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I was a nervous wreck; there was no denying it, as I stood there, playing with my bangs, pacing back and forth. Those extra 5 minutes felt like I was 5 years early and so I was busy staring at myself in one of the ticket windows when the clock tower banged an ominous 10 clangs. I had been about to get quite angry at the fact he was late when I heard a familiar cool, yet not so biting voice reach my ears and I saw a certain blonde-haired man in the reflection of the ticket window.

"Awww Granger," he said, with an obvious mocking tone in his voice, "you needn't touch yourself up in a ticket window's reflection just for me." He cast a large smirk in my direction as I whirled around to face him. Damn he was so tall... why did I have to be so short?

"Trust me, I wasn't," I replied curtly, looking him over a moment. Of course he always looked perfectly groomed, which did annoy me, dressed in his black button up shirt and dark jeans that contrasted sharply with his pale hair and skin. I sulked slightly for a moment, before letting a slight smirk cross my own face. "Though it pains me to say, you look a teensy bit better not covered in mud," I added, quirking my eyebrows.

"Oh dear me, where are my manners?" he said, still mockingly, but he caught me off guard because he didn't seem angered at the remembrance at his less-than-graceful fall only hours before. "I forgot to thank you, that mud treatment did wonders on my complexion," he said, narrowing his eyes. I had almost chanced laughing, but stopped myself before I could show any sort of affection towards the prick. "Cut the crap, Granger, where are we going?" he said, and I noticed his foot tapping in impatience.

Gee... I hadn't really thought that through yet. "Uh, it's... this way," I said, pointing in a random direction and started walking with confidence even though I was simply praying there was a coffee place around here. I really didn't go out for coffee, I made my own, because in case you all haven't caught on, I wasn't the most social of creatures back then. Draco trailed on my heels, a little too close for comfort.

I slowly edged to the other side of the sidewalk, thinking we could walk on opposite sides and not speak to each other unless we have to. Remember, I still was completely defenseless and with a guy who had made my whole school career a living hell. I really didn't want him walking right next to me. And yet when I started to edge to the left, he followed, walking right next to me. Frustrated, I sped up to a fast walk down the sidewalks of London, but he easily kept up with his long legs. I side glanced at him and thought I could see the traces of a smirk forming on his face.

I quickly slowed down to about a crawl, but he leisurely slowed down to walk right next to me. True, we were going to coffee together, but that didn't mean he had to be like... within touching distance did it? So incredibly fed up with this violation of my personal space, I started veering back and forth the wide sidewalks. Yet he kept up with me in a manner that truly astounded me, never changing expressions even though I knew I was looking like a complete idiot, still hopefully looking for a coffee shop. After even people across the street started staring at the pair of us, I could see that Draco was starting to show signs of really getting miffed.

"Damn it Granger, stop acting like a nutter," he whispered, and made a movement, looking at first as though he was going to grab my upper arm, but seemed to notice everyone watching us so he roughly grabbed my hand. Outraged that the enemy holding my hand, but not wanting to make a scene, I resorted to digging my nails into the palm of his hand. I saw him wince, but he still held on, if anything he held tighter. "Can you be anymore conspicuous?" he hissed again, yanking on me like a rag doll, and seeing no other way out, started walking down the street at an alarmingly quick pace, just wanting it to be over. For him to leave.

"Just... shut up Malfoy, we're nearly there," I lied, having never really been in this part of the city. However luckily I spotted a coffee shop and nearly ran up to it, yanking my hand out of his as I darted inside, Draco lazily swaggering in after me.

It was called Latte-Da, and though it was rather small, the place was busy and would work perfectly if they wanted to have a private conversation. There were tiny tables spaced out around the area, and there was the dull murmur of many voices talking. My comrade walked up right behind me, seeming to look around also, and a shiver ran down my spine and I quickly moved to get a coffee. A nice big one, I had the sinking feeling this could take a while, and I'd need some sort of distraction. As I added my sugar and cream, Draco also got a rather large cup, and that confirmed my thoughts that they'd be in each other's presence for a while. I took a quick glance of the place and found a rather secluded table in the corner. I quickly sat down, while Draco yet again seemed to take an hour to get from A to B with that cocky swagger of his. Couldn't he just walk like a normal human being?

Yet as I looked around, I noticed many girls who'd been typing on laptops, or chatting among themselves had looked up to chance a few glances at him. I rolled my eyes and tried to resist the temptation to gag. He finally sat down, and I glared at all the girls staring at him. They seemed to get the idea and returned back to their previous activities as I moodily stirred my drink. I took a deep breath, knowing this was it as I looked up from my drink to meet those stormy gray eyes.

"Alright, just so you know... I have my wand, and if you do anything funny... anything funny at all I'll... Well, lets just say I don't care anymore how many muggles see me perform magic, or how many years I spend in Azkaban, and..." I said angrily, but he just put a finger to his lips and I ended up trailing off to a small mumble before silencing completely, instantly angry with myself for obeying him and ended up stirring my coffee quite forcefully.

Still with a finger to his lips he pulled out a small, shining silver instrument and I quickly looked around nervously. Though it seemed everyone was back absorbed in their own conversations, though my eyes were wide in fright. Just what was he doing. The thing looked to be a mixture between a calculator and weathervane, and it slowly and silently started whirling as Draco watched intently. The weathervane spun faster and faster before stopping dead, pointing both at Draco and me before spinning again incredibly fast. But then it slowly slowed down to a stop and I was stumped as to what it had done to me. Draco quickly stuffed it back in his coat, which I now noticed was obviously magical because it fit the object inside without creating a lump of any kind in the pocket. I just glared at him waiting for an explanation.

"It's a magic detector, can tell if there are any witches or wizards in the general area... newer version," he spoke quietly, glancing around before letting his eyes settle back on me as I nodded. "Hermione, give me your wand," he continued in a low tone, gently tapping my knee under the table to mean that he wanted it passed under the table.

I was so concerned that he'd used my first name that I almost didn't catch what he'd said, but when he tapped my knee, my reflex was to move and so I ended up slamming my knee into the table, causing me to let out a yelp and have everyone look over at us. I glared at them all and they went back to their business. I could feel my eyes well up with tears from the sudden pain but I was determined to not let them fall. Did he really think I was stupid enough to hand him over the wand... the enemy?

"No," I hissed silently, glaring at him... this little meeting was not going too great so far.

"Damn it," he murmured back, "I don't want us being overheard... if you won't let me do it, cast a spell on these muggles so we can be sure they won't hear them." And I realized he was right about how we didn't want to be overheard, but he seemed much more anxious about it than I was. Did he really think there was a witch or wizard here, spying on them?

"Fine, you do it," I said, willing my hand to stop trembling as I reached into my coat pocket. I pretended it was no big deal, but in fact I was terrified of using my wand or any kind of magic again, and so I basically tossed the piece of wood from underneath the table, which Draco fumbled with but luckily caught it so it didn't clatter to the floor.

I screwed up my eyes and threw my hands over my ears as he started muttering the incantation out of instinct. It would be too much to even watch or hear him perform magic, and I was so on edge I failed to notice that he neglected to hand me back my wand. He leaned closer, still whispering even though the two of us could no longer be overheard. I very carefully removed my hands from my ears and opened my eyes, taking a drink of my coffee.

"Hermione," he said again quietly, still leaving me on edge when he used my first name, "you've got to be careful... You don't realize how many people, from both sides are watching you," he finished quietly, and I could see just a sliver of flash across his expression. That more than anything freaked me out, it was completely Big Brother-ish. I looked around nervously for a moment before returning my eyes to Draco, simply nodding.

"Now listen carefully... my turn to talk..." he started quietly, and my hand shook as I took a drink of my coffee, my eyes fixed on those gray orbs of his, terrified to look at him, yet even more scared to look away.

Whoo, on a roll! Anyway... I was going to include the explanation in this chapter.. but I didn't think it would do it justice so decided to turn it over to the next chapter... Did you notice? They held hands *squee!* Even if it wasn't really out of choice...

Any criticisms would be lovely, I want to know how I'm doing with the first person... and if it's too dark... or too comical... or just right... whether the characters are even close to cannon... or what... so tell me! Please!

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