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Sometimes, Draco truly, hated this sport. Really he did bask in the glory of being the best seeker for a bit since Potter was off, but it was not until Draco Malfoy walked upon the pitch to play Gryffindor this afternoon did his hatred completely fuel. There she was, all five foot something, bright red hair and fuck more bit of spice to her than she had ever had years before. And Sweet Slytherin, she was fucking smirking at him... and he liked it. It went all downhill from there. She was on his tail the entire time. Not once did she leave him be as they circled the pitch. No matter how much he sneered at her she would just roll her eyes and push into him more. Just like Draco, Ginny was fighting her crush on him by, well, being a bitch. The weeks had gone by and neither had talked since that bit by the tables. Blaise still kept tab on Luna Lovegood, sneaking times to speak with her about almost anything. He had this strange attraction to her that grew every time Seamus's told him to go fuck himself and Luna giggled. He was finding him rather addicted to her giggles. It wasn't like Blaise was doing any good at his job on the team either this Quidditch game. Twice Draco (and the attached Ginny) almost had gotten hit by a stray bludger Blaise Zabini was supposed to block. Though he found it rather difficult when Luna Lovegood was the one doing the announcing. "Blaise Zabini hits another bludger with his very powerful left arm, though one would wonder how said arm got so strong- I mean doesn't he have girls to do that for him?" "MISS LOVEGOOD!" "Sorry Mr. McGonagall, anyways the score is- do you care about the score? I mean really there are much more important thing, like finding out how soft Blaise Zabini's hair really is..." That had to tell you what was on Luna Lovegood's mind. Her boyfriend, Seamus, was none too happy about it, therefore playing crap as a keeper. The goals kept tally up, though close in tow. No one was quite aware of the score, once in awhile Luna would note 'Oh a goal!' but nothing much more. It was not until Ginny and Draco went into a dive, Luna reported the true score. "IT’S A TIED GAME AND BLAISE ZABINI IS BLUSHING!" Well, as much as a score you could get out of her anyways. The dive itself was something fantastic. Though Ginny's broom was much slower to Draco's brand new racing broom, she had gabbed onto his arm to both slow him down and use his speed. Their robes mangled into a green and red blob that went tumbling downward, and like Harry Potter's very first game. They tumbled extravagantly as they both hit the ground with a thud. It was impossible to see who had gotten the snitch. And that was because they both had. Both had a wing of the snitch and then began to wonderfully wrassle on the ground for it. Suddenly they froze and the ball rolled on the ground and then stopped still. Luna gasped loudly in the announcers box. "Holy poop! They broke the Snitch!" From five feet above the ground, Blaise Zabini fell off his broom- laughing. ....................... "Bloody hell, I can't believe McGonagall called it a tie. I had the snitch and that little Weasel stole it right out of my hand!" Draco raged as he and Blaise walked back from the locker room, Blaise still had a bit of a smirk on his face. "You're piece of the wing was clearly bigger," Blaise sniggered as Draco gave him a hard glare. "And not only that, but bloody hell when is this relationship going to pay off! Here I am waiting around for a bloody fucking kiss after two months Luna! How long is it going to take?" Quickening their pace, the two Slytherins rounded the corner to see Seamus yelling at little Luna Lovegood. Eye larger than normal, Luna stood in front of Seamus with puffy red cheeks and tears running down her cheeks like waterfalls. Blaise literally growled. Which of course caught Seamus's attention. "What th hell do you want Zabini?" Seamus rounded in on Blaise. Draco, who could read Blaise like a book sighed and shook his head. "Come on Love, this isn't for a lady's eyes," Draco said holding out his hand for the tear-ridden moon goddess to take. "Malfoy if you touch her, I'll kill you," Seamus threatened, which probably wasn't a good thing with the anger in Blaise's eyes. "Please do, really I'm about to do it myself anyways," Draco commented, spreading his arms wide for Seamus to attack him. Blaise glared at Draco and hit him over the head. "Take Luna around the corner, now," Blaise said through gritted teeth. Right now was not the time for Draco to be depressed. Draco gave a dramatic sigh and pulled a very shell-shocked Luna out and around the corner. "Alright Zabini, why don't you just save yourself the pain an give up now- I know she's fucking you and you're going to pay for it." Though Blaise had pretty much thought all he would end up doing is yelling at Finnegan, that last statement made him pull back his left- and very powerful- arm back before sending it right into the lion's nose. "How dare you say such a thing about someone so goddamn pure! To get a kiss from someone like that you should be honored, not upset that you have yet to receive one.!" Blaise yelled as Seamus groaned on the floor from his broke nose. Blaise spit on the ground and pulled out his wand. "I don't care what she says Finnegan, she's not yours anymore so stay the fuck away or I will kill you," Zabini held his wand so taunt that the boy on the ground actually believed this Slytheirn would murder given the chance. "What you're breaking up with me for her?" Seamus yelled back. Blaise grinned and put his wand away. With his foot he nudged Seamus's cheek still with a smile on his face. "Glad you understand English Finnegan, you better get the Hospital Wing before that gets worse," Blaise smirked and then kicked Seamus hard in the ribs. Blaise then walked around the corner to see Lovegood sobbing onto Draco- who looked none too pleased about it and rather awkwardly holding her. Laughing, Blaise grabbed Luna from Draco and she easily shifted what chest to sob into. "Now, now Love, no more crying, I fixed him for you," Blaise cooed to her and Draco smirked slightly. She nodded and sniffled away her tears. Lightly resting his thumbs on her cheeks, Blaise wiped away the rest of her tears with a soft smile. Draco was rather sure he was going to be sick. "But-but you hit him!" she stuttered slightly which Blaise found as cute as her giggle- though tell anyone that Blaise Zabini thought something was cute you might as well end up on the floor next to Seamus. "Yes, well, he said some mean things about you and I won't allow anyone to talk in such to a girl, let alone my moon." Luna blushed about fifty different shades of red. "But you still hit him..." Blaise sighed. "Fine, fifty points from Slytherin because Blaise Zabini had to be the knight in shining armor and rescue his princess," the Head Boy said sarcastically, "better?" Luna smiled and nodded. Getting up on her tippy toes she gave him another kiss on the cheek and pushed away any more stray tears with the back of her hand. "Thank you," she blushed and walked away. As on the train, Blaise's hand had gone to his cheek. Really if she gave him any more of those he would forget how to even walk. Draco watched Luna go and the two stood there in silence for a bit. "...hey I thought I was your princess!" Blaise hit Draco over the head once again.

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