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It Stared with Hate, It Ended with Death Chapter 02 ~ Changing Adolescence
“But, James, you know that we cannot continue our legacy with you being Head Boy!” Sirius Black stated as the two boys roamed Flourish and Blotts. James picked up a book on Quidditch techniques and flipped through it. “Padfoot, it’s not like we can’t continue our ‘legacy.’ I’m Head Boy not Headmaster,” James said, sticking the book under his arm. “And how are you going to do your Head Boy duties, your Quidditch Captain duties, and still pull pranks with the rest of us?” Sirius asked, picking up “The Standard Book of Spells, Year 7.” James picked up the same book and sighed. “Padfoot, I do my Head duties at night,” James said, “not during the day! I’ll hold Quidditch practices on Wednesday’s and I’ll put our legacy first,” James said, picking up a Defense Against the Dark Arts book. Sirius cocked his brow at James. “Whatever, James, but I still think this is a bad idea…” “There had to of been a reason for the Head Boy that was originally picked to not take his duties…” James said with a sigh. “Yeah… damn good one, too,” Sirius whispered to himself. Lily paced back and forth in her house on Privet Drive. Her yellow walls beckoned for her to stop, and her friend, Marla McKinnon, just sat there with a bored look set up upon her face. “Lily, please, stop,” Marla said in exasperation. “You’ve been pacing for forty-five minutes as of now, and you’re making me dizzy!” Lily sighed and flopped down on the floor in front of Marla. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but I’ve been so upset with all of this Head Girl stuff…” Marla nodded her head in sympathy, even though she still had no idea what Lily was talking about. “What say this? How about the two of us go into Diagon Ally and get our school supplies? You’ve always liked that!” Marla said, her light Scottish accent ringing. Lily smiled. “Don’t make fun of my studies, you know how important they are to me… and plus, I don’t feel like going into Diagon Ally at the moment…,” Lily said to Marla, looking towards her pretty friend. Marla smirked. “Scared of running into James are you?” Marla asked, a smirk setting widely on her lips. “No!” Lily exclaimed, jumping up. She could feel warmness floating into her cheeks, and she knew that they were turning red. “Fine then, deny it, Lily, you always do,” Marla said, sitting up and brushing herself off as well. “But I’d like to get my books before the train comes tomorrow… and I do believe that’s what your mum promised mine before she left for some business meeting in Spain.” Lily sighed, hoping her cheeks would seem less red. “Alright, alright! We’ll go… No tricks, Marla!” “And why would I trick you?” Marla asked, grabbing her change purse and settling it into a pocket inside of her midnight black robes. “You very well know. I know you’ve been in communication with Potter!” Lily accused, doing the same as Marla. “Snoop,” Marla said with a smirk. “And being friends with him does not mean that I am betraying you nor playing some joke on you – that’s James’ job,” Marla said with a widening smirk. Lily sighed. Will I ever shake James Potter off of my mind…? James walked towards The Leaky Cauldron with Sirius Black in tow, there packages under there arms. “I still don’t know how you’re going to snag it this year,” Sirius said to James, jabbering on. James looked up. “Snag what?” James asked, looking at Sirius, stopping in the middle of the miles of pedestrian traffic. “I said, ‘I still don’t know how you’re going to snag it this year.’” Sirius looked at James oddly. “Why? What’d you think I said?” Sirius asked James, James cheeks turning slightly red; a rare occurrence. James shook his head. He thought he had clearly heard Sirius said “her” instead of “it.” James said, “I – I just didn’t hear you that’s all,” James said above the clamor and talking. James began to move on. As they entered The Leaky Cauldron a bright redness caught his eye. He turned towards the doorway, but there was nothing there. Nothing at all. “I’ll see you later, mum,” James said to his mum and dad as he gathered in between platforms and nine and ten. “Yeah, thanks a lot for the stay, Mrs. And Mr. Potter,” Sirius said to them, a toothy grin set upon his lips. “Your welcome anytime, Sirius,” Mrs. Potter said kindly, hugging him too. “You’re like family,” she said warmly. She turned towards her son and said, “Now, James, I want no owls from Professor McGonagall this year – you’re Head Boy, you need to set an example for the younger children,” Mrs. Potter said kindly. “I will, mum, don’t worry. I’ll set an example -” James said with a smirk, pushing his cart through the barrier and waited for Sirius to come through nonchalantly, “-an example to prank correctly,” James finished as Sirius entered platform nine and three quarters. Sirius chuckled. “This is going to be a hell of a year, James, one hell of a year,” Sirius said scanning the platform for any hot girls. “Now, it’s seventh year, I wonder who matured over the summer…,” he said, still scanning the crowd. “How about you, ol’ Prongs? Anyone in mind?” “I suppose,” James said, pushing his trolley through the crowd towards the large train. He scanned the crowd for a particular person. “Lily Evans does not count,” Sirius said, almost reading his mind, his own mind not off the crowd. James jumped at the sound of Lily’s name. “Where?” he whispered, he quickly covered, “I meant, and why not?” “’Cause you’ve been after that girl since you pushed her into the Black Lake on the first night here,” Sirius said with a laugh, “although, that was hilarious.” He sent a charming smile towards a cluster of girls. James smiled. “Don’t care what you say, Padfoot, she’ll be mine this year… and I mean it,” he added with a whisper, “with all my heart she’ll be mine…” Lily parted with her friends and hurried into the Head’s compartment on the train. It was luxurious – and all in Gryffindor scarlet and gold colours. “That’s odd…” Lily said to herself, sitting down on one of the sides. “I hope it is Remus that got the job…” She shrugged and took out a book, knowing well that she was a half an hour early. “I’ve got to go, Padfoot,” James said as they put their trunks on the back of the train. James glanced at the clock. “The train leaves in two minutes, and I need to get to the Head’s Compartment,” James said to him. Sirius shrugged and smiled at a few girls passing by. “Ok, James, have fun in your little Head’s compartment,” Sirius said. “I’ll be with Wormtail and Moony in our usual compartment.” “Sirius,” James said warningly. “This job will not affect out friendship nor our pranking days.” “Fine, fine, Prongs… I’ll see you later,” Sirius said, as they got on the train just as it was moving. James sighed and watched as Sirius went the opposite way. James sighed and knew that he had a five minute walk ahead of him; reluctantly, he started. Lily marked her page that she had stopped just as she heard a popping sound; Professor McGonagall appeared in front of us. “Good morning, Professor,” Lily said with a smile, her happiness overwhelming her. “Good morning to you, Ms. Evans. I see our Head Boy has not arrived yet,” Professor McGonagall said with a sigh. “Yes, it’s very unlike Remus to come late…” Lily said confused by Remus’ odd behavior. Professor McGonagall’s severe features frowned even more. “Why, Ms. Evans, Mr. Lupin did not receive the position.” Lily looked up at the Professor. “Remus didn’t get the position? He wanted this job so much, and I thought he would have gotten it… Well, then, who?” she asked, curiosity getting the best of her. “Mr. -,” Professor McGonagall stopped in mid-sentence as the compartment door opened. “Why, Mr. Potter, so nice of you to join us,” Professor McGonagall said tartly, her eyebrows raised at him. James smiled meekly. “Sorry, Professor,” he said, his eyes now falling on Lily. Lily’s mouth received a bitter taste and she felt herself fighting to shout. This is not possible! She said to herself. James’ eyes lingered on Lily for a second. Lily Evans, Head Girl… how did I not see this?, James said to himself. Professor McGonagall looked from each one of them. “Uh, Mr. Potter, if you would kindly take a seat, I’d like to give the two of you your directions for the year.” “Professor,” Lily said abruptly, “is there a mistake? I mean, James Potter as Head Boy?” Professor McGonagall straightened herself. “Ms. Evans, I know it doesn’t seem plausible to you but it is in my book – I know there is animosity between you and Mr. Potter here, but you two must oversee that as you will have to live with each other for the rest of this year and will therefore have to put up with each other,” Professor McGonagall said fiercely. Oh yeah, this will definitely be one hell of a year… James said to himself. Author's Note: Hey, guys! I want to start off with a thank you to the readers for their wonderful reviews! It does keep me motivated to write, I'll tell you that much! So, as usual, just review, I do like to know how well I'm doing, if anything confused you, and/or if you have some complaints, I take everything, just not stone-cold statements. Anywho, as you can see where we're starting off, everything is changing: friendships, the usual ways, etc etc, so this is going to be a fun year :) Lily has had her first denial, "Will I ever shake James Potter off of my mind?" And James knows he likes her, so the next chapter surrounds his innocence and maturity towards her! Thank you! And review, please!

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