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A/N: Here you go! Thanks ffor all the reviews!! Chapter Twenty Peace at Last Hogwarts Replica “ Amber!” I heard someone shout, “ AMBER!” I felt achy all over. My arms were heavy and my head hurt. I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy. The cold breeze that washed over my wet face felt good. Yet, the air was cold and rain was still falling, I could feel hot rays on my face. “ Amber!” the voice shouted again. I opened my eyes and was blinded by sunlight. The sky was a bit cloudy and rain was coming down. Something heavy was on my legs. I looked down and saw it was debris. I tried to remember what had happened, and then I remembered. Everything came back to me. Voldemort, the snake, the Killing curse, and finally the explosion. I survived and Voldemort was dead! The Wizarding World was at peace! Did the Death Eaters survive the explosion, though? I didn’t know, but if they didn’t they could cause the whole Wizarding world more grief. I felt tears falling down my eyes mixing with the rain. I’ve been crying a lot lately. “ Amber!” the voice came again. “ Here!” I called. My voice shook. I heard footsteps climbing over debris and crap and then Harry’s face was leaning over mine. “ You’re okay!” he said relieved, “ I thought you were crushed. Our shield charm was a bit to strong. I think we were thrown out of harms way before we could get crushed. I’ve seen a few Death Eater bodies and they were dead. I’ve seen Voldemort’s ,too. He’s definitely gone. The whole castle fell!” “ What about Draco?” I asked. It would have been a waste to save him if he was going to just get crushed. “ He’s alive, too, but barely. Our charm went around him, too and he was also thrown back,” Harry explained and began levitating debris off me. When I was free he helped me stand up. I hugged him tightly and he hugged me back. “ Let’s go home,” Harry said, “ Dumbledore should know we’re okay now. Our communicators are back to silver,” We walked back to Draco and it was easy to see how much pain he was in. It hated to see him that way. I suddenly knew what I wanted to do when I left school. I wanted to become a doctor of some sort. I really did. Harry and I got out our brooms and even though we were very tired and achy, we got ready to leave. I mounted mine and Harry helped Draco get on behind me. He feel against me limp and in pain. I put charms around him so he wouldn’t fall off or get bumped around to much. Then Harry mounted his broom and we both took off back home to England. The flight home was a lot faster then the one there. We didn’t run into any Dementors either. The explosion either frightened them or the sun was to much for them. Which ever way, we still made it home safely. It was cold though and Draco was still bleeding openly so I took off my robes and tied them around his wounds. I was cold in just my school skirt, vest, white shirt( not brown and red), and tie, but it was stopping the bleeding a bit. Harry then took his own robes off and we put them around Draco to keep him warm because he was already very cold. When Hogwarts came into view I felt tears of happiness gather in my eyes. I held them back though feeling as if I cried enough. Voldemort was gone. Harry and I were alive. Draco was alive. Everything was perfect again. We landed in front of the doors. We shrunk our brooms and put them in our pockets. Then we each both help Draco walk in. He dragged his feet more then actually walking. It was lunch and the Entrance Hall was empty. You could hear the talking and the laughter of everyone in the Great Hall eating lunch. “ Should we go to Dumbledore or straight to the Hospital wing?” Harry asked. Draco threw up more blood as if answering. We limped up the stairs and to the infirmary. Madam Pomfry took one look at Draco screamed with shock and told us to put him in a bed. She started cleaning his wounds and making him better. Harry and I snuck away to speak to Dumbledore. He was not in his office so we went down to the Great Hall. We opened up the doors and the whole hall went quiet and stared at us. I would too. We were covered in blood, sweat, and dirt. Our close were ripped and shredded and our robed were gone. My hair was matted with blood, too, because Draco was behind me on the ride home. We started walking down the center of the tables. Dumbledore was smiling at us and the rest of the school was eyeing us. I saw Ginny was sitting next to Hermione and Ron at the Gryffindor table and Jadon was at the Ravenclaw table looking relieved. Everyone seemed to be holding their breath. “ Where’s Mr. Malfoy?” Dumbledore asked coming to meet us. “ Hospital wing,” I replied, “ He is in very bad condition,” “ What about Voldemort?” “ Dead,” Harry relied. “ Death Eaters?” “ Crushed,” Harry and I both said. “ Are you sure?” the Professor asked. “ Positive, Professor,” I said and Harry nodded in agreement. “ Attention, everyone,” Dumbledore addressed the school, “ As many of you have noticed Draco Malfoy, Amber Potter, and Harry Potter have been absent from the school for a while. I heard some of the rumors that have been going around and no, they did not go to a rock concert in America or go to help the poor in Africa. However, Draco Malfoy was a Death Eater and was captured after betraying Lord Voldemort. Amber and Harry Potter went to go get him and kill Voldemort,” The school was quiet. Dumbledore paused and looked at Amber and Harry. I felt proud for the murder Harry and I committed. It was right. “ These two have returned with news. The bad news is that Mr. Malfoy is not in healthy condition. The good news....Voldemort is no more!” Dumbledore announced. A second went by as people got over the name Voldemort and then cheers went off. Everyone jumped out of their chairs and started hugging one another. Ginny, Hermione, and Ron appeared out of no where. Ginny threw her arms around Harry and they shared a very romantic kiss that got a lot more cheering and made Ron look in the other direction. Hermione hugged me and Ron hugged me. Ginny and Harry pulled away long enough for Harry to get a kiss on the cheek by Hermione and even a brotherly hug from Ron. Everyone was around us asking how we did it and what it was like to face “him”. I felt arms wrap around my waist. I knew who it was and turned into the eyes of Jadon. He smiled at me and I smiled at him and we kissed. It was a very nice kiss, too. Though, it reminded me of when I kissed Draco and I noticed that there wasn’t anything special in this kiss with Jadon. When he pulled away he nuzzled my neck and leaned close to my ear. “ I love you,” he whispered so softly I barely caught it. “ I love you, too,” I said just as quietly. *** Hospital Wing *** Harry and I were forced to go to the hospital wing and rest for two days. Draco never woke up. He had passed out soon after we left to tell Dumbledore that Voldemort was dead. I had just changed into clean jeans and a fitted t-shirt when Draco woke up. Harry had left with Ginny about ten minuets ago. “ Hi,” I heard Draco mutter when he first looked around the room. I looked up from brushing my now clean hair. I just stared at Draco for a minuet not really believing he was awake. “ Hi,” I said happily coming over to sit down next to Draco’s bed, “ How are you feeling?” “ Not to good,” Draco said with a faint smile, “ Thanks for coming for me,” “ I couldn’t let my best friend die, could I?” I asked. Draco’s smile got bigger. I knew it was probably very hard for him to laugh. I sat on the edge of his bed. Then, without even thinking, I leaned over and kissed Draco right on the lips. For a second I thought Draco was going to refuse my touch and I tried to pull back, but then I felt Draco’s hand on the back of my head as he kissed me back. There was that spark that I felt last time. I pulled away without feeling guilty about kissing Draco when I was in love with Jadon and just confirmed it. “ Let’s hope Jadon and Pansy never find out about that,” Draco joked. I smiled and nodded in agreement. The kiss was our secret. A/N: I bet you guys hate me because this chapter was so short! Sorry, but this chapter was meant to be. I feel really sad because the next chapter is like the final chapter and then there is a very short chapter for the last. Oh man. I'm going to ask now and hope i am allowed to do this without getting the chapter deleted. For the sequel I wanted a banner for the first chapter when it's first posted. If you can make me you " Contact me" and i will send you a summery of what the story will be about so you can work from that and all. Um, yeah, thanks!! Oh, and don't make the banner until after I have replied to you.

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