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    He rolled over the next morning to see if what the angel had said had been true. Ginny wasn’t there he got up and ran down the hall yelling, “Ginny!” she wasn’t in the house he went back to the bedroom and saw that both necklaces were gone too. He then heard the door open and ran to it. “Ginny, is that you!” he hollered down the hall.

    “Yes it’s me who else would it be silly” replied the healthy Ginny.

    “Oh Baby where were you?” asked Harry squeezing her tightly as if it had been an eternity seen he’d last seen her.

    “Getting some coffee down at the corner there” said Ginny lifting up the two cups of coffee. “And I got you the paper” said Ginny putting the cups down and taking the news paper out of from under her arm.

    “Thanks” said Harry taking it from her hand and unfolding it. At the top it said ‘December 23, 2005.’ “Oh man the angel was right” Harry said to him self clapping his hand to his forehead.

    “What was that Honey?” asked Ginny blowing on her coffee. “You said something like the angel was right what’s that all about?” Ginny sipped her coffee as she waited for the answer.

    “Oh nothing, just mumbling to my self” replied Harry scanning over the front page of the paper.

    “Ok honey, but don’t forget we have to go and get our tree sometime today” said Ginny pouring more creamer in her coffee.

    “Mmm… ok” replied Harry sipping his coffee.

    “What do you want for breakfast?” Asked Ginny looking around in the fridge.

    “Oh! No I’ll make you breakfast” replied Harry burning his tongue on his coffee.

    “That’s very sweet of you, but I can do it Harry” said Ginny pulling out the carton of eggs. “Eggs?” asked Ginny lifting the eggs up in the air.

    “Sure, but I told you I got it!” jokingly demanded Harry taking the eggs from Ginny and holding them high above her head so she couldn’t reach them while kissing her on the lips with a smile.

    “What time should we head out to the tree lot today?” asked Ginny stirring her cooling coffee with her finger while Harry fried two eggs.

    “I don’t know how about around 2ish” said Harry placing a plate with an egg on it, on the bar in front of Ginny. The toast popped up so Harry buttered Ginny two pieces of toast and placed them next to the egg on her plate.

    “Mm—ok” said Ginny catching a peace of toast that fell out of her mouth. “Thanks for the breakfast” replied Ginny cutting her egg up.

    “No problem” said Harry with his mouth full of egg.

    * * * * *

    Later at the tree lot Ginny and Harry were arguing about which tree to buy. “No I want this one!” demanded Ginny pointing to the tree.

    “That scrawny little bush! No we are getting this one!” said Harry pointing to a different tree. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Gabrielle shaking her head in disagreement Harry ignored her, but she appeared right next to him and whispered in his ear, “You know it won’t hurt to let her get her choice of tree she won’t even be her for much longer, yeah know.”

    “Yeah I know, but I can handle this, ok” whispered Harry looking where he saw the angel, but Ginny thought he was going nuts.

    “Honey, who are you talking to?” replied Ginny tweaking the branches of the tree she liked.

    “No one Ginny. Now go away Gabrielle!” demanded Harry.

    “Honey are you alright your whispering to your self again” said Ginny gently squeezing his shoulder.

    “Yeah…” said Harry looking around to see if Gabrielle was gone. When he was sure she was gone he looked at Ginny and smiled he then pointed to the tree he wanted to buy and said, “That one.”

    “Are you sure? A little while ago you were saying that one” said Ginny pointing to the one Harry had wanted.

    “Yep I’m sure” said Harry picking up the scrawny little tree and putting it over his shoulder. “Let’s go…” he said walking over to the person taking the money.

    “Ten bucks” the man said as Ginny got her purse and reached for the 10 dollar bill she had stashed.

    “Here you are” replied Ginny handing the man the money.

    “Thanks and Merry Christmas folks” said the man taking his wad of money out of his back pocket to put the 10 dollars with it.

    “Merry Christmas to you too sir. Are you sure you want this one we can always give it to the hospital and get the one you wanted Honey” said Ginny walking next to Harry.

    “Yes I’m sure, trust me its ok I like it!” said Harry wrapping his free arm around Ginny’s shoulders as they walked together.

    “Ok then” said Ginny. It was getting late as Gabrielle watched them walking home from a corner smiling to her self. It had been a successful day in Harry’s opinion about getting Ginny happy he thought as they walked down their street. Ginny unlocked the door to their house and opened it wide so Harry could get through with the tree. After settling the tree and them selves Harry got a call from the Ministry asking for Harry for come in tomorrow, but he said, “no, I think I’ll stay home with Ginny it is Christmas Eve and all.” When he got off the phone Ginny looked at him with wide eyes,

    “You hate missing a day of work why now you are volunteering to miss a day?” asked Ginny.

    “Because it will be Christmas Eve” said Harry. “I’m getting kind of tired do you want to go to bed with me?” asked Harry yawning and stretching.

    “Yeah it has been a long and busy day hasn’t it?” said Ginny getting up with Harry and walking down the hall to go to bed.

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