin not to she would do it anyways. Draco was watching Satin and I saw the warmth in his eyes and I had to admit it scared me a little bit. But it might be because it is my sister but I really don’t know.

Satin walked back over to us and we walked out of the shop. It was beginning to get dark and I knew that if we didn’t check in soon Molly would be mad at us so we decided it was time to go back to the Burrow. At that moment I realized that it might not be wise to have Draco come with us but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to tell him no with Satin there so we went into the floo network and walked to the one that would take us to the Burrow We arrived in the kitchen and everyone one was there. And when I say everyone that is what I mean. Sirius, Lupin, Dumbledore, Molly, Bill Sr., Bill Jr., Charlie, Fred, George, Hermione, Snape, Ron and Oliver. And they didn’t look happy.

“I think that I should be leaving.” Draco said to us.

“That’s right ferret boy leave we don’t want you here.” Ron spat at him.

“I am not here for you I am here because of Satin and if you don’t like that then it is too bad. But I will go. I will send the car to pick you up shortly. So please be ready if you can.” Draco said the last part as he looked at Satin.

“I will.” Satin said before they hugged and she kissed him softly on the lips.

Draco left his bags and walked out of the house. I couldn’t believe that they were acting like that. “Where are you going?”

Snape looked at Satin when he asked the question. Satin looked at him and grabbed her bags. Then she started to walk out of the kitchen but Ron stepped in her way. I couldn’t believe it but he should have known not to.


I growled at Ron and felt my anger rise. I just can’t be happy here. No matter how much I pretend I couldn’t not be happy here. “Move Ronald.”

“No.” Ron said to me.

“I didn’t ask you. I told you to move so move.” I growled louder.

“I am not moving.” Ron said to me.

“Fine.” I said as I turned around and walked to the back door.

But Sirius was standing in my way. “This isn’t the brightest idea.”

The look on his face told me he knew that I was right but he wouldn’t move. “I can’t Satin we need to talk.”

“Why so you can tell me I must stay here.. I can’t go to the only place that I should be at right now because I will feel welcomed. There I wouldn’t have to worry about do they like me or are they playing along. I have known Draco for years now and he has never done anything to me for me not to trust him and I trust him move then I trust anyone but Harry and Molly in here.” I spat at him.

Harry walked up behind me and put hi hand on my shoulder. “Satin come on we will leave through the floo system. We will send for your bags when we find Draco’s apartment.”

“Are you crazy Harry???” Hermione finally asked him.

“No I just want her to be happy. Because unlike you, Ron and Oliver I do trust and love my sister. I don’t have to make a deal with her so I would stoop hurting her. She wants to be with Draco then that is where we will go. If either of you don’t like it blame yourselves. She feels like this is prison. And you three are making it worse for her.” Harry said as I turned around to look at them all.

“Oh poor baby we aren’t nice and she needs someone that is nice to her around. Too bad. I can’t believe you don’t realize it Satin but the world doesn’t revolve around you.” Oliver said to me.

“See you are right and wrong about that. Your world doesn’t revolve around her but mine now does since I don’t have anymore friends because they are too jealous of my sister. I don’t see why I shouldn’t worry about only here.” Harry said to them.

“Harry no!” I said to him.

Harry turned around and looked at me in shock. “What are you saying?”

“They are your friends. Just because they don’t like me doesn’t make them any less your friend. I am the one that has caused nothing but drama since I got here so I think that I will go either to Draco’s or back to Hogwarts. I don’t want to be the reason you lose your friends.” I said to him.

Ron, Hermione and Oliver all looked at me in shock. They couldn’t believe that I said that I would leave. I just didn’t care anymore. I don’t want to hear all the fighting and anger anymore. I just wanted to be alone and die. “Dumbledore I would like to spend a week with Draco and then come back to Hogwarts.”

Dumbledore looked at me for a moment and I knew what he was thinking. I knew that he was going to tell me no. That I couldn’t go to Draco’s and I could feel my anger rise once more. “I do not care if you don’t want me there. I will stay there and I will stay there for a week. He has never done anything wrong to me and that should mean something.”

“We can’t allow you to stay with a deatheater.” Lupin said from beside me.

“He isn’t a deatheater. His father is one and he kicked him out because he wouldn’t become one.” Harry said to them.

“You are standing up for Draco?” Ron asked him.

“Yes you want to know why?” Harry asked them all.

“Yes we do.” Hermione said to him.

“He looked at me and I saw the happiness in his eyes when he saw Satin. I saw the friendship that he held in his heart for her and most of all he told me that if he knew that she was my sister he would have told me because unlike three people IO know he might be an arse but he wasn’t heartless and I believed him. I talked to him and he talked to me there were no bad words thrown and I know he did it because of Satin. Because she knew the real him and the one in school wasn’t him.” I said to them.

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Where do I Belong?: Last Straw


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