A/N: High Flyin’ is co written by me and my mother. This is what you get when two total goofs are writing a story. We cracked up when writing it and I hope you share the same sense of humor we do. Hermione seems delusional, but it’s all in good fun. Beware of OOC-ness! lol =D

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High Flyin’

“Hey Hermione!” Harry called from across the Gryffindor Common room. He had just come from the boy’s dormitory with his Quidditch gear in hand and Ron in tow. “Are you coming to the tryouts today?” he asked as he walked over to her; she was curled up on the couch reading.

“Of course, I’ll be there Harry,” she responded, snapping her book shut, and stashing it under the throw pillow before Harry could see what she was reading.

“Great! Ron and I are going down now. We’ll see you later.”

“Okay,” Hermione said, trying to act nonchalant. She didn’t want to look at their faces because she didn’t want to give away her secret. She was going to go to the tryouts, not to watch, but to actually tryout. She was so excited to excel in something other than academics. I’m going to face my fear of flying and I’m going to be great! she thought to herself as she got up and placed her book, Quidditch Through the Ages, under her arm and marched upstairs to get ready.

When she reached the field, the trials were almost over. “Yes,” she said to herself. She wanted to be the last one to tryout. She moseyed over to where Harry was. He was in the middle of the field looking up as a chaser tried to get the Quaffle past Ron.

“How’s it going, Harry?” she asked.

“It’s almost over. That’s the last one. What took you so long?” Harry asked, not looking at her because he was watching the tryouts.

“I had to get ready,” Hermione replied.

“Ready? Ready for what?” Harry asked, turning to look at her. “And what are you doing with a broom?”

“I want to try out,” she said, quietly.

“Try out? For Quidditch? You’ve got to be kidding!” Harry laughed.

“I most certainly am not!” Hermione said, defiantly, anger shooting sparks out of her eyes. “I want to try out, and you have to let me!”

“Do you even know how to fly?” Harry asked unbelievingly. “You hate it, so you never fly! By the way, you hate Quidditch, too! Are you sure you’re okay? What’s wrong with you?”

“Yes, I know how to fly, Harry. I just choose not to. And, no, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’ve been reading up on Quidditch, and I think I would make a great Quidditch player!”

“You?” Harry squeaked, trying to control his laughter.

Hermione gave Harry a withering look and mounted her broom, grabbed the Quaffle, and flew toward Ron. When Ron saw that there was another chaser coming at him, he readied himself. When he realized it was Hermione, his mouth dropped open and he almost fell off his broom. Hermione was unsteadily holding the Quaffle, looking as if she were about to fall over.

“Hermione! What the blazes are you doing out here?” Ron asked. He glanced down and saw Harry doubled over with laughter.

“I’m trying out for Quidditch, Ron. What does it look like I’m doing?”

“It looks like you are trying hard not to either be sick, or fall off of your broom—that’s what it looks like!” Ron yelled.

Hermione raced at Ron, reared back, and let the Quaffle fly. It only went as far as a foot or so past her broom, and plummeted to the ground. Ron roared with laughter. Hermione whirled around so fast that she slipped off her broom and Ron had to race over to keep her from falling.

Hermione’s face was burning crimson with embarrassment.

“Are you okay?” Ron laughed.

“I’m fine,” Hermione snapped. “I lost my grip on the Quaffle, that’s all. Stop laughing at me! I want to try again!”

She flew down, grabbed the Quaffle again, and tried to hurl it past Ron. This time, as she reared back to throw it, the Quaffle slipped out of her hand and flew backward over her head.

Hoots of laughter could be heard from the opposite end of the Quidditch field. The door to the Slytherin’ changing room was slightly ajar, and none other than Draco Malfoy was standing there witnessing the whole thing.

Hermione and Ron flew to the ground. Harry sounded as if he was choking, he was trying so hard not to laugh. Hermione shoved past Harry and Ron, without a word, and cheeks ablaze, she ran back to the castle.

Ron looked at Harry, and they both burst out laughing. “What did she think she was doing?”

“I don’t know,” Harry laughed.

“Do you think that she’s mad at us for laughing at her?” Ron asked, tears of laughter still pouring from his eyes.

“Probably,” Harry replied. “Did you notice that Malfoy was watching her, too? That had to hurt worse than us laughing at her!”

“Yeah, she couldn’t help but hear his laughter.”

As if the mention of his name drew him over like a moth to a flame, Malfoy walked up to Ron and Harry.

“I like what you’ve done with the team,” he drawled. “Slytherin winning that cup this year should be like taking candy from a baby!” he snorted with laughter.

“Shut up, Malfoy!” Harry and Ron both yelled in unison.

Still laughing, Malfoy headed back to his changing rooms. “Surely, he isn’t stupid enough to think that you would let Hermione on the team, is he?” Ron asked.

“I don’t know. He acts pretty stupid sometimes,” Harry replied.

“Let him go on dreaming, then,” Ron laughed and shook his head.


Hermione didn’t stop running until she reached the castle. She walked into the Entrance Hall and straight up to the Gryffindor common room. She had never been so humiliated in her life! How could I have been so stupid to try out for Quidditch, based on what I read in a book? I should have known that I needed to practice a little first. Now I’ll never get the chance to prove to Harry and Ron that I can play Quidditch! And that Draco Malfoy! Who does he think he is, laughing at me. He wasn’t supposed to be sneaking around watching the other team’s tryouts. I can never show my face in the Great Hall again! He will tell everyone! What am I going to do?


Harry finished writing the list of players for the Gryffindor Quidditch team on his parchment. He needed to give the list to Professor McGonagall by the end of the day. The first Quidditch match was in two weeks, and they needed to have time to practice. He rolled up the parchment, and laid it on the table while he went to change.

Draco Malfoy stuck his head in the Gryffindor changing room. Seeing no one around, he pointed his wand at the parchment that was lying on the table. ”Accio” he whispered, and the parchment flew to his waiting hand. He unrolled it and looked at the list of players on Harry’s team. Making sure that no one was around to see, he quickly erased the name of Harry’s best chaser, Ginny Weasley, and changed it to Hermione Granger. Then he rolled the parchment back up and tossed it back on the table, with immense satisfaction. “Take that Potter,” he smirked, quietly.

Chuckling to himself, he hurried back to his own changing room to complete the list for his team. Wait until Potter finds out that Granger is on his team, and he won’t change it because Saint Potter would never hurt the Mudblood! he laughed to himself. That cup is as good as mine, this year!


As Professor McGonagall posted this years Quidditch Team list, a crowd quickly gathered around to see whom Harry had picked. Harry was sitting on the couch gazing into the fire, looking smug about this year’s team. Slytherin doesn’t stand a chance!

“Harry!” an angry voice called out to him, waking him out of his reverie.

“Huh, what? What’s the matter?” he asked upon seeing the furious face of Ginny.

“What’s this?” she asked angrily, waving a copy of the official Quidditch team list in his face.

“Um I thought you’d be happy...” he responded quietly.

“How could I be happy when I’m not on the team? I thought you said I made it?!”

“You did make the team,” he said looking at her like she had two heads.

“I didn’t according to this!” she yelled furiously at him and threw the paper in his lap.

Still unsure of what Ginny was talking about, Harry glanced down at the crumpled piece of parchment.

Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Seeker: Harry Potter – Captain

Keeper: Ron Weasley

Beaters: Jimmy Peakes and Ritchie Coote

Chasers: Katie Bell, Demelza Robins, and Hermione Granger

To his horror Hermione's name replaced Ginny’s. “That’s not possible!” he exclaimed going pale. “It said Ginny Weasley!”

“Well, it certainly does not say Ginny Weasley, now!” Ginny yelled at him. “I didn’t even know that Hermione could play Quidditch!”

“She can’t. She tried out and it was a disaster. The only ones who knew that she tried out were Ron, me—and Malfoy! Malfoy had something to do with this! I know it!” Harry exclaimed as he jumped out of his chair.

“Where are you going, Harry?” Ginny asked.

“To see Professor McGonagall. This was a horrible mistake! She has to change it!”

“Good luck,” Ginny called as Harry ran from the common room. She never changes the Quidditch list once it has been posted... Ginny thought.


Hermione was in her room, lying on her bed, reading Quidditch Through the Ages. As she reread the chapter on “How to Score in Quidditch,” she thought to herself, What did I do wrong? It looks so easy! I am the smartest witch in my year. You would think that I would be able to get the Quaffle past a Keeper!. She closed the book and stood up. I guess I can’t hide in my room, forever. Maybe, by some odd chance, Malfoy didn’t tell everyone about my tryout, yesterday. If anyone says anything about it, I’ll just tell them that I was just teasing Harry and Ron, and that I wasn’t even trying. She ran a brush through her hair and headed down to the common room.

Everyone looked at her as she walked into the room. Katie Bell came over to her and said, “Welcome to the team, Hermione. I didn’t know you even liked Quidditch, much less played! You must be great to beat Ginny out like that!”

“Wh—what are you talking about?” Hermione stammered, bewildered.

“You made the Quidditch team! You’re one of the Chasers! Didn’t Harry tell you that you made the team? I didn’t even see you at the tryouts!” Katie Bell added.

“Harry put me on the team? I don’t believe it!”

“Here’s the list. Look for yourself!” Katie said, handing Hermione a copy of the list of names for the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

Hermione’s eyes widened in surprise as she saw her name listed on the parchment in big, black letters.


Harry raced to Professor McGonagall’s office and pounded on her door. She opened the door and looked at Harry.

“My goodness, Mr. Potter! Why are you trying to break down my door? What is wrong?” she exclaimed.

“Professor McGonagall, there’s been a terrible mistake! This is not the list that I turned in to you yesterday!” Harry yelled, waving the parchment in front of Professor McGonagall.

“Of course, it is, Harry!” she said with a bewildered look on her face.

“Well, if it is, someone changed it! The list I made had Ginny Weasley’s name on it, not Hermione Granger’s!”

“Well, I have to admit that I thought it rather odd that Hermione’s name was on the list and not Ginny’s. Ginny is a very good Chaser. However, the fact remains that this is the list you turned in and since it has been posted, it cannot be changed now! You know that you can only switch players for good reason, after the first match!”

“But, but, it has to be!” Harry sputtered. “Hermione is a terrible Quidditch player. She can barely fly, much less handle a Quaffle!”

“If that’s the case, then why did you put her name on the list?” Professor McGonagall asked.

“I DIDN’T!” Harry yelled. “That’s the whole point. Someone must have changed my list before I gave it to you!”

“Now, Mr. Potter, who would do such a thing? And please, stop yelling!”

“It had to be Malfoy. He’s the only person besides Ron and myself who even saw Hermione try out! He wants to beat me at Quidditch so badly, that he stole the parchment and switched Hermione and Ginny’s name! He saw how badly Hermione played!”

“Be that as it may, unless you have proof that Mr. Malfoy tampered with your list, there is nothing that I can do, no matter how much I want the Gryffindor team to be the best! Rules are rules, and the list cannot be changed now.”

“What are we going to do? I don’t know how he changed the names, but I know he did!”

“Well, I suggest that you spend every spare moment during the next two weeks, teaching Miss Granger how to play Quidditch!”

“But, that’s impossible! She’s terrible! There’s no way that we can teach her how to play even halfway decently in two weeks!”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Potter, but that’s what you’ll have to do!”


When Harry came out of Professor McGonagall’s office, he found Ron and Ginny waiting for him. “What did she say, Harry?” Ron asked.

“She said that we’d better teach Hermione how to play Quidditch before our match against Slytherin in two weeks!”

“But, that’s impossible! There’s no way that she can learn to play in two weeks! Not as bad as she is! She has no idea what she’s doing!” Ron sputtered.

“I know, but we have no choice. Ginny, I’m sorry to ask, but will you help us train her? I’m going to kill Malfoy!” Harry said through gritted teeth. “He knew he wouldn’t be able to beat us any other way, so he resorted to cheating!”

“I guess I’ll help you, Harry,” Ginny sighed. “I don’t like it, but I will. I realize that it’s not your fault. Why the hell did Hermione have to try out? She’s ruined everything!”

“After the first match, she can resign and you can replace her, Ginny,” Harry said soothingly. “How much damage can she do in just one game?”

“A lot! Do you know who we play first?” Ginny cried.

“Don’t tell me... Slytherin!” Ron said.

“Afraid so. That’s why Malfoy changed it. He knew that we played them first, and I couldn’t replace Hermione until after the first match. That gives them a good advantage,” Harry declared somberly.


Harry, Ron, and Ginny walked slowly back to the Gryffindor Common Room. On their way, they met Hermione, hurrying along the hallway.

“Harry!” she exclaimed. “I was just coming to look for you!”

“You were?” Harry asked, cautiously. “Why?”

“Because of this list,” she smiled. “I know that my tryout was a disaster, but you must have seen through all of that to my potential! I really appreciate the opportunity and the vote of confidence that you have given me! I promise that I’ll practice every day! I’m just so happy that you picked me!”

“Er... you are?” Harry stammered in amazement.

“Of course! It was just a big surprise! I mean, you nor Ron neither one gave me any hints that you had picked me for the team.” Hermione gushed. She looked over at Ginny. “Oh, Ginny, I’m so sorry that you didn’t make the team. You are so good! Why didn’t you pick Ginny, too, Harry?” she asked.

Ginny glared at Hermione. “Tell her, Harry; or I will!” she threatened.

“Tell me what, Harry? What’s wrong?” Hermione asked.

“Er...” Harry started, unsure how to explain to Hermione what had happened. He looked from Ginny to Ron and back to Hermione.

“Harry didn’t pick you for the team! He picked me! Somehow, Malfoy got the list and put your name on it instead of mine!” Ginny told her.

Hermione’s face fell. She looked at Harry, Ron, and Ginny. “Is this true, Harry?” she asked quietly.

Glaring at Ginny, Harry slowly nodded. “I’m sorry, Hermione. I didn’t know that it meant this much to you.”

“Oh,” Hermione said, quietly. “Well, I guess you’d better go tell Professor McGonagall the truth, and take my name back off of the list.”

“It doesn’t work that way, Hermione, and Malfoy knew it. Once the list is posted, there can be no changes until after the first match. You have to play,” Ron said. The last statement seemed to leave a sour taste in Ron's mouth.

“Who do we play first, Harry?” Hermione asked.

“Slytherin,” Harry replied.

“So that’s why he changed it? He thought he had a better chance at winning if I play instead of Ginny.”

“I guess so,” Harry answered, looking down at the floor.

“Well, we’ll just have to practice everyday, and prove him wrong, won’t we? I’ll work very hard, and try not to embarrass everyone. I’m sorry if I messed everything up. I just wanted to try something new,” Hermione murmured.

“It’s okay, Hermione. We’ll all help you,” Ron said, while Ginny and Harry nodded.

“Great!” Hermione cried. “When do we start?”

“As soon as possible. We haven’t got a minute to waste!” Ron said, shaking his head.


Harry scheduled the first practice for the next morning. As they were getting ready, Katie and Demelza came up to Ginny, who was also changing.

“Uh, Ginny,” Katie said. “What are you doing here? You’re not on the team.”

“I’m here because Harry asked me to help Hermione during practice,” Ginny replied.

“Why does Hermione need help? I mean she has to be good for Harry to pick her... right?” Demelza asked nervously.

“You’ll see,” Ginny replied as she walked out to the Quidditch field.

Katie, Demelza, and the rest of the team followed Ginny outside to find Harry, Ron, and Hermione waiting for them.

“All right, everyone,” Harry called. “Let’s mount up and get some practice in!”

Hermione was standing nervously by Ginny. “Come on Hermione,” Ginny called as she mounted her broom and soared into the air.

“Ginny!” Harry called. “You and Hermione just fly around the field, and let Hermione get used to her broom, before you start showing her how to handle the Quaffle!”

“Okay,” Ginny yelled. “Come on Hermione, follow me.”

She soared up into the air and started flying around the field. “Hurry up, Hermione,” she called.

“I’m trying!” Hermione cried, looking terrified.

The rest of the team stared at Hermione as she wobbled on her broomstick. They turned to look at Harry, with their eyebrows raised. Harry didn’t want to answer any questions right now, so he released the Golden Snitch, jumped on his broom, and soared after it.

Ginny called out to Hermione, “How are you doing back there?”

“A little better, I think,” Hermione said.

“Okay, follow me. You have to be able to swerve, change directions, and dive after the Quaffle! Try to do what I do. I’ll go slow for now, okay?”

“I’ll try,” Hermione called determinedly.

Ginny darted forward, Hermione following closely. Ginny swerved to the right and started plunging toward the earth. Hermione swerved, too, but started slipping off of her broom. She tried to right herself as she started the plunge, however, she slid too far to the left and felt herself start to fall. She screamed. The entire team turned to look at her as she plunged toward the ground. Just in time, Harry swooped in and grabbed her before she hit the ground.

“Are you okay?”

“I-I think so,” Hermione stuttered.

“Well, I think your broom is broken,” Harry said.

Reparo!” Hermione said as she pointed her wand at the broom. She picked it up and turned to see the whole team staring at her. She turned her back to them and climbed back on her broom, and flew determinedly back into the sky. Harry looked at Ginny, and Ginny took off after her.

“Harry!” Ritchie called. “What the hell is wrong with you? She’s bloody awful!”

“Yeah!” Jimmy agreed. “Are you trying to sabotage the team or something, Harry? Does she even know how to play?”

The rest of the team glared at Harry.

“Wait a minute,” Ron said, angrily. “It’s not Harry’s fault! He didn’t pick her! Malfoy changed his list, and Professor McGonagall won’t let him switch players until after the first match!”

“You’re a git, Harry,” Katie said angrily. “Why did you leave the list where Malfoy could get it?”

“How was I supposed to know that he would get my list?” Harry cried defensively.

“We’re talking about Malfoy, here,” Demelza said. “Harry, you of all people, know what a liar and a cheat he is! You’re too trusting, and now we are going to pay for it by losing our first match to Slytherin!”

“We won’t lose!” Ron cried. “Harry will catch the snitch before Malfoy! He always does!”

“Well, he’d better catch it quickly, is all I have to say!” Ritchie yelled. “The way she plays, they will outscore us in a hurry!”

“We’ll all just have to work harder, and try to help Hermione!” Harry said angrily. “We’re a team, no matter who is on it! We’ll just have to make do with two Chasers, instead of three, if she can’t get the hang of it before the match. We have no choice, but even with two Chasers, we can still beat Slytherin! Now, everybody, back on your brooms! We need to practice!”

Everyone climbed back on their brooms, still grumbling. Ron looked at Harry and shrugged, then hopped on his broom and flew back to his post. Harry stood there for a minute, then looked up to see what kind of progress Hermione was making. She was still very wobbly on her broom, but at least she hadn’t fallen again.

Practice went fairly well for the rest of the time that they had the Quidditch field. The rest of the team was in top form. Hermione was flying a little more confidently; she could zig and zag fairly well, at least without falling, but she was still unable to plunge toward the earth and pull back up without being afraid that she was going to crash. She was relieved when Harry yelled that practice was over for the day, however, her relief was short-lived, when he asked her to come back in the afternoon, for more lessons with him and Ron.

The rest of the team was still grumbling and shaking their heads when they went back up to the castle. They met the Slytherin team coming down for their practice. “How’s the Mudblood working out?” Draco sneered at Katie Bell, while the rest of the Slytherin team laughed.

“Quite well, actually,” Katie replied, with a smirk of her own, as she and the rest of the team kept walking. Draco’s mouth fell open, as he stared after them.

“She’s got to be lying,” he said hesitantly. “There’s no way the Mudblood could have gotten any better with just one practice, even if the “Great Harry Potter” is teaching her!”


The next two weeks flew by. Harry made Hermione practice every day, at least once, sometimes twice. If they couldn’t get the Quidditch field, they practiced in the courtyard. The team still thought that Hermione was awful, but they talked loudly about how well she was doing, whenever they thought Draco Malfoy was listening. They wanted him to worry a little bit that maybe his well-laid plans would backfire. They made sure to practice whenever he was not around to spy on Hermione. They enlisted Professor McGonagall’s help in keeping Malfoy and the other Slytherin team members busy, while Hermione practiced. Sometimes she excused them from a class so that they could practice while the Slytherin team was occupied with lessons.

Hermione had improved, some, but she still couldn’t manage to stay on her broom, or perform evasive maneuvers while holding the Quaffle. The other two Chasers, Katie and Demelza, practiced hard to overcome the void that Hermione created. After some particularly grueling practices, Hermione was almost in tears because of harsh words said by her fellow teammates.

The Slytherin match was early the next morning. Harry made the team practice as late as possible, before calling it a night. In two weeks, Hermione had been able to put the Quaffle through the goalposts only once, and that was because Ron was beside her along with Ginny, trying to show her how to throw it. She was elated that she had been able to get the Quaffle through the goalposts, even though it was such a weak throw, that anyone could have stopped it, much less an experienced Keeper.

The next day the team awakened to a dark and grey morning. It started raining about an hour before the match, bringing the visibility down very low. It would be very difficult for Harry to find the Golden Snitch in weather such as this. The team’s spirits were definitely very low, even though Harry, as captain, told them not to let Slytherin see their long faces. They each knew that they had very little chance of outscoring Slytherin, and that it would be hard for Harry to win it for them with the Snitch. Even though he would probably find it before Malfoy, because Harry was the best Seeker on any of the teams, the point deficit might be so large that they would still lose.

Harry and Ron tried to encourage Hermione, who looked positively green over breakfast. Ron was experiencing his usual pre-match jitters as well. Overall, it looked pretty bleak for the Gryffindor team to win.

Harry looked over at his teammates and announced, “Okay team, let’s go get suited up. It’s almost time!”

The Gryffindor team trooped out of the Great Hall, grabbed their Quidditch gear, and headed to their changing rooms next to the Quidditch pitch to prepare for their match.

“Okay, team. You all know what we have to do. Hermione, just fly around and try to stay out of the way. You are not ready to handle the Quaffle. Just leave it to Katie and Demelza, okay? The Slytherin team is too rough and you might not be safe. This match will be intense, and you are not ready for intense, just yet. Watch out for the Bludgers, they will knock you off of your broom. Try not to fly into or in front of your teammates, because you might distract them. We have to play hard if we are going to pull this one off. Another tip, Hermione, just remember everything we taught you, and you might be okay,” Harry said, trying to convince the team as well as himself.

Hermione nodded, looking down at her shoes. “I’m really sorry that I put you guys in this predicament. I really thought that I would get the hang of it easier than I have. I’ll try my best not to let you down.”

“That’s all we ask, Hermione, that you do your best,” Ron added, still very nervous.

“Yeah, do your best to stay out of our way,” Ritchie mumbled.

Harry looked over at Ritchie, and frowned. “We need to work together, and not snipe at each other. Now let’s go, it’s time for the match.”

He put his arm around Hermione’s shoulder, and squeezed her arm in encouragement. She smiled gratefully at him, as they walked toward the pitch.

They were met with a lot of cheers and boos from the crowd gathered to watch. Some of the Slytherin supporters were pointing at Hermione and laughing. Madame Hooch signaled for the captains to come forward and shake hands. The captain for the Slytherin team was none other than Draco Malfoy. He smirked at Harry as he approached. Harry stuck out his hand, unwillingly. Malfoy cringed, but lightly shook Harry’s hand. “Thank goodness for gloves,” he sneered out of the corner of his mouth. “Yeah, they are certainly wonderful,” Harry agreed.

“That cup is as good as mine, this year, Potter!” Malfoy called as they turned back to their respective teams. Harry ignored the remark, even though he wanted to whirl around and punch that sneer right off of Malfoy’s face.

Madame Hooch blew her whistle, as the teams mounted their brooms. She released the Bludgers and the Golden Snitch, and then threw the Quaffle into the air; the match was under way.

Harry took off like a flash, searching for the Golden Snitch. He was hoping to find it early, before any damage was done. The weather made it hard to see, however, and he was flying in all directions, hoping to find a glimpse.

Hermione flew up and over to the side, trying to follow Harry’s instructions, and stay out of the way. She was flying lower than everyone else, and as she circled by the stands, she was met with a lot of booing and laughter. She stared straight ahead, trying not to look at anyone, her face burning with embarrassment and anger. They won’t even give me a chance. They just assume that I can’t play! she thought indignantly to herself. As she flew by the Gryffindor side of the stands, she heard Ginny yelling at her.

“What are you doing, Hermione? Get in there and help your team!”

“I’m just doing what Harry told me too!” Hermione yelled back. Everyone started laughing.

“I guess she’s helping them by staying out of the way!” Luna said quietly to Ginny. Ginny looked at her and they both started giggling.

Ron was doing his best to keep Slytherin from scoring, but they managed to get the Quaffle by him, twice, in succession. Katie and Demelza were no match for the Slytherin chasers. They were outnumbered. There was a reason that there were three chasers and not two, as the two girls were finding out, the hard way.

Everywhere Katie and Demelza flew, the Beaters were there knocking Bludgers at them, so they had to spend all of their time flying defensively so as not to be knocked off of their brooms.

Katie flew near Harry, and yelled, “You’d better hurry up and find that Snitch! They’re killing us out here. Maybe you should let Hermione help us! At least that way, maybe they will start hitting Bludgers at her, too, and one of us can score!”

Harry nodded, and flew near Hermione. “Hermione,” he called. “Go and see if you can help Katie and Demelza by drawing the Beaters away from them. We need to score!”

Hermione looked stricken, but she nodded and flew unsteadily toward the other two Chasers. As she was flying toward them, Katie managed to get away from the Beaters long enough to score for Gryffindor. The score was now thirty points for Gryffindor and seventy points for Slytherin.

As Hermione neared the center of the pitch, with the Slytherin goalpost behind her, the Quaffle was suddenly slung in her direction. Surprised, she caught it, mainly because she lifted her hands in reflex because she thought it was going to hit her. She didn’t quite know what to do, so she looked for Katie or Demelza, but they were being targeted by the Slytherin Beaters. Seeing that no one was really paying her any attention, Hermione headed toward the goalpost with the Quaffle. If I could just score, everyone would stop laughing at me! she thought. She raced as fast as she could, gaining confidence, and she flew toward the goalpost. She raised her arms to throw the Quaffle, and as soon as she let it go, she was staring right at Ron, as he caught it and threw it toward Katie. The crowd roared with laughter. “What are you doing over here, Ron?” she yelled, perplexed.

“You are at the wrong goal, Hermione! Go the other way!” Ron yelled.

Hermione looked up in horror, as she realized what she had done. Everyone was laughing at her! While Ron was distracted, yelling at Hermione, Slytherin put the Quaffle past him for another score.

As Hermione turned away, dejectedly, the crowd roared again. Looking up, she saw Harry flying toward her, with the Golden Snitch in his hand. Harry had saved the match, and Gryffindor won by a score of one hundred eighty to eighty!

The team landed, and everyone was thumping Harry on the back and congratulating him. They ignored Hermione, who went ahead to the changing rooms. Her cheeks were still burning with humiliation. Harry went over to Malfoy, and shoved the Snitch under his nose.

“I guess your plan backfired, Malfoy!” he snarled. “You seemed to have overlooked one thing in your master plan! I always seem to find the Snitch before you!

Malfoy raised his fist as if he was going to hit Harry, but Harry just turned around and walked away, happily whistling to himself.


When Harry reached the Gryffindor Common Room, arms reached out to yank him into the crowd. Everyone was congratulating him on beating Slytherin even though they tried to cheat by changing the list. Everyone was talking about the match, and the way Hermione flew to the wrong goalpost. Harry looked around and saw Hermione sitting alone in the corner. He walked over to her.

“Hermione, are you okay?” he asked quietly.

“Everyone’s making fun of me!” she said quietly. “I thought that I was doing something good; I didn’t know that I was at the wrong goalpost!”

“Didn’t it give you a clue that you were going the wrong way, when you saw Ron there?” Harry asked, trying not to laugh.

“I didn’t see him. I think I was so scared that I had my eyes closed!” Hermione whispered.

Harry couldn’t help it. He started to laugh. Hermione looked at him angrily, for a minute, then she burst out laughing, too. “I guess it was pretty funny! I don’t think that I’m cut out for Quidditch!” she laughed.

“I’m glad you realized that!” Harry added, clutching his sides.

“What’s so funny?” Ron asked as he walked over.

“Hermione just realized that she’s not cut out for Quidditch!” Harry yelped, with tears streaming down his face from laughter.

“Bloody, hell! I could have told her that a long time ago; saved us a lot of trouble, it would have!” Ron yelled, and started laughing too.

“I’ll go and resign the first thing in the morning, Harry!” Hermione said as the peals of laughter started to taper off.

“Best decision you’ve made all week!” Ron laughed.

Hermione playfully punched him in the shoulder, and the three best friends started laughing again, clutching onto each other for support, while the party raged on.


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