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Christmas morning, there wasn’t a person who could possibly be sad or depressed because there was no way in hell’s way nobody didn’t like Christmas. Ginny thought that everybody loved Christmas, because not only was there lots of gifts, but family and friends were gathered together and everybody was in a good mood.

Ginny threw the sheets off her and stared at the ceiling, letting the reality of Christmas day sink in. Slowly, the feeling of delight, excitement and happiness crept through her, making it into her very bones. Looking at the edge of her bed, she squealed in delight.

Gifts! Gifts among gifts, among even more gifts. Small and large, bulky and smooth. Ginny ran her hands over each one, white fluffy bows were on some, and others were small.

She picked up the first package, obviously from her mum and opened yet another sweater. Nothing unusual there, she smiled and unfolded it before slipping it on. The next was from Hermione, and to Ginny’s surprise it wasn’t a book, but a small set of stationary paper. Thinking nothing of it Hermione continued opening presents. She received a rather cute teddy bear from Harry (and remembered her gift to him, raising her eyebrows in regret) and lots of chocolate from her brothers.

It wasn’t until she was at the end of the gifts did she remember the small golden box that she’d left on her nightstand. She played with the small ribbon, fingering it with curiosity. Ripping it open she closed her eyes and shook her head. He’d bought her a ring… it was a small and dainty gold ring. In it was a red jewel, and gold entwined a green jewel with it. It was truly beautiful and as Ginny slipped it on her finger she knew he was going to be forever forbidden.

“Ginny! It’s Christmas!” exclaimed Hermione opening the door and smiling. Ginny slipped the ring off and into her pocket, she didn’t know if she could wear it yet. They could ask questions, it might be suspicious!

Ginny bounded off her bed and hugged Hermione tightly. “Did you like it Hermione?”

“It’s beautiful!” she exclaimed holding up the necklace Ginny had given her. “Thank you.”

“You’re really like my sister Hermione.” Said Ginny smiling. For Christmas Ginny had given her a sister charm, because that was what suited her the best she thought. Hermione hugged her and winked.

“You know Ginny… I’d very much like to go see Harry. He’s been terrific after that… night.”

“Good Hermione… good.” Said Ginny. She took her hand and they walked down the stairs. The smell of a hefty breakfast waiting for them.


“Draco… Draco! Please wake up.” Said a little voice from behind him. He rolled over sleepily and was instantly prodded by his younger sister Sylvie. “Draco… it’s Christmas!”

He opened one eye and smirked at his little sister. She was standing in front of him in her little green nightgown. She smiled in glee and jumped into his bed, snuggling under the covers. “Hey squirt.” He mumbled, messing her blonde hair playfully.

“Draco! It’s Christmas! Guess what mommy and daddy got me?”


“Guess Draco!”

“Oh I dunno…. a new dress?”

“No silly! They got me a necklace box, and it’s got a little ballerina. I think daddy snuck this in though.” She said holding up the little book. It was covered with a black binding and obviously was very dark. Draco opened it up and turned on the lamp. It was about dark arts; already his father was trying to poison the mind of Sylvie.

“You know what?” he said.


“Don’t even look at this book. It’s bad, in fact I’m going to keep it.” Said Draco setting it on his dresser. Sylvie just smiled and cuddled into her big brothers chest.

“Aren’t you going to open your presents?” she asked staring at the presents on his bed excitedly.

“Well, I was going to wait until the sun came up… it’s only four you know?

“Please….” She asked looking up at him. He smiled and rolled his eyes before throwing the covers back.

“Alright, but remember to be quiet, you don’t want to wake dad up do you?”

The look of fear that entered her eyes angered Draco and he pulled her into a hug. She looked at him and smiled sadly. “I wish you didn’t go to school Draco.”

“You’re all right here though.” He said, nodding his head.

“Yeah…” she said reaching for one of the presents.

“Is there something you want to tell me Sylvie?” asked Draco tipping up her chin.

“No Draco, can I open this present?” she asked holding it up. She avoided his eye contact and when he said yes she opened the paper slowly, not as excited as she had been before.

She slowly opened every present, and as the sun came over the horizon she became happier, the fear left from her face and she didn’t seem so depressed.

“I have a present for you Sylvie, I wanted to give it to you this morning.” Said Draco getting up and pulling out a small box from the closet. He handed her the box and she smiled at him gratefully.

When she opened it her eye lit up, it was what she always wanted. Flying out of the bed she collapsed into Draco’s arms and cried. “Draco! Thank you so much, but Daddy said I wasn’t allowed to dance.”

“He doesn’t have to know, just practise and when I come home for break you’ll show me all that talent that’s just bursting to get out!” he said stroking her hair softly. She held up the ballerina slippers and pulled away from him. Sitting on the edge of her bed, she slipped them on and began to twirl. Draco smiled as he watched her. The blonde hair flying behind her, she looked so happy, in a world that was not. The sun filtered into the room, casting an orange ray across them.

The door opened slowly and Draco noticed it. He reached forward and stopped Sylvie; sitting her on the bed he tried his best to unlace the shoes before his father came in. Just as he shoved them under his bed, his father opened the door.

“Go to your room Sylvie.” He said staring at Draco.

“Why Daddy?”

“JUST GO!” he yelled angrily. The same fear lit in her eyes and she sneaked out from behind him. She rumbled the green bed sheet as she went, tears threatening to escape. As she walked by her father he slapped her in the face harshly.

“DON’T YOU TOUCH HER!” screamed Draco running forward and pulled Sylvie towards him. She shivered against him and broke free, running to the curtain and slipping to the ground. The green curtains grew darker as her tears soaked them.

“Don’t raise your voice to me boy.” His father said. “Where were you the other night?”

“That’s none of your business.” Said Draco stepping backwards.

Lucius’s hands twitched by his side dangerously. “Don’t do this to yourself boy.”

“Do what?” asked Draco.

“Dig your grave deeper.”

A petrified scream came from the corner where Sylvie lay sobbing. Draco stood in front of her, protecting her. Lucious looked at him and advanced forwards, fist held out in rage. He swung at Draco, landing it on his head. Everything went into swirls of colour as he spun on the spot but Draco remained standing, not realizing that his father was now headed for Sylvie.

Draco stepped in front of him again, and his father turned towards him. “You’re gonna be a dead boy.”

So what do you guys think?
What do you think will happen next?
I'm curious to know if you even liked it!
So tell me what you like or dislike? Megs

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