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Make Out Kids

Chapter One - Make Out Kids Never Had A Chance To Be Best Friends

“Mel, wake up!” Padma, my best friend, hissed into my ear. “It’s time.”

I opened my eyes and groaned. I had taken a short nap in hopes of getting a few hours of sleep before the meeting. “Fine,” I mumbled to her, rising slowly from my bed. I glanced over to Padma, who had gone to her vanity to check herself over in the mirror, and sighed. “You look great. Can we go now?”

“Shhh,” she whispered, gesturing to our sleeping roommates. “Okay. Let’s go. It’s nearly midnight.”

Together, we headed out of our dormitory and climbed down the spiral staircase into the Ravenclaw common room. I noticed that four others were already there, patiently waiting by the fire. I shot a glare at Marietta Edgecombe as she looked up from her conversation with Cho Chang. Although gorgeous with curly reddish-blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Marietta was a cold-hearted bitch. I had managed to get on her bad side when I “accidentally” spilled my pumpkin juice all over her one breakfast in my third year.

We walked over to the sofa where Anthony Goldstein and Michael Corner were. The two, tall, brown-haired boys were sitting and quietly chatting. I nodded to them a silent greeting and sat, waiting for the meeting to begin.

Glancing around, I saw Roger Davies and Eddie Carmichael coming down the stairs. Roger noticed me and winked, causing me to flush a deep red.

Roger Davies was a seventh year and the Ravenclaw Quidditch captain. He was the classic tall, dark, and handsome type with an athletic build and a smile that could melt hearts. And yes, he was also one of the biggest players in the school. I’ll never forget last year when we met for the first time.

“Come on Mel, you don’t want to be late to your initiation?” My sister, Anna, who was in her seventh and final year, urged me. She had a teasing smile on her face. I wanted to know why, but alas, she would not explain anything to me about what was about to take place. It was two weeks before the end of my fourth year and nearly midnight. I had wanted to go to sleep but my sister would not allow it, insisting that she had something we needed to do.

“Can you please tell me what we are doing and what the hell it is that I am being initiated into?” I asked, thoroughly annoyed. She just shook her head and continued smiling, leading me down the staircase into the common room. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

“Fine,” I said begrudgingly, crossing my arms about my chest. As we descended the stairs, I spotted several other Ravenclaws: Cho Chang, a pretty Asian fifth year; Marietta, my mortal enemy; Eddie Carmichael, a popular sixth year boy with brown hair; and my friends, Padma Patil, Michael Corner, and Anthony Goldstein. The three were each sitting by a seventh year boy, all looking as confused as I did. Then I saw him. Roger Davies, a very good-looking sixth year, was talking animatedly by the fire. I had fancied Roger for a while, yet I had never talked to him before.

Clearing her throat, my sister broke my trance. I glanced up at her and she gestured to the seat in front of us. I took the hint and sat down. I should be sleeping, I thought to myself, shooting a glare at my sister. And what the hell is going on here?

Taking the clearing of my sister’s throat as a signal, the rest of the group stopped chattering and took their seats. They all looked to my sister who began, “Welcome to the 38th annual Make out Kids Initiation.”

I couldn’t help but let out a small snigger. Make Out Kids. What kind of name is that? Quickly covering my mouth, I looked around to see if anyone had heard. Unfortunately, for me, they had. Marietta was glaring at me heatedly, and my sister had an aggravated look on her face. Roger, on the other hand, was grinning amusingly at me. I quickly looked back down, hoping my face wasn’t too red.

“Yes, the Make Out Kids or, for short, the M.O.K.” Anna continued, looking in my direction. “For those of you that don’t know, the M.O.K. was started many years ago by a group of Ravenclaw students who were bored and wanted to take a break from studying to have a little fun. They named the group so because of the initiating task.”

Confused, I looked up at my sister who had a mischievous look on her face. Finally realising the meaning, I found my voice and said, “You mean we have to… you know?” My expression went from horrified to completely mortified.

“Yes, dear sister, you do,” she answered, smirking.

“But—” I started before I was cut off.

“And as some of us will be graduating in two weeks, new members must be selected. The four of you,” Anna said, gesturing to the fourth years, “will have to complete these tasks tonight in order to be initiated into the M.O.K.”

I was utterly stunned by this. How did I get into this? I asked myself. And why didn’t my sister tell me about this club, let alone that she was one of its leaders? I had heard rumours about secret societies around Hogwarts before, but never would I imagine that I would be asked to be a part of one. I looked around to see what the other fourth years were thinking. Padma looked as shocked as I did, Anthomy looked a little uneasy, and Michael, of course, looked rather fascinated.

“Now, after tonight, you will all be full-fledged members of the M.O.K. This is a very clandestine society, so make sure to be discreet,” One of the seventh year boys added. "If if it discovered that you have leaked any information involving the nature of this group, then you will be immediately discharged and banned from all future meetings."

“So what exactly does the M.O.K. do?” Michael asked interestedly.

“Well there are certain tasks that are set to be completed by the following meetings.” Anna said, grinning. “The tasks can be anything and range from mooning a professor to seducing a Slytherin. So, basically it’s like a huge Truth or Dare game except you have to choose dare and there is no chickening out. We meet every Wednesday at midnight in the common room.”

Anna continued on about the tasks, but I found I could not pay attention. I was too worried about this initiation. Sure, I had been kissed before but never full on snogged, and in front of an audience no less! What am I going to do? I thought, growing increasingly uneasy. Wait—maybe I can get out of it? Of course!

“Hold on, what if we don’t want to do the first task?” I asked, hoping there was a way around it.

“Then you can’t be in the club!” Marietta practically screamed at me.

I glowered at her in response. Looking up at my sister, I saw that she looked disappointed. “Fine! I guess I’ll do it if I have to,” I conceded, throwing my hands up in the air. “But do we have to do it in front of everyone?”

“No, you twit! You can go to another part of the castle!” Marietta yelled, out of patience.

“Marietta, calm down,” Roger said, finally. “If I remember correctly, you were just as nervous as she during your initiation.”

That shut her right up. I turned away from Marietta, whom I had been glaring daggers at, to see the gorgeous Roger Davies smiling warmly at me. I turned away quickly, my face going crimson.

“Okay, let’s begin. You will each be paired up with an existing member, and you will have half an hour to complete the initiation,” Anna pronounced, smiling widely at me and the other fourth years. “Hmm…” she said, thinking of who to pair each person up.

“Okay, let's see… we'll have Corner and Chang first.”

I let out a small laugh as I glanced over to Michael. He was looking very pleased as he stood up, and the two walked off together.

“Next will be… Patil and Carmichael.” Anna announced.

Padma looked over to Eddie, who was grinning, and stood up. I looked on, horrified, as the two left. I glanced over to Marietta; she looked livid. Apparently, she had a thing for Eddie.

“Then it’ll be Goldstein and Edgecombe.”

Anthony appeared to be much shyer than his best friend was. He looked over at Marietta bashfully. Fuming, she got up and grabbed Anthony the hand, pulling him away.

I chuckled to myself at seeing her so angry. Then it dawned on me. It was my turn. I looked around to see who there was to be paired with. My eyes widened, and I let out an embarassingly sharp gasp when I realised who was left. Roger Davies! I looked up to find my sister with a rather large smirk on her face.

“And last but certainly not least… McCormack and Davies.”

I looked over at Roger who again looked amused. Realising that I was making a huge fool out of myself, I tried to relax. Calm down! Breathe! Act natural!

“Well, go on, you two,” my sister encouraged.

I stood up slowly, trying to act cool and calm and failing miserably. Roger got up as well and walked over towards me. I just stood there dumbly; he grabbed my hand and led me towards the exit.

Roger must have sensed my insecurities and said to me as we left the common room, “It’s okay. I was just as nervous on my initiation.”

I couldn’t find my voice, so I just nodded. Roger Davies nervous with a girl? I doubt it, I thought to myself as he led me down the corridor to an empty classroom.

We stood for a few moments before I got up the courage to say something, “So you’re Roger.” I mentally smacked myself in the head after that one. Of course he’s Roger, you dolt!

“Yes,” Roger replied, chuckling. “We didn’t get a chance to properly meet. I’m Roger Davies,” he said smoothly as he extended his hand to me.

“Oh, yes.” I answered, relaxing some. “I’m Melanie McCormack. It’s nice to meet you.” I said as I shook his hand. My cheeks flushed as we touched, and I immediately withdrew my hand, bringing it back down to my side. I was incredibly nervous and felt extremely awkward. “So…”

I looked up into Roger’s deep brown eyes, getting lost in them. He just smiled his super suave smile; I blushed even more. “You know, the initiation really isn’t that bad. The tasks get worse, of course.”

“Really?” I asked, intrigued. “What’s the worst you’ve ever been assigned?”

“Well,” he started, thinking about it. “That would have to be last year, when I had to serenade Professor McGonagall at breakfast.”

I laughed, remembering what had happened. Roger had gone up to the Staff Table one morning, got down on one knee on the table in front of the old woman, and sang his heart out to her. “That was hilarious,” I told him, still chortling. “McGonagall looked absolutely horrified!”

“She was,” he laughed. “She gave me a month's worth of detentions for it too.”

The atmosphere in the room had lightened considerably, but the tension was brought back after Roger said, “So about your initiation…”

“Oh yes, that,” I said, stupidly. I looked to the floor, blushing madly. Oh gods! Why did he have to remember?

“Kissing me won’t be that bad, will it?”

“No,” I said, turning back to look at him. He was leaning in, his lips dreadfully close to mine. “I suppose it won’t…”

My eyes widened as his lips crashed down onto mine. I was still in shock before I realised what was going on. You’re kissing Roger Davies! Kiss him back! Listening to myself, I kissed Roger back and put my arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss, placing his hands on my waist.

After a few passionate moments, we drew apart. I was gasping for breath. Wow! That was amazing! I thought to myself. I had just kissed one of the best looking boys in school!

“We’d better get back. It’s been about a half hour.” Roger stated, grinning at me.

Still in ecstasy from the kiss, I responded, “Really? That was fast!”

I flushed again, realising how stupid that had sounded.

“Come on,” Roger said, laughing. He grabbed my hand and led me back to the common room, where we were met with cheers from the rest of the group. Roger went to go sit down which left me standing there, feeling completely humiliated.

In her excitement, my sister ran up and hugged me. “Congratulations, sis. Welcome to the M.O.K.” Anna whispered into my ear. “So… how was it?”

The clock in the common room struck twelve, causing me to come back to reality and signalling the start of the meeting. Roger, this year’s unofficial leader began, “Welcome to tonight’s meeting of the M.O.K. First off, I want to congratulate Eddie for a job well done with his last task.”

The entire group, including myself, erupted into laughter. Eddie stood up and took a bow, causing the group to laugh even harder. Last Thursday, he had gone streaking through the Great Hall during breakfast. Snape was furious and looked as if he could have used an unforgivable on the boy, and Dumbledore just laughed into his pumpkin juice, finding it humorous. Fortunately for Eddie, he was only given a severe scolding from McGonagall, a letter home, and two week’s worth of detentions.

“Yes, well done, Eddie,” Roger continued. “Now, for tonight’s assignment… I do believe it is Miss McCormack’s turn.”

A/N: I hoped you liked this story. I've recently become obsessed with Henry Lloyd-Hughes after seeing him in Goblet of Fire so I decided to write a Roger fic. The title is from a song by Motion City Soundtrack. Gotta love em. Anyways... I hoped you enjoy this chapter. Please leave a review!

Edited: 10/14/2007

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