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Chapter Eleven: The Daughters of Osiris

Hermione awoke several hours later, unsure of her whereabouts or even how exactly she had come to be there. She opened her eyes and looked around the room she was in and was in awe. This was definitely not the small, cold, chamber in the Malfoy’s dungeons. This room was bright and airy and full of colors. She was lying on a plush queen size bed with gold silk sheets. The sunlight was now pouring happily through an open window.

Throwing her legs over the edge of the bed, she noticed her wand resting on a cherry wood bedside table. There were clean clothes laying across the white and gold, flowered, chaise lounge sitting catty-corner from the bed. Hermione rose hesitatingly from the bed, cautiously taking in her surroundings, fearing that suddenly they would simply vanish and she’d be back in the dungeon cell that she had been in before. She quickly crossed to the chaise and stripped off her crème satin pajamas, that were covered in simple red roses and designed in an oriental style (which confused her a bit too, that she was no longer in her clothes that she remembered going to the manor in) and replaced her clothing with the ones left for her. There were a gorgeous pair of deep blue denim jeans (Hermione could tell they were definitely expensive) and a deep, hunter green cashmere sweater. It felt warm and soft against her skin and she breathed in the smooth scent deeply.

A sudden knock on the door jerked Hermione from her momentary reverie and she dashed to the bedside table and grabbed her wand. The door opened just as Hermione got her hand around the wand and she whipped around, pointing her wand directly at the woman who was now standing in the doorway. Hermione was shocked to see that she knew the woman.

“Bethany?” Hermione asked. “What are you doing here? Where am I?”

Bethany walked into the room and smiled. “You are at my house.” She put up her hand to stop Hermione’s question that she knew she was about to ask. “And yes, Draco, Viktor and Ron are all fine. They are downstairs having some breakfast at the moment. You are welcome to join them if you would like to but afterwards we need to have a talk, okay?”

Hermione looked at her curiously for a moment and then nodded at the young raven haired woman. She smiled slightly and darted from the room, anxious to see her friends and her fiancé. She was still confused as to exactly what was going on and how exactly they had gotten there but at the moment she didn’t care as long as they all were safe. She made her way through the modest sized house in search of the dining room and when she finally saw it, her eyes lit up at the occupants.

“Draco!” Hermione cried as she saw her fiancé. Draco looked up from his plate and jumped from his chair to greet her. Hermione darted across the large dining room and practically jumped into his arms. He covered her in tender kisses.

“Oh my gods, I was so scared.” Hermione mumbled in between kisses. She roamed her hands over his face and through his hair as if she wasn’t sure if this was a dream or not.

“I’m here baby. Everything’s alright now.” Draco murmured to her, stroking her hair and holding her close, completely oblivious to the other occupants of the room until Ron cleared his throat.

“Ahem.” Ron coughed, attempting to get their attention. Hermione broke back from the embrace for a moment before dashing around the table to her two friends and pulling them up to her, gathering them in her arms.

“Okay, okay, ‘Mione.” Ron gasped and tried to pull from her grasp. “You’re suffocating me!” The group laughed slightly as Hermione freed Ron and Viktor from her embrace.

The group sat back down at the table and another woman came through the door carrying a plate of delicious looking food and set it down in front of Hermione then rushed back through the door again. Hermione watched after her with curiosity again wondering what in the world was going on. Hermione brushed the thoughts aside for a moment and dug into her breakfast, suddenly realizing that she was starving.

Almost an hour later, the four of them had finished their breakfasts and were just getting up from the table when Bethany came into the dining room.

“Hermione, we would like to speak with you in the sitting room. Could you come with me please?” Bethany asked politely. “You guys could go into the game room…it’s just down the hall; third door on the left if you’d like.”

Bethany left the room and Draco looked at Hermione. Hermione simply nodded, telling him to go ahead and she would see him in a little while. Draco, Ron and Viktor looked at each other and slowly moved down the hallway as Hermione turned and left through the same door that Bethany just had. She walked down a short hallway and entered through an open door and saw a large sitting room filled with other women. Bethany was sitting on the couch with a couple others and motioned for Hermione to sit in a chair adjacent to them. Hermione sat down timidly, looking around at all the others looking at her. She suddenly felt nervous, not liking the fact that she was oblivious to what was going on. After a couple uncomfortable moments, Hermione finally spoke up, eager for some insight.

“Um so whats going on Bethany? What happened back at the manor? How did we get here and who are all these people??” Hermione rambled off, looking around the room. A slightly older woman seated beside Bethany addressed Hermione’s questions.

“This, Hermione,” the woman said. “Is the headquarters for the Daughters of Osiris. Everyone in this room has some kind of related tie to the great God Osiris, just as you do.”

Hermione looked shocked. “But if everyone here is related to him then why is Voldemort only after me? Why cant he just choose one of you to do his stupid bidding?!” Hermione screamed, letting her feelings overwhelm her for a moment.

“The Dark Lord ‘chose’ you ,” the woman continued as if Hermione had never spoken. “Because you are the only one with the direct relation to him. True that we all have some sort of connection to the Great One, but you, Hermione, are the only one directly related by bloodline. And that is why Lord Voldemort has chosen you, because you are the only one who can do what he wants.”

Hermione looked around the room completely dumbfounded.

How come they never told me before? Was all she could think of for a few moments as the shock wore off.

“So, that’s great and all but it still doesn’t answer how you found us at the manor last night or how we ended up here.” Hermione said matter-of-factly, staring at the woman who had been addressing her.

“Well that is not so easy to explain. See, we have kept a record of every ‘daughter’ born throughout the wizarding world. You were the first true bloodline daughter born in the last century. We had thought the line was lost but then you came along. We have been tracking your whereabouts and keeping an eye on you throughout your years at Hogwarts thanks to the late Albus Dumbledore, you and your fiance because of your special connection. When we caught word that you had gone to Malfoy Manor last night to try and obtain the Book, we immediately set out to try and help you.” The woman explained.

“If you knew to help out last night then, pardon me, but where in the bloody hell were you all back in February when Voldemort had me kidnapped and held captive for three days? Where were you when my best friend came to rescue me and was murdered in front of my eyes because of it?” Hermione hollered at the group, her anger boiling up inside her.

The group all exchanged looks with one another. Most of them diverted their eyes from Hermione to the floor, unwilling to look at her. The woman addressed her again, this time her voice solemn and apologetic.

“We are very sorry for what happened to Mr. Potter. But you see, we are not allowed to interfere with destiny and for Harry, unfortunately it was what was supposed to happen. It happened for a reason although I cannot reveal that reason to you at this time because it’s something you will have to discover for yourself.” She answered guiltily.

Hermione was outraged at that. “Oh that’s bull! Don’t give me that “destiny” crap! He was only seventeen!! He didn’t deserve to die the way he did! He didn’t deserve to die at ALL!! And you tell me that you could have helped, that you knew what was happening and you did NOTHING to stop it or help in any way?? Oh please forgive me if I don’t understand but frankly I don’t want to! You pop up out of the woodworks to supposedly save my arse but you know what? I don’t want nor do I need your help! So thank you for saving my friends but from now on, stay out of my supposed ‘destiny’ and out of my life!!” She screamed at the group, jumping to her feet and storming from the room.

Hermione couldn’t believe that they would simply come into her life and tell her that not only have they been watching her and keeping tabs on her for practically her entire life but then to tell her that they practically LET her best friend be killed right in front of her because they were supposedly ‘not allowed to help’ was just too much for her to handle.

She dashed through the house looking for the others and finally came across them sitting in the game room (she guessed) and found the three boys sitting on the floor talking quietly. They looked up as they heard the door open to the room and their eyes widened at the sight of Hermione looking pissed and hurt.

“Whats going on ‘Mione?” Ron asked, noticing her state.

“Lets go, we’re leaving.” Hermione answered matter-of-factly, walking over to the group and reaching down to pull Draco to his feet.

“Why Mia? What happened in there?” Draco asked, a worried look coming to his features as he got to his feet in front of her.

“We’ll talk later.” She responded absently, waving aside his question and turning to the door again. “We need to get out of here. Either you’re coming with me or not, I really don’t care but I’m leaving now.” And with that she walked out the door and headed back towards entry way that she had passed earlier.

The boys looked at each other worriedly then quickly rushed out the room and after Hermione. They caught up with her easily as she was marching determinedly through the hallways. The group reached the entry way and was stopped by Bethany and the other woman who was talking to Hermione before.

“Hermione, you need to stay here. We can protect you and in your condition you need the extra protection.” The older woman said pointedly, stepping in front of the door. Hermione whipped out her wand from her back pocket and pointed it at the woman.

“Get out of my way. I said what I had to say to you back in the sitting room during your ‘lets control Hermione’s life’ meeting. Now move, or I wont hesitate to move you myself.” Hermione said, stepping directly in front of the woman, her wand pointed right at her chest.

Suddenly the woman swiftly moved her hand and Hermione’s wand flew from her hand and into Bethany’s. This action caused Viktor, Ron, and Draco to all draw their wands and point them at the woman. Another movement of her hand and their wands were flown from their hands as well, leaving them all looking at each other completely dumbfounded.

“Alright, now that’s over. How about if we try this again?” The woman said, a small smile still playing on her lips. “Perhaps like the adults we all are this time? And you three,” she pointed to the boys. “are more than welcome to join seeing as it’s obvious that you are all worried about Hermione’s safety. Now, if you’ll all follow me, it’s almost time for lunch.” And with that she left the entry hall and after a moment, the rest of them followed somewhat reluctantly.

Twenty minutes later, the four were gathered around a humongous table along with about fifteen other women (apparently all members of this group), staring in appreciation at the lavish feast before them. They quickly dug into the food and after a few moments of silent eating, the older woman (who they had learned was named Diane) cleared her throat and addressed Hermione and the others.

“I apologize for taking your wands either but please listen to us. We can help you, it’s our job to watch you and protect you as the heiress to Osiris. I am truly sorry for not alerting you to our presence earlier but I was informed that we were to remain a complete secret unless absolutely necessary. Recently it has come to our attention that due to unforeseen circumstances,” Dianne said, looking pointedly at Hermione and winking. “that this protection is needed more than ever before and we are willingly offering it to you. But be forewarned that whether you accept this or not, we will still be watching you and stepping in when needed. So what will it be? Will you accept our help?” Dianne finished and watched Hermione expectantly.

Hermione looked around the room, taking in everything that Dianne had told her. She glanced at Draco who was looking at her lovingly and with understanding.

“May I have a moment to speak with Draco on this? It does effect both of us after all.” Hermione asked. Dianne nodded understandingly and the two stood and stepped from the large room.

“Mia, honey,” Draco said gently, pulling her into his arms. “It’s alright. I know that you are scared and worried and don’t know what to think about all this. I promise that whatever you choose I’ll back you fully.”

Hermione laid her head on his chest. “Draco, what do you think I should do?” Draco stroked her hair lovingly and tilted her head to face his, kissing her lips passionately.

“Baby, I think you should take it. It will help us out so much. With the baby coming in a few months and all, we could really use the protection.” Draco told her soothingly.

He held her close for a few moments, stroking her hair lovingly the way she loved. She rested her head on his chest as she pondered for a few moments.

“Alright, Draco. If you think it’s the best thing right now, then alright. I’ll tell them that I accept.” Hermione said softly, looking up into his ice blue eyes and kissing his lips gently.

The two returned to the large dining room and sat back down in their seats. The whole room stopped talking and everyone turned to look at Hermione expectantly. It was so silent you could probably hear a pin drop.

“Dianne,” Hermione addressed the older woman who nodded in response. “Draco and I have talked things over and we accept your protection. You are right,” she added, looking at Draco lovingly, “we are going to need all the help we can get in a few months.”

Dianne looked pleased. “Very well then. We’ll prepare a wing of the house for you and even set up a nursery for the upcoming addition after lunch. The other details can wait till later. For now, lets just enjoy our meal!”

For the first time in the last month, Hermione allowed herself to relax. She embraced her life and the fact that she was carrying hers and Draco’s child. She hadn’t been this happy in a very long time it seemed.

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