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Samara had run to another level of The Hole, praying not to run into a Dementor, or whatever made that horrid scream. She now was crouched on the floor, listening intently to any sign of movement. She heard nothing, however, she didn’t repose. Her heart still beat wildly inside her rapidly rising chest, and her breathing was short and depthless. A thin layer of sweat formed over her skin from running, and she could taste her own fear. It was almost unbearable.

She didn’t know how long she sat there, waiting for the inevitable to come. Once she thought it safe to move on, she felt the cold. She saw her breath in the air, thick as butter. Goosebumps covered every inch of her as the floor before her was coated in a fine layer of ice.

No… not again! I won’t let it happen again!

She broke into a run and skidded on the ice down the hall. She fell and slid into the far wall. The impact almost knocked the wind out of her, but she scattered quickly down the nearest set of stairs, taking four steps at a time. She finally made it down to ground level and turned around. Nothing was following her.

She sighed in relief. She turned around to find a new hiding spot and…

Oh my God

She screamed at the creature before her.

Harry just stared at his best friends as they went over the last hour of information that he had spilled upon them. He had told them everything, about the Prophecy, the deaths of the Dursley’s, everything. Now he could only hope that they would understand, and give him his one wish: to not be pitied.

“Wow Harry… How long have you been holding all this in?” Hermione’s question was a good one, and Ron looked to him for an answer as well.

“For far too long, I guess. That would have to be the correct answer to that question. I just have one thing of you to ask.”

Ron smiled and said, “Anything, mate.” Hermione nodded. Harry sighed.

“I ask you not to treat me any different, now that you know everything. Don’t pity me, don’t feel sorry for me, just treat me like you always have.”

Hermione looked at him in shock. “Did you really think you’d have to ask? Harry, we are you friends, we’d never do that to you.”

“Yeah, we care a lot about you, and just want what’s best for you. And we’ll obey your wishes, no worries.” Harry smiled at them and stood up. He hugged Hermione, who squeezed him tightly, but he didn’t mind. He went to shake Ron’s hand, but he grabbed him into a big bear hug that Harry gladly returned.

“Come on, I think we all have some homework to do. Study session anyone?” Ron and Harry groaned, but then giggled and nodded. As they followed Hermione to the Library to finish their dreaded assignment, a girl 30 miles away dreaded her fate.

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