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A/N: Well here's the next chapter. It's a bit longer than I had anticipated but everyting needed to be there. Hope everyone enjoys it!

When Harry arrived at Grimmauld Place, the rain was starting to fall from the sky, which darkened his mood further. “Cherry-drop” Harry said the password, allowing the door to swing open.

Entering the hallway, Harry could hear movement and conversations coming from the back room. Once it had been obvious that the Death Eaters were going to continue to wage war against the wizarding world regardless of the fact that their leader was gone, Harry had donated Grimmauld Place to the Auror Order as a headquarters and a place for discharged soldiers to go before heading back into civilian life. Moving down the hall he entered the back room to find Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, and a few other aurors Harry didn’t recognize milling about.

“Ah! Potter!” Mad-Eye said, not turning around, “so glad you could join us.”

“Mad-Eye, Remus,” Harry nodded at the two men. “Sorry I’m late. There were some things I needed to do.”

Remus Lupin gestured towards the meeting table. “No worries Harry. Let’s have a seat.”

Harry noted the scrolls of parchment sitting on the table as he pulled out the heavy chair at the side of the table and sat down.

“So here is what we’re going to have to do. Potter – you’ll be teamed with Ariadne. Ariadne, allow me to introduce you to Harry Potter. Potter, this is Ariadne Caileigh. She’ll be your new partner.” Mad-Eye said, as he rolled out the scroll in front of him. “Alright – the two of you will –“

“Wait a minute.” Harry interrupted.

“Yes Potter?” Mad-Eye paused, his inner-eye rolling in its holder.

“I don’t need a new partner. Tonks is my partner.” Harry said, looking at the witch that was named Ariadne. “If you need me to go on a mission, I’ll go by myself.”

“Potter, let’s be reasonable.” Remus said, “I know that you and Tonks worked quite closely together. But she’s incapacitated right now.” Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Remus held his palm up for silence. “And you also know that when you go on reconnaissance missions, you do NOT go alone. End of story. Mad-Eye, please continue.”

Feeling put in his place and not happy about it, Harry sat back in his chair to listen to the details of the case.

“A nest of death-eaters has been spotted in the East Urals. We’ll need to investigate and flush them out before they have a chance to recruit more.” Mad-Eye pointed to the map, indicating a line of mountains. Flicking his wand, he summoned a series of photographs to the table. “Right now, we have been able to gain intelligence on their HQ and how many there are. Unfortunately, the cowards have kept their faces hidden so we cannot ascertain their identities.” Mad-Eye passed the pictures down the table where Harry picked some up to examine.

“There will be three groups of two pairs heading out there.” Remus continued, picking up where Mad-Eye left off. All of you will be sent to gather as much information as you can. If a chance arises to take the nest out, you must contact each of the others on duty and you will act as a group.” Remus paused and looked in Harry’s direction, “No, ifs ands, or buts about it. Potter – you and Caileigh will be the lead on this case. This means you are in charge.”

Harry raised his eyes from the scrolls in front of him and met Remus’ gaze. “When do we leave?”
“In two days.” Mad-Eye said, “However, I need all of those going out to rendezvous back at Grimmauld Place in 24 hours.” As Mad-Eye talked, a thick folder containing scrolls of parchment appeared before each of aurors seats. “Please review the documents in front of you. When the six of you return tomorrow evening we’ll go over them in detail before you depart of the East Urals.”

Harry looked down at the parchment in front of him. The lump in his stomach grew as he undid the leather binding on the front of the folder. How am I going to explain this to Ginny? He thought.


Harry apparated into the quiet dark of Ginny’s living room. He glanced about the room, toy-wizards and colouring quills with parchment had been left on the floor near the dying embers of the fireplace. Smiling, he pictured Ginny and James cuddling on the floor, laughing while they drew pictures while the flames crackled in front of them.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harry saw a glow coming from the kitchen. Setting his folder on the table beside Ginny’s couch, he walked to the kitchen, where he found a nub of a candle that was close to being burnt out sitting on the clean counter. Next to it was a covered dish and a scrap of parchment. Harry unfolded the scrap to see Ginny’s neat handwriting covering the inside.

Harry – I left you some supper, I hope you enjoy chicken! Sorry I wasn’t awake when you got in. James and I were both pretty tired and turned in early. Wake me when you get in.
x Ginny

Harry smiled and set the note back on the counter and picked up the dish and moved over to take a seat at the kitchen table. Summoning his folder he had left on the arm of the couch, Harry opened it up and began to read.

He was so engrossed in the details Mad-Eye had laid out for him that he never heard the soft footsteps behind him.

“Can I have a drink of water please?” Harry jumped at the tiny, sleep filled voice that came from the side of him. Harry swung around to see James standing beside him, rubbing his eyes as he yawned.

“James! You startled me!” Harry said quietly as he closed the cover on the folder to avoid little eyes seeing what was inside. Reaching down, he gathered James up in his lap. James settled against Harry and grabbed a piece of his robe in his little hand. Feeling a little uncomfortable Harry paused, thinking of what he should do next. “So mate? What are you doing awake?”

James rubbed the piece of fabric between his fingers and looked up at Harry. His small face fringed in wild black hair, and even in the low light Harry could see the bright green of his eyes and the smattering of freckles that lay across his little nose.

“I had a dream and when I woke up. When I went to go to Mummy’s room, the light was on. I thought you were Mummy. Can I have a drink?” James asked looking at the glass of water that sat on the table near Harry.

Harry nodded and picked up the glass and when the little boy showed now signs of taking the glass himself, he held it up to his son’s mouth and tipped it up to give him a drink.

“Was it a bad dream?” Harry asked, gently rubbing James back. “Because you know sometimes I have bad dreams.” James looked back up at him with wide eyes.

“Really? You have bad dreams too?”

“Sure I do. And when I do and I wake up, I try to think of really good things to make me feel better.” Seeing James yawn, Harry rose from the chair he was sitting in and gathered James up towards his shoulder where he snuggled into Harry’s neck. “Shall we get you back in your bed then?” He suggested blowing out the candle and heading down the hall.

Gently, Harry lay James down on the small bed where he blinked sleepily and reached for his stuffed snitch. As Harry pulled the blankets around James and tucked him in, James asked, “What do you think about?”

“What do I think about? When I have my bad dreams?” Harry said as James nodded, fighting back the urge to close his eyes. Harry smiled and smoothed down James’ hair as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “Well, I think about lots of things. Like quidditch, and my best friends – your Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, and your Mum. And now best of all – I’ll be able to think of you.” Harry looked down to see James’ eyes were fully closed and his breath had evened out in sleep. Leaning over he placed a kiss on his son’s forehead and whispered, “Goodnight.”


Moonlight bathed Ginny’s room as Harry pushed the door open and slipped inside. Looking over towards the bed, he saw a bump under the thick quilt that was identified only by the bit of red hair that peeked out on the pillow. Unclasping his robe, Harry shrugged out of it and folded over the arm of the chair beside Ginny’s, following it with his pants and jumper.

Wearing his boxers and a t-shirt, Harry looked over at Ginny’s sleeping form and hesitated. He knew he should go to the couch for the night, but tonight all Harry wanted was to be close to Ginny and hold her before he had to leave the next day.

So, moving over to the opposite side of the bed, Harry drew back the covers and climbed in. No sooner had he settled his weight on the mattress and pulled the covers over him, did Ginny roll over. Harry tensed, waiting for her to say something, but she simply sighed and cuddled up to his side. Relaxing, he gathered Ginny closer and his mind began falling into sleep as he listened to her even breathing.


Ginny woke with a jolt. Confused, she allowed her eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room to find Harry beside her, his face contorted in fear as he flung his head from side to side, while the rest of his body lay rigid.

Sitting up, she laid a hand gently on his arm and said his name softly. “Harry? Harry, please wake up.” Ginny watched as his green eyes flew open and connected with hers.

“Gin – what? What’s going on?” Harry sat up beside her and ran his hands through his hair, making it stick up wildly.

Ginny looked at him and ran her hand up and down his back to try and soothe him. “It’s ok now – I think you were having a nightmare.”

“Yeah – I was.” He said, relaxing slightly as he began getting his bearings. Not wanting to elaborate with Ginny, his mind spun as he thought it over.

“Do you want to talk about it? It might help.” Ginny said, wrapping his arm around his shoulders, she pulled him down to rest his head against her.

Harry thought for a moment, willing the bad thoughts away. “No – I’d rather not. It’s the same dream that seems to plague me.” Harry drew in a breath, Ginny’s lavender scent filling his nose as he relaxed against her.

“If you’re sure Harry. Just remember that I’m here for you.” Ginny replied, wishing he would tell her what was chasing him in his dreams. “What time did you get back?”

Harry glanced at the bedside clock to check the time. Which read 2:00 on the digital readout – it was the one muggle luxury that Ginny seemed to have in her home. “I think I was back around 10. Thank you for leaving that plate out for me. Mad-Eye didn’t supply dinner for anyone in attendance.” Pulling out of Ginny’s loose embrace, Harry sat up.

“Ginny? Do you want to talk about this right now?” He asked, looking at her as he waited for her response. Ginny’s hair was tousled from sleep and she was wearing an old t-shirt that was bright orange and had Cannons emblazoned across the front. Never had she looked more perfect to him.

“Harry,“ Ginny paused, looking down at the quilt that covered both of them. Moonlight still lay across it in strips. “I think I’d rather wait until the morning. We both need sleep.” She yawned widely and snuggled back down against the pillows. “Please? Will you just cuddle with me?”

Harry smiled as he lay back against his own pillow. Pulling Ginny close, he kissed her softly, hugging her against his body.

As quickly as James, Ginny slipped back into sleep. Harry stared at the ceiling, and concentrated on the witch lying next to him as he attempted to banish the nightmare from his mind.

Around five in the morning Harry realized that sleep was going to elude him for yet another night. Knowing when he was defeated, sighed and Harry carefully slipped from Ginny’s embrace to keep from waking her, he headed towards the shower.

The moment Harry left the bed Ginny woke. Knowing that he was making an attempt to be quiet she kept her eyes shut until she heard the shower start. Ever since James had been born, Ginny slept lightly. Rolling over onto her back, she stared at the ceiling, letting her mind wander.

Stretching her legs, Ginny felt the warmth of the sheets where Harry’s body had just been. A smile took over her face as she thought about how much had changed in the past little while. Not that long ago, Ginny had resigned herself to Harry never returning and had closed off the part of her brain that was filled with thoughts of him. It amazed Ginny how quickly the feelings had bubbled back up inside her.

As the shower turned off, Ginny sat up against the headboard and drew her knees up towards her chest. She watched silently as Harry entered the room, his black hair wet and stuck to his head, a bright, white towel slung around his waist.

“Harry?” Ginny said softly, “you couldn’t sleep?” Harry glanced over his shoulder to find Ginny sitting in the bed, looking very tiny and sleepy.

“Ginny! I thought you were sleeping. Did I wake you?” Ginny climbed out from under the covers to crawl to the end of the bed to watch as Harry dug out some fresh clothes.

“Well I woke when you got up – but I’ve been a light sleeper since I had James. I used to wake up every time he turned over. I’ve gotten much better now that he’s older, but I used to be quite scared he’d get taken from me when he was a baby.” Ginny explained as she twirled an end of her hair in her fingers. Pulling on a pair of gym pants, Harry sat on the bed beside Ginny, pulling her hands into his.

“Aw Gin.” Harry said, imagining how she was. So young and so scared.

“Harry – don’t dwell on what happened, please? Mum and Dad were there for me. Dad had so many charms on the Burrow that if a death eater had tried to take James in the night, they would have ended up being cursed eight ways until Sunday! I was just being a silly fretful first-time mum.” She grinned slightly and looked at their entwined hands. Biting her lip, she rubbed her thumb against the back of his hand. “So,” she began, “you have to go?”

Trying to get his thoughts all in order before he started, Harry paused for a moment and looked Ginny over from head to toe. He knew then he had to tell her he loved her, but first he knew he had to tell her where he had to go and what he had to do.

“Yes – I do. Mad-Eye put me in charge of the mission. I can’t tell you where we are going but we’re going to gather intelligence on a nest of death-eaters and take them out.” Harry looked Ginny in the eye and watched for her reaction.

“And when do you go?” Ginny asked, struggling to keep her voice even, she broke eye contact and looked down at their hands – hers paler than his and smattered with freckles, while his were dusted lightly with dark hair and much bigger.

“Tonight – I have to be back at HQ at 10 o’clock. Mad-Eye tried to demand I be there this morning to get things ready but I refused. I told him I had things that I needed to do before I left. He wasn’t impressed with me.” Harry half-smiled as he recalled Mad-Eye’s reaction when he had said “no”. Mad-Eye had blustered and growled until Lupin had taken him aside and explained about Ginny and James.

“Well – tonight you say? What things do you need to do?” Ginny asked, looking back up into Harry’s eyes.

“Well I wanted to let you know as much as I could. Let James know that I wouldn’t be back for a little while, check on Tonks – I have to tell her that they’ve given me a new partner… and….” Harry trailed off as Ginny interrupted him.

“New partner? Who is he?”

“She actually,” Harry answered, hopping off the bed and moving over to where his rucksack lay, he began to dig around.

“She?” Ginny asked coolly, a twinge of jealousy erupting in her belly. “So who is she?”

“Um – her name’s Ariadne Caileigh. She’s relatively new to the order but she did a lot of work in Ireland during the war.” Distracted, Harry kept digging until he found what he was looking for, the contents of his rucksack spread across the floor.

“I see…” Ginny said, pausing to allow Harry to elaborate. When he didn’t she continued, “So do you know nothing about this witch?”

Hopping back up onto the bed, Harry sat cross-legged facing Ginny, his eyes shining. “Nope – I met her for the first time tonight. Now Gin – “

“Wait – what’s she like? Is she pretty?”

“No, yes – I’m not really sure. I didn’t look at her too closely.” Harry watched as Ginny narrowed her eyes. “Why Ginny Weasley – are you jealous?” Harry chuckled and felt his ego swell as her cheeks went pink. “Now why would you be jealous? You should know there’s only room for one special witch in my life.” Harry paused and reached in his pocket with one hand, drawing Ginny’s towards him with the other.

“Harry – I am not jealous. I’m just curious about your work.” She stammered. “Now don’t look so smug.”

“Ginny – you know you stutter when you lie to me?” He laughed and when she opened her mouth to protest, he kissed her soundly on the mouth. Pulling back, he smiled crookedly and took a deep breath. “You know, we’ve known each other for a very long time now – I remember you running after the Hogwarts Express my first year. Seems like it wasn’t that long ago does it? Soon James will be going.”

“Not for another 7 years Harry! Don’t rush him – for goodness sakes!” Ginny said, looking at Harry with curiosity in her eyes.

“I know – he’s got some time yet.” Harry stopped again, searching within himself with the words to say to Ginny. He clenched his free hand tighter, feeling the weight of his surprise in his palm. Taking another deep breath, Harry began, “Ginny, I think I’ve always loved you – when we’re together I feel like I’ve found my second half, a better, stronger half than I could ever hope for.“

“Oh Harry,“ Ginny said, blushing, “don’t be saying those things. You’re the strongest wizard I’ve ever known!”

“But they’re true Gin – What I’m trying to say is that I love you. I always have, even when I’m being a prat and thinking I’m doing what’s best for everyone, I love you.” Harry paused and squeezed the hand he held in his. Then, he held his fist between them and turning it over, he revealed what he held. Lying in the centre of his palm was a ring, pale gold with Celtic designs etched in it, a small cluster of diamonds in the centre, with one emerald peeking out from the middle. He smiled at the soft cry of surprise as Ginny looked down onto his palm and then brought her eyes back up to his. “GinnyWeasleywillyoumarryme?” Harry chuckled at the way the words tumbled out of his mouth and tried again, more slowly this time. “Ginny Weasley. Will you marry me?”

At first, the words that came from Harry didn’t register in her brain. Ginny looked down into his hand and watched the ring gleam in sunlight that was filtering through the windows and then looking up she met Harry’s eyes with tears in hers. “Harry – I – wow. You love me?”

Harry laughed and gathered Ginny in a hug. “Yes Ginny I love you. But you’re kind of making me nervous here. Can you give me some sort of answer?”

“I love you too Harry.” She said softly, looking up into his eyes she could see how much he did in fact love her. “And yes – even when you are a prat. And you should know your track record between prat and non-prat isn’t that great. But – I do! Oops – I mean yes!”

Harry chuckled and slipped the ring onto Ginny’s left ring finger, where it fit perfectly. Holding her hand up in the air she admired how the sparkled and shone in the growing morning sun. “Harry, this is beautiful!” The tears that were brimming in her eyes spilled over as she placed her hands against his cheeks to draw him close for a kiss.

“It was my mum’s. Remus Lupin returned it to me; he thought I should have it. And from the first time I looked at it, I knew I would someday give it to you. There’s no one else for me Ginny.” Harry became quiet and turned his face into Ginny’s palm and pressed a kiss against it. “I hope this was the right moment. I wasn’t sure how you would take to my leaving again.”

“Harry – it was a perfect moment!” Ginny laughed and hugged him soundly. Staying in his arms, she paused and looked about her bedroom. The contents of Harry’s rucksack still lay on the floor beside the chair, the bed was messed from the two of them sleeping, sunshine was starting to seep through the window and Harry was holding her close. Wanting to keep this memory in her heart, she looked at him and took in his wild hair, the pale scar that slashed across his forehead, the glasses that had slipped down to the end of his nose and the smile that spread wide across his face. He smelled like her soap and of Harry. “This was just perfect.” She said finally, kissing him once more.


“Mummy! Nanny Edgy is late!!” James shouted as Ginny set his bowl of cereal down in front of him.

“James, I’m standing right beside you. You don’t need to shout my ear off.” Sitting down in the chair beside him, Ginny began fussing with his hair. And no Nanny Edgy isn’t late – she’s not coming today.” Ginny looked down at her son and then over at Harry who was sitting across the table with a wide grin plastered across his face.

“But why? She told me that we were going to the park this afternoon!” James’ set his spoon down with a bang, crossed his arms and began to pout.

“Please don’t pout, Quidditch-bug.” Ginny said, stroking her hand over his hair.

Harry pushed his chair back away from the table and came around to the other side of James. “Mummy asked her not to come today James.” He said, placing his arm across the back of the chair to still Ginny’s hand. “She’s taken the day off of work at the hospital.”

“That’s right, I took the day off and we’re going to spend the day with Harry and go out to the Burrow to see Granmum and Grampie. We have some big news to tell them.” Ginny explained to her son, watching as his eyes grew large with excitement. James loved being at the Burrow with her Mum and Dad.

“Really? Can we go now?” He asked bouncing out of his chair, the cereal before him untouched.

“No way – Mr Weasley, I want you back in that chair! You have to finish the rest of your breakfast before we go anywhere.”

Harry smiled wistfully at her watched Ginny stand in front of James with her hands on her hips, trying to give James her most stern expression. Soon, he’d get to witness this everyday; the three of them would be a family.


“Mum! Dad!” Ginny yelled as she threw open the front door to the Burrow. “Where are you?”

Molly Weasley came bustling out of the kitchen with a spoon in one hand and a dish towel in the other. “Ginny darling! What has brought you here so early this morning? I thought you had to work!” She kissed her daughter on the cheek and gave her a quick hug. Pulling back, she noticed the rosy glow and bright smile on her daughter’s face. Looking behind Ginny, she took in a very happy Harry and James. Seeing the look on her daughter’s face and on Harry’s, her radar instantly went up. “Hello Harry!” She exclaimed letting her daughter go and reaching out for her grandson. “James my sweet boy! Come see Granmum!” Harry passed him over to Molly and she enveloped him in a big hug before setting him down. “Why I think you’ve grown at least a foot since you and your Mum were here last! Why don’t you go and find Grampie and tell him to leave his breakfast and come into the front room? I think your Mum and Harry have something to they need to tell us.”

James nodded and dashed into the kitchen and returned shortly dragging Arthur by the hand. “Ok – ok – I’m here.” He said, joining the crowd assembled in the front room. Ginny was seated in an armchair with Harry perched on the arm, while Molly was standing to the side of them, trying not her hardest not to look like she was terribly interested in the why of this unexpected visit. “You realize I was in the middle of a very important muggle discovery – I discovered a tellyphone without cords yesterday! Harry do you know what it might be called?”

“Dad! No one wants to know about cordless telephones right now. Harry and I have something we need to tell you!” Ginny said hopping out of the chair and squeezing Harry’s hand. “Mum – Dad, we’re getting married!” Ginny thrust her hand out in front of her mother to show her the delicate ring that was on her finger. Molly screamed in joy and enveloped her youngest and only daughter in a fierce hug.

“Married? Oh this is so wonderful!” Molly said, her eyes filling with tears. “Finally, my baby girl is going to get married!”

Arthur held his hand out for Harry to shake and then pulled him into a hug. “My dear boy! It’s about time! You’ve always been a part of this family but now it will be official!”

Harry laughed and scooped James up from the sofa where he was watching the adults in amazement. Never before had James seen adults act the way they were acting. Squeezing him in a big hug, Harry looked into a matching set of green eyes. “Do you know what this means James? “ He asked, as James shook his head from side to side. “This means, that me and you and your mum are going to be a family! Would you like that?” Harry heard the chaos in the room subside as if the fate of everyone rested on his answer.

“Would you live with me and Mummy?” James asked looking over to where his Mum stood with his grandparents.

“Yes. I’d live where ever the two of you would be.” Harry said, feeling a knot of nervousness twitch in his stomach as he waited for his son’s blessing.

“Would you teach me to fly on a broom?” James asked, fiddling with the collar on Harry’s robe.

Ginny laughed and moved over to where father and son stood. “James! What does that have to do with anything?” Slipping an arm around Harry’s waist she watched her son.

“Nothing, I just want to learn to fly!” He exclaimed, laughing along with the adults and thinking he would very much like to have Harry in his family. As the laughter died down, he said simply, “Ok, I’d like to be a family. Daddy? Can you let me down now? I’d like to go outside and play.”

Dumbstruck by the words that had come out of James’ mouth, Harry lowered him out of his arms. Looking at Ginny, he noticed she had tears in her eyes and had heard the word that had come from James. “You heard that too?” When Ginny nodded, he pulled her around in front of him to hug and kiss her. “He called me Daddy!” He exclaimed, lifting Ginny off the floor and swinging her in a circle.


While James frolicked outside in the sunshine and warm summer air, Arthur dragged Harry off to the barn where he fiddled with all of his muggle artifacts and Ginny stayed in the kitchen with Molly and helped her straighten up the breakfast dishes.

“Oh Ginny! This is so wonderful! We need to have a big family dinner – you and Harry can announce your news then! Thank goodness it’s near the end of the week!” Molly bustled about sending dishes flying from the sink towards the cupboards, while the broom swept up the dust from the corner of the cozy kitchen.

“Mum – that’d be lovely. Except that Harry is leaving tonight. Mad-Eye’s put him back on active Auror duty.” Ginny’s happy expression quickly faded from her eyes as she thought about his leaving.

“Oh darling! How long will he be gone for?” Molly asked crossing over to where her daughter sat. Sitting beside Ginny, Molly ran her hand up and down her back, trying to soothe her as she had when Ginny was a child.

“He’s not sure. There are death-eaters that he’s gathering information on. I know it’s his job and I know I should be happy he told me this time, instead of dashing off without a word. But I’ll miss him Mum! What are we going to tell James?”

Molly smiled in sympathy at her daughter. “Well my dear, you’re going to tell him that his Daddy is going to be away for a little while but as soon as he can, he’ll be home with the two of you. It’s really all you can say. There’s no sense trying to tell him everything, he’s just a little boy and he doesn’t need to have his innocence taken away with talk of death-eaters.”

“Thanks Mum, you always have the right answer. It’s just going to be hard – but I guess I’ve been through worse.”

“And you’ve always come through wonderfully. Now I’m sure you and Harry don’t want to spend the entire day here with your father and me. So let’s talk about something cheerful. Have you and Harry set a date yet?”

Ginny laughed at her mother. “Nice segue way Mum – no we haven’t. We never really had a chance to talk about wedding dates. He proposed this morning at 5 o’clock when neither of us could sleep! It shocked the pants right off of me. One minute he’s telling me about his new partner he’s got and then bam – he’s professing his love and holding a ring in his hand!” Tears welled up in Ginny’s eyes as she relived the moment in her mind. “But you know Mum? It was perfect. Not exactly roses and candlelight – but it was just right.”

Molly felt her own tears bubble up in her eyes. “Of course it was perfect Ginny – Harry is your soul-mate. I remember when your father asked me to marry him. It was on a rickety old bridge in East Billings. It was way past my curfew and I knew your Granmum was going to have my hide when I went home, but I had a feeling that something would happen. Granmum wasn’t that upset when she seen the ring your father had given me! She was so happy. I was so happy. And you will be so happy.” Molly began to cry outwardly at that moment and grabbed Ginny up in a hug and squeezed tight. “Another of my babies is getting married! Now all we have to do is get the twins to settle down! Do you think it might happen?”

Ginny looked at her mother, and at the same time the two witches exclaimed, “No!” And began laughing.


“Mr. Weasley, I hope you are ok with my asking Ginny to marry me.” Harry stated as he followed Arthur into the barn closed the door behind them.

“Harry! How many times must I ask you to call me Arthur! And I couldn’t be happier that you’ve finally asked my daughter for her hand in marriage!” He stated and began to look through a pile of junk that was heaped on the work bench near the back wall.

Harry’s cheeks grew pink at Arthur’s reply. He had long ago felt that he had been accepted into the Weasley family as one of their own, but he still had fears that Arthur would be rather angered to know that Harry Potter had fallen in love with his only daughter.

“I realize I’m doing this sort of backwards sir, but I wanted to ask you permission to ask Ginny to marry me.” Harry said quickly, as he stood nervously near the door.

Arthur set down the cordless phone that he was holding and walked over to where Harry was standing. “Harry, you have been a part of this family from the first day you stepped on the Hogwarts Express and became Ron’s best friend. And I realize you are worried that I may think differently of you because you love my youngest child and only daughter. But there is no wizard out there that I’d rather see marrying Ginny. You’re good for her. And she’s good for you.” Slinging an arm around Harry’s shoulders, he guided him over to the workbench and pointed out the window to where James was running about the yard, chasing garden gnomes. “She makes you happy. You may think us older folk don’t notice things like that, yes – even when you try and hide it. But she does. I think she helps you forget who you are, doesn’t she?”

Harry focused his eyes out the window at his son. The sound of laughter and gnome cries floating through the air into the barn. “She does do that Mr. Weasley. Ginny doesn’t care about who the world thinks I am. I realized that when I left last time. Each night she was the last thing I thought about before I closed my mind off. She’s very special.”

Arthur cleared his throat to cover the tears that had misted over his eyes. “She is Harry. And I’m glad she chose you. You have my permission to marry my daughter. Just please – don’t tell her that you asked me. I think she would find it insulting. My daughter is very hard-headed, like her mother!” Clapping Harry on the back he turned to the pile of junk on the table in front of them. “Now – you’ve lived in the muggle world. How does this tellyphone work with no cords?”

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