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A/N: I would first like to say thank you to Sweetangel0246, starhope 27b, Taurus, clover_crookshanks, Olivia, shapoopie 09, Lucy765, _weasley_is_our_king_ , brittany, SM, VeritasAmo, Lady_Gryffindor, thechosenone, and angelgirl who read and reviewed and to everyone else who is reading. Second, I know that I haven't updated this story like forever so I'm making it up to you by making this a longer chapter than my first two. I'm sorry that I haven't been updating. School has been making me so busy and I try to write as much as I can there and at home. I hope that you enjoy reading this chapter.


Now remember that this story is based on the Disney's Classic Beauty and the Beast.

Here's the casting list.
Ron: Beast
Hermione: Belle
Harry: Chip
Ginny: Miss. Pots
Fred: Lumiere
George: Cogsworth
Draco: Gaston
Dumbledore: Belle's father
Goyle: Lefou
Lavender: Wardrobe closet
Snape: D'Arque

Chapter III: There was an enchanted castle

Hermione was sitting by the window reading one of her favorite book, Jack and the Beanstalk. The sun was setting and with in an hour she would lose her source of light, so Hermione sat her book down and went over to the kitchen to get a box of matches. After lighting a lantern she heard a knock at the door. She peeked through the side window and saw Draco standing at the door. She gave a big groan and went to open the door.

"Hello Draco."

"Good evening to you Miss," said Draco smiling. "Just stopping by to see how you're doing."

"Well I'm fine," she replied. "I just finished my book to take back to the library."

"Still reading? You should take my advice to stop and move on with your life."

"You mean to settle down and get married."

Draco smiled and looked around.

"Where's your father?"

"Father went over to the next town for a bake off. He should be home in about two weeks."

"So you're all alone?"

"For the moment, yes I am."

"Well since you're lonely, how about you and I go over to The Leaky Cauldron. We can keep each other company and have some drinks."

"I'm not lonely," she stated, "and I'm not in the mood to get drunk."

"Then come with me and have one butterbeer, just one. You can't get drunk with that. Come on, I won't leave until you say yes," he smiled.

"If that's the only way then I accept," said Hermione. She blew out the lantern, grabbed her cloak and left with him.


The Leaky Cauldron was loud, noisy and crowded with all of Draco's friends. Hermione waited at a table while Draco went over to Tom to get their drinks.

"So how did you do it D?" asked Goyle. "How did you get her to come here let alone with you?"

"It takes brains my friend and the right moment," said Draco. "Tonight will be the night I confess my love and ask her to marry me."

"Well good luck."

"Ha . . . I don't need any luck."

He grabbed his mugs and carried them off.

"Here you go Hermione," said Draco. He sat down her drink and took his seat.

"Thanks. This place is uh . . . nice," said Hermione. She took one sip of her butterbeer and sat her mug off to the side.

"Aren't you're going to finish your beer?" asked Draco.

"The deal was to come and have a drink with you. The agreement was to never finish the drink."

"My you are a cleaver one," said Draco. "So what were we talking about before I went to get our drinks . . . oh yeah, a couple of days ago Goyle and I went out in the forest to hunt. It was a great day and I brought back a big fat doe."

"What do you do with your killings? You must have enough meat to feed half the town."

He smiled and then got up. "Follow me, and I'll show you."

She got up and Draco led her to a door by the fireplace.

"No one's allowed in here except me, Goyle and who ever I think is worthy."

"Am I supposed to feel lucky?"

Draco smiled again and opened the door. Hermione walk into the dark room. Draco lit some candles and the room was soon bright. Hermione gasped a she look around. All over the walls hung the head's of Draco's killings.

"Isn't it a beautiful sight?" asked Draco.

"Beautiful wouldn't be the words for me," said Hermione. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

"What's wrong? Haven't you seen a dead animal before?"

"Yes but nothing like this before. I think I should go home now."

She starts to walk over to the door but Draco walk in front of her.

"No, please stay."

"Please move. I want to go home."

"Then let me walk you home."

"Thanks but no."

Draco gave her a look telling her if she didn't say yes that he wouldn't move.

"Okay fine," said Hermione.

Draco moved and Hermione quickly left. She went over to their table and grabbed her cloak. As she was putting on the cloak she saw Draco and Goyle talking. Goyle had a smile upon his face and was shaking Draco's hand. Hermione walk over to them and their conversation ended.

"I am ready now," she said to Draco.

"I bet you are," said Goyle.

"Ha-ha," laughed Draco as he punch Goyle in the stomach. "Let's go."

He put his arm around her shoulders and they walked out of The Leaky Cauldron.


"It was nice of you to walk me home," said Hermione. They stood out on the front of her steps.

"It was my pleasure," said Draco. He closed his eyes and went up to kiss her, but Hermione quickly moved out of the way and went to the door. Draco smiled and went up to her.

"You are playing hard to get."

"I'm not playing anything." She went to grab for the doorknob but Draco grabbed her hand and walk closer to her, so close that their noise was about to touch.

"Draco, what are you doing? Please, you're too close. Give me some space."

"Oh so that's what you want." So he took a step back and let go of her arm. "I want something too." He smile and raised his eyebrows. "Hermione, my heart is aching; it's aching because I'm in love. I want to get married and have strong sons like me. I want a wife to tend to my every need."

"I'm . . . uh happy for you."

"And do you know who I want my wife to be?"

"Let me guess . . ."

"It's you." He took a step forward and gazed into her eyes. "Say yes; say that you will be my wife."

"Draco I am flatter but . . ."

Draco closed his eyes and was lending in to kiss her.

“. . . but, you don't deserve me. I'm sorry."

She opened the door and quickly closed it leaving a stun Draco.


The next day Hermione cautiously opened the door; she was hoping that Draco was gone. When she saw that he wasn't there, she grabbed a bucket of chicken chow and headed off towards the barn. As she was feeding the chickens she began to think about her proposal from Draco.

"Maybe I should have said yes to him. Whoa, what am I saying? I cannot forget on what he said. He wants a wife to tend to his every need. Bleh that is not me and will never be. I want to have adventures like the characters in my books. I want to explore what's out there and live life my by the moment. But that will never happen if I stay here in this small town."

She dumps the rest of the chicken chow and went to check on the horses. As she was nearing the stables, she caught sight of Ginger, the horse that her father took to go to the fair. She ran over to the horse and saw all of her father's cook wear were still strapped on her.

"Father where are you?" Hermione cried. She looked around but could not find him.

She went to the house and looked for him in there. When she knew that he didn't return she went over to Ginger; took all the pots off and went looking for him.

She rode on for long hours calling his name, but she got no reply. She kept on ridding and soon after five nights she came to a fork in the rode. Looking at the poorly written signs and looking down the roads she didn't know which way to go.

"Which way, which way did he go Ginger?" asked Hermione.

The horse looked both ways and nodded to the right. Hermione nudged the horse and they rode off. As she rode on a flash of lighting was in the sky and a tree could be heard falling to the ground. Rain was falling down hard, but Hermione hold on to the reins and the horse rode faster. Another spark of lighting and Hermione stopped the horse. In view she saw a dark castle. She rode up to the gates and quickly ran to the door. She pound hard on the wooden door with her fists until the door slowly opened. Looking in she saw nothing. The castle had no lit lights. Taking in a deep breath she walks in.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" she called.

No one replied. She found some stairs and went up them.

"Father where are you?" Hermione's voice echoes through out the halls.

Down the hall Fred and George heard Hermione's voice.

"I cannot believe my ears!" cried Fred, “a girl in the castle."

"It's just our ears playing tricks," said George. "It's probably the wind."

But Fred wasn't listening to him.

"I think the voice was coming down there," said Fred and went off.

"Wait for me Fred."

When George caught up with Fred, he saw over Fred's flames a beautiful young woman.

"Father, Father where are you?"

"That poor man in the tower must be her father," said George.

"We must show her to him," said Fred.

When Hermione's back was towards them, they open the door leading up to the tower. Hermione heard a door opening and walk back. She looked through the door way and saw no one.

"Are you up there Father?"

"Hermione is that you?" Her father's voice came.

She smiled, "Yes it’s me. I'm coming." And she starts her way up the stairs. When she reached the top, she saw only one window. She looked out and notices that the rain had stopped and the moon was shinning bright.


She turned towards her father's voice a saw a door. She walked to it and peered in.

"Father who has done this to you?" she cried.

"No time to explain," said Albus. "You got to get out."

"Not without you."

She wiggled the door handle but it wouldn't budge. She tried to look for the key, but without more light she couldn't find anything.

"Daughter forget about me. Get out before he comes."

"Who comes?"

There was a big growl over by the stairs and then Hermione felt it close by. Taking a step back she lost her footing and fell to the ground.

"What are you doing here?" shouted the Beast.

"Who are you?"

"The master of this castle."

"I've come for my father," answered Hermione.

"You cannot have him he's my prisoner."

"What did he do?"

"It's none of your concern. He's mine."

"He's my father. I have the right to know."

"Enough. I will hear of this no more. You should go now." The Beast turns around and began to walk towards the stairwell.

"Wait, please," cried Hermione. "There must be something I can do for him."

"There's nothing. Leave now or you will be joining him."

"That's it. Please let my father go and I will stay in his place."

"No Hermione! You don't know what you're getting yourself into," shouted Albus.

"You! You would . . . take his place?" asked Beast.

"If I did, would you let him go?"

"Yes but you must promise to stay within the castle grounds, forever."

"Can you come into the light? I would like to see the man I am talking to," said Hermione.

Slowly the Beast walked into the moon light. Hermione first saw a big red hairy foot . . . not she thought a hind leg of an animal. And then she saw that who she was speaking to was in fact a real monstrous beast. She gasped and closed her eyes. As she reopened them a tear went down her cheek as she looked at her father.

"No Hermione. I'm old and lived my life. Don't do this please, I beg you," cried Albus.

She got up and walks over to face the Beast.

"You have my word. I am yours," she stated.


Hermione fell to the ground with tears in her eyes while the Beast went over to free her father. Albus rushed over to her and hugged her.

"Oh Hermione, you shouldn't have," said Albus.

Before Hermione could have said anything the Beast grabbed Albus by the collar and began to drag him down the stairs.


"Father, no wait."

She got up and ran to the stairway but her father was already gone. She ran over to the window and peered out. Outside she could see her father and the Beast. The Beast dragged Albus to an old beaten carriage. He opened the door and thrown Albus in.

"Take him to the village," said Beast to the carriage.

As he said that the wheels on the carriage began to move and road off. Beast stood there for a moment watching the carriage as it leaves and then quickly made his way back to the tower where he left Hermione. When he reached the top of the tower, he saw Hermione over by the window crying. She stopped and looked at him.

"I didn't get to say good bye to him. I will never get the chance to see him and you never gave me the chance to say good bye," cried Hermione.

Beast looked at her with sad eyes. He was about to say sorry but he brushed the idea away.

"Follow me, I'll take you to your room," said Beast.

"M-my room? I thought-"

"What? Do you want to stay here in the tower?"


"Then follow me."

Without waiting for her to follow he quickly went down the stairs. When he reached the bottom step he saw Fred and George on a table arguing over a matter. Beast needed some light while he escorts Hermione to her room so he grabbed Fred. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Hermione and began to walk. As they walk down the halls they walk in silence. Finally Fred got tired of hearing nothing and looked at his master.

"You'll fine more cheer in a graveyard. Say something to her," he whispered.

"Like what?" asked Beast.


"Uh . . . I hope you like it here."

He looked at Fred and he was urging him to say more.

"The castle is your home now so you can go anywhere you like."

He stopped at a door and opened it.

"This will be your room. If you need anything me servants will attend."

Hermione slowly walk in. The moon light was shinning through her window, and she could tell that there's a bed and other furniture.

Beast was going to go and let her be, but Fred kept poking him.

"Master, invite her for dinner."

Beast cleared his throat and stood up tall.

"You will join me for dinner. That is not a request." And he slammed the door.

Hermione went over to her bed and began to cry.

"What have you gotten yourself into?" asked Hermione to herself

When her eyes could no longer make tears, she got off from her bed and began to look around her semi-dark room. With the moon light shining through her big window she could see that her curtains were old and rip. She had a night stand by her bed and on it was a small clock and an oil lamp. Not far from the night stand was a big wardrobe closet. She went over to her night stand and found a box of matches; she took a match and lit the oil lamp. Moments after the lamp was lit there was a soft tap at her door. Slowly she walks to the door; but when she opened it she saw no one.

"Would you like a cup of tea Miss?" asked a voice.

"What? Who said that?" asked Hermione.

"Down here."

Hermione looked down and saw a red tea pot and with her was a black tea cup.

"This can't be happening. You're alive."

"Yes that's true, but you'll find more stranger things here than a tea pot that can talk. My name is Ginny, this tea cup is Harry."

"Hi," said Harry. "Fred's right, you are beautiful."

"Why thank you. My name is Hermione. Please, come in." She opened the door and the tea pot and tea cup went through. "Ginny what did you mean that there would be stranger things?"

Ginny and Harry stopped moving and Ginny poured some hot tea into Harry.

"I just meant that this isn't your typical castle. Here have some tea."

Hermione bent down and picked up the black cup and began to drink the hot tea.

"Oh I see that you have met Lavender," said Ginny.

"Lavender? I haven't met anyone by that name," said Hermione and she took another sip of her tea.

"Well then, let me introduce you to her," said Ginny. "Turn around and look at the wardrobe closet."

Hermione turned around and saw the wardrobe closet smiling at her. To her shock she spit her tea out at it.

"Hey take it easy. I just got myself polished," said Lavender.

"Sorry but you frighten me," said Hermione. "Is . . . my bed going to eat me in my sleep?"

"Oh for heaven sakes no," assured Lavender. "It's just a bed."

The clock on Hermione's night stand began to chime, it was eight o' clock.

"Oh my I better get going. You have a dinner to attend," said Ginny and started to head towards the door followed by Harry.

"So, let's see what I got for you to wear for tonight's dinner," said Lavender.

She opened up and pulled out a beautiful pink dress.

"You'll look ravishing in this one."

"It's very lovely but I'm not going," said Hermione.

"Oh but you must."


"Where is she!" shout Beast to the teapot and the candelabra.

"She'll be here," said Fred. "George has gone to her room to get her."

"She lost her father and her freedom all at once. Giver her some time," Ginny told them.

"But . . . uhm Master . . . h-have you thought that she's the one. The one that can break the spell?"

"Of course I have. I'm no fool."

"Good. So, you'll fall in love with her, she'll fall in love with you and poof. By midnight we'll all be human," said Fred.

"Oh Fred love is not that easy. It takes time," said Ginny.

"Time? We don't have time. The rose has already begun to wilt," said Fred.

"I don't no who I'm fooling with. She's so beautiful and well . . . look at me! How can she fall in love with someone so hideous," shouts Beast.

"Oh Master you must have her see past all that," said Ginny.


"You can start by acting more like a gentleman."

"Give her a smile when she walks in," said Fred.

"But don't frighten her remember to be gentle."

"Impress her with your rapier wit."

"And most of all . . . . "


"I'll try," said Beast.

The door knob starts to rattle and they all hold their breath.

"She's here."

The door starts to slowly open. Beast put on his smile hoping to see Hermione, but his smile soon became a grim. Instead of seeing Hermione at the doorm, George walked in.

"Uh hello," he said.

"So where is she?" growled Beast.

"Oh the girl yes. Well she's in the process of . . . Circumstances being what they are . . . She's n-not coming," whimpered George.

"WHAT!" shouted Beast and he burst the doors open and ran up the stairs to speak with Hermione. When he got to her room he began to pound on her door. "I thought I told you to join me for dinner!"

"I'm not hungry," replied Hermione.

"You'll come out or I'll . . . I'll break down the door," shout Beast.

Coming down the hall Fred, George and Ginny came as fast as they could.

"Master," said Fred, "I could be wrong, but that might not be the best way to win a woman's heart."

"Try to be a gentleman," said Ginny.

"Well she is making it difficult," growled Ron.

"Ask again. Please sir," begged George.

Beast cleared his throat and looked at the door.

"Will you join be for dinner?"


"See," said Beast.

"Be kind and gentle, remember," said Ginny. "Try again."

"It will be a great honor for me if you join me for dinner," said Beast while he’s grinning his teeth.

"Say please," whispered Fred.


"No thank you."

Beast's eyes got bigger and he let out a big roar.

"You cannot stay in that room forever!"

"Oh yes I can."

"Fine and go ahead and starve!” Beast turn to his servants," If she doesn't eat with me then she doesn't eat at all." And he stormed off.

"Well that didn't go to well," said Fred.

"Come one. There's a kitchen to clean," said George and they left.


After the fight Beast went to the other side of the castle to his privet room. He was still mad that he ripped the doors right out of the hinges and tossed them to the ground. His room was dark and all over the floor were pieces of broken furniture and torn curtains. He walked over to the balcony and looked out. Taking in a deep breath he began to pace back and forth.

"I'm not the one being rude she is. I said please. She should have accepted it but no. What does she want me to do, beg?"

He stopped pacing and look at the only piece of furniture that was still in tack, a small table. On it was the red rose and the magic mirror that the enchantress gave him. He went over to the mirror and pick it up.

"Show me the girl!"

A bright light came and the beast could no longer see his reflection instead he saw Hermione talking to the wardrobe closet.

"The Master isn't all that bad, once you get to know him," said Lavender.

"I don't want to get to know him. I could care less about him," said Hermione.

Beast couldn't bear to watch any further so he put down the mirror.

"What's the point of all of this? She will only see me as a beast."


Up in her room, Hermione opened the door and peered out. She saw no one and walked out. Her stomach began to growl and she covered it so no one else could hear it.

"Now I'd wish I had dinner with him," she said to herself. "I know he told his servants not to feed me if I'm not eating with him, but maybe if I talk to them they would still feed me."

So she walked down the halls in search of the kitchen.

Down in the kitchen Fred, George, Ginny, Harry, and the kitchen staff were cleaning up.

"What a night it was," said Harry.

"It would have been a better night if the girl agreed to eat dinner with the Master," said George. "She was being very rude after all he did say please."

"It wasn't all her fault. After all the Master really must learn to control his temper to break the wall that is between them," said Ginny.

"Do hope he learns. Because it's not just his life that is in stake, if they don't fall in love by the last petal on his rose; then we are stuck like this forever," said George.

They were soon interrupted by a small knock at the door. The turned to see Hermione peering in.

"Sorry to disturb you."

"Not at all Miss," said Fred. "What can we do for you?"

"Well, I am a little hungry. I know what your master told you but could you give me something?"

Fred, George, Ginny and Harry huddle around each other and began to whisper.

"What do we do?" asked Fred. "Should we feed her?"

"Of course not," answered George.

"Have a heart George. We can't just tell her no. If we want to make a good impression we should be nice," said Harry.

"Okay fine. Give her a piece of toast and a glass of water," he answered.

"George, Harry is right. She's not our prisoner but our guest," said Fred. "We will serve her the best dinner she has ever had."

"All right but keep it down. The Master mustn't know."

So Fred led her to the dinning room where he entertain her with his joke while the others prepare her meal. When the dinner was over, George insisted for Hermione to go to bed, but she couldn't. After all this was her first time in an enchanted castle.

When the servants believed that she had gone to bed, she quietly began to explore. The wing that she was exploring was beautiful. On the walls were exquisite pieces of art; from tapestries to oil paint, and down every hall was lit with candle light.

When she was done exploring that wing, she deiced to cover the West side of the castle. As she walk down the hall, she had notice that this was completely different than the other wing. There was an inch layer of dust on the furniture and cobwebs were hanging on dusted frames. There were no lights shinning but the moon and whenever she'd pass a mirror it would be shattered.

As Hermione slowly walk down the halls, she came a cross a big door lying on the floor. She saw the room to where it belong and saw a bright red glow. Eager to see what it was she followed it. As she entered the room, she saw by the balcony a small table and on it was a beautiful red rose with a glass lid protecting it. Hermione slowly went over to the rose. Holding her breath she slowly lifted the lid and place it on the floor. Being enchanted by it she slowly reach out to touch it, but before she could she heard a growl.

"What are you doing?"

Hermione panic and stepped away from the rose. Beast jumped towards the table and quickly put back the glass lid.

"I'm sorry," said Hermione. "I didn't mean to . . ."

"Get out!" shouts Beast. "NOW!"

He pick up a broken chair and threw it at her. He missed and Hermione quickly left.

Running down the halls with fright, Hermione quickly ran to her room. After shutting the door, which awoke the wardrobe closet, she went to her bed and began to cry some more.

"What's wrong?" ask Lavender.

"I made a big mistake. I shouldn't have made that promise to him."

She went over to Lavender and grabbed her cloak.

"Where are you going?" asked Lavender.

"Promise or no promise. I cannot stay in this castle any longer. I'm leaving." And she left. She quickly went down the stairs; making sure not to be seen and left the castle. She found Ginger and quickly rode off.

She rode hard all that night and she kept on riding hard until the next night. After a while the horse started to slow down and soon fell to the ground. Her got up from where she had fallen and went to the horse. The horse seemed fine, so Hermione got up. She looked down the road and for a moment she thought she saw a faint light.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

There was no answer but the light was coming nearer and brighter. Soon she saw 2 figures. They were two men. One was carrying a lantern and the other a pistol.

"Oh I'm so glad to see you. M-my horse- I need help," said Hermione.

The man with the lantern went over to the horse and look at her.

"The horse is just exhausted. Give it a while and soon it will be back on its feet."

"But you won't be," said the man with the pistol and pointed it at Hermione. "Give me all of your money."

"I don't have any money. All I have is that horse and the clothes on my back," she answered.

"This is a good horse," said the man with the lantern. "We could get a mighty fine deal."

"You can't take that horse. How would I get home?"

"Who said anything about you going home? We can get double the amount off of you," said the man with the rifle.

"Sell me as a slave?"

The man put down his lantern, grabbed some rope, and tied Hermione's hands.

"Don't even bother to scream. You're miles way from any village," he said.

After he tied her hands, he went back to the horse. Once the horse had enough rest. They gave it some water and food before placing Hermione back on top of it and began to take them back to their camp. It was mid afternoon when they got to their camp. One of the men got Hermione down and tied her to a tree while the other tied the reins to a different tree.

"There. That should hold them while we sleep." The two men went inside their tent and went to bed.

When Hermione opened her eyes, the sun was just setting. Hoping that last night was just a nightmare but it wasn't. She struggled with the ropes but they weren't moving.

"Need a hand?" came a voice.

Hermione turned her head and saw the Beast.

"You're here but why?"

"To bring you back to the castle. You made a promise remember?"

He cut the ropes with his claws and Hermione got up.

"Come on. Let's go," said Beast.

"Not without the horse."

She went over to Ginger and tried to untie the reins but she couldn't. Beast came and raised a paw but Ginger had gotten scared and kick him to the ground. With the sound of that the two kidnappers got out of their tents. When they saw Beast, one went straight to the horse while the other went to find the pistol. Hermione tried to get the other man away from Ginger by hitting him with a branch, but he just pushed her to the ground. He was almost done untying the reins from the tree when Beast got up from the ground and grabbed him. Beast gave a big roar, showing all of his sharp teeth. He was hoping that would frighten him. The man screamed, and then a shot we off. Beast look over his shoulder and saw the other man holding his pistol.

"Shoot it. Kill it."

Beast starts to run towards the man while he was still holding the other. When he was close enough, he threw the man hitting the other to the ground. While they laid on the ground moaning Beast saw the pistol and pick it up.

"Leave. I do not want to see you ever again." And he broke the pistol in half.

Beast turned around and he, Hermione, and the horse headed back to the castle.


When they arrived at the castle, Fred, George, Ginny, and Harry welcome them back.

"It's good to see you back and safe," said Harry.

"You gave us all such a fright," said Ginny and then she looked at her master's arm. "Oh dear. Master you're bleeding!"

Beast looked at his arm.

"It's just a flesh-wound," he replied. "I'll be fine."

"You should still get it clean," said Hermione. "Ginny go to the kitchen. I need hot water. Fred and George go get some bandages."

"What do you want me to do?" asked Harry.

"You can come with me."

She led Beast to a room with a roaring fire.

"I'm telling you. I'm fine," said Beast.

"Well you won't be if you don't let me clean it unless you want it to get infected. The infection can spread throughout our arm and soon you might have to cut it off."

"Fine but this wouldn't have happen if you didn't ran away."

"I ran away because you frighten me."

"Well you shouldn't have been in my room."

"It's your own fault!"

"MY FAULT? HOW IS IT MY FAULT?" roared Beast.

"You told me that the castle is my home and I can go anywhere I like."

After Hermione had said that the Beast had shut up. Not too long Ginny, Fred, and George entered the room and Hermione clean and wrapped the wound.

"My work here is done. I'll go to my room now." She starts to head towards the door. "Oh Beast, thank you for rescuing me." And she left.

"Ooh. She starting to like you," said George.

"Leave me. Now!" roared Beast.

His servants left him and he sat alone in front of the fire. He was having some mix feeling going up in his head, for he had never received a thank you before.

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