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Chapter 22

Lily Potter had fallen asleep on the couch in her living room awaiting to hear how everyone was and how this Death Eater attack had gone.

There was a racket at the front door that made Lily sit up from her deep sleep. It got quiet and Lily just figured it was something in that had to do with whatever she had been dreaming about.

Lily laid her head back on the couch and while getting comfortable and starting to drift back off to sleep, she heard the noise again.

When Lily had sat up earlier the noise stopped, so maybe if she stayed lain down a little bit then she might see something. Lily shifted her body to where she could clearly see the front door.

Lily heard the noise by the door again, but it was too dark in her house and the outside to see if there was someone by the windows by her door.

The noise got louder and louder, and this is when Lily got terrified. Then there was a knock at the door…

“Lily! Lily help!” Lily felt her whole body lock up, she knew that voice.

“Lily please help!” Lily also knew the second voice, but that second voice she had not heard since in almost four months.

Lily leapt up off of the couch and ran to unlock the door and was shocked at what she had seen.

“Amelia!” Lily yelled looking at the first voice she had heard, “Remus!” Lily yelled at the second person. “Come in, come in!”

Remus carried Amelia in his arms into James and Lily’s living room and laid Amelia down on the couch that Lily had been sleeping upon. Lily sat in the armchair closest to the couch that Amelia was laying on. Remus sat on the loveseat to the right of the couch.

“Amelia!” Lily leapt from the armchair and began to hug her very good friend, “I missed you so! Where the bloody hell have you been!”

“I was at my mother’s home,” Amelia said as silent tears began to fall down her face. “Edgar is d…dead.”

“Dead?!” Lily asked as her eyes bugged out of her head, in which she turned to Remus and he nodded to Amelia’s answer.

“They tried to kill Mary, you know his wife, but she was able to Floo to Mum and Dad’s house in time. The Death Eater’s followed her path and I made a Portkey for Mary to my house and then told her to Floo directly to Dumbledore’s office.”

“Did Mary and the baby get there in time?”

“Yes,” Amelia said with a sad smile. “She has not had the baby yet, but she is due soon. I would not be surprised if this tragic suffering didn’t bring the baby early.”

“Of course,” Lily nodded.

“Mum, Dad, and I fought the Death Eaters as long as we could. As you can see I got beat up pretty bad and Dad threw a portkey at me. I ended up at Edgar’s torn up house and I saw my brother’s dead body. While I sobbed over the loss of my older brother, I too Flooed to Dumbledore’s office. Mum and Dad were killed by the hand of Voldemort,” Amelia said starting to get chocked up. “I was realized from St. Mungo’s after they checked me out, but they are keeping Mary there for observation.”

“That is why your flat was so torn up!” Lily gasped, “Alice and I went by your flat earlier because we really have not heard anything from you since the Christmas Eve party.”

Amelia nodded as tears began to fall from her face, “He was trying to kill my entire family off. Mum, Dad, and Edgar are gone. My sister-in-law and my niece will have to go on without them.”

“And you.”

“Of course and me, I will always stand strong with Mary and Susan.”

“Susan?” Lily blinked, “Wasn’t that your Mum’s name?”

“Yes,” Amelia said smiling from ear to ear. “They knew Mary was having a girl, but they had not agreed on a name yet. I saw Mary at St. Mungo’s before Remus brought me over here and Mary said she is naming her baby Susan after Mum.”

“Remus,” Lily said turning to him smiling from ear to ear. “The last time you were around we all hated Amelia.”

“She filled me in at the ER.”

“Speaking of ER, what were you doing there?”

“I was released today.”

“What were you there for?”

“Full moon.”

“Oh,” then her eyes got big as she turned to Amelia.

“I have known since third year.”

“How?” Lily asked totally shocked.

“Figured it out. You know with the time of the month and all the star charts we did in school.”

“So you are cool with it?”

“Of course,” Amelia nodded. “Especially now that he is okay to take Wolfsbane Potion.”

“So you are taking it?” Lily asked turning back to her good friend.

“Yes,” Remus nodded. “I have been taking as soon as I could, as soon as I could find someone who could brew it for me.”

Remus looked Lily straight in her eyes, “I wanted to come back, I really did.”

“So what took you so long?”

“The grief…I needed to be alone. I needed to sort things out on my own.” He sighed and Lily could see tears filling up in his eyes, “Merlin Lily, I miss her.”

“We all do,” Lily said walking over to her friend and hugging him tightly. “It was a double hit for all of us after losing her and then losing you. I am so glad you are back.”

“As am I,” Remus replied pulling back and smiling at Lily looking into those green pools that James Potter could never get enough of. “I would have been back sooner.”


“But every full moon I had to check into a hospital.”


“You know how crummy I have always been with Potions.”

“Yes,” Lily nodded.

“Lily, I always knew my Gabby was a genius.”

“We all did,” Lily agreed.

“I should have given her more credit then I did.”

“Remus you adored her, she knew that. Hell anyone who saw you with her instantly knew that.”

“That isn’t what I am talking about. Lily that potion Gabby invited is incredible!”

“But I thought…”

“Are you kidding me? That buffoon took credit from Gabby, that was her potion.”

“Wow, but what is so good about it? I mean I know it will help you at the end of every month…”

“I don’t become a werewolf anymore.”

“What?!” Lily yelled as her brilliant green eyes almost popped completely out of her head.

“Yes,” Remus chuckled. “That was my reaction the first time I was given the potion. I still transform, but to a harmless wolf. Just like an animagus.”

“Wow,” Lily gasped.

“That is exactly what I thought. So you go into the hospital and tell them you are there to visit Mr. Bane. They take you to their psych ward.”

“But you aren’t crazy!”

“Hang on Lily,” Remus chuckled. “They give you the potion and you just curl up in a padded room until the full moon passes. Quite refreshing actually.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I use to go through so much pain as a werewolf and I was so angry with myself that I would inflict more pain. They put you in this padded room because some people still inflict pain on themselves, you know the ones that still hate themselves for what they are.”

“That’s horrible,” Lily gasped.

“For me it was like a vacation every month.”

“That’s wonderful.”

“I was in a padded room, so laying on the floor wasn’t a big problem. I got to catch up on lost sleep, and when I finally wake up then I can run up and down the padded room. Feel like a kid all over again.”

“So every month now you will check into St. Mungo’s?”

“Actually I had a favor to ask of you?”

“Sure,” Lily nodded. “Anything.”

“Well we all know how much of a Potion wiz you are. So I was wondering if you would make the potion for me every month…that is if it isn’t going to be a big deal for you and your Healer school.”

“Actually I have put school on hold for a bit.”


“As it is almost February, I am almost three months pregnant.”

“Oh!” Remus’s eyes lit up, “Congratulations!”

“Alice is about to be four months pregnant.”

“Is there something in the water?”

“Anyways as long as you get me the potion ingredients and instructions, I am sure James won’t mind watching the baby while I make the potion for you. James, Sirius, Peter, Frank, and Alice will be so happy that you are back! As happy as I am!”

“Where is everyone?”

“Everyone but Peter had to go out in the field, Death Eater attack.”

“Alice too?”

“She didn’t have to, but she wanted to. She is only four months.”

“This is a critical time in her pregnancy and she shouldn’t put her baby’s life in the risk of being killed by a Death Eater while still in Alice’s womb.”

“So being pregnant should just handicap us?”

“You have gone and blew it now,” Amelia laughed.

“No one should try and handicap you because you are with child, but you need to let go of your pride for once and think of the life that is growing inside of you. That baby is helpless and you are the only one that can truly protect it. Alice and you need to start protecting your babies now and be the wonderful and loving mothers that I know you will be.”

“You always knew how to bring us to our senses,” a very battered looking Alice Longbottom said walking into the room.

“What the bloody hell happened to you!” Lily yelled running to her best friend, Remus was on Lily’s heel and Amelia would have been if she could get off of the couch on her own.

Remus caught Alice before she fell to the ground, “St. Mungo’s.”

Remus ran to the fireplace to Floo, “If the others show up let them know that I have taken her to get help. You stay here with Amelia.”

Lily nodded and Remus left with Alice, “I hope she will be okay.” Amelia spoke up.

“She has to be,” Lily said as her eyes began to fill up. “I can not lose another friend or another little niece or nephew.”

Amelia and Lily sat in silence for a while and then Lily spoke up, “I now see what Frank and James were talking about. They were not trying to handicap us and try and put us down because we are women.”

“Of course not, they love you guys.”

“If Alice loses that baby…”

“She won’t.”

“She can’t. Our babies are suppose to grow up together and be like best friends.”

“I know.”

“Remus showed me the light, the light that my husband has been trying to show me. I have to be more careful with my pregnancy and take care of not only myself but my baby too.”

“Exactly,” Amelia nodded. “Now we just have to pound that into Alice’s stubborn skull.”


Many hours later; James, Sirius, and Frank showed up at Lily and James’s home.

“Where is Alice?” Frank asked yelling at the top of his lungs and waking up a sleeping Lily and Amelia.

“Bloody hell man!” Amelia grumbled not being a morning person, “You didn’t have to bloody well shout at us.”

“Where the hell is my wife?” Frank growled.

“St. Mungo’s,” Lily yawned.

“Oh is that all!” Frank screamed.

“Don’t worry she is fine,” Remus Lupin said walking out of the kitchen eating one of Lily’s yummy blueberry muffins.

“Remus!” The guys all yelled at the same time.

“Told you they would be as happy to see him as I was,” Lily yawned at Amelia in which she nodded back sleepily at Lily.

“It is awesome to see you,” Sirius said hugging his best friend.

“We missed you tons and it is great to have you back,” James said joining Sirius in joining Remus and Sirius’s hug. Then James pulled back, “You are staying aren’t you?”

“Yes, of course.”

“I am sorry to break up this happy moment, but where the hell is my wife?!” Frank yelled again.

“Some one stick a sock in his damned mouth!” Amelia growled, “I am tired.”

Remus chuckled, “I like her.”

“Not a morning person,” Sirius nodded.

“No one asked you,” Amelia snapped.

“Alice is at St. Mungo’s.”


“She got here and passed out. Lily had told me that the both of them are pregnant and I was not only worried about Alice in the shape that she was in but her baby too. So I brought to St. Mungo’s. They examined her and they are keeping her there for observation. I offered to stay with her until you got there, but she assured me that she would be alright and she wanted me to come back to James and Lily’s to let everyone know how she was doing.”

“I am going to go see her,” Frank nodded.

“Tell her that I will stop by to see her tomorrow,” Lily yawned.

“Yeah,” Amelia nodded. “Tell Allie that I will stop by during my lunch break.

Frank nodded and apparated to St. Mungo’s.

James crawled into the couch with Lily and took her in his arms, “Are you okay?” Lily asked looking into those handsome eyes of his that melted her heart every time.

“Of course.”

“You are bleeding!” Lily said pointing at a deep cut that came across his head.

“I will be fine, just say one of your healer charms and give it a kiss.”

“Oooh!” Sirius squealed, “A kissie wissie for Jamie’s boo boo?”

Remus was laughing so hard that his stomach began to hurt and he gasped out each word, “Some things never change.”

“Like?” Amelia asked.

“How James and Lily are still head over heels for one another, Sirius is still as immature as I remember…”

“Hey I resent that!”

“…No one knows where Peter is, and Alice has Frank running to her side.”

“I guess none of has changed,” James agreed. “How are you doing?”

“Better,” Remus smiled. “A lot better.”

“Albus will be happy that you are back.”

“He already knows.”


“Why do you look so banged up?” Sirius yelled and everyone turned to look to see who the hell he was talking to.

“Who?” They asked.

“You!” Sirius pointed at Amelia and walked across the room to Amelia.

“Get away from me,” Amelia tried to move away but moaned as when she moved her body it hurt. “You look as banged up as I do!”

“Voldemort was after her family tonight,” Lily stated. “Mary and Amelia were lucky to get away in time.”

“How is the baby?” Sirius asked.

“As if you care,” Amelia snapped.

“As a matter of fact I do. Unfortunately I know how much of a tragedy it is to lose not only your spouse but you child too.”

“Oh yea,” Amelia said looking mad at herself for opening her mouth.

“Edgar, Mr. and Mrs. Bones are dead.” Remus spoke up.

“Are you okay?” Sirius asked her, “You should still be at St. Mungo’s.”

“You should leave me the hell alone!” Amelia yelled throwing her arms up and trying to get away from Sirius.

“You are hurting and you need…”

“For you to get away from me!” Amelia screamed and she pointed her wand at her head and she apparated away.

“Where the hell did she go!” Sirius yelled starting to pull at his hair.

“Obviously to get away from the biggest mistake of her life,” Lily laughed.

“That isn’t funny!”

“I don’t understand,” Remus frowned.

“Good, then James and Sirius can inform you on what I am talking about while I go to find Amelia.” Lily said jumping into the fireplace and to Floo from fireplace to fireplace to find her near and dear friend.

“Biggest mistake of her life huh?” Remus chuckled.

There was a ‘pop,’ and the person had only heard Remus’s comment.

“Are we talking about Amelia and Sirius?” Peter asked.

“Stuff it Wormtail and what are you doing here?”

“I heard about the attack.”

“How you aren’t important Ministry personal,” Sirius said bluntly but not trying to be rude…well not intently.

“I know that,” Peter snapped. “But mother heard it all over the WWN and she Flooed me at the house and told me what had happened. I came over here as soon as I got her calmed down. Where is Lily?” Peter asked as he looked around and noticed that she wasn’t around.

“She went to find Amelia because Sirius scared her off,” Remus chuckled.

“Moony!” Wormtail said going over to hug his long time friend, “Been a long time hasn’t it?”

“Yes it has.”

“Are you back for good?” James asked as he realized they really hadn’t talked about him since Sirius scared Amelia off.

“Yes, yes I am.” Remus nodded, “I have done all the soul searching that I needed to get done. I explored all of Europe and finally found the two things that I had been looking for.”

“What were you looking for?” Peter asked as he sat down where Amelia had been earlier.

“The first thing was closure.”

“Closure from what?” Peter asked and Sirius gave him a stupid slap.

“From losing Gabriella, stupid!”

“Oh yeah,” Peter blushed.

“To find the instructions to the Wolfsbane Potion,” Remus continued.

“That stuff that the idiot that worked with Gabriella made?”

“No,” Remus shook his head. “Gabriella invented it.”

“But…” Peter stuttered looking confused.

“Trust me I am thinking the same that the rest of you are. As soon as he started talking about it, I started to remember things. Gabriella left that amazing job she had at Gringotts to work with Potions and come up with a potion that she said she had been dreaming about making from around the time we got together. I had not told her immediately what I was, but when I did she took me in her arms and told me how sorry she was for me.”

“In the months before she died, she was working double time. She loved me but she was very, very touchy around me especially around the full moon. Gabriella told me before she died that she was making a potion that would change our lives forever. The Wolfsbane potion would defiantly change our lives. I would become a harmless wolf and could just stay at home with her. Gabriella invented that potion and I know it. Not that idiotic git. Gabriella, only Gabriella.”

“Of course it all makes sense,” James nodded.

“Gabriella had always been a saint towards you,” Sirius smiled at their close friend.

“Always was and always will be,” Remus said smiling and clutching the little heart necklace he had given her a few months before her death. The necklace that he had given her once she was handicapped and they thought she would never walk again.

Gabriella Martinez saint on Earth and Remus’s guardian angel.

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