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Do I know you?

Chapter one

Hermione awoke with a start. She stared around silently and took in her surroundings. Everything looked so plain. She could see white curtains everywhere. There was allot of silver poles.
Where am I?
She looked around a little more before sitting up. She saw odd looking people wondering around tending to numerous other people.
“Excuse me?” She said in a normal tone, trying to get whatever attention she could.
“Ah! Hello Miss,” said a young looking man, “How is your head? The people who brought you in said you took a rather nasty attack from an unforgivable curse, and then fell rather harshly from a tree!” he read all of this from a golden folder.
“Who are you?” she asked confused.
“I should ask you the same thing!” He said cheerfully, “But since you asked first,” he continued as he pulled up a chair next to her bed and started to pull up her shirt.
“What do you think your doing?!” She exclaimed angrily, pushing his hands down.
“Oh, right. I should explain first.” he said, tucking his gear away once again, “I’m Healer Pewits. Basically, I’m your doctor.”
“Doctor? What happened to me.” Just then she felt a sharp stab run from her spine to the back of her head, where it meets her neck, “OWE!” She said, grabbing her neck hard.
“Oh dear!” He said, “You did take a nasty fall. Let me explain. You are a witch. Did you know that?”
“I- uh…I think so. With a wand?”
“Yes, very good!” He said, writing down the progress, “Now, you were a student at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Did you know that?”
“I remember a school. It was big, I think.” She rubbed her forehead trying to think, “There was a huge…Lake?” She looked at him confused. He looked up from his file and gave her a nod reassuringly, “And…and I think I remember there being…allot of green.”
“Yes. And allot of silver. And Gold and….red?”
“Do you know what these colors are?”
“No.” she shook her head while she thought with her eyes closed, “I think they were…flags maybe? No! I think people are wearing them!”
“Do you know any of these people?”
“I think. There’s someone. They have blonde hair.”
“Yeah. I think I remember hitting them.” She looked shocked, “Am I a bully?!”
“Oh no Miss! Quite the opposite. I think I’ve strained your thoughts of school enough for one day. Now let’s continue on.”
She nodded at the wizard and he continued on, “You have were in a battle. Do you remember that?”
“Battle?” She asked, “No… I don’t think so…”
“Well,” Dr. Pewits fixed himself so he sat up straighter, “You see, for many years, there has been a Wizard. His name was…” He hesitated and this made Hermione giggle, “What’s so funny?” He asked kindly with a brilliant smile.
“You don’t know his name either!”
“I do so.” he joked, “It’s just…most people don’t say it. Because, he’s a being nobody wants to be presented to.”
“Oh?” She asked, “Why’s that?”
“This man was a terrible wizard. Great, yes. But terrible. He made his fun of terrorizing and killing anyone who crossed him.”
“Hmm…” She said, letting a smile grow on her lips, “Sounds like somebody I wouldn’t want to meet on the play ground.” She said.
“Miss,” he said seriously, “You wouldn’t want to meet him anywhere.”
“That bad huh?”
“Worse.” he said rolling his eyes to the ground, Miss-”
“Why are you always calling me miss?” she said aggravated, “Don’t I have a name?”
“Well, you see. I was just getting to that.” he said shakily, “Miss, you were in the war that destroyed this man.”
“I was?” She asked dreamily.
“Well. Yes.”
“So he’s gone?”
“Yes. They’re going to burry him twelve feet under this time.” He murmured the last part to himself but she heard him and laughed. He smirked slightly before continuing on, “Well, they’ve destroyed him. The famous Harry Potter-”
“Wait!” She interrupted, “I know that name!”
“Well of course. Everyone does.” He replied as if it was a second thought.
“No. I mean, I’m really familiar with that name. Like…It was really important or something.”
“Well, everyone feels that way, I promise.” The healer told her, “Now, there are many people coming in from that battle. People who are just fine are bringing in people who are hurt. This place is called St Mungo’s Hospital. Right now, only people who are pure at heart, and really need us, can find us. This is because, during the war, it would be important to the deatheaters, or the bad guys, to destroy this hospital. That way the good guys couldn’t get here to be healed.” He said.
“Okay, now that I know where I am. How’d I get here?”
“Well, One of the boys who was fighting brought you in. It was really strange. One of the nurses said she could have sworn that he was a deatheater.” He said rubbing his head bewildered.
“So a bad guy brought me here?”
“Well, no. The bad guys can’t see the hospital. They wont receive care unless a good guy brings them in.”
“Oh.” Hermione said.
“But, we thought he was a bad guy. Turns out he’s not.”
“What did he look like?”
“Well, he had blonde hair. Kind of a pointed face. And he was tall. About four inches off me I’d guess.”
Hermione giggled at the healer.
“You think that’s funny?” He asked smiling cheerfully.
“Well.” He said matter-of-factly, “This boy, his name is Draco Malfoy.”
“I know that name.”
“Do you?” He asked hopefully.
“Maybe” She shrugged and the Healer’s hopes shrank.
“Well, this boy brought you in. He told us the story of how his father, just before he killed him-”
“He killed his own father?!” she asked shocked.
“Well, you see, his father was a bad-guy. And he was attacking you. And apparently he was fighting with you instead of against you. He saw what his dad did. He killed him. He said that you then fell from a tree. You were hiding in it knocking people off from up there, so nobody would see you. He told us that your father must have found you and hit you from behind. He said he wasn’t in time to catch you. He said that you hit your head, with a rather loud crash, on a large tree root, and possibly on a limb on the way down.”
Hermione gaped at him.
“There is something I need to ask you Miss,” he said unsure, “Do you know your name by any chance?”
“I-uh…I” Hermione looked up at him sadly, “I don’t think so. I don’t remember it.”
“Very well.” He said. He stood and walked over to a counter down the isle. He came back with a couple of pages.
“Miss. We don’t know your name either. The boy told us the story rather hastily, and then left quickly. He said he couldn’t stay.”
“oh.” Hermione looked depressed.
“Miss?” She looked up at him, “I know you don’t like me calling you ‘Miss’ all the time.”
Hermione nodded with a sheepish grin.
“Well. What would you like for me to call you?”
“You mean, make one up?”
“Yup. That’s exactly what I mean.” He said cheerfully.
“Well…I don’t know.”
“Here is a list of names for babies.” He handed Hermione a long list of names, “These are suggested girls names for people to use when they have babies, if they’re having trouble picking out a name. I thought you might like to take a look? Remember, this isn’t going to be permanent or anything. You’ll get your memory back sooner or later, and We’ll eventually know what your real name is. This is just a nik-name.”
Hermione smiled at the young healer, “Okay.” She said smiling. She looked at the list and said quietly, “Andreyal”.
Healer Pewits smiled at her, “Is that the name you want?”
“Yes. But you can call me Andy for short!” She said cheerfully.
“Well, Andy,” the healer said, leaning towards her when he said her name, and emphasizing it, “Or records show that you are just fine. You might have a few head aches for a few days…but you should be alright.”
“Well, you can go home in the morning.” He said cheerfully.
“Home? I don’t even know my own name. How am I supposed to get home?”
“Well, that’s why we’re keeping you. We’re hoping that somebody will come in who knows who you are.”
“And if they don’t?”
“Well, we’ll see about that in the morning. I’ve never had someone unclaimed come the morning.”
“Okay.” Hermione said unsurely.
“Andy, I’m going to be going-”
“No!” she screamed trying to stop him.
He paused and looked her in the eye, “Look, I’ll be back tomorrow. But I’m going off duty. A nurse will come in and care for you.”
“But I don’t want someone else. You’re the only person I know right now. Please?” She looked at him with honest concern in her eyes.
“Miss-” He stopped
“I need a last name to call you. I can’t just call you ‘Andy’” He said, “Do you think you can come up with something?”
“I don’t know…” She pondered, then she looked up happily, “Can I use yours? I like it.”
“Pewits?” He asked confused, and yet at the same time, he was completely flattered. He looked down at the girl who was blushing and nodding slightly. She suddenly became someone else. He saw a beautiful, honest woman, where a cute and fragile girl had lien just seconds ago, “Well- I” He suddenly became nervous, and yet over come with waves of emotion. He got closer to the girl and almost whispered in her ear, “Andreyal Pewits it is, Andy.”
Hermione (Andy, Andreyal Pewits) smiled up at him as he moved slowly to sit back. She quickly lunged from her bed so she pulled him back down and hugged him. It was when she kissed his cheek that he paused.
“What’s wrong?” She asked.
“Absolutely nothing.” He said, as he sat down, “Look, I’ll stay tonight. And I’ll make sure your in good hands tomorrow before you leave. I’ll do a thorough background check on whoever claims you. You wont go away to just anyone. I promise.” With that he kissed her on the cheek and went to tell the nurse who was going to take his place.
Hermione blushed and watched him walk away. She didn’t know who she was, but she she knew she was safe with this man.
With that she laid down. He came and told her good night and turn off her lamp. She was asleep before the lamp had finished fading off.

a/n These first two chapters is about Hermione getting acquainted with the memory loss and a temporary life. Draco will show up....hopefully in chapter three. I have him actually showing up in four, but I took out most of three and combined it with two. So he should be here in three!

please read and rate, I could really use the push!

This is my ex-boyfriend Brad. He's the person I think about when I think about the doctor.
Sorry...but this is the only picture of him I can find right now. In this picture he was 20. He's about 22 right now.
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