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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I do own Troy Malfoy.

OK, so the only thing I'd like to put in here is the time frame thing. Uh, well this chapter, the last chapter, and I believe half of the next chapter is all on the same day. That may happen a few times. So don't say, 'hey, wasn't it day 3 last chapter?' No, I didn't screw up. But I just thought that the time frame would need addressing.



The October Hollow
By Darkwing731

((--Chapter Five--))

Discovered and Ready


Tuesday, October 20
Day 3


Hermione stared at him, frozen in shock and fear as she looked down at Draco's limp, bloody figure. The wound itself was very deep, and went into his stomach muscles and she hoped only just that deep. Any major organs that the knife might've hit would mean definite death. It cut part of his shirt, and blood was already pouring out and staining all of the fabric of that and his thick winter cloak. A million things rushed through her head, but more than anything she felt responsible and guilty.

However, she knew how to try and save him.

She carefully pulled the dagger out of his stomach with great care, and she wiped it off. Thinking quickly, she took the dagger, cut the collar of his shirt and his sleeves, and ripped off the extra material so she wouldn't have to work on his stomach with a bloody shirt in her way. She put a hand to her mouth horrifically as she looked at the huge gory wound, but she forced herself to look, despite her sudden urge to vomit.

She jumped up, ran to the chest across the room and got two bottles of water that were in there, a blanket and her shirt. She put water on her shirt and wiped the blood away from the huge slash and cleaned the cut. She grimaced as the blood kept pouring out, but she put her shirt on the gash and pressed down firmly. It quickly soaked up the blood, but she knew it wouldn't last long.

She took a blanket and struggled to get it underneath Draco's body, and whence she did she tied it tightly over her shirt and pulled it tight. The blanket would hold down the pressure, keeping any extra blood from coming out. She unscrewed the other bottle of water, opened his mouth and tipped back the bottle; it flowed into his mouth, stopping future dehydration.

Strange... he looks so... innocent when he's passed out, she thought to herself, pausing in her work.

For the next ten minutes, she worked herself tired trying to move Draco onto the bed. Eventually, she got him up and onto it comfortably, and she was satisfied with herself. She would never be able to live it down if Draco died; therefore, she committed herself right then to do everything she could within her power to keep him alive. She had no idea why, but it was in her nature. If something was wounded, she had to fix it, heal it, give it kisses and make it better. She couldn’t ignore this wounded creature, despite her desire to kill him during his states of consciousness.

Nearly every five minutes, she checked his pulse, which stayed at a normal rate, and she saw a dim ray of hope. Maybe he wouldn't die. She would feel so guilty if he did. Sure, she hated him, but to kill him? No, she couldn't let that happen.

As the hour ticked by, and his pulse weakened, she began to fear for his life. It wasn't fair; she was just trying to protect herself. She didn't know why he would start to fade out, and she thought maybe that there wasn't anymore pressure. She carefully undid the blanket, and saw that some excess blood had leaked onto the cloth, but only a little. She lifted the completely bloody shirt and looked down at the wound. It had stopped bleeding, but it was gruesome and she feared that he would die.

A single tear slid down her cheek and dripped onto the gash. Slowly the wound shrunk. She didn't notice it at all; she had propped her head in her hands and started to cry.

Like phoenix tears, Hermione's had a healing power. For every tear that hit close to the wound, or onto it, it healed a little bit. It closed up the skin, stopped the bleeding and helped him to replenish the lost blood and energy. But she never noticed as she sobbed into her hands.

"How could I? I just killed him!" she sobbed; tears constantly flowing down her cheeks, dropping off onto his bare stomach.

After a minute, he came slowly out of his state of unconsciousness. He came back into a hazy reality, and the only thing he could distinguish was the sound of someone crying.

As he opened his eyes groggily, he made out the figure of someone hunched over, head in their hands, shaking and making that annoying sound. He blinked, and the night's events played through his mind. He knew he had been stabbed, but now...he was on a bed, waking up without any pain.

And Granger was crying?

"Granger...?" he muttered dimly. Hermione suddenly hiccupped and looked at him. Her eyes were red, her face flushed and shining with tears.

"M-Malfoy? You're alive!" she exclaimed as she hiccupped again. He struggled to sit up, but there was an excruciating pain in his stomach.

"Ah, shit," he groaned as he put hand to his stomach. He suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing a shirt anymore. "Err...where's my shirt?" he asked her, soundly slightly suspicious. She sniffed.

"I-I couldn't do anything to your stomach with a bloody shirt in the way," she said quietly, wiping her eyes. She determinedly avoided his gaze.

Draco stared at her. He couldn't believe that she had saved him. He looked at his stomach, and it was completely woundless, yet there was a long scar. He knew that would be a reminder to him to never mess with Granger again. He looked at her relieved, yet shaking figure, and she didn't have a shirt on. He smirked to himself as his eyes traced the full curves of her body without the slightest bit of shame.

"Where's your shirt?" he asked her, gaining his usual arrogant nature quickly. She sniffed and hugged her exposed torso shyly.

"I had to use it to stop the bleeding," she replied in a whisper, still not meeting his eyes. Now, her conscience was kicking her for even thinking about attempted healing the old-fashion way. He was being a prick about it and she should've let him die.

His mouth fell open partially. She had sacrificed her own shirt so he wouldn't die. And she saved him without a wand. He knew how, of course, but it was still startling to him.

"You healed me," he stated, looking at her, his demeanor shifting automatically. She looked up, confused, and he gestured to his stomach.

Her mouth opened, and she lightly ran a hand over the long scar. His skin tingled at her touch, his muscles contracted and she realized what she was doing and instantly withdrew her hand. She looked at him, her eyes begging him to tell her how. He sighed and pushed himself up into a sitting position, feeling annoyed but gritting his teeth anyways. It wasn’t like he didn’t know this moment wasn’t coming. After all, it had been instructed of him.

"You've got powers that wizards can only get by potions, and even then, they're only temporary. There's something about you that's different, and you're one of the only witches in history that had ever been blessed like this. That's why you're here, Granger. You're a Lumerous Witch."

She stared at him, her gazed transfixed in thought. He continued on with his well practiced speech.

"Basically, you're associated completely around the moon. Everything you do, feel and have ever known is because of it. The full moon on Halloween is when you hit full power. Yet, if the moonlight touches you before then, everything that we've done so far is useless. This is why you are in this room. No matter where the moon is in the sky at night, its light can never hit you."

"Are you serious?" she breathed. He nodded. "But what happens afterwards? Surely you aren't just going to let me go back to Hogwarts with a basket full of knowledge. I mean, I'll know too much by then!" Hermione said, waving her arms dramatically, almost to the point of hysterics. Draco nodded grimly.

"That's why we aren't letting you go back," he explained slowly. Hermione stared at him. She opened her mouth, but he cut her off.

"No need to worry about schooling, working, or anything. That's all taken care of," he said.

"But I want to go back to school!" she protested. He rolled his eyes. "I've still got friends back there. I've got the responsibility as Head Girl! And you have it as Head Boy! How is either of us going to manage?" she asked. Her voice caused her to sound desperate and scared, regardless of the fact that Draco was the last person she wished to see her in a vulnerable state.

"I'm perfectly content on not going back to school, and you should be too. Who would want to go back to Potty and Weasel?" he asked, wrinkling his nose. Hermione shot him a dirty look.

"Alright, you obviously. Well, stop hoping because you aren't going back. You aren't seeing them again— ever," he added, his words adorned by his malicious grin.

"B-But... but where am I staying then? You can't possibly make me life in this dreaded cave for the rest of my life!" she cried, her face twisting up.

She stood abruptly and got a blanket, wrapped one around herself and then thought for a moment before tossing one at Draco. She wanted a moment to think, a moment of peace where she could pretend this wasn’t happening. However, even the comforting warmth of the blanket couldn’t grant her that specific security.

"There's hardly any food! I haven't eaten since you kidnapped me!" she added as her stomach gave a large, low grumble.

She hadn't really noticed her hunger because she was used to not eating that much. She walked back over and kneeled on the ground in front of him, wrapped up in the blanket.

"Oh don't worry. We won't be staying here. You'll be living in my manor until the Dark Lord has had his say," Draco said, pulling the blanket around his shoulders. Her hands flew to her mouth, and she stared at him wide eyed.

"Li-Living with you?" she stammered. He nodded, smirking slightly.

He was actually looking forward to it a little bit. Before, he detested the mere idea, but as he looked at her differently, (his smirk widened) he knew he'd be having some fun.

"Some life I'll have," she muttered angrily. Draco laughed.

"Oh, you just wait, Granger. You just wait," he said slyly.

She looked at him suspiciously for a moment, and opened her mouth. She thought, and closed her mouth and continued thinking. If she was going to live with him, somehow, she'd be able to escape. She knew she could.

She looked at Draco, who was watching her carefully, but suddenly there was a loud scrape at the door as it opened. Troy pushed the door slightly closed and looked incredulously back at the both of them. Neither of them had a shirt on, but merely blankets around them and he eyed Hermione suggestively, and she blushed and looked at the floor. He frowned slightly but his lips curved into his attractive smirk as he looked at Draco.

"Have fun, Draco?" Troy asked as he threw Draco's wand across the room.

Draco caught it easily, and he immediately pushed back the blanket and drew up a shirt identical to his last and put it on. Hermione gave him a pleading look, and, rather grudgingly because he liked the idea of her not having a shirt on, he pointed his wand at her and she quickly pushed back the blanket while he muttered a spell and she had the same shirt on as before. She glanced at it, and smiled at him gratefully.

Troy watched them with an utterly perplexed expression. "What the hell?" Troy asked him as he watched Draco draw up a shirt for the woman. Draco walked over to him and thrust his wand at his cousin's throat.

"Thanks Troy, for locking me in here without a wand! I could've died if it wasn't for her. Some fucking cousin you are," he snarled viciously.

Troy looked at him befuddled but in a moment he was raging mad because Draco drew back a fist and punched him savagely in the face. Troy growled, tackled him and thrust a fist to his mouth, hitting him back.

Hermione watched them wrestle and throw punches continuously for over five minutes like immature little boys. She snuck a look at where their wands were, and she saw that both of them were thrown carelessly on the floor at they got into the vicious fight.

Slowly and carefully, she reached forward and grabbed one, moving cautiously against wall until she got to the door. Through the small crack she peered out into the hallway and saw that it was dimly lit. She pushed open the door slightly, making no noise loud enough for the two brawling boys to hear.

Clutching the wand tightly, she edged out into the hallway, and took a few quick steps to the right. Nothing happened, and she turned and took off down the hallway, unnoticed and alone.

She sped around a corner, repeating numerous spells and curses she'd be able to use if she encountered anyone in her mind. But after uncountable minutes of running down the hallways that got steadily darker, she slowed down to a walk, and looked around cautiously. There wasn't anything or anyone, but just numerous doors and continuous hallways.

Eventually, with no interruption, she became curious to what was behind each door. She pressed her ear to one, and heard nothing inside. She carefully reached for the doorknob and pulled it open and looked in.

"Lumos," she whispered. Instantly a bright light filled the room. There wasn't anything in it.

Just my luck, she thought dryly.

She continued on, trying to open doors and see what was inside. Some didn't open, some had noises inside (she didn't open those ones) and others were just broom closets. After a long time, she decided to open one last door before looking for a way out (not that she hadn't been already). She reached for the door, but pressed her ear against it, and hearing nothing, she pulled it open.

She gasped; it was a large, empty room. There was a large arched window and at the top of it she had a perfect view of the moon. The pale white moonbeams spilled onto the floor and stopped a few feet before her. She stared at them, entranced, fully tempted to see what would happen if she let them touch her bare skin. It was a mystery, but she had no idea of the consequences.

Cautiously, she stepped forward and stood on the brink of the pale rays, so tempted to step forth into them, yet so scared to ruin her chances at getting her full power. Sure, she had no idea whatsoever what her powers were, but she knew on full moon she'd find out somehow.

She stood for nearly five minutes, pondering whether she should step ahead or not, when she realized that the rays were moving forward slightly as time moved on. Instinctively, she took a huge step backwards to the doorway, far away from the rays, and someone grabbed around the middle from behind.

"Good girl, Granger," Draco whispered into her ear, his lips brushing her skin. She sucked in her breath and froze, the cavities of her brain suddenly filling with ice, her nerves shutting down.

"Give me the wand," he directed. She didn't know why, but she held it out obediently and he calmly took it out of her hand and stuck it in his back pocket, his fingers tracing her waist and falling to the small of her back.

"Let's go, we can't stay here," he said, sounding distracted, moving her around quickly. His arm fell from behind her, grabbing onto her wrist and he tugged it relentlessly.

He backed away, pulling her with him. She stumbled backwards, and he grabbed her to prevent her from falling as his hand slipped from her wrist. He stood her up properly and pushed her along the hallway quickly.

"Where are you taking me?" she asked him.

"I was going to take you back to the room, but after what just happened I think I've got some people to talk to..." he said, more to himself then to her.

She kept quiet and simply walked without struggle. She knew it was better not to fight him at the moment, for if she did, his quiet mood could be shattered and he might turned violent quickly.

He walked for at least ten minutes, and then the path started to slant downwards again. He stopped, and her heart raced as she wondered what they were pausing for. He took out his wand and muttered the spell and kicked open the door. Troy walked gloomily out, a large welt on his cheek and his eye black.

Hermione failed to suppress a snicker that rose instantly, and he shot her an unpleasant glare. "Well, let's go, we've got to get to the meeting," Draco said without hesitation, handing a wand to Troy. Troy glared at him.

"We're bringing her?" he asked, gesturing to Hermione.

Draco nodded, and he pushed her and the three of them walked down the hallway, Draco and Troy talking back and forth, occasionally insulting each other, making jokes, all of which Hermione found extremely crude and stupid. She wondered how Troy could forget his wounds so easily and act like best friends with Draco again.

After five or so minutes, they slowed to a stop in front of a door. Troy opened it, walked in, and Draco pushed Hermione in after Troy. She froze to the ground as she caught the sight in front of her.

Draco kept saying 'meeting'. Now, she knew what 'meeting' meant.

There was a long table with at least thirty people sitting at it that could easily seat plenty more, chatting to neighbors and as she slowly looked towards the head of the table in horror, she saw the Dark Lord himself talking quietly to Lucius Malfoy. The two of them looked up at the sudden entrance, and Hermione immediately looked towards the ground, feeling hatred burning on her neck.

After a moment, some of the talking ceased in the room, and Draco pressed down firmly on her shoulder.

"Get on your knee," he hissed at her.

Instantly she dipped down before Draco got on one knee behind her, his hand still on her shoulder, his fingers curling on her bone. Hermione started to tremble as she looked down at the feet of a new person. She didn't want to know who it was, but she already knew.

"Draco, why have you brought her?" Voldemort asked Draco as he looked down at Hermione with great distaste. Draco gripped her shoulder as she started to shake in fear.

"I brought her because I wanted to tell you, Master, that she is ready," he said obediently. Voldemort gave him a cruel smile.

"So soon? My, my Mudblood, you have surprised me. Look at me when I speak to you, Mudblood," he added viciously.

Shaking out of fear, she reluctantly looked up into the malicious red slit eyes of Lord Voldemort, and she whimpered and cowered against Draco. The Dark Lord sneered at her before turning and walking back to his seat. Draco stood and pulled her with him.

Voldemort held up his hand, and there was instant silence. "An announcement for you all!" he exclaimed, his voice ringing throughout the room. Everyone looked at him. He shot a brutal smirk to Hermione before looking at the members of the room.

"The never ending Harvest moon... has arrived."



Alrighty now I'm done with that!

That little scene where Hermione miraculously saved Draco with like water and a blanket, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. I have absolutely no idea if that would really work or not, but I needed something to save him and it was working so far! :)

Erm, I've gotten a lot of people asking WHY oh WHY Hermione just handed over the wand to him without a second thought…. My only answer was that there were "other forces at work", so yeah, be all mystified but be happy I provided an answer.

So, thank you A ROSESINNOCENCE for being the wonderful beta and making this spectacularly awesome!

Please review!

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