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Eat Your Heart Out

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The familiar breeze of post-summer hung in the air. Spraying leaves all over the premises, colors of brown and green littered the entire ground of grass. They passed by ever so quickly, as in fast motion. One by one, the hues caught her eyes. Even through the window, her blue orbs didn’t seem to miss a moment. They were locked for perfection.

Her forehead was pressed against the window. Tight glass, she could feel the pressure brought forth. Nonetheless, her lips were slightly parted in entranced fascination. Or so it looked from the outside. She must have gotten used to the atmosphere surrounding her; it was the same year after year. Not changing for a bit, lest you counted the age.

Strands of her hair fell out of place. She extracted a hand, slowly, lifting her fingers closer to the tendrils. Pulling them back behind her ear, she leaned back slightly, so now that the creases in her forehead were far from invisible. At least now her hair was not astray.

Knees buckled back, she had her ankles crossed out of pure habit. Carefully, she sat back in her seat, watching the settings roll on by. She was in motion, on the train that led her to the next seven or eight months of her life. Without any more of a word from her family she would go on, unless she’d happen to make it home for Christmas.

She was going back to Hogwarts, for her final year. Seventeen, outgoing, optimistic, and in the House of Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood knew the school like the palm of her hand. Never in a million years had she expected to reach it, the Year in which she would be able to decide where her final road would take her. All in all, she was now to pick her path for the future.

Heaving her legs up, she placed them on the empty bench in front of her. Actually, the whole compartment was bare, except for her. This was always the room she used, and it had basically been marked with her name, only in invisible ink. Anyone could tell who inhabited the compartment, unless they were a First Year.

Luna bit the insides of her cheek idly, while bringing her hand up to her ear. Grasping something - a stick-like object - from behind her ear, she drew it out leisurely. The girl’s wand was held in her hand, as if a writing utensil. Blinking, the blonde averted her blue gaze to meet the appearance of the thin instrument.

She pursed her lips, then started waving it about gradually. She didn’t have any particular intentions with it. The only idea revolving around in her mind was why in which was she alone - still. If she hadn’t taken up a compartment with a few friends for the last four years, she would have thought it ordinary. But she had, and it wasn’t. And that made her worry.

Luna couldn’t even remember the last time she had been on the Hogwarts Express in which she had been this lonely, or at least yearning for someone else to join her. But not a single line or expression on her face was obvious of such a wish. Rather, she was allowing sincerity and serenity to envelope her. The usual, dazed twinkle was still corrupting her blue eyes. She was still Luna; Luna Lovegood, the one and only.


It had been a long summer, that Luna had spent with her father. You see, that was the only parent she had left. Her mother had passed away, a couple years back, due to a magical accident; actually, a spell had backfired on her. Luna had yet to recover from the powerful attack and realization.

Fall of reality, she wasn’t the type to speak carefully. She told people what was on her mind, even though she always appeared to be mute. Pouted lips now of ruby, she necessarily did not like being so vague in a crowd. That was one of the reasons why she always chose a different style for her attire, each and every day. It just so happened, today - the first day of term, back to school - was the day she would be displaying hundreds of bangles on her arms.

One of every color, the blonde was used to the odd stares. She appeared to be oblivious to it all, nonetheless it was as if she had eyes in the back of her head. Even on the train, as she was exiting through the compartment and down the corridor, the distinct voice of laughter was ringing through her ears. Up until the point she made it down to the proper ground level, of the Hogsmeade Station, only then did Luna breathe regularly. She had faltered back there for a moment.

Straightening up, she held onto her book bag’s strap tightly. Almost with a grip that caused her knuckles to grow white, Luna heaved the bag on up to her shoulder. Leaving it there, she began to walk close to where the other students were leading. It was the same every year.

Luna stayed quiet, observing other from the corner of her eyes. She was trying to search the area for a familiar bob of flaming, red tendrils. Orbs squinted, even she could not make out the obvious color in the throng of people. Nevertheless, Luna didn’t feel the least bit obligated to find her friend, neither it matter that she was probably behind her or just way too ahead.

Either way, Luna had been left alone. And for the remainder of the day, she only wished to spend it just like any other teenager. She wanted to see her friends, after three months of absolutely nothing to do. She had missed the laughter, the joyous tones, and the sincerity of her relationships. However, she hadn’t missed the odd looks other students would give her. Even the beams and rays bounced off from there were too much to take.

And there was also another person she was looking for. While striding towards the carriages led to the castle by thestrals, Luna didn’t even think twice to blink. She was scanning the station for a familiar bloke. She remembered him to be quite tall, but nothing impressive, and to have a hair of light brown hair. Colin Creevy. Just where he’d been the whole train ride, Luna could only assume something important had held him off.

The boy was one of her good friends, or rather the only one of the male species she trusted with her own life. It had started back in their Third or Fourth Year, and Luna had never let herself forget it. She had owed him friendship, as he did in return. You could say they had found each other’s paths so willingly. And Colin had just so happened to welcome her with open arms.

He wasn’t too much of a social bird. That was something Luna found appealing. She knew far too many famous people. Harry Potter might have the right, but there were many others. Luna would do good to know someone so ordinary - someone in her same disposition. And that someone had ended up to be Colin Creevy.

Even as she walked near the carriage that looked to be vacant, she could swear she felt someone’s eyes on her. Blinking slowly, her eyes were caught in darkness for a moment before they were wide open again, with the rays of sunlight bounding inward. Blue sparkles danced in her orbs, as her lips were pressed into a small, dull frown.

She was hearing something. The divergent noise of clicks - camera clicks - and light of constant flashes were trapping her in her tracks. Stopping momentarily, she craned her neck back and forth, to glance left and right. Where there was a camera, surely there would be -

But before Luna could even get that thought across, she could hear - and see - a group a giggling girls milling about before her. Only a few yards off, Luna crept closer, dismissing the thought of getting into the carriage for the moment. She briefly licked her lips and faltered, before holding herself in place and lightly stepping closer to the group. She could have sworn…

And there it was again. Another flash. Luna blinked back her surprise, and her mouth fell agape. Eyes ticking back and forth, she could make out a rather tall person among the girls. She tore the shape apart, and could immediately reveal it to be a boy. That could only possibly mean -

“Oh, Colin, no!” a girl said, overdramatically. The blonde’s eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t even wait another second, for another gushing phrase or flash, to make her way across the remains of space. She possibly knew who it was, and she wasn’t going to let him slip through her fingers.

Slipping between the throng of nitwits of girls, as Luna referred to them inwardly, she gently trudged onward. The boy was facing away from her, yet she had the feeling of who it could be. Swallowing thickly, unbeknownst to her, she didn’t even register the symptoms of nerves. Cocking her head to the side and squinting her eyes against the sunlight, she held out a hand to lightly tap the boy on the shoulder.

He was pretty tall. Not how she had remembered her mate to be. Only three months ago, they had been of the same height, and he wasn’t actually the type of person to go on talking and mingling with many girls. Actually, Luna had been sure she had been the only girl he had spoken to without stuttering. Back then, she had felt some sort of superiority and luck for that opportunity. Only, it seemed to wash away - the feeling did - for eternity, just as the lad spun around slowly.

The same eyes of blue - which reflected the sun’s light - were looking down at her, just as they would stare across a few months back. The same nose, built and carved carefully was level with the top of her head, basically. Also, the ragged chin, which had certainly developed a masculine ability to it, was jutted out firmly with some sense of defiance.

And for a moment Luna felt intimidated. The silence ringing around her was deafening, and making her feet turn numb. Nonetheless, she was a girl. And she was one of them as well. Why should she be any different? Even if she wasn’t one of them.

“…” Speechless, for a moment. Then, trying not to choke it out, she murmured, “Colin?” Then, adding a small - forced - smile to be believable that she was just as exasperated. All the same, she wanted to look appear excited, rather than flustered. For the sight before her, was one to see - one she had never dreamed of seeing in a million years.

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