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A/N: Hey guys, so this is the chapter where the fate of DRaco is going to be decided, no I'm not going to make DRaco.... well... read to find out! --------- Draco tied Sylvie’s winter cloak around her tighter and helped her pack away the last of her belongings. He sighed as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her against him tightly. “Just stay with me alright?” he said, she nodded and smiled, showing the fear that she felt but also the excitement that she needed in her life. With a pop they disappeared. Sylvie shook her head and let go of Draco, obviously a little shocked that she’d just apparated with him. She rubbed her temples and looked at him in confusion. “Where are we Draco?” “Far away, you’re going to stay here alright?” he said giving her a hug. She looked at him and nodded, she was brave and she knew it. They walked up to the huge house and knocked on the door, she looked at him and raised her eyebrows. “This is where I’m staying?” He nodded as one of the many redheads answered the door. “Malfoy? Bloody hell… what are you doing?” asked Fred holding his wand out in front of him. “Put your wand down Fred, or are you George?” “Fred…” “This is my sister Sylvie, can I come in, we need help?” asked Draco pushing open the door a little farther. “You’re asking us for help?” scoffed Fred, his eyes closed in laughter. “No, but I need you to help my sister,” he exclaimed pushing Fred aside and entering the house. The last time he’d been there he hadn’t seen the rest of the house. “Are you’re parents home?” “Yeah, mum’s in the kitchen.” Said Fred sourly. As Draco walked, he couldn’t notice that Fred kept behind him, with his wand out the whole way. Molly Weasley was bent over the table, obviously washing the dishes, as she turned around she gasped. Pressing her body against the counter. “What… why… how… What are you doing here?” she asked. “I need a favour Mrs. Weasley.” Stated Draco pleadingly. He hoped to god that this would work; it was Sylvie’s only hope. “I really need help.” “Sit down, you’re lucky my husband isn’t home Draco.” Said Mrs. Weasley drying her hands on the dishtowel. She pulled out a chair and watched as he sat down and the young girl sat on his knee. “Who is this?” she asked pointing to Sylvie. “This is my sister.” “I didn’t know you had a sister.” Said Molly stiffly, she smiled at the young girl but quickly turned to Draco again and waited for him to explain himself. “I was wondering… please understand this Mrs. Weasley. I need to put Sylvie somewhere where I know she’ll be safe.” “Why have you come here then, this war is going to affect everywhere.” Answered Molly. “Not from the war Mrs. Weasley, but from our family.” Draco paused; he didn’t think this would be so hard. “I’m asking if you could take Sylvie, for only a little while. As soon as some things are sorted out I will come take her home, but I need her to be hidden.” “Why should we help you, you’re the enemy.” Exclaimed Fred. Draco looked back at him; he’d forgotten he was in the room. “For all we know he could be using her as a trap.” “Please Mrs. Weasley, please… I have to protect her. I thought that if anybody was kind enough than it would be you.” “You know nothing about our family.” Said Molly standing up. “I’m very sorry Draco, but I can’t risk my family.” “You won’t be… nobody has to know.” The door of the kitchen swung open, and two girls entered. Ginny stared at him in shock and Jane, the other girl looked back and forth at them in wonder. Ginny’s hand immediately went to her necklace and she shook her head in wonder. “What’s… what’s… What are you doing here?” she asked, making herself seem angry. Draco could see the panic in her eyes though. Jane was smiling, obviously amused. “Nobody has to know Mrs. Weasley, and I promise it won’t be for long.” Said Draco setting Sylvie on the floor. She walked around the kitchen examining everything. “You’re very pretty.” She said to Ginny. Ginny gasped, looked at Draco and smiled at the girl. “So are you.” She said giving her a hug. Ginny stood up, gazing around the room at all the people, she wanted the girl to stay, and she was a sweetheart. “Is this where I’m staying?” she asked leaning against her brother’s knee. “That’s for them to decide.” He said stroking her hair sadly. Molly was clearly fretting, her fingers were twiddling and she was looking around. “I don’t know what Arthur will say when he comes home and we have another child to feed.” “Don’t worry about the money, I’ll send it to cover her.” Said Draco, he saw a glimmer of hope and couldn’t help but be thankful. “What about you Draco? Aren’t you going to stay with me?” asked Sylvie looking up in concern. “I wish I could kiddo, really I do.” He said standing up. She clung at his leg and he smiled sadly as he began to walk for the door. “Don’t worry Sylvie, I’ll come see you, but for now, you need to stay here.” “Sylvie, would you like to help me make some cookies?” asked Molly holding up the bowl and smiling. Sylvie nodded, wiping away the tears. Ginny caught up with Draco as he was heading out the door. “What’s this all about?” she asked leaning against the frame. “I have to protect my sister Ginny, and I knew the safest place would be here.” “No… not that, what about you Draco? Why are you going back there?” she asked holding back her feelings. She tried not to look too concerned, just in case anyone was watching. “I have to, I promised duty to the dark lord Ginny.” He said. He looked ashamed as if he didn’t mean what he was saying. “After everything we’ve been through, I thought you… of all people would come to our side.” Said Ginny reaching out and grabbing hold of his arm. He stared at her hand and sighed. “I thought that you would understand Ginny, that the only way I can keep my sister safe is to serve him… I can’t lose her. If I switched to the good side they’d come after you, and they’d kill my sister.” He said staring at the place he’d apparated too. “I can take care of myself Draco.” Said Ginny taking his chin and turning him towards her. “I could never forgive myself if something happened to you Ginny.” He pried away her hand and took a step backwards. “I have no choice. See you in school, please take care of Sylvie.” “I will, I’ll see you at school.” Said Ginny walking towards him. He nodded and titled her chin up, but he left her then, turning and walking away. His desire to kiss her was huge but he knew that if anybody saw they could never see one another again. “If I come back Ginny, if I’m not there… please be patient. I’ll come back to you eventually.” Ginny nodded, tears glistening in her eyes as he waved. He disappeared, and Ginny sat on the step watching the place he’d left her from. It wasn’t fair, but she knew he was right. No matter what happened, he had to serve Voldemort, and they’d forever be against each other in this war. Ginny stood up; wiping her eyes of her tears and walked in the door. Jane stood at the bottom of the stairs, smiling and she pulled Ginny into a hug. “It’s going to be okay Ginny… I promise.” Jane broke her promise. ~*~ Draco apparated back to his room and collapsed on his bed, sighing he covered his face with a pillow and willed himself to suffocate now… he didn’t want to do this anymore. “Draco… you’re father wants to see you.” Said Narcissa from the doorway. “I’m coming… just wait a minute.” Said Draco quietly. Narcissa opened the door softly. “Don’t keep him waiting to long Draco.” She almost smiled. “You know how he is.” Draco nodded as he stood up and walked down the hall. His father’s office was huge, much bigger than it needed to be. Knocking on the door, he stepped in and looked at his father sitting in the big chair. “Sit m’boy.” He stated pointing to a little wooden chair. Draco nodded and sat down quietly, afraid of what this was about. “Where did you take your sister?” he asked. “Somewhere where she’ll be safe.” Said Draco bravely. “You’ll bring her back son, or you’ll face the consequences.” Said his father leaning forward excitedly. “What would you do?” “Deatheaters have no problems with torturing one of their own for fun.” Said Lucius looking at him and smiling. He held out a hand for Draco and Draco took it, trying not to show the shivering excitement he felt. They’d apparated into large field, and Draco let go of his father’s hand. Around him were many deatheaters, standing faithfully around Voldemort. Voldemort gazed down at him at smiled? It was more of a sneer though, the moment had come… “Tonight… is the night you’ll become one of us.” Shouted Voldemort holding his hands into the air happily. The deatheaters cheered and Draco closed his eyes, this was what he was meant to do. “Hold out your arm for me and bow at my feet.” Draco sat down on his knees and held up his left arm, the wand pointed at him, but Voldemort was silent. Suddenly Draco was experiencing pain he’d never felt before. His body writhed in it and suddenly he thought, that maybe… he was dying.

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