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Okay, this is the last chapter; and I just came up with an idea for an epliouge, so I'm working on that right now. And sorry it took so long to update, I promise the epliouge will be finished sooner!! Enjoy!! ~~~~~~~~~~ The sun rose that morning; brighter then it had for the past few days. That was woke up Lily as she sat up groggily and placed her hand on her hard pillow. She looked around confused and realized that she was on the apartment of a roof; lying next to none other than James Potter. She smiled down at him as the memories of last night came in mind. "James." She whispered, poking him gently in the side. He turned towards her sleepily as he opened his eyes slowly. "Morning James, sleep well?" "Morning Lily. And no, this concrete was killing me. Luckily you were with me." He replied cheekily, smiling gently at her before kissing her on the cheek. Returning his smile, she replied, "How sweet." She smiled again and hugged him tightly. "I'm sorry it took me so long." James pulled Lily away from him and looked her straight in the eye. "Lily, you did nothing wrong. I shouldn't have made that mistake 10 years ago. If I hadn't, then we'd probably be married." He admitted truthly, looking downcast. "Do you want to go back to headquarters, or stay here?" "Well," She trailed off, pretending to be thinking, "I don't really fancy being stuck up on this cement roof all day, and I think that Li, Sirius and Remus are waiting for us, right?" "Yeah probably." "You ready to return?" "Ready when you are." James smiled brightly and kissed her again. ************ Li watched Remus and Sirius closely as the two of them paced in front of the fireplace in the living room while waiting anxiously for Lily and James to return. "Oh stop pacing!" She scolded, "You're making me nervous. Besides, we all know that they're fine." Just as Remus was about to say something, the fire that sparkled in the fireplace glowed an emerald green color. Remus and Sirius pulled out their wands and waited for the people to emerge. They dropped their wands and got huge grins on their faces when out stepped James and Lily; hand in hand and practically glowing. "Ah!! They're here!!" Li screamed turning around in her chair and jumping up to hug her friend. "Hi." Lily replied happily. "So, you engaged yet?" Li asked hopefully. "There's going to be a wedding?!" Sirius repeated shocked. Suddenly a huge grin came onto his face as he shouted, "I LOVE weddings! Drinks all around!" And ran into the kitchen to get bottles of butterbeer. "Sirius, calm down. I haven't asked her that yet." James said laughing slightly. "So, you plan on it then?" Remus asked. "Maybe, if she'll have me." James answered turning fully towards Lily and looked at her with questioning eyes. "Of course." She smiled and pulled him into another deep, long kiss. ******** 3 Months later ******** The church was beautiful. Nothing could compare to the detail and intricate artwork that adorned the ceiling, walls and pews of it. The wood seemed to sparkle like glass and the gold shinned with the power of the sun. The maghongany pews were filled with hordes of people, all smiling and happy; and all gazing at the red haired bride and black haired groom. The old preist finally closed his book and addressed the room, "If anyone here objects to these two being wed, speak now or forever hold your peace." The room stayed deathly silent, so only the sounds of quiet sniffles and soft breathing was heard. The preist finally looked over at the groom and said, "James, you may kiss the bride." James smiled and slowly lifted off the veil and saw the face of his beloved; smiling back at him before he bent down and kissed her. The room errupted into applause and a few people whistled, well, Sirius whistled. Lily and James broke apart smiling and walked down the asile and out the huge doors, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen following behind them. There was a white carriage waiting for the two newlyweds to take them to the reception hall and James helped Lily into it like a perfect gentleman as the guests from the wedding stood on the church steps and waved to them excitingly. Then the carriage took off, taking them off into the sunset, just like every happily ever after should. ************** "Lily!" The smiling bride turned around and saw an old woman coming towards her, hobbling on her cane. "Li!" Lily yelled back, throwing her arms around her friend and squeezing her tight. "Congratulations." Li said, releasing her friend and holding her by her shoulders to get a good look at her. "Thank you." Lily smiled even more, if that was even possible. "You look so happy." "I know, I feel it. I can't believe I waited ten years for this to happen." "Well, now it has," Li said putting her withered hand on Lily's right cheek. "Bri would be happy for you." Lily looked up into her friend's eyes and responded, "I wish she was here." "She is." Li answered simply before giving her friend another huge hug and smiling at her one last time before they both saw the photographer arrived. Pictures look forever before the reception started, as the photographer had wanted everyone in at least one picture and after a while, Sirius started to complain that he was smiling too much and that his mouth hurt. "I mean," He complained during one of the breaks from between pictures, "I never, never had to even smile this much to get a girl at Hogwarts." Remus, Lily and James just smiled and rolled their eyes at him; laughing hysterically inside. When they were finally let free, there was much dancing and food and joyful talk. People talked with everyone and danced wildly, until the band asked everyone to leave the dancefloor so the bride and groom could have their first dance as a couple. Everyone applauded loudly as Lily picked up the long train from her beautiful white dress and slung it over her arm as her and James came to the dancefloor. The band struck up a beautiful tune and then the first dance that Lily and James would ever have as husband and wive started. "You know," James started as he twirled his wive around, her red hair wiping around her face. "I never thought that I would have to wait so long to finally be able to do this." "Do what?" Lily asked curiously. "Dance with you." He stated simply, smiling at her. The ballroom where the reception was held soon became a blur as the couple had eyes only for each other. Sirius and Remus stood off to the side with Li and looked happily at their two best friends. "You know, I'm happy they finally got their heads out of the clouds and realized that they couldn't live without each other." Remus remarked. "Me too." Li agreed. Sirius then took that moment to look over at his other friends who he saw where looking at Lily and James with faces of mixed expressions; but the most prominent expression was one Sirius often felt when he looked at Lily and James: envy. They had each other and where lucky enough to find each other again after all that time apart. Whereas Sirius, his one true love was lost and for Remus and Li, they had each other, but not exactally in the way that they hoped. Sirius looked away and back towards the couple who looked and where completely oblivious to the rest of the people now coming out to join them on the dancefloor. He felt his heart start to slowly break more and more as he watched all the happy people leade their loved ones out onto the dancefloor. Children with their parents or grandparents, husbands and wives and soon-to-be-married couples danced close to each other smiling, their joy filling up the room. Sirius finally took his eyes off the other people and directed his attention once more to Lily and James, who now had stopped dancing and where standing in the middle of the floor, holding one another and smiling. He smiled himself as he realized that they where destined for great things together and he, Remus and Li had other parts to fill on the road of life. He listened to the fading words of the song carfeully and took them to heart. Say you'll share with me one love, one lifetime say the word and I will follow you Share each day with me, each night, each morning . . . Anywhere you go let me go too Love me that's all I ask of you The song ended and the guests applauded loudly. "I love you." James whispered in her ear. "I know." Lily whispered back as they walked over to their seats on the raised dais in the front of the room. Sirius watched the two of them come back and muttered to Remus, "I have to go do something, be right back." Before walking over towards the raised dais where Lily and James where now just getting comfortable in their seats again. When they sat down, Sirius whispered something in James' ear before he stood up, glass of champagne in hand. He cleared his throat, causing all talk to stop suddenly. He smiled and opened his mouth to speak. "Well, as I am Best Man I feel as if it is my duty to say a little something about our newlyweds. Lily, James, I said this already and I will say it again: We all have waited for over a decade for the two of you to get your heads out of your arses and realize that you both love each other to death. We are all very happy for you and Bri would be very proud and happy for both of you; she always wanted to see you two get together. So, to conclude this speech all I have to say is: the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." Well? What did you all think? Sorry the ending chapter was a little short, but I just wanted this one to have them happy, for once in these stories, right? lol. The bits of song I used are from the song "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera, so I don't own that. And if you reconize any lines they're from Pirates of the Caribbean or Moulin Rouge. The epliouge is almost finished and should be up soon after this! Please review!!

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