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Chapter 14: An Early Arrival

The weeks passed turning into months and still little word from Voldemort and his Death Eaters except for the occasional disappearance or death but nothing to even suggest that they were still trying to get to Hermione. As the months passed, it wasn’t long before Hermione’s appearance had definitely grown and she was excited and anxious to have the baby. She felt like a house, trying desperately to move around the mansion as she used to but found regrettably that she no longer could.

Bethany and Dianne had contacted a private healer to come and care for her since it appeared that she may be experiencing some complications due to the magical energies that flowed through her veins and undoubtedly were flowing through her daughter’s veins as well.

She was now passing into her seventh month and already feeling as if she was more than ready to have this whole ordeal over with. She became distant and moody, constantly lashing out at everyone around her and then immediately breaking into tears and begging for forgiveness for her rudeness. Draco started to become just as anxious and nervous as Hermione’s womb continued to grow, showing that it was only a matter of time before their new addition was finally introduced to the frightening world.

The evening of February 14th Hermione awoke from an afternoon nap (she found herself tired all the time lately) to beautiful bouquets of blood red, sparkling white, and even glittering enchanted silver roses placed strategically around their bedroom. She turned over on her other side and her eyes shot open when she realized that Draco wasn’t in bed with her. She shot up to a sitting position (well as fast as she could in her condition) but then smiled when she saw that in place of her love was a black satin box with a letter on Draco’s pillow. Situating herself in a cross-legged position, she opened up the letter, placing the box in her lap.

My Dearest Love

Happy Valentine’s Day. Today will be a special day. If you open your wardrobe you will find a special item…please put it on along with the present enclosed in the box and meet me out in the garden at 7pm.

Hermione smiled happily and pushed herself from the bed, looking at the clock on her bedside table that read 6:10pm meaning that she had a little under an hour to get ready. Moving to her wardrobe as swiftly as possible, she tore open the doors and gasped at the flowing crimson red silk dress that was hanging inside the wardrobe door. She tossed the hanger with the dress onto the bed, stripped off her bedclothes and hastily ran to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready.

Twenty minutes later, she stepped from the shower and wrapped a warm terry-cloth robe around her bulging figure and picked up her wand from the bathroom vanity and de-fogged the room. Sitting at her vanity she used another spell to quickly dry her sopping curls and applied another charm to de-frizz and soften her long locks.

After that she pulled her long hair off her shoulders and pinned it into a half French twist, her curls cascading from the top of the twist almost down to her shoulders, leaving a few loose tendrils framing her glowing face. After applying a subtle amount of color to her eyes, framing them with a smoky grey liner and lush mascara, she finished off by charming her lips a deep blood red to match her dress (charming instead of using lipstick like she usually did because she didn’t want it to smudge off tonight).

Rushing back into the bedroom, she tossed her robe onto the floor and, searching through her wardrobe drawers, she found a sexy pair of black and red lacey panties from before she was pregnant and enchanted them to fit her now bulging hips. Opting for bra-less due to the delicate spaghetti straps of the dress, she slipped it over her bulging belly easily and, using her wand since she couldn’t reach the zipper, zipped up the back of the dress and gasped as the dress magically fitted itself to her body, accentuating her beautiful pregnant curves that Draco loved dearly (oh yes, Draco loved the way pregnancy looked on Hermione and had already been smacked playfully a few times when he’s brought up the subject of having more).

Sliding her feet into magical black heels (which were enchanted to feel like the person was wearing the most comfortable pair of slippers made), she made her way to her bedside table where her jewelry box was as well as the box that was left with the note. Sitting on the edge of the bed, she opened up the box and gasped at the beautiful silver chain that was sitting inside it.

Dangling on the end of the chain was a very rare blood stone in the shape of a teardrop. There were also a pair of dangling teardrop blood stone and diamond earrings that Hermione knew must have cost draco an absolute fortune but seeing as they’d been together for over a year now, she had somewhat become accustomed to the lavishly expensive gifts that draco insisted on showering Hermione with.

Placing the jewels delicately on her neck and ears, she took a final look in her wall mirror and, noticing that it was already 7: 05, she shrunk her wand and hastily shoved it in a black handbag and walked hastily from the room.

Making her way out to the garden behind the mansion, she was forced to stop in the middle of the downstairs hallway when a sudden pain shot through her abdomen. Clutching her stomach with one hand and her other hand on the wall for support, she gasped in pain that suddenly ended almost as quickly as it began. Convincing herself that it was just one of the pre-contraction things that the Healer had warned her about earlier in the month, she straightened up again and composed herself, continuing out to the garden.

When she walked through the back door and through the small gate that lead to the massive garden, she smiled when she caught site of Draco sitting on the edge of the elaborate angel fountain that sat in the center. Making her way towards him, she stepped on a loose twig accidentally and Draco shot around to see who was there and smiled brightly when he saw his wife-to-be smiling back at him. He walked over to where she was standing and handed her a single blood red rose and kissed her cheek lovingly.

“You look absolutely amazing, Mia.” Draco said softly, taking her hand in his and kissing it softly causing Hermione to blush lightly.

“So where are we going Draco?” Hermione asked timidly but was given a look of mystery like someone up to something from her husband-to-be.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out.” He answered slyly giving her an adorable wink.

Draco took her hand and led her through the garden which was magically lit by fairy lights that twinkled in the moonlight. Rounding a small bend in the garden, Hermione gasped at the lovely silver painted gazebo that was on the other side of the garden.

It had been decorated with twisting vines of ivy and red roses. The top of the gazebo was lit by tons of twinkling fairy lights that made it a very magical sight. In the center of the gazebo was an elaborate table for two made of silver wrought iron with the table draped in shimmery cloths of silver and crimson and laid out on the table top were two settings of the finest silver and red china complete with matching silver goblets that were decorated with intricately detailed crimson roses that twisted themselves around the goblets. In the very center was a small but beautiful candelabra that was made of what else but silver iron and crimson rose details.

Draco led his fiancé to one of the chairs and held it out for her as she sat down carefully and he pushed her in then went to the other side and sat himself. He reached across the table and took her hand in his and leaned down to kiss it again softly causing Hermione to blush again.

The blush however was short lived as she felt another sharp pang shoot through her abdomen again causing her to cry out and double over, clutching her stomach. Draco launched himself from his chair and came over to her side, kneeling down and holding her free hand (the one that wasn’t grasping the table so hard her knuckles turned white).

“Mia, sweetheart! What’s wrong?” Draco asked worriedly.

“The…baby…some…things…wrong…” Hermione managed to get out between gasps of breath as the pain continued to shoot through her.

Draco didn’t need to be told twice. He quickly swept her into his arms (which wasn’t as easy as it used to be mind you since Hermione had put on almost 25 pounds with the pregnancy---which was perfectly normal mind you) and rushed to the mansion as fast as he could carrying his fiancé in his arms.

As he entered through the back door with her still in his arms he began hollering for anyone that was nearby to come help her. Almost immediately, Bethany, Dianne, and a couple others rushed into the hallway to see what was happening. They each took one glance at Hermione resting in Draco’s arms, a look of pain and exhaustion on her pale features, and immediately launched into ready mode.

Dianne ordered one of the girls to immediately floo Hermione’s private healer and tell her to get her ASAP and directed Bethany and Draco to bring Hermione into one of the nearby rooms. Dianne quickly transfigured the room (which was actually a spare study) into a full maternity room and ordered Draco to lay Hermione on the bed. Draco quickly obliged and watched as Dianne began barking orders at Bethany and quickly started running Hermione over with her wand running tests to see what was causing her condition. Somewhere in the middle of all this she ordered Draco out into the hallway telling him that he was in their way.

A few screams from Hermione and several minutes later, Dianne joined Draco in the hallway where he was impatiently pacing back and forth wringing his hands nervously.

“Draco, dear, stop pacing before you run a hole into the floor.” Dianne said sternly, causing draco to stop and turn to face her, a look of fear and confusion in his blue eyes.

“What’s wrong with her Dianne? Is she alright?” Draco asked, his voice choking as he tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“She’s in labor Draco.” Dianne said matter-of-factly.

Draco looked at her confusedly. “How? I mean she’s not due for another two months!”

“That’s true but just as the Healer warned her, with the overabundance of magical energies coursing through her and the baby it has thrown her into premature labor. We’ve tried to slow it down and even stop it but I’m sorry to say nothing worked…she’s having this baby now, tonight. If you want, you can go ahead and go in the room with her. I’m sure she really needs you right now.” Dianne told him and hurried off to greet the Healer that had just arrived in the front entry hall and draco rushed into the room.

Hermione was laying pale and still on the bed now, covered in a thin layer of sweat. Her dress was gone, replaced by a normal hospital type gown. Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be sleeping. Apparently they’d given her a potion to help relieve the pain and help her rest for awhile. Draco pushed a few locks of hair from her face and kissed her forehead causing Hermione to stir and open her eyes sleepily.

“Draco, I’m sorry.” she whispered, looking up at him groggily.

“Baby, for what? You have nothing to be sorry about.” Draco replied lovingly.

“I ruined your beautiful plans tonight.” She smiled weakly and Draco returned the smile.

“It’s alright love, you’ll just have to make it up to me after you get well again.” He replied, a twinkle in his eyes and leaned over to kiss her gently just as the Healer burst through the door to the room and rushed over to Hermione’s bedside.

“Alright Hermione, it appears that this child is coming tonight whether you want her to or not. Be prepared though, this is very early for a baby to be born so we will all to take extra cautions to insure that she is alright. I must warn you both however, that there is a chance, not a large chance mind you but a chance nonetheless that this child may not survive due to the earliness of the delivery. But I do promise you that we will do anything and everything in our power to make sure your daughter comes through this healthy and happy.” Healer Kelson told the couple who looked at her with complete fear in their eyes at what she told them.


A loud piercing scream penetrated the walls of the Monroe Mansion causing all the occupants to look at each other concernedly.

“Almost there, Hermione. One more push!” The healer told her. Another scream rang out and this time it was followed by a loud shrill cry.

Hermione collapsed back onto the bed that had been set up in the study for her. The healer immediately rushed the baby away to Bethany and Dianne who were experienced healers as well and the three of them began to get to work on the baby, insuring that everything was as it was supposed to be and that there were no complications and whatnot.

Draco kissed her sweaty forehead lovingly. Hermione was completely and utterly exhausted after the seven hour ordeal she had just endured--without any pain potions or labor aids from the healers aside from those that they had given her when she was first brought into the room to make her more comfortable while they examined her.

A few tedious moments later, Healer Kelson brought over a bundle tightly wrapped in a soft pink chemise blanket and placed the bundle in Hermione’s tired arms. Hermione smiled, tears springing to her eyes as she looked lovingly down upon her daughter in her arms. She was the tiniest little baby Hermione had ever seen and also the most beautiful. She had delicate dark blonde curls placed on her pale pink head and the most beautifully piercing blue-green eyes that Hermione had ever seen, they reminded her of the ocean at sunset.

Hermione looked up at her fiancé who was also allowing a few stray tears to escape his eyes as he looked down on his love and his new daughter. Draco reached down and gently rubbed his hand over his daughter’s curls and placed a soft kiss on top of her head.

“She’s beautiful, Mia, just like her mother.” Draco said softly, kissing Hermione on the forehead as well.

Later that day (it was now February 15th), Draco and Hermione were in their daughter’s nursery, staring lovingly down at the beautiful baby girl who was now sleeping peacefully in her pale pink satin crib. They both in turn kissed the sleeping newborn on her forehead and walked silently from the room, stopping momentarily to ensure that the magical baby monitor was activated.

Just before exiting the room, Hermione stopped in the doorway and turned to look at her sleeping daughter once more, a soft smile playing on her lips.

“Welcome to the world, Alexis Jade Malfoy. You’re gonna be in for one hell of a wonderful ride.” And with that, Hermione turned and closed the door softly.

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