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A/N- Alrighty here you guys go. I was thinking. Would anyone like to be my beta reader? I'm not being as careful anymore when I type and I don't think its fair to my readers. If you would like to, drop a review with your name and e-mail for me. I wasn't going to update tonight. Buuut I needed soemthing to do while my iPod charged. :o) So I thought of you. I know some people were confused with why Draco was being mean...Hope this can clear it up a little me :o) Enjoy!
-------------------- Chapter Fourteen *Draco*
I walked back to Hogwarts from Hogsmeade. ‘I pushed too far. Way too far.’ I walked into the school to find Blaise walking over to me. “You alright?” He asked me. “I messed up horribly.” I stated. Blaise was the only one who knew about Hermione. He raised his eyebrows at me in confusion. “Okay well, I figured that if I started treating her like I use to, then she’d see its better when we’re a thing…” I continued, explaining the whole situation to Blaise. “So basically, you’re saying- you saw the boundary line, then proceeded to jump ten feet over it?” He recapped. “Yeah.” I sighed. “So just get back in bounds. Apologize, explain why. Say you know it was wrong and you regret it completely and you’ll do anything to make it up to her.” Blaise instructed. I sighed and went up to the common room for a nap. I needed to think. I woke up to see Hermione straddling my waist. I was about to make a comment to her when the anger in her eyes made me change my mind. “Look, Hermione-“ I started. She jabbed her wand into my throat, causing me to stop. ‘Oh shit.’ was all I could think. “How DARE you even let my name past your lips?” She asked. I didn’t say anything, figuring it best to keep quiet for once. For the first time, I was the one cornered and scared and defenseless- and I couldn’t have deserved it more. “You listen to me and you listen to every word clearly. I may have been considered trash by you before you knew I was pure, but even then I had respect, as I do now. I EARNED every ounce of that respect” She said jabbed me with her wand with each word. I gulped. “I didn’t have to get respect because my daddy was a death eater and I would threaten them with Voldemort. I am better than you. My respect is pure, not mudded by the dark mark.” Her wand jabbed me again. “Never in your life will you ever have a right to let anything about my parents neither pass through your thoughts nor escape you lips. You are a foul, loathsome creature Malfoy.” Her voice dripped with venom. “And I will not have you fucking up their memory.” She finished. I sat there looking into her eyes, they were now cold and emotionless. I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. “You know.” She said thoughtfully. “I could kill you right now and no one would notice. I could do it the muggle way and they would have no proof it was me.” She stated. Though I knew she wouldn’t actually kill me. For now it was just a scare tactic. “Don’t turn into me.” I whispered, feeling my voice catch in my throat. “Please, don’t turn into me, and treat me and I have treated you. You’re not that kind of person Hermione. You’re not a mean person. That’s what everyone loves about you.” Hermione dropped her wand, tears spilling from her eyes. I reached a hand up to brush them away. “Don’t. touch. me.” She growled. My hand recoiled as she got off of me and left the room.
What had I done? I had done what I needed to do. But still- Was I in fact turning into him? I did basically call him a mudblood, told him he wasn’t good enough, then threatened to kill him.’ My mind was working on overdrive. “I have to find Harry and Ron.” I said aloud, running from the common room. I walked into the Gryffindor common room and ran over to Ron and hugged him. I couldn’t help the tears spilling from my eyes. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes and said something to me, but I couldn’t make out what he said. Suddenly everything went black. I felt a warm body next to me. I smiled and cuddled closer to it. I opened my eyes to see Ron, asleep. I smiled and brushed the hair off his face. He stirred and looked around. He spotted me then smiled and pulled me into a hug. I smiled weakly. I saw him look up and his emotions turned to stone. “Get out” he growled looking through a break in the curtains surrounding the bed. I was in the hospital wing. I turned to see who Ron was yelling at. “Is she okay?” I heard Malfoy ask quietly. “Get out! This whole bloody mess is your fault!” Ron screamed. Malfoy’s face grew sad and he turned and left. I suddenly remembered everything that happened the passed few days like I had been his with the knight bus. “Bloody hell,” I murmured burying my face in the pillow. “Hermione.” I heard Harry whisper. I opened my eyes but couldn’t see anyone. Ron was gone and it was dark. I must have fallen asleep. “Great now I’m going bloody insane.” I whispered. “No you’re not.” I heard Harry whisper and suddenly he appeared next to my bed. “If Promfrey catches me, I’m dead.” He said giving me a hug. “What happened?” “Oh Harry!” I cried into his shoulder. He laid down next to me and covered all of him except his head with his cloak. I cried on him and told him everything, everything about Draco, about the funeral, about Hogsmeade and what I did in return. I finished and he laid there staring at me. For a moment I thought he might be asleep but then his face softened and I realized he was still taking it all in. “What do I do?” I whispered accompanied by a fresh wave of tears. “How do you feel about Malfoy?” Harry asked. “I don’t want anything to do with him. I thought he had changed but he hasn’t.” I said. We sat in silence for a few minutes. My thoughts drifted to Ron. He had been acting very different lately. I kind of liked it. “Me and Gin are back together.” Harry told me with a huge grin overtaking all of his features. His smile made me smile. “Good” I told him ruffling his hair more, if that was even possible. The next morning I awoke to find Harry gone and the sun streaming onto my bed. “Hermione you can go back toy our dorm now. Try to lesson your amounts of stress.” Madame Promfrey told me, handing me my clothes. I closed the curtain and changed. “’Mione!” I heard Ron as I left the hospital wing. “Hi Ron” I said smiling. “You want to go for a walk around the lake?” He asked. “No thanks. I just got out and I really wanna shower.” I told him. “Then I’ll walk you to your common room.” He told me. “Okay,” I said smiling. “And, if you wanted, I could come in the shower with you, and you know, make sure nothing happens to you while you’re in there.” He said slyly. I laughed. Since when did Ron actually know how to talk to girls? “You can shower with me on one condition Ronald.” I stated. He looked at me with curiosity. “We both will wear our swimming suits.” He laughed. “Okay,” He said. “Accio Swim trunks” He said as we walked past the Gryffindor common room. Ron caught them and we went to the heads common room. I went into my room and changed into my bikini. I walked into the bathroom with Ron in tow. Draco was at one of the sinks washing his face. “Do you think, Malfoy, that we could have some privacy?” I asked. “Yeah” Draco said sourly. He looked over at us and his eyes slowly scanned my body. Little did I know, Ron’s were doing the same. Draco glanced at Ron and his eyes flashed dangerously of jealousy. I smirked and locked the door behind him. I got in the shower in my bikini and soon after Ron followed. “I feel like I’m five” he stated. I laughed. “Yeah, but its kind of fun acting immature.” I said starting to wash my hair. Ron inhaled the scent of my shampoo deeply. “So that is what makes you smell so intoxicating?” he questioned. “I guess so.” I said smirking. Ron put soap on his hands and began to massage my shoulders. “Are you trying to turn me on Weasley?” I asked. “Not at all” He said smiling innocently. “Good” I told him smiling. “I might have to kick you out of my shower if you were.” He laughed and I smiled as he washed the soap off his hands and I rinsed my shoulders then turned off the water. I wrapped a towel tightly around myself. Ron took out his wand and cast a warming spell on both our towels. I smiled and closed my eyes, welcoming the warmth on my cold skin. I opened my eyes to see Ron pulling his clothes over his bathing suit. “I’m gonna get back to the common room. I have ten inches due tomorrow.” He said. “Okay. I’m going to walk around the grounds but if you need help just owl me.” I told him. “Come here my bookworm.” He said pulling me into a tight hug. I laughed. “I’m not a bookworm this year.” I stated. “Is all of your homework done?” He asked. “Yes” I told him. “You’re still a bookworm.” He teased then kissed me on the cheek. I looked at him and his ears turned redder than his hair. I smiled then grabbed his hand, leading him from the bathroom to the common room. “Go do your homework!” I told him smiling. “On one condition.” He said. I raised my eyebrows in question. “If I get a kiss goodbye.” He stated.
*disclaimer- I own nothing you recognize*** A/N- Muwahaha Cliffy. [looks innocent] I had to! Hope that cleared things up for you. :o) Once again- thanks to lucifes_draco caity sweetest4goodbye wow Those people have posted reviews for the prev. chap at the time I am posting this one. Thanks guys! :o* Don't forget to let me know if You want to be my beta reader. :o)

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