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    As the snow drifted to the ground, Christmas music rang throughout the little house on the corner. Ginny Potter who was up on her two step ladder decorating her Christmas tree was full of the Christmas spirit. “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree let the Christmas spirit ring!” She sang high above the stereo. As she was about to put up a glass ball she started to dance. As she danced she got to close to the edge and tumbled to the floor.

    “Oh Ginny what are you doing?” said Harry Potter coming to her side after hearing her scream.

    “Oh just got a little too excited that’s all” said Ginny leaning in to kiss Harry.

    “Well calm down, if your not careful you will end up spending Christmas in the hospital” sarcastically replied Harry helping Ginny to her feet again.

    “Ok Sweetie” said Ginny turning down the music just a little. She then got back to her decorating.

    * * * * *

    “Harry, Honey come look at our tree” said Ginny when Harry walked in the door. Harry came into the little room and tenderly wrapped his arms around Ginny’s waist and started swaying slowly back and forth to the music still playing as they gazed upon the tree.

    “It’s beautiful” whispered Harry into Ginny’s ear. “Just like you” Ginny changed her gaze to Harry with loving eyes and a sweet smile. “You did a great job, sorry I wasn’t here to help you though” said Harry feeling bad about the fact that of it being Christmas Eve and he had just gotten home from the Ministry.

    “Well it would have been a lot more fun with you here to help, but the Ministry needed you there today” said Ginny fiddling with the branches a little trying to get them some what how she wanted them.

    “Well let me get cleaned up and I’ll come and help you put up the stockings, ok” said Harry kissing Ginny on the cheek.

    “Ok, Honey” said Ginny pulling their stockings out of a box by the door.

    When Harry returned he was wearing his black turtle-neck and his tan khakis. He grabbed the mantel hooks out of the same box that the stockings were in. He gently placed them side by side on the mantel piece. Then he and Ginny placed their own stockings on the hooks. Then they stood back to see their achievements of their Christmas decorations. “It looks great!” Ginny said gazing around the little room.

    “Yeah it does, doesn’t it?” replied Harry exchanging enormously happy glances with Ginny. Harry sat down in the big overstuffed fireside chair and Ginny sat in his lap sipping their freshly made cocoa. As it started to snow even harder the fire crackled and popped as small snowflakes fell down the chimney. After gazing into the slowly burning down fire Ginny broke the silence with a complicated question, but if you really thought about it, it would be the simplest question of all.

    “Harry, Honey, do you love me? But before you answer really think about it.”

    “I don’t need time to think about it I have known it since the first time I laid eyes on you” said Harry not giving it anytime to think or sink in. “ Of course I love you!” said Harry placing his glass on the table and gently squeezing Ginny’s hand in a loving way.

    “Would you want to have children with me?” asked Ginny looking up into Harry’s eyes. “This question you can get back to me on, but I need to know!” she finished.

    “Of course I have always wanted a little munchkin running around, but I think we should wait until the right moment. Why?” said Harry seeing the disappointment and sadness in Ginny’s eyes. “Why… do you think were ready?” said Harry finishing his own sentence.

    “Well I always thought that I’d be a young and beautiful mother and trust me I’m not getting any younger or any prettier” replied Ginny still looking into Harry’s eyes.

    “I think your prettier everyday and as for younger you don’t have to be young to be beautiful” Harry insured Ginny. “Trust me!” finished Harry.

    “Do you think now is the right time? Hypothetically speaking that is” asked Ginny.

    “I don’t know I mean, do you think were ready?” replied Harry with wide eyes.

    “I think we will never be ready for a baby I mean nobody can be 100% ready you know” said Ginny taking Harry and her own glass to the sink to wash.

    “Why so curious all of a sudden? You were fine with our little family before why all the sudden change?” Ginny had been washing the cups when Harry had asked these questions and her reply was simple; she slammed the cups down in the sink and said,

    “I’m pregnant!” Harry’s mouth dropped as Ginny stared at the drain in the sink.

    “Preg…, preg…, pregnant like baby in a womb type pregnant?” replied Harry.

    “Like there was any other type” angrily replied Ginny. “You men can be so oblivious you know, why else would I have asked all those questions” said Ginny white knuckling the edge of the sink.

    “Ok, ok, ok just shocked me that’s all” replied Harry not knowing you had to watch what you said around a moody, pregnant woman.

    “That’s all! You’ve just insulted me!” said Ginny stomping off to the bathroom and slamming the door. “Oh and by the way that was your Christmas present!” she said poking her head out once more and slamming the door again. Ginny slept in the bathroom that night and woke up to find Harry nowhere to be seen. The car was missing also. Then when Ginny came back in she saw at least 15 presents under the tree addressed to Harry and herself, she thought that maybe Harry had put them out last night. So she went through to get hers out and found a little box at the very back that was addressed to the ‘new baby’. “That’s odd Harry was completely dumbfounded that I was pregnant why would he go and get a present for it?” she started to open it but stopped she would have to ask Harry about it when he got home. She opened all her gifts all the while thinking about that little package under the tree. She received a camcorder and digital camera from her parents they were the ones that knew about the baby first. She also received a diamond necklace from Harry which she threw to the couch. Then several packages from her grandparents (mostly socks and a blanket, grandma was always worried I was too cold during the winter). Later that day Harry returned home with an angry scowl as soon as he saw Ginny. “Where were you!” sneered Ginny after taking a picture of the tree with her new digital camera.

    “What does it matter to you!” yelled Harry putting his coat away.

    “I was worried for your information!” screamed Ginny shaking with rage. She then took the present she had bought before the baby was found and threw it at his head, “There MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU” she screamed at the top of her lungs and ran to the door before Harry could grab her. As she power walked down the street she patted her stomach and whispered, “it’s alright Baby Mommy’s here everything is ok.” When she finally reached her parents’ house 10 blocks away she was out of breath and still shaking with rage. She walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell. Her mother Molly Weasley opened the door.

    “Oh dear what happened? Here come in you look exhausted dear” said Molly ushering her in the door and pulling out a chair at the kitchen table. “Arthur! Come quick Ginny is here and she looks terrible. Here dear how about some tea?” Molly said as Arthur Weasley came into the room with his pipe in his mouth. Molly poured Ginny some tea and handed it to her. “Now dear what happened? You look dreadful” asked Molly sitting with her cup of tea next to Ginny.

    “Well... *Cough* I told Harry last night. I was trying to make it a romantic night and kind of ease it in a little by little and so I started asking him questions like, ‘Would you want to have children with me?’ and so on and he sounded like that was a good idea until he said. ‘I think we should wait until the right moment’ and I was like, ‘Well I always thought that I’d be a young and beautiful mother’ so he went on about how I was beautiful even when I’m old or something like that and then he was all ‘Why so curious all of a sudden? You were fine with our little family before why all the sudden change?’ so I had to tell him then his jaw dropped and was like ‘Preg…, preg…, pregnant like baby in a womb type pregnant?’ and I said is there any other kind then he said ‘Ok, ok, ok just shocked me that’s all’ then I ran into the bathroom and fell asleep in there. I woke up and he was not home so I decided to open my gifts oh… and thank you for my new camcorder and digital camera… anyway he came home a couple hours later and I was wondering where he had gone and he was like ‘What does it matter to you!’ and I was like I was worried and then I threw his gift I had gotten him at his head and ran out the door and that’s why I look so tired I ran for 10 blocks straight.” Said Ginny pouring more tea for herself. “I think I am going to have an abortion if he doesn’t love me with a baby inside of me” said Ginny sitting back down again and blowing on her tea.

    “No, no, no he will just have to deal with the fact that he can’t change the fact that he is a father” said Arthur snuffing out his pipe.

    “I wish I could talk to Hermione, I really miss her” replied Ginny stirring in her sugar.

    “Did you just say Hermione?” asked Molly very excited.

    “Yes I did say Hermione why?” answered Ginny with her elbow on the table and her head on her hand because she was really tired.

    “Well Hermione came by yesterday and was asking for you!” replied Molly helping Ginny down the hall to the spare bedroom. “So I will see what I can do for you sweetie ok, now you should try to get some sleep” said Molly kissing her daughter on the forehead like she always did.

    “Ok Mommy” mumbled Ginny for she was almost asleep. Molly tucked her in and left the room. Ginny slept for 5 hours straight when she woke up to the sound of Harry’s voice and Molly’s screaming.

    “How dare you!” yelled Molly “How dare you treat my daughter like that especially when she’s carrying your unborn child!” yelled Molly again.

    “Ok she just shocked me that’s all I didn’t do anything to upset her” replied Harry.

    “Well obviously you did if you ran her out of the house. And while we are at it where were you this morning anyway? Asked Molly calmed down just a tiny bit.

    “That’s my business not yours” sneered Harry. Molly and Harry didn’t know Ginny had heard the whole thing and was about to hear something dreadful. “Well… I guess if you really want to know, it won’t hurt you, only Ginny. I was at my girlfriend’s house” said Harry as Ginny came out of hiding balling.

    “How could you! You said last night you loved me” balled Ginny as she ran out the door and out into the street.

    “NOOOOOOO GINNY!!!!!!!!” Yelled Harry running out to save her from an on coming truck, but he wasn’t fast enough. The truck hit Ginny before the driver had time to stop. Harry ran to her side she wasn’t breathing he cradled her in his arms as he sobbed, “Why! Why!” Harry yelled as everyone came to the street from out of their houses and the ambulance sounded from across town.


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