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Chocolate Ice Cream and Broken Hearts by blacksouledbutterfly
Chapter 1 : A Surprise For Molly
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, only the plot.
Hermione Granger should have been furious. Maybe she was. Truth be told she was too upset to be angry. She felt like her heart was being torn out of her chest. No, that wasn't a good way to describe it. It wasn't as though she truly knew what it was like to get your heart torn out of your chest, but she might as well have for all of the pain she was in. She blinked back tears, took a deep breath, but the pain was a burning sensation in the back of her throat. She felt sick, felt the bile rise in the back of her throat. She rubbed harshly at her eyes, hiccuping as the continued to cry.

"He's a git."

She shook her head. "It's my fault. It's all my fault."


"I did this to him," she insisted. Nothing was right. Why not blame herself? What could it hurt?

"You didn't do anything, Hermione. He hurt you, not the other way around."

"I made him do it. If I had been prettier, or more fun-"

"That's bullocks and you know it!"

She sniffled, pressing her face further into her pillow. It smelled like him, the whole Burrow did. She was so angry at herself. Why did she come there? Summer was almost over! Why not wait and see him at school? No, she wanted to see Ron, had to see Ron, felt the need build up like a snake coiling up in her chest. She had been such a fool to believe he wanted to see her too. "I was stupid to come here."

"Hermione, you are always welcome here."

"He doesn't want me here."

"I told you, he's a git. A prat. A bloody moron. You know that, Hermione."

"But he's not!"

"He is."

Her body shook as another fit of crying broke through her body. "Why does it have to hurt so bad?"

The bed shifted as he sat down next to her. "Love always does, Hermione. You're a smart enough girl to figure it out."

"I'm not smart. I'm stupid."

He scoffed. "You, Hermione Granger, are anything but. A little pushy, a bit to serious at time, and a hopeless bookworm, but you are far from stupid."

"Then why did I get hurt so badly?"

"Because you fell for him. Hard."

"Because I'm stupid."

"You're not stupid."

"I want to crawl under this bloody bed and die. It hurts so much. My heart is being torn apart."

"You don't want to die, Hermione. Right now it may feel like you do, but you don't. It'll get better."

"No, it won't!"

She felt a warm hand reach out and stroke her hair. "It will. It'll just take time. I know its hard, and right now it hurts more than anything, but it will get better."

"I just want everything to be normal again."

"It can't be."

She lifted her head up, turning to glare at him halfheartedly. "Why not? Why can't it ever be the same again?"

Fred smiled down at her sadly. "Because, he messed up. Rather badly. That can never be undone."

"I want to die."

"No you don't. You want him to die."

"Yes, that too."

"It'll pass."

She pressed her face back against the pillow and continued to cry, feeling him stroke her hair and listening to him mumble: "It'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass...it'll pass....."

Ron Weasley sat at the breakfast table at the Burrow stuffing his face with pancakes. His mother, Molly, was busy in the kitchen, talking to his father about some business at the Ministry. What is was, Ron couldn't care less about. He was more concerned with getting his fill before his brothers came and ate. Not to say that Molly made a small amount of food that morning. Oh, on the contrary. She had made plenty, but Ron was unusually hungry that morning, and the prospect of his brothers eating the food was almost enough to make him sick.

The door to the Burrow opened and closed as his father headed off to work. His mother was still mumbling in the kitchen, but now about how much work there was to be done before the start of term.

As footsteps began to descend down the stairs towards the kitchen Ron quickly pilled a few more pancakes onto his plate and dug his fork into them, marking them as his own. He waited, anxiously, for his brothers to enter the kitchen. He was too afraid that the food would be gone in a matter of moments to worry about anything else.

Fred and George Weasley entered the kitchen each, for once, looking as though they were actually awake. The twins stopped at the landing, glanced at each other, nodded and then proceeded into the kitchen, only to smack Ron on the head each in turn.

"Oi!" Bits of food flew from Ron's mouth as he grabbed his head. "What was that for?"

"You're a right foul git," Fred told him scathingly as he sat across from him.

"Completely horrid," George agreed taking a seat next to his twin.

"What did I do?"

"You are a complete and total wanker. You do know that, don't you?" Fred shook his head in disgust.

"You don't even deserve to be sitting here and eating Mum's food. As a matter of fact she would beat your arse raw if she knew what you did. Think we should tell her Fred?"

"By all means George. Would serve the little wanker well to get the tar beaten out of him."

"Right you are."

"What in the bloody hell did I do?"

"Jerk!" A new smack upside the head.

Ginny glared her brother as she grabbed an orange from the bowl in the center of the table.

"Not you too!"

She glared at him for a moment before turning to the twins. "Should I take up a plate?"

The two shrugged. "Can't hurt," Fred said. "Might not do any good mind you, but can't hurt."

Ron glanced at his siblings deciding they were completely mental. He watched Ginny place three pancakes on a plate, grab another orange, and send him another glare as she headed upstairs.

Molly came rushing into the kitchen. "Oh, good, you two boys are up. Don't want to be late for work."

Fred smiled at his mother, but there was something in his eyes that told Ron he was up to no good. "It's Ron you should have expected to sleep late," he told her.

"He had a rather long night last night," George added, smiling slightly. "Didn't you Ron?"

"N-n-no." What were they on about he wondered.

"'Course you did Ron. Don't you remember? Up all hours last night, you were. Made an awful bloody racket too."

"I was not! I did not!"

"Ron, dear, did you really stay up late?"

Ron turned to his mother. "No. I didn't."

Fred scoffed. "Really Ron. Lying to Mum's face like that. Now from George and I-"

"-it's expected," George finished. "But from you?"

Fred clutched his chest dramatically. "It'll break her heart."

Molly swatted at both of her sons. "Stop it you two. Leave Ron alone."

"But Mum, ask him what he did last night. Ask him."

Molly sighed. "Oh, alright. If it will get you two to quiet down I will." She turned to her youngest son. "Ronald, what did you do last night?"


"He was entertaining," Fred told her.


"A friend? What friend George?"

"A girl. From school."

Molly placed her hands on her waist. "Did Hermione come by last night?"

Fred laughed slightly. "It wasn't Hermione, Mum. And not that kind of friend."

George's face broke out into a wicked grin. "Your son was shagging Lavender Brown, his former girlfriend, under your own roof."

Molly glanced between her three sons, her mouth opening and closing like a fish. "He...he...he did what?"

"I did not!" Ron protested.

"Did too!" Ginny was entering the kitchen carrying the plate, untouched. "We all heard you. Surprised Mum didn't, you jerk."


"Ronald Weasley! How dare you! In my house!"

"But Mum-"

Ron, however, did not get to finish that sentence before a pitcher of milk was poured over his head. He sat there for a moment, gapping, before he turned to see Hermione holding the now empty pitcher, looking down at him with bloodshot eyes. "Hermione, I-"

"Do.Not.Even.Try.To.Explain.This.Away.Ronald." Her teeth were gritted. "I hate you, you bloody git. How could you do this to me?"


But Hermione had put a hand to her mouth and was running back up the stairs crying.

"You broke her heart, Ron," Ginny hissed.

Fred took a bite of his pancake smiling at his Mum. "Pretty sure he forgot a charm to prevent pregnancy too."

Molly Weasley, her head spinning, opened her mouth to speak but instead fainted.

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