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Five Years had passed since Isabelle, or Elle, Dursley had left her parents home in Privet Drive to attend Hogwarts School Of Witch Craft and Wizardry. As much as she hated to admit it, Elle desperately wanted to see her family again. She loved it in Godric Hollow with Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny, but apart of her wanted to know if her parents missed, or even remembered her. She was sitting on the Hogwarts express returning home after her fifth year. She was no longer a quiet brown haired little girl, but a smart, witty young woman with plenty of attitude. Hogwarts had been the beginning of Elle. She made friends with her housemates in Gryffindor and quickly became a very popular student amongst Gryffindors and other houses. She was currently sitting beside Sirius in the compartment along with Ryan Wood, Stephen Longbottom, Sarah Weasly(Hermione and Ron’s daughter) and Louise Weasly( George’s daughter). As Elle became lost in her thoughts about her family, her friends played exploding snap as the train sped back towards London and away from the castle Elle had grown to love just as much as Uncle Harry’s house. It was the 10th of July and it would be Elle’s 16th birthday the next day and she was not looking forward to it one bit. Her birthday’s depressed her. She was surrounded by a family she hadn’t known about until the day after her 11th birthday who would go to so much fuss and her own parents couldn’t even send her a card. “Elle?” Sirius called toward his cousin, who was staring out the window. “Elle?” he tried again and got no answer. He whipped his wand out and muttered a spell. “ELLE?” He bellowed, his voice magically modified echoing in the small compartment. “Sirius! Bloody hell! What are you playing at?” Elle grumbled, dragging her eyes away from the rolling country side. “Glad to bring you back to the living.” He shouted. He pointed his wand at himself. “Whoops sorry guys! Forgot to reverse it!” He muttered, blushing amidst the laughter from his friends and cousins. “What did you mean by that?” Elle asked. “I meant that I had performed a spell but hadn’t performed the counter spell to remove it.” He told her, confused. Elle was the smartest witch since Hermione Granger! Surely she knew about counter spells. “I gathered that genius! I meant what did u mean about bringing me back to the living?” Elle laughed. “Oh right!” Sirius laughed. “You were day dreaming and we were trying to get your attention.” “Why didn’t you just hit me then?” Elle asked, dumfounded by her cousin’s idiocy “Because, I knew you would hex me or jinx me or hurt me!” Sirius replied indignantly, while the rest of the compartment murmured their ascent. “Excuse me! I am not violent!” Elle declared, punching Sirius in the arm, before laughing. The rest of the journey passed quickly as the 6 teens talked and laughed about past pranks they had played on their fellow school mates. Soon enough the train rolled to a gentle stop at King’s Cross station, platform 9 ¾. The group grabbed all their belongings and made their way through the crowded train toward the archway that lead to the Muggle part of the station. Elle smiled at the prospect of seeing Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny but a part of her was feeling guilty that she wanted to see her parents. Shaking her head to rid her mind of thoughts of her parents, Elle approached the barrier and talking casually with Sarah and Louise, they fell through on to the other side to find an assortment of people waiting patiently for their children. They approached Ginny, Ron, George and Alicia, smiling at the prospect of 6 whole weeks of just lazing about, playing Quidditch and contemplating doing homework. “Where are Sirius and Lily?” Aunt Ginny asked, after hugging Elle. “Sirius is just coming with Stephen and Ryan and pass on Lily.” Elle laughed. Sure enough Sirius approached his parents grinning, until that is his mother embraced him in tight hug, causing Stephen and Ryan to laugh, until their mothers done the same thing. “Hi Elle! Hi Mum, Dad.” Lily trilled approaching her parents. “Where were you on the train Elle?” Lily asked, after hugging Ginny tightly. “Ahem!” Sirius called loudly to his sister, after finishing speaking to his father. “Yes?” Lily enquired, turning to face her brother. “Do I not get a hello?” He demanded. “I spoke to you before you came through the barrier!” Lily laughed. “Oh yeah!” Sirius muttered, comprehension dawning on him. “Come on you lot, let’s get you home!” Ginny called. Back at the Potter’s home in Godric Hollow, Elle had excused herself to her room, under the pretense that she was tired. She had only been sitting in there for a few minutes, stroking her owl Jade, when Harry came into her room, looking rather concerned. “Elle, what’s up?” He asked softly “Hey Uncle Harry! Nothing! Just felt a bit tired.” Elle smiled. “Don’t lie to me!” Harry laughed. “I’m the master at hiding things!” “I don’t want to talk about it.” She said sadly, turning to look out the window. “It’s your parents isn’t it?” He asked, knowingly. “Yes.” She whispered sadly, feeling stupid at admitting it. “You shouldn’t be ashamed that you miss them.” Harry told her, patting her shoulder. “It’s natural.” “But I feel bad, I feel like I’m being horrible to you and Aunt Ginny for wanting to see them again.” Elle burst out, angry at herself. “Elle, honey, it’s completely understandable. Me and Ginny could never replace your family, we have always known that.” Harry whispered, settling himself down beside his niece, placing an arm around her shoulder. “You and Aunt Ginny have been a better family to me than my own parents have ever been, even before the stuff I did. I just want to know if they remember me.” She said softly. She felt weak for even admitting that she missed them. Elle Dursley wasn’t a weak little girl; she was strong minded Gryffindor witch! “A part of me wants to give them a piece of my mind!” She added, angrily. “I tell you what, the day after tomorrow, how about me and you pay your mum and dad a visit?” Harry asked. “I like that idea. Are you sure you want to come?” she asked. “Very sure!” Harry replied, smirking.

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