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A/N: So I hope you guys like this chapter, mainly it's not a whole lot, a bit of action and a bit of suspence on what's going to happen next. The next chapter is going to be a huge event for this story though, so please keep reading. Megs P.S. So tell me what you really think of this chapter please! ------ “What are you gonna do Lucius?” asked Draco glaring at him. “You can’t touch her, I’ll leave, and I’ll take her with me if you do!” “Leave?” asked Lucius grinning at his only son. “I am a death eater, I am one of Voldemort’s followers and so are you. I can personally get Voldemort to hunt you down, and if I have to, he’ll kill you.” A soft whimper came from the corner of the room, as Sylvie huddled behind the curtain. She looked at her father and wiped the tears away. “Don’t hurt Draco.” She said glancing away again. “Don’t hurt Draco?” said Lucius stepping into the room a little more. “I won’t hurt you Sylvie, why? Narcissa would have a fit, but I can make it seem like you just disappeared, she’d never know the difference.” Sylvie whimpered again and Draco stepped in front of his father. “Get out of my room. GET OUT!” he yelled pointing at the door. His father smiled calmly and raised his wand as he walked out. The door shut firmly behind him and after Lucius had finished walking down the hall, Draco pulled on the handle… it wouldn’t open. “Draco?” “What is it Sylvie?” asked Draco collapsing on his bed. He buried his hands in his hair and looked at the young girl, her face was tear stricken with grief and she seemed almost happy to see her father leave. “I want to leave now.” “Leave?” She nodded and stood up. “You said you’d take me away.” Draco shook his head and looked at her sorrowfully. “I can’t do that Sylvie.” “Why not?” “Where would we go?” ~*~ Christmas had been wonderful, and everyone was happy with the way it turned out. Dinner had involved everyone, the whole order had come for supper and nobody left with an empty stomach. There were presents passed around and all the Weasley’s were shocked by the amount of gifts they received. One gift, meant the world to Ginny though, it was small and definitely beautiful. In it’s own way though, a ring. She had put it back on during dinner, but not on her finger as she would have liked, but on a gold chain that hung around her neck. That way it was tucked safely in her shirt. She was now washing dishes with her mum, they were doing it the old fashion way. No magic that is… “Thanks for the sweater mum.” Said Ginny drying a glass. She put in the cupboard and closed the doors. “It was nothing. What did you get from you’re friends?” she asked curiously. Ginny held up the gold chain, hiding the ring from her mother’s view. “Hermione gave me this.” “It’s beautiful.” “Yes… it is.” She said staring at the ring instead. Somebody knocked on the door, waited and then knocked again. Ginny, threw one of the plates in the air, Molly made a quick flip of her wand and brought it to her. Glaring at Ginny as she did. Ginny just smiled uneasily and ran to the door. Flinging the door open, she laughed as she saw the smiling face of her best friend Jane, shocked but knowing it was her, Ginny flung her arms around Jane and messed up her hair. Jane pushed her away and wiped the bubbles off her shirt. “It’s good to see you too!” she exclaimed setting down her bags. “Sorry I’m early.” “Don’t worry about it!” exclaimed Ginny picking up one of the suitcases. “I’ll take this to my room. Jane nodded and picked up the other one. “Hey mum, Jane’s here!” yelled Ginny into the kitchen door. “Make yourself at home dear.” Yelled Molly from the kitchen sink. Jane laughed heartily and headed up the stairs after Ginny. One creaked and she looked at it funnily, giggling. They reached Ginny’s room and Ginny threw open the door. As she did this, her chain came out of her shirt and hung around her neck loosely, the gold ring displayed for all to see. Jane sat her suitcase down and looked at Ginny curiously. “What a beautiful ring Ginny!” Ginny clasped at her neck and slowly nodded, then realizing that Jane knew her secret, breathed in relief. “You like it?” “It’s amazing, who did you get it from?” she asked sitting on Ginny’s bed. “Well… actually, I got it from… him.” “Him?” “Mystery man… Malfoy.” Whispered Ginny excitedly. “You’re kidding!” exclaimed Jane holding the ring in her hand. She played over the stones curiously. “Gryffindor and Slythern… interesting.” “What’s interesting?” asked Ron standing in the doorway. Jane let go of the necklace and Ginny put it in her shirt. His shadow loomed over them and his hands were on his hips. “What’s interesting?” he asked. “RON!!! I’VE MISSED SEEING YOUR WACKY SENSE OF HUMOR!” screamed Jane jumping off the bed and running at him. She pulled him into a hug and his tight frown turned to a smile, patting her on the back he almost laughed. “Hey Jane.” He said softly. “We have some talking to do!” exclaimed Jane leading him away. She looked over her shoulder, giving Ginny the ‘You owe me’ look. Ginny smiled and played with the ring again. Ron and Jane could be heard walking down the hall, and Ron’s voice seemed so much quieter, Jane was blocking him out, talking non stop and very quickly. Ginny giggled and stared at her ceiling. How she loved Christmas! ~*~ “I wanna leave…” said Sylvie tugging on her brother’s sleeve. “I’m thinking Sylvie… hey, I have an idea, show me how good a dancer you are!” said Draco smiling at her. She nodded happily and twirled, Draco looked at her sadly, watching her jump back and forth happily. She twirled again, raising a foot into the air and fell. He stood up and helped her, she rubbed her backside and groaned. “This is hard.” She said smiling weakly. “I’ll keep trying though.” Even if he wanted to escape, where would they go?

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