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Chapter 5-Hall Brawl ‘74

I am starting to believe that there is an elaborate scheme taking place at Hogwarts. Honestly, how else would the Marauders have become so popular? There is no other explanation. They’re illegally persuading the whole school into believing them gods. Even Holly has started to rave about how funny they are, how cute they’re becoming, and how brilliant their pranks are.

Gag me.

1) They’re not funny. Not in the least. Every single joke that they make is at another’s expense. Cruel. Now, cruel and funny hold two completely different meanings. When I pointed this out to Holly, she simply rolled her eyes at me. I’m starting to notice that she’s gotten into that ugly habit. Rolling eyes is extremely offensive. She’s lucky I love her so much. I mean, has she even considered that it might offend me? Jules, my beloved cat, can only roll one eye. I’ll make sure to point this out to her next time she goes defending those blasted Marauders by rolling those eyes.

Anyways, back onto my rant…

2) Cute? As in physically cute? No, no, no. Each and every one of them is extremely loathsome. Well, at least ¾ are. Remus isn’t perhaps that bad. But don’t get me started on the school’s latest fixations, Sirius Black and James Potter. For some reason, messy hair and tall limbs has become suddenly dreamy, their words, not mine. I mean, maybe Black could be considered somewhat attractive, but honestly, his personality definitely takes care of any romantic feelings I may have had for him otherwise. He is absolutely repulsive.

Now, James Potter doesn’t seem remotely cute in the least. His hair is unmanageable, although I suppose I can’t really talk, and those stupid glasses always sit crookedly on his nose. What can possibly be charming about that?

3) Their pranks are not witty, nor are they hysterical, comedic, amusing, humorous, entertaining, laughable, priceless, side-splitting, etc. Now, if by witty she meant stupid, brainless, vindictive, irresponsible, idiotic, senseless, or moronic, then I would agree with her. Holly, by definition, was extremely off on her adjective.

Now, diary, you may be wondering exactly why I hate the Marauders so much, particularly at this point in time. Let me tell you:

They locked me in a blasted broom cupboard with Severus Snape. Yes, oh so witty.

You should have seen the faces as I exited the closet. There had to be hundreds of kids, no, maybe thousands, waiting to take a peek at Snape and myself. It was hard to explain that nothing whatsoever had happened, considering my hair was a wreck once again and Severus Snape was blushing in all his glory. The stupid git didn’t even attempt to explain that we were simply toys in this elaborate scheme.

So, now, I don’t even feel bad for him when the Marauders prank him. Alright, I do a little, but merely out of concern for his undergarments. They are exposed to the public FAR too much.

Do you know who was laughing his merry little arse off as I walked down the hall shamefully. Oh, yes, Mr. Dreamy himself, James bleeding Potter.

So, for the second time in one semester, I hit him. Although, this time, I didn’t stop with a measly slap. I found myself literally throwing my entire body weight onto him and pummeling him onto the ground as hard as I could. I was so angry. I just hit and hit, hoping to break those bloody glasses that wouldn’t sit straight on his stupid nose. Every single angry, resentful thought I felt against him came out as I hit him. Yet, he refused to defend himself.

Stupid superior male and his stupid morals. It’s some unwritten law that guys can’t hit girls. And here I was, ready to duke it out with him.

I only stopped as I felt two pairs of hands grabbing onto me, pulling me off of him. At this point, I was in tears, up to my brim in hysterics.

“Let me go,” I shouted. “He deserves it.”

As I turned out, I saw Holly and Remus pulling me off of him. Holly, my own friend, watching me with her sympathetic eyes.

“I don’t need your pity,” I spat at her as I walked down the corridor angrily. Yes, temperamental comes to mind as of right now. Yet, most people chose not to refer to this incident as a ‘temper-tantrum’. No, it was affectionately dubbed, ‘Evans-Potter Hall Brawl ‘74’. I even think they’re making a memorial plaque to put up in the Great Hall.

Even as I felt victorious, leaving the scene of the crime, I knew I was going to have to pay. I knew that I was going to probably be punished extremely for my actions.

And I was right. Oh, yes, I was to be serving my first detention.

If that wasn’t bad enough, I was to be sharing this momentous occasion with none other than my snog mate, Snape, and my victim, Potter.

Oh, yes, one could definitely say I was thrilled about this.

So, here I am, sitting in this mangy, dumb classroom with two of my favorite people, James Potter and Severus Snape. I brought you along, diary, because, well, I need something to keep me sane.

As McGongall led us into this room, her thin mouth grim and disappointed, she told us, “The three of you obviously have some issues you need to work out. It will be detention every night until progress is made.”

Every bloody night? That witch (yes, excuse the pun) expects me to spend my evenings with these two nutcases?

So, right now, I am surrounded by a cruel silence and even crueler company. Snape seemed to be drawing on parchment. Merlin only knows what he could be drawing. Probably himself drowning poor, innocent puppies or something along those lines. One day, I saw him killing frogs by the lake. Normally, I would say something, but that is too demented for words.

Potter seems to be biting on his nails. It’s rather disgusting if you ask me. All I hear is click, chew, chew, click. Very annoying. He’s been doing this for the last hour so I guess you can say it’s long past the verge of annoying.

Oh, and the chew-click combo has stopped.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh.

And now he’s found a new way to make noise. I have no idea how he’s producing these so-called swooshes, but he certainly is becoming extremely irritating, even for his standards.

He keeps trying to see what I’m writing, which is perturbing, not to mention nosy.


There. Problem solved.

We’ve been here for two and a half hours and I honestly don’t know how much more I can take of his. It’s just so boring. All I can do is sit here and think about what I’ve done. I mean, it’s not like I have any choice. When teachers say, “Sit here and think about what you’ve done”, they really know what they’re talking about. There’s nothing else to think about. My mind’s already skimmed over the normal topics; Have I done my homework?, Did I feed Jules before I came?, Potter resembles a baboon, etc. So, now, all I can think about is what happened.

I mean, I don’t feel guilty in the least for hitting Potter. I actually feel pretty empowered that someone finally gave James Potter a black eye. For all he’s done in the past, he deserved it.

I do, however, feel guilty about lashing out at Holly. She was only trying to help. I mean, Remus and her were the only ones thinking practically. They knew both Potter and I would get in a lot of trouble if teachers caught us (which they did) so they tried to prevent it. Everyone else, Sirius Black especially, sat back laughing. They seemed to find the Hall Brawl ‘74 extremely amusing.

I do hope that Holly knows now what I was talking about when I told her the Marauder’s pranks are the farthest thing from amusing. I’m living proof, as is Snape, stupid, demented git that he is.

Oh god, now he’s staring at me. Actually, staring. So, diary, all I can really do is stare back.

Why isn’t he blinking?!?



Come on, Potter, blink already.

Alright, so now I guess we’re having some sort of staring contest. I refuse to participate in such a childish game.

Ok, maybe I lied. I just don’t want him to win.

Don’t blink, Lily. Don’t do it. Don’t let him win.

Great, he blinked. Yes, there was sarcasm attached to that last statement. Because, along with blinking, the stupid prat winked at me. How immature. Sore loser.

Get me out of this mess,


A/N: Alright, so I found that this chapter was kind of easy to write. It wasn’t too short. I personally am starting to like writing for this story a bit more now that Lily’s developing some sort of character. I honestly don’t know how long this story is going to go. I’d imagine until she graduated. Maybe. Don’t take my word on that. Hope you liked it. Please review.

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