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    Sitting at a table in the library was one of the oddest sights in the entire lifespan of Hogwarts: two Slytherins, a Ravenclaw, and a Gryffindor studying together. Though much studying was not getting done as every few moments one would sneak a look at another and have to look away quickly to not look suspicious. Well, all but Blaise; he had no problem showing he wanted little Luna Lovegood. With her wand behind her ear, Luna sat atop the table with legs crossed while everyone else sat in the chairs as they were supposed to. She was an odd bird, but Blaise liked that. She was a dove in his eyes, pure and innocent. Half of him wanted to take her by the lips and bring her up to his room to corrupt, while the other half wasn't even sure if he should touch her and soil her pure wings. Across from each other sat the other feuding couple that seemed to be spending more and more time together- bumping into each other in the halls, sitting down at the same table in the library, etc. They called it coincidences, but Blaise had never heard of a coincidence that was planned. Draco would never admit he was trying to see the littlest Weasley. Sure he had some sort of thing for her, he finally was made to admit it when Blaise had gotten him in a head lock last night and would not let go until he did. But really, those things go away. It wasn't like he was infatuated with her... just interested. Ginny herself was puzzled with the beating of her heart and her thoughts. Draco Malfoy was pure evil, and yet she agreed to come sit with him because Luna wanted to sit with Blaise. Luna had taken to being by Blaise whenever Seamus was lurking around. Though Seamus was not in the library at the moment so Ginny had to wonder what was really going on in the Blue Moon's mind. Luna shifted her bum and scooted off the table without a word. Blaise's blue eyes followed her as she disappeared into the bookshelves. "You should just ask her out already," Draco mumbled not lifting his eyes from his book. "I should tell you the same thing," Blaise snapped back in a hiss that Ginny could not work out. Though she was perfectly able to tell it upset Draco to the point of hitting Blaise in the arm for it. "Again lover, harder," Blaise purred. Ginny giggled to the point her cheeks went red; Draco just glared hard at his lover. "Um Blaise... can you come help me reach this book?" Luna asked innocently standing in front of him, coming out of no where. The Fire nodded with a smile on his face; she seemed to cause a lot of those. She held out her hand, which he took graciously. Draco smirked and Blaise hit him over the back of the head. "Luna lead him back behind the bookcases, then down another, pullinh a u-turn and hiding behind a statue. "What are we doing?" Blaise whispered into Luna's ear. He had crept up behind her and he was so close he could was able to decide her hair smelled like rain. Luna turned quickly as he leaned over her. "Give them some time alone." Blaise in an instant scooped up her lips in his and wrapped his arms around her, kissing the little angel passionately. "Blaise Zabini holding a girls hand... I never thought I would see the day," Draco smirked when Blaise was finally out of earshot. Ginny looked up over her book at Draco smiling. "She really likes him you know," Ginny grinned back. Draco could just see the tops of her rosy cheeks over her book; it was rather cute and sexual all at the same time. "I'm getting rather jealous with the way he talks about her so much," Draco quipped back with a smirk. Ginny giggled. She knew Draco was witty, but she thought that came with his cold comebacks to Harry, not just his overall personality. She was realizing she did not know much about Draco. Draco himself was finding himself oddly attracted to the girl. She had this fire to her that caught his eye, but it was the little quirks like the blushing and her little comments that seemed to get his attention. Damn it, was he going soft? "I want to thank you, for helping Luna with Seamus," Ginny set her book down. Draco noticed the sincerity in her eyes and if there wasn't a table separating the two of them would have pressed his hands to her cheeks and snogged her senseless. Wait, snogged her senseless? Where the hell had that come from? This was Ginny Weasley. "I didn't do anything, Blaise did all the fighting he-" However, Draco was interrupted by a heavy slam of skin against skin. In the next instant Luna Lovegood was shooting out from between the book shelves, gathering her things, and trying to escape the library. She would have done so if Blaise had not run after her and had a hold of her wrist. "Luna, please don't-" She shook her head; Draco was almost sure she was crying. He was in a bit of shock, Blaise may have been a bit forward with girl's but to make one cry? "Let go of me!" Luna pleaded, her bright blue eyes made contact with Blaise's and the Slytherin boy froze. He immediately let go and the injured little bird ran out of the library forgetting her robe. Ginny glared at both Blaise and Draco before following Luna outside. "What the hell did you do Zabini?" Draco turned on his friend who flopped into a chair and sagged down immensely in it. Draco wished to point out Blaise had a red mark the size of Lovegood's hand on his cheek but thought it better to refrain from mocking the boy at the moment. "I just- I just-" "He touched my breastestes." Luna sobbed into Ginny as they sat on the stone steps two flights up from the library. "He what?" Ginny asked, though there was something comical about the way she said it. "We were snogging and his hand, it touched one of my boobies! And then I hit him for it! " Luna looked out between her fingers that covered her face as she cried. Ginny was in a bit of shock. So that;s what that noise was, Luna's hand on Blaise's cheek. "You were snogging him back there?" Ginny asked incredulously and Luna nodded before breaking out into harder sobs. Ginny realized that it might not have been the best thing to say and held Luna closer to her. "Did he hurt you, was it under your shirt?" Luna shook her head. "No, that's the problem!" Ginny was utterly confused now. It was always hard to follow Luna, but this was a little much. "He hand his hand on my boob and was squeezing it and I liked Ginny!" Luna sobbed. Ginny couldn’t hold her laughter. "Luna you slut!" Ginny giggled and Luna sobbed harder. "I know!" Luna gasped through her tears. Ginny laughed, wrapping her arm around Luna motherly. "Luna I was joking, you're not a slut," Ginny told her and Luna sniffled a bit to stop her tears. "Really Luna, you're sixteen you're allowed to kiss boys and its okay for you to like it." Luna, thankfully, stopped crying. "I really like him Ginny," she whispered softly as if it was a secret no one was aware of. "That's good because he really likes you too," a new voice cut in. The two girls looked up into Draco's silver eyes as he held out Lovegood's robe. "And I've been sent to tell you he would like to apologize for his actions and would like to take you out on a romantic date," Draco droned as if he was threatened to say this, and well, he had been. Ginny smiled up wryly at him and the poor Slytherin boy had a flush of pink hit his cheeks. Damn her for doing this to him. "Really?" Luna asked. "Really," a fourth voice added to the mix. Luna looked up at Blaise who was now standing a step lower than Draco. Luna stood, biting her lip. "I'm sorry I hit you..." "I deserved it. It was your first kiss, it should have been more special than being felt up in the bookshelves," Blaise smiled at her. Luna's smile once again lit up her lips. Ginny smiled too, but at Draco who rolled his eyes and joined her on the step. Blaise held out his hand to Luna, which she took timidly, and led her down the stairs, away from the prying eyes of Draco and Ginny. However, the two could see everything from where they sat still. "And with your permission, I'd like to kiss you again, how your first kiss should have been," Blaise told her with a voice of velvet. Luna was falling. Hard. She let him touch her boobie and kiss her when he hadn't let Seamus do any of that in the months they dated. She nodded silently, her eyes blinking away left over tears, With a soft smile Blaise leaned in and kissed the tears away to close her eyes. One of his hands was set gently on her hip to steady the princess as the finger tips of his other hand rested lightly on her cheek. With a deep breath of her soft spring rain smell he kissed right behind her ear lightly and along her jaw line to the side of her lips. With one final kiss he set his lips on hers, pressing them with a light amount of pressure. Just enough so she could realize how much she meant to him. Up the stairs, Ginny sat mesmerized. It was beautiful. The softness of the kiss made her yern for that too. "That's disgusting," Draco muttered annoyed at the public display of affection happening before his eyes. Ginny rolled her eyes and hit him in the arm. "Hey! You hit me!" Draco said in shock. The only other person to hit him, well, playfully he supposed, was Blaise. "What are you going to do about it?" Ginny shot back full of fire. Draco tried not to groan at how hot that made him. He was already rather hot and bothered by Blaise and Luna's kiss contrary to what he proclaimed. "Well if I follow Blaise and Luna, I would get to feel you up," Draco smirked at her. Ginny let out a laugh and shook her fiery red hair. "You wish ferret-boy," Ginny quipped. She turned to him and licked his cheek. Yes! Licked! And he had to bite his lip not to groan. Ginny stood as Luna rushed toward her, giggling, and the two girls took off up the stairs. Blaise approached Draco smiling, while Draco still sat in shock. "She licked me." "Damn and all I got was a kiss," Blaise smirked. "You owe me," Draco stood up, brushing off his robes. "That I do," Blaise ran a hand through his hair, "that's why you and Ginny are going on a double date with Luna and I." Draco opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Instead he just smiled. "You can thank me later ferret-boy." ((A/N: The touching thing, I kind of got from another story for a much more talented writer than myself, Echo. I do not take credit for that idea as I do not take credit for these characters. They are not mine but JKR's. Also its finals week and so I've been out of it, but I hope to keep writing. Thanks for all your support! It's what makes me keep writing!))

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