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“HEM, HEM!” Lily cleared her throat quite loudly as she entered Professor Slughorn’s office. Slughorn was the potions teacher at Hogwarts and he had always had the knack of picking the students that would go far in life. But this wasn’t a coincidence for he had the amazing connections with many people in high places so it never hurt to have Slughorn as a close ally. Lily was one of Slughorn’s favourite students because she was just a natural at potions. Lily quite frankly loved the subject because she liked working in peace and quite, that way Potter and clan couldn’t bother her as they did in all the other subjects.

“Yes Lily,” said Slughorn with a very toothy grin, “how may I help you?”

“Umm, Professor, I was doing an extra credit project for Herbology and it requires the use of skunk extract, unicorn urine and fermented fish oils,”

“Ukk, why do you need ingredients like that?” asked Slughorn as he got up from his puffy chair, and pull out his keys to unlock the ingredients cupboard.

“Well, I wanted to use them to test their effects on an adult brumby plant, and I didn’t have the ingredients in my potions kit so I thought that I would ask you!”

“Alright,” said Slughorn, he turned the key in the door and swung it open “You know the drill!”

“Thanks, Professor” said Lily with a cheesy grin. Lily grabbed the three ingredients she needed then swiftly ran out the door of Slughorn’s office with a huge satisfied smirk on her face because there was no such thing as a brumby plant.


“OOOO JAMESY!!” yelled Sirius directly in James’ ear “TIME TO WAKE UP MR. SLEEPY HEAD!!!”

“Shut up you monkey feces!!” retorted James

“ ‘Aight Prongs, no need to get angry…it is 1:30 in the AFTERNOON, that’s all,”

“1:30! You gotta be shittin’ me!!”

“nope, sadly I am not!!”

“why didn’t you try to wake me up?”

“because you always act barbaric when I try!”

James sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He yawned and stretched then ruffled his already messy hair in a very “Jamesy” manner. He got dressed at top speed because if he hurried he might just be able to grab some lunch before they stopped serving it. Just as he was leaving the dorm Sirius got up from the chair and followed him out the door.

“What are you doing padfoot?” asked james

“I am going to eat lunch,”

“Haven’t you already eaten??”

“Yea, so, what’s your point?”

James shook his head and began to laugh, “Once a Marauder always a Marauder!”
With that the two boys were off to the hall to get some lunch!


Lily was rushing to get back to her dorm to deliver the potion ingredients, when she saw James Potter and Sirius Black heading straight her way. She bolted into the nearest door and discovered that it was a musty old broom cupboard. She held her breath as she heard potter pass and waited a few minutes until she was entirely sure he was gone. She opened the door and poked her head to check if the coast is clear and then she proceeded at a hurried pace to get back to her dorm.


“Lily!!” said Rachel in an ultra-happy voice “ your back!!”

“So did you get them?” asked Sam in a more serious tone

“Of course, I did! I am Lily Evans after all!!” said Lily with laughter at the edge of her voice

“You sound like a certain some one cough cough*Potter*cough cough,” said Danielle breaking out into immediate laughter after saying it

“Kay guys, in order for this to work we need enough time, meaning we need a way to distract the guys,” said Lily. Sam, Rach and Lily all turned their heads and smiled at Danielle, who just groaned.

“How come I get the worst job?” whined Danielle
“Cuz darling, Every guy is in love with you” said Lily

“I think you should go cuze Potter is completely in love with you and you could get him to stay forever!” said Danielle

“Well too bad” said Lily in a rather snarly way “it was my idea so what I say, goes!!”

“Fine” said Danielle “where are they any way??”

“Potter and Black are eating, go figure, and Remus and Rat boy are out on the grounds” said Lily “ Potter and Black will probably go out to meet them so I suggest you do it then!”

“Ok” said Danielle “I am gone” She got up off her chair and exited the dorm in search of the Marauders.

“Ok, The sooner we start the better Lily!” said Sam

“Kay, lets go” Said Lily. The three girls got up and lily grabbed the ingredients and they headed into the boys dormitory.


“It’s a Glorious day today eh prongs?” said Sirius a he and James descended the steps onto the grounds “And its even more glorious when you have just eaten!!”

“Hey there’s Moony and Worm,” said James “Right in the usual spot, under the oak tree,” The two boys hurried over to their friends sitting under the tree by the waters edge.

“Hey Wormy,” said Sirius as he slumped on the grass beside him “Whats going on?”

“nothing” said Peter “Nothing”

“Hey look who’s coming our way guys, the one and only Danielle,” said Remus as he cheeks turned slightly red

“Why is she coming over her?? She hates us” said James

“maybe she is coming to deliver a message of love from Lily!” said Sirius mockingly

“O shut up you oaf!!” said James sounding rather irritated

“Hey guys,” said Danielle as she approached the group of boys

“He D!” said Sirius “Why don’t you pull up a piece of Earth and sit down??”

“Actually I don’t mind if I do,” said Danielle to their surprise “I’d love too”

“What’s gotten over you?” said James

“Why can’t I even talk to you guys??” said Danielle

“Of course,” said Sirius “its just wired cuz you never talk to us, and why exactly have you started now??”

“Well,” said Danielle, with her heart pounding in heart throat. She had no clue what she was going to say “The truth is…”


“YOU TOLD THEM WHAT???” Yelled Lily, Sam and Rachel

“I just told them that we wanted to patch things up with them,” said Danielle blushing “I mean what was I supposed to tell them? Besides isn’t it a bit weird to just come up to them out of no where and strike up a random conversation?”

“Well, I guess its not that bas,” said Lily “At least you didn’t tell James I liked him or anything,”

“Speaking of James, How did it go? Seeing I didn’t get to witness it” asked Danielle

“It all went pretty well,” said Sam “but we will find out later if it works, cuz we all know they all put on cologne like 10 times a day,”

“God I can’t wait to see their faces,” said Lily with a very cheeky grin on her face.


“Okay,” said Peter “who found that a little bit weird?”

“Shut up Peter,” said Sirius “ I find your face weird,”

“Burn,” said Remus

“Guys don’t you understand the greatness of this situation?” said James in a daydreamy way “This is my chance to finally make my relationship with Lily work!”

“Prongs man, what Relationship?” said Sirius jokingly

“James is right,” said Remus “This would be the perfect opportunity to get to know Lily better,”

“Alright Doctor Love, but don’t you think James doesn’t already know EVERYthing about Evans, seriously,” said Sirius

“Guys, do you think we should go up to the common room so we can get a headstart on our homework?” asked James

“ARE YOU SERIOUS?” said Remus

“Of course not,” said Sirius “he just wants to do more Lily gazing! But oh well lets go, its boring out here anyways”

The four boys got up from their spot on the grass and started towards the castle. When they entered they took the short cut to their dorm.

“Dragons Breath,” said James to the fat lady and she warily swung her picture open to reveal the Gryffindor common room. As James entered the common room he saw that Lily and her friends, who were sitting around the fireplace, were the only people in the common room. He suddenly noticed that since he was in such a rush this morning he neglected to put on cologne. After flashing Lily a quick grin, James bolted up the stairs towards their dormitory.

As the boys’ dormitory door slammed Lily sparked a satisfied smile for when the boys weren’t looking, she placed a spell on each boy to prevent them from smelling the rancid cologne.

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