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    At the hospital Harry waited in the waiting room for several hours before a nurse came out and asked, “Harry Potter is Harry Potter in here?!”

    “Yes I’m here, how is she?” asked Harry getting to his feet.

    “We better talk in here” replied the nurse ushering Harry into the room Ginny was staying in.

    “How is she?!” demanded Harry. The nurse closed the door and through the glass all was silent, but tears of anger and utter sadness are louder then the loudest thunder clap. The nurse left him all by himself in the room where Ginny’s body lie on the bed in the corner. All was dark, but it seemed that Ginny’s body had a slight glow to it. Harry slowly walked to Ginny and timidly reached out for her hand. He squeezed it gently as he got down on his knees, “I’m sorry Ginny” he sobbed as he kissed her hand graciously. “I’m so sorry” he repeated and slowly rubbed his thumb back and forth on the back of her cold hand. “Will you ever forgive me?” he asked as if she would reply. The slight glow that seemed to engulf Ginny’s body seemed to be getting darker as if that glow was her life level. The darker it became the closer to death she was. “Come on baby you can pull though it I just know you can!” he told her encouragingly. But all that happened was her hand getting colder and colder as the blood flow slowed it self. Harry couldn’t stand to be in the presents of a dead body so he went home, but not before saying, “I love you Ginny from the bottom of my heart and Merry Christmas.” When he got to his house his key wasn’t working he laughed as if Ginny was doing this to him as a joke. “Ok Ginny I get it you can let me in now, very funny” he said to the dark sky. He tried again, the exact thing happened. He spun around and saw a new locksmith across the street. In the window the open sign flashed red. So he crossed the street and opened the door, a little bell rang as he did this to let the owner know he was here. No one was behind the counter. “Hello is any one here your sign says your open” said Harry into the dark shop. Finally a woman came out from behind a curtain with a key and a polishing towel,

    “Can I help you?”

    “Yes you see my key isn’t working” replied Harry lifting up his key to show to the woman.

    “She’s not there” was all the woman replied.

    “What are you talking about?” asked Harry with a confused look.

    “Your wife… Ginny she won’t be there why are you in such a hurry to get home?”

    “I’m tired—wait how did you know about Ginny?”

    “I know a lot of things. Like how you were cheating on her and kept it a secret…”

    “How did you know about that?” asked Harry.

    “I told you I know a lot of things because I’m an angel” replied the woman.

    “How can you be an angel” asked Harry laughing to himself as if this were all a joke.

    “Oh I see you want to see the wings and halo is that it. Is that why you don’t believe me when I say I’m an angel named Gabrielle? I’m a famous angel God often sends me on important duties like telling the Virgin Mary she was to have a child named Jesus and all, get the picture?” replied the angel polishing the gold key in her hand. “So I’m here to tell you, you get three days to do over the 23rd, 24th, and the 25th ok, so you can do it any way you want starting tomorrow it will be the 23rd again and she won’t remember anything of the accident, but you will. There is only one rule, you can’t change her destiny, but you can change what happens before she dies so she dies happy rather than how she did today I don’t need to remind you of it do I? Asked the angel.

    “No, but are saying that I get three more days with her? Three days to make her happy again?” replied Harry forgetting about the reason he had come.

    “Exactly!” answered the angel. Harry turned to go, but then turned around, the angel through the key she had been polishing at him before he said any thing. Harry caught the key and left. He crossed the street to his house and looked at the key before putting it in the door it was shaped like a cross. He looked back at the building where the locksmith was and saw it had vanished. He snickered as he put it in the door he held his breath as it turned and watched the door click open. He poked his head in and quietly whispered,

    “Ginny…” no sound came from inside so he walked in and closed the door. He tripped in the dark and when he turned the light on he saw he had tripped on the gift Ginny threw at him this morning. He picked it up and started unwrapping it. He slowly took off the bow and ribbon and then stopped he took a deep breath and tore open one end he pulled out a velvet box and opened it. It had a necklace with a heart on the end of it. Then he saw a note from Ginny taped to the lid.

    Merry Christmas Honey,
    I hope you like this. When you where it I hope you will think of me.
    Love you
    Harry started to cry as he gently lifted it out of the box. It wasn’t his type, but Ginny gave it to him so he would cherish it. Harry looked over the top of the box and saw a little package addressed to the baby he grabbed it and opened it. It was a velvet box with a necklace in it also, but this one had a letter on it ‘F’, “now what does that mean?” Harry mumbled to himself. He took it and his necklace to his room and placed them on his bedside table before going to bed.

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