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Author's Note - Hello everyone. I'm terribly sorry about the delay but you have to understand that I am extremely busy. I will try to update at least twice every month. I'm in a time in school where I have lots of exams, practice papers and loads of homework. I hope you all like this chapter. Love y'all xxx.

Monday 8th September

The whole school was buzzing with excitement. All weekend no one had talked about anything but the talent show. It was going to be a huge success. By the sounds of it the auditions were going to be packed. A lot of people were going to be disappointed because only 10 acts were going through and one opening act. Hermione was planning on entering for 1 of the 10 acts and her and Ginny had been working on an opening act together. They really hoped that they got in. They were going to be doing a dance to Christina Aguilera’s song Dirrty.

Hermione’s money from her adoptive parents and arrived in the post that morning. To her great surprise they had sent her 500 galleons. She hadn’t even expected 100. She was going to go to Hogsmeade with Ginny that afternoon as the school had the day off to prepare for the talent show. She was sitting in the common room reading a book waiting for Ginny to appear. It had only took Hermione a few minutes to get ready. She wasn’t really fussed what she looked like because on her trip to Hogsmeade was when she was officially going to change. Just at that moment Ginny appeared from the dorm grinning from ear to ear.


When Hermione and Ginny reached Hogsmeade, Hermione had no idea where to go first. So of course, Ginny being the great friend that she is dragged her into the newest muggle wear for wizards and witches clothes shop. The prices weren’t exactly cheap but affordable when you had 500 galleons to spend. Hermione bought a new pair of jeans, two mini skirts, 3 designer tops and a pair of red knee high stiletto boots. It came to a nice price of 100 galleons (that’s approximately £500). She spent another 200 galleons on clothes in various shops on shoes, a beautiful ball gown, skirts, trousers, zip-ups etc. With numerous bags, Hermione and Ginny decided to take a walk. When they passed a piercing/tattoo shop Ginny began to smile mischievously. Hermione stared at her in horror.

“No way Ginny. You have got to be kidding!” Hermione said shocked. Ginny smirked.

“Think how good you would look with a pierced belly button and a cute tattoo on your hip.” She replied. Hermione bit nervously. It couldn’t hurt that bad could it?

Hermione walked out of the tattoo shop happily. She had got her belly button pierced and a tattoo of a dagger with a rose twisted round it on her hip. It had hurt like hell but Ginny had been there holding her hand. It had only cost her 50 galleons altogether as well. Hermione decided to blow the rest of her money on handbags, belts, hair products, make up, more clothes and shoes, jewellery and bought Ginny a gorgeous bracelet. They made their way back through Hogsmeade to make their way back to Hogwarts. When they reached their common room the first thing they did was fall on to a sofa with about 30 large shopping bags surrounding them. Hermione grinned around them all. Tomorrow, everyone was going to be in for a shock. Only Hermione didn’t know how shocked. The common room door swung open and both Malfoy and Zabini strutted in. Hermione rolled her eyes. Both of them had been exceptionally mean the past few days. Odd. One day they were playing a game of I-Never, the next everything is right back to normal. Malfoy looked over to where both Ginny and Hermione sat. He noticed that they were surrounded by dozens of bags from very expensive shops. He snorted. Couldn’t have been the Weasley’s stuff. Her family could afford no such things. Must have been Granger’s.

“Hey Granger. Christmas come early? Never thought your family would be able to afford such things.” He sneered. Hermione looked up loathingly. She had just about had enough of Draco Malfoy. She only needed pushed a bit further.

“Shut your mouth Malfoy.” She snarled. Malfoy smirked.

“Why should I? So why did your parents that probably hate you buy you this stuff?” He asked. Hermione’s face crumpled. He had just said that her parents hated her. It made her mind think back to the whole adoption scenario. Her eyes filled with tears as Ginny stood up and guided her to the common room with all of the bags levitating behind her before turning around and giving Malfoy the filthiest look imaginable. Malfoy shrugged his shoulders. It wasn’t his fault if she got worked up so easy.

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