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Elle awoke the next day from a restless sleep, filled with Derek and her father laughing at her and calling her horrible names, while her mother just stood and watched. Sighing, Elle heaved herself out of her bed and looked around her room. She smiled when she remembered helping Aunt Ginny decorate it. It must have been the easiest thing ever, Elle just said what she wanted and with a wave of Ginny’s wand, it was there! Even after five years in Hogwarts, magic was still a marvel to Elle. She had just finished changing into her summer Muggle clothes, when Lily burst into her room.

“Happy Birthday Elle!” She trilled, hugging her cousin.
“Thanks Lils!” Elle smiled, shocked that she hadn’t even remembered what today was.
“Everyone is downstairs waiting.” Lily smiled before turning to leave.

Even though Lily was two years older, and now of age and a Hogwarts graduate, she and Elle got on tremendously well. Elle got on just as well with Sirius and it struck her as strange how two people she had known for five years were closer to her than her own brother. Shaking her head, Elle told herself not to dwell on her parents, not today anyway. She bounced down the stairs towards the kitchen where she knew everyone would be.

“SURPRISE!!!” Voices yelled as she pushed the door open.
“What on earth!” Elle gasped, all her friends, as well as family, stood there beaming at her. “Whose idea was this?” she asked, still gob smacked.
“Mine!” Sirius beamed, looking quite proud of him.
“For real?” Elle asked Sarah for confirmation.
“For real,” Sarah laughed as Sirius put up an affronted appearance.
“Aww, Sirius I didn’t know you cared so much!” Elle simpered, causing everyone to laugh.

As they headed outside, Elle couldn’t believe how much trouble everyone had went to, just for her birthday. Stephen, Ryan, Sarah and Louise were here. Ron and Hermione were here as where Fred and Angelina and George and Alicia. Harry informed her that Molly and Arthur would be coming over too. Elle adored Molly so much, she was such a lovely woman that people just had to like her. Remus Lupin was also going to be putting in an appearance too. Elle was looking forward to seeing everyone she loved all together, that she forgot about tomorrow and all about her parents and Derek.

Near the end of the evening, Ryan Wood came up to Elle.
“So, had a good day?” He asked, grinning. Ryan looked the image of his father, Oliver; he even had his father’s skill on the Quidditch pitch.
“I’ve had a brilliant day!” Elle grinned back.
“So what was up with you yesterday?” He enquired.
“Oh, nothing. Just daydreaming.” She smiled, hoping he would stop asking.
“You sure?” He pushed, looking concerned.
“I’m positive Ryan.” She laughed.
“Well, you know I’m just an Owl away if you need me.” He smiled looking down at her.
“I know, thanks Ryan.” She looked at him gratefully.
“No problem, what are friends for?” He laughed, before turning to talk to Stephen.

Elle thoroughly enjoyed her birthday, which finished in a Quidditch match between young and old, with the young winning. Elle played seeker, which was her position on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, while Lily, Sarah and Louise played chasers, Sirius and Stephen played beaters with Ryan as keeper. The adults had Harry as seeker, Fred and George as beaters, Angelina, Ginny and Alicia as chasers and Oliver as keeper. Despite the fact the adults had a far better team, the younger ones wan; although Elle was sure Harry had let her catch the Snitch on purpose!

Needless to say, Elle went to bed exhausted and fell straight asleep.

Elle awoke the next day earlier than she would have liked through nerves. Today was the today she would return to Privet Drive and see her parents after five years. She had returned only once after receiving her Hogwarts letter and that was to collect her belongings. Her mother watched from afar, not saying anything at all. Derek acted as if he couldn’t care less, and Elle was sure that this was the case. Her father, on the other hand, had plenty to say. He told her how she had disgraced the Dursley name and how she could no longer call his house her home. She felt her eyes well up at the thought, but managed to calm herself before she started crying. Elle Dursley does not cry, Isabelle Dursley may have, but Elle had left behind that part of her when she left her home in Privet Drive.

Grumbling to herself, Elle began to rake through her wardrobe for something to wear, it was almost an hour before she settled on a pair of jeans and a plain shirt. She walked down to the kitchen, surprised that she was trembling slightly, and began to eat her breakfast. No sooner had she finished, when Uncle Harry came into the room. Of course, he wasn’t really her uncle and nor was she really his niece. Their relation to one another was more a complicated cousin, but they both preferred being Uncle and niece.

“You okay Elle?” He asked, surveying her over his morning cup of coffee.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She managed a weak smile.
“Course you are!” Harry muttered, rolling his eyes, causing Elle to laugh.
“Okay, maybe I am a bit nervous!” She admitted looking down at her hands.
“You’ll be fine; I’m ready when you are.” He smiled encouragingly and Elle gathered all her Gryffindor courage and headed to the fire place.
“Arabella Figg’s” She called before dropping some green powder, and vanishing in a whoosh of emerald green flames.

Elle kept her eyes firmly shut as she whizzed through various wizarding fires. Her elbows were being pushed against her sides by the force of it and her stomach was churning. She slowed down and Elle prepared herself for the fall and managed to stop herself landing on her face.

“Hello Isabelle!” Mrs. Figg called as Elle straightened up and began to brush the ash off.
“Hey Mrs. Figg, how are you?” she asked. Elle remembered when Harry had told her Mrs Figg was a squib; she had never been more surprised in her life. Apparently when strange things began to happen around Elle, Mrs. Figg had informed Harry. When Hogwarts had drafted up a list of students, Hermione (who was the Muggle Studies teacher) informed Harry who then asked McGonagall if he could collect Elle.
“I’m fine dear.” Mrs Figg smiled, before turning serious. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes, I’m sure!” She said bravely, as Harry appeared out of thin air.
“Do you want me to come with you Elle?” Harry asked.
“No, I’ll be fine. I want to do this by myself!” She said in determination.
“If you have any problems, use this to contact me.” Harry told her, handing her a galleon.
“A galleon, I don’t get it.” Elle looked up from the large gold coin in confusion.
“Just twist the numbers, and the one I have in my pocket will heat up and I’ll come get you.”
“Okay!” Elle smiled before venturing the familiar path to her old home.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her fist and knocked on the door of number for Privet Drive.

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