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The Magic Of Christmas Day

Don't get so busy that you miss
Giving just a little kiss
To the ones you love
Don't even wait a little while
To give them a little smile
A little is enough

How many people are crying
People are dying...
How many people are asking for love?

Celine Dion "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day"

Professor Severus Snape woke up at exactly 6:00 on Christmas morning, and he didn't feel any emotion what-so-ever.

The fact was, the part when he didn't --- couldn't feel any emotion. He didn't feel bitterness, happiness, sadness or even madness. No, for a change he actually felt sane. He shook his head; it must have been something he had to drink last night. He could always blame it on the firewhiskey.

Severus walked into his living room, or at least what he called a living room. Actually, it was more like a room with a couch and a chair and besides it, there was a table, something that he'd like to call a dining room.

But, it wasn't how the room was stationed that surprised him this morning, no, what surprised him that he actually had presants under the small tree that he had been forced to place in by Albus Dumbledore. He had refused to decorate his rooms as well, but Minerva McGongall, later on had snuck in and charmed some things into decorations. Now his rooms look cheerful --- of all things!

Severus walked towards the Christmas tree, and reached for a small box under the tree. He untied the ribbon (ignoring the tag completely, as usual) expecting this to be from Minerva, Poppy, Filius or Albus.

His eyes went as round as galleons as he saw what the gift was. A cake. Someone had sent him, a very delicious looking cake with neatly printing on it saying Happy Christmas.

His hand went to where the tag was on the ribbon, it wasn't the fact that someone other then Albus, Minerva, Poppy or Filius sent him a gift; no, it was who it was from.

Happy Holidays Severus,
the tag read
Sincerely, Hermione Granger

His fellow colleage had thought about him on Christmas. The one girl who he despised, had thought about him on Christmas! Severus would have to be wise, and make sure to check it for poison later.

Changing into his robes, Severus walked towards the Great Hall. He amused himself by sending glares over at a few Hufflepuffs, and having them quickly run ahead of him. Only to have him shout, "Five points from Hufflepuff! For running!"

"Really Severus, do you have to be that cold on Christmas?" A voice asked behind him.

The voice, belonged to, of course Hermione Granger. Speak of the devil.

"Miss. Granger!" He exclaimed, "how many times must I insist on you calling me 'Sir' or 'Professor Snape?'"

"And how many times must I insist on you calling me Hermione? I work here now too Professor, you know as the Muggle Studies teacher... ring any bells?" She asked smoothly.

Severus rolled his eyes.

Thank her for the gift, a little voice said in his head.

However, instead of thanking her for the gift, he instead, asked her, what should have been, a simple little question.

"What was the meaing of the gift you sent me?"

Fine, it wasn't a simple question, it was a stupid one.

Hermione looked over at him. "It's the season of giving, so --- I figured that you'd like a Christmas presant for the holidays. What's wrong?"

Severus blinked, he had expected her to laugh and suddenly say, 'hope you have fun dying.'

"Nothing's wrong Miss. Granger," she cringed when he called her that, "it's just I was surprise to see your gift."

Thank her! The voice hissed once again.

"And it was very generous of you..."

THANK HER MAN BEFORE I DO IT! The voice yelled, it was as though he had an angel and a devil arguing in his head; and honestly, he had no idea who was yelling at him to try and thank her for his gift. For all he knew, it could be the devil in disguise of the angel and trying to humiliate him.

It was worth a shot.

"Thank you, Miss. Granger," Severus said softly.

And for the first time in his life, he actually meant it.

Walking down the corridor in silence, Hermione yawned tiredly, causing Severus to glance over at her with raised eyebrows. "Now that I notice it --- you're never up this early Miss. Granger. Why are you up this early?"

"Harry and Ron's owl woke me up at 5:30 this morning," Hermione replied. "And once I'm up, I'm up."

Severus chuckled, and they finally reached the enterance to the Great Hall. He turned the doorknob when he noticed a little object in front of them shine.

That little object, happened to be a mistletoe.

Hermione, who had not yet noticed the mistletoe, tried to move foward but couldn't. She cast a worried look over at Severus.

"Severus, why can't we move?"

Severus was too busy trying to figure out how to get out of this mess to even hear her say 'Severus.' However, after a few seconds in silence went by, he finally sighed in defeat.

"We are under a mistletoe Miss. Granger." Severus stated.

"And...? Can't you usually get out of it by running away or something?" Hermione asked warily, glancing up above her to see the mistletoe shinning brightly.

"No. The only way to get out of this..."

"Is to kiss." Hermione finished. She glanced over to where the Staff table and noticed Dumbledore staring at her with a twinke in his eyes. McGonagall took a sip of whatever she was drinking and Flitwick and Sprout were talking excitedly to each other.

"All right, on a count of three," said Severus.



"Do we really have to..."


"We could just use a spell to explode the ---"


And then, Hermione was cutted off by a brief kiss from Severus. It was soft, and gently and Hermione, felt as though she had endured something that she had never once endured in her life. After the shock of kissing Severus Snape flew pass, Hermione found herself kissing him in return. At first, Severus' eyes grew wide, but then, they softly closed as he continued to kiss her.

In any words to describe this kiss, it was more then just a brief kiss.

Finally ending their kiss, Hermione enhaled the fresh air inside the Great Hall and smiled, and then turned to face Severus. Standing on her tiptoes, Hermione placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Happy Christmas, Professor Snape."

"You too... Professor Granger."

Hermione laughed, this had been the first time that he had ever called her 'Professor Granger' but, nonetheless, she was glad to hear that from him.

Walking towards the Staff table and taking their seats next to Albus who was grinning ear to ear, he leaned in and whispered to Severus, "I knew putting that mistletoe there would cause some happiness in someone's life today."


Only Mild Hermione/Snape fluff, but aww I had so much fun writing this. Now I'm off to write my Oliver/Percy story for Bella's challenge, that one will be much longer then this I'm sure. It has to be about 3000 words (which is the requirements for the challenge). Hopefully, I'll get it done soon.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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