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A/N: Hey ya'll! um, yeah. Enjoy it.

Chapter 17
The Plan

Hospital Wing

I didn’t sleep the rest of the night. I was plotting a plan to save Draco. I needed to talk to Dumbledore, that was the first thing I needed to do. Then I had to talk Harry into leaving the castle IMMEDIATELY and then running to where I think Voldemort’s hide out is. Then everything that will go from there will be unsuspected.

I watched the sun come up through the clouds at the window facing the east. I tried to wake Hermione up by coughing really loud. She seemed to be a very heavy sleeper. I waited for what seemed like forever and when the sun was shining brightly in the room, I tried decided to take matters into my own hands and get up.

Pushing the covers off of me, I realized that my legs felt like lead. I pulled them over the side of the bed with difficulty. Then I slowly eased myself to the edge and then pushed myself up. Pain screamed through my legs and up my spine. I moaned out in pain and put a hand on my bedside table. I closed my eyes in pain and, once again, felt hot tears falling down my cheeks.

I tried to take a step, but I felt like my legs were cinder blocks. I let go of the bedside table and took a shaky breath. I slide my leg forward and then made my other one move, too, but instead I lost my balance. I fell and hit the hard floor with a bang. My bones felt like they were vibrating. I started to sob hard and hated myself for it. In all my dreams, Draco looks so tortured, but there isn’t a single tear shed. I was giving in to my injuries.

Again, I took a deep breath and I pulled myself to my feet. After what seemed like an hour, I was standing and able to fall back onto my bed. I was aching all over. Tears slid down my smooth cheeks. I didn’t bother drying my eyes when Madam Pomfry came in with my potions. She seemed convinced that I was still morning over my loss.

I felt better after the potion and went back to looking out the window in a daze. I needed to plot my plan a bit more, but my mind kept wondering to different times I had spent with Draco. The night we played with Filch’s mind, our midnight snacks, sharing our secrets, studying how to become and animagus, Christmas morning when he got along with all his enemies, our kiss....

My thoughts lingered on the kiss. How I felt something spark and still can’t figure out what it was. How Draco and I were so surprised afterward, yet we both had enjoyed it. Me kissing him back even though I have a perfectly wonderful boyfriend who I am in love with. I didn’t understand why that kiss was so important to me.

At this point Hermione stretched and yawned herself awake. She looked around sleepily as if trying to figure out where she was. Her brown eyes landed on me and she laughed.

“ I thought you never got up early,” Hermione said. I shrugged.

“ I had a vision and couldn’t go back to sleep,” I said. I was shocked at the sound of my voice. There was practically NO emotion whatsoever and hoarse. The hoarse part I didn’t understand because I talked a lot the night before.

“ What was your vision about?” Hermione wanted to know. She seemed a bit worried. I shook my head. I didn’t want to tell anyone but Harry and Dumbledore that Draco was still alive and being tortured.

“ I don’t want to talk about it,” I replied.

“ Oh, okay,” Hermione said looking a bit hurt. Madam Pomfry came in and gave Hermione her potions before releasing her. Hermione was reluctant to leave, but I convinced her that I needed to be alone, and she went down to breakfast to meet up with Ron and Harry and promised to visit me soon.

I went back to my thoughts. Soon, I fell asleep. No dreams floated into my troubled mind. I was thankful for that. I didn’t want to see Draco being tortured again.

I woke up around noon. Madam Pomfry said I needed to take my potions. When she disappeared for a bite to eat in the Great Hall, I found the strength to get up. It was faster then this morning and I tried walking back and forth between the infirmary. I made it across once and back to my bed when Dumbledore came in.

“ Amber, I believe it was Madam Pomfry’s orders not to get out of bed for at least a week,” he said looking amused as I got back into bed.

“ Madam Pomfry doesn’t know what I had a vision about last night,” I replied, my voice no long monotonous, “ I need to get my strength back as soon as possible,”

“ What was the vision about?” Dumbledore asked sitting in a near by chair and looking at my seriously. His twinkling eyes weren’t twinkling as happily as they were before.

“ Draco,” I said simply.

“ What about him?” the Professor urged.

“ He’s alive. Voldemort’s torturing him. He’s almost dead. I need to get to him as soon as I can!” I said my voice raising. I felt tears coming and tried with all my might to hold them back. I wasn’t going to cry.

“ Amber, how do you know it was a vision? What if it was a trick? Harry was tricked by Voldemort in his dreams once before. Voldemort might be trying to get you to come to him to defeat you early,” Dumbledore said.

“ My visions are always soundless. I never know what’s going on until the worst happens,” I explained, “ I think I know where Voldemort is, too. I only figured it out last night,”

“ What?” Dumbledore was flabbergasted, “ How do you know where he is?”

“ Well, not the exact location, but remember that vision I had that almost caused me to jump off the Astronomy tower? I was in the middle of a vision like thing. I saw that I was in a castle that was dark and dreary. It wasn’t Hogwarts, but an exact replica. If we can find that replica, then we can find Voldemort,” I said. Dumbledore leaned back in his chair looking very pleased.

“ I know where that replica is,” he said, “ Looks like the final battle will be sooner then we expected?”

“ Yes, if Harry will go with me. I know he will because he knows I’d do the same for him,” I said nodding, “ I just feel like I don’t know enough, yet. Harry and I haven’t even learned to use our powers together yet,”

“ You have,” Dumbledore corrected. I gave the head master a funny look. He stood up and smiled, “ I must be going. I had sensed that you needed to speak with me, but I have a appointment to attend to,”

Dumbledore left with me looking after him
in complete dismay. If Harry and I know how to use our powers together, why haven’t we done something extraordinary like in all my dreams?

When Harry came in to visit me later on, I told him everything. Even Dumbledore’s visit. Harry seemed confused just as I was, too. It was obvious that we hadn’t figured out how to use our powers while together. Even if we did, won’t it need to strengthen? All the same, Harry did agree to go and stop Voldemort to save Draco. Well, he just wanted to save the Wizarding world, but whatever.

Anyway, I needed to get better first. I knew time was running out for Draco. When Madam Pomfry came in with dinner and my evening potions, I asked her if there was any way I can get better really fast. She looked at me like I was crazy.

“ Miss Potter, I am doing the only thing that can get you better the quickest way possible. That will even take up to a week. Why are you in such a rush anyway?” she asked me.

“ Well, I need to get back to my lessons, I’m behind as it is. Plus, there’s that rematch game against Slytherin I can’t miss,” I said casually.

“ Hump!” Madam Pomfry huffed, “ Your health is more important then winning a Quidditch sup. Now, while grades are important, your health comes first. I can have Miss Granger come in and teach you, but no wands!”

The nurse walked out before I could reply and I drank the potion she had shoved in my hand. Like I usually did after a potion, I felt a lot better. I was debating on weather or not I should try walking around again when Harry, Ron, and Hermione came in. It dawned on me that Jadon hadn’t come to see me today.

“ Hey, Amber! Jadon is in detention,” Ron said almost reading my mind. My mind was closed, though. I didn’t reply. Hermione was looking quiet pleased with herself, though.

“ What are you gloating about?” I asked with a slight smirk.

“ Harry told Ron and me everything. You two do know how to use your powers together,” Hermione replied looking very smudge, “ You both need to want the same thing. Like, when Harry told us about that glow when you guys held hands during Christmas,”

“ How do you know we both wanted the same thing?” I asked.

“ Harry wanted to get into Grimmauld Place without breaking down. If I’m not mistaken, you wanted Harry to feel better about going inside, too,” Hermione said, “ That triggered your powers and you guys didn’t linger on how it worked,”

Harry and I looked at each other for a minuet. I wanted to know why I never mentioned something like that to MY friends, but he can mention it to his. However, that wasn’t important at the moment. I held my hand out to Harry. He just stared at it.

“ What?” he asked. I rolled my eyes.

“ We need to test it. I wanna get better. You just think I need to get better, too, and we’ll see if we CAN get this to work,” I shrugged.

“ I’m not sure you should test it yourself,” Hermione said suddenly looking worried, “ You powers could be to powerful for a human body to take!”

“ Stop, worrying, Hermione,” Ron said looking very eager, “ Go on, guys, try it out,”

Harry put his hand in mine and we both closed our eyes hoping for me to heal faster. It took a second, but then I felt a tingling in my palm. I heard Hermione and Ron gasp so I knew that gold light was traveling through us. Then the pain in my cinder filled legs started to lift. My whole body began to get better. When I felt alive again, I opened my eyes and Harry and I dropped hands.

“ Bloody hell!” Ron said in amazement. I laughed and jumped up out of bed.

“ And I’ve been in bed for the past few days!?” I asked, “ Those potions were useless compared to this!”

“ No kidding,” Harry said, “ I even feel better,”

I stopped using up all my newfound energy, and looked at my brother.

“ What do you mean?” I asked. Hermione and Ron looked at their friend looking a bit confused, too.

“ Nothing,” Harry said shaking his head, “ Amber, since you’re all better and stuff, we better go tell Dumbledore. We have to get out of here to find Voldemort and if Dumbledore knows where the replica of the castle is, then we should be able to leave soon,” as Harry talked his happiness left his voice more and more. I have to say, I’m scared, too. I mean, we’re about to go up against the most feared wizard in the world. The man that kills and tortures just because he can. I nodded and Harry left.

Dumbledore’s Office

Dumbledore had to come and check me out of the Hospital Wing because Madam Pomfry kept denying that I was better all of a sudden. It took some explaining and then some proof to finally convince her that I was perfectly fine and could be released.

Dumbledore took me straight to his office where we met up with Harry. He was sitting in the chair that he sat in when we first found out we were twins. I sat in the chair next to him. Dumbledore sat in front of his desk and looked at us.

“ You two don’t have to go now,” he said looking very worried, “ Or at least allow me to assist you,”

“ Professor,” I said shaking my head, “ I never heard the prophecy, but according to what I heard from other people, I think that Harry and I should go alone. Not because we want the fame to ourselves to anything, but because it seems like we need to defeat Voldemort ourselves—without help,”

“ Then let your powers build up more. Get used to using them together,” Dumbledore said his worry increasing.

“ We know how to use them and we both know that we want to defeat Voldemort really, really badly. We should be okay,” Harry said with a sigh, “ And I don’t think Amber will risk staying here for another hour,” he added.

“ Draco is so close to death in all my visions,” I said, “ I wanna go now because we’ll either be early or just in time,”

“ Then there’s no use in trying to talk you out of it,” Dumbledore sighed, “ I know how close you and Draco are. At least, have a way to communicate to me incase you need help or something,”

Dumbledore handed each of us a silver star. He explained to us that it was a three-way communicator, so if Harry and I got separated, then we could talk to each other. If we’re in danger the star with grow hot and glow red. If we’re dead, it will turned icy cold and black and if we’re safe it will be warm and silver. Dumbledore said that it will be a pink or red a lot because what we’re about to do is not an easy task. My heart was pounding as I hooked the communicator to the inside of my robes.

Then, Dumbledore and Harry quickly explained to me the Unforgivable Curses and we were ready to leave. We got a map that will show where Harry and I are and where we need to go. It was South. It seemed like we needed to go to a very small unknown island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

“ Professor, why is there a replica of the castle?” I asked.

“ When Salazar Slytherin left the school, he built another one. Apparently, he was the only one who lived in it and he left it early because it was lonesome. He built it just like Hogwarts. Passageways, moving staircases, trick stairs, everything. You will be able to find your way around easily. Just be prepared at every corner,” Dumbledore explained.

“ Should we bring the Invisibility Cloak?” Harry asked.

“ No, you can lose it and you won’t be able to move fast enough,” Dumbledore said seriously, “ I think that’s all we need to cover. Are you ready?”

“ No,” Harry and I said at the same time, “ But we need to go,” I added. Harry nodded in agreement. I felt nervous and scared suddenly. I bit my lip and Dumbledore summoned our brooms and then we walked outside into the cold night air. It was beginning to rain. Perfect for what we were going to do.

“ Now, if you two need to escape before you kill Voldemort, do it,” Dumbledore said, “ Just run, okay?”

“ Yes sir,” we said even though all three of us knew that we would stay there until Voldemort is dead.

Harry and I said our good byes to Voldemort and we kicked off the ground. I looked at Harry and he gave a weak smile. Neither of us got to say good bye to Jadon or Ginny. What if we don’t make it? Then Jadon will never know that I love him and I would have wasted my breath to get Ginny and Harry back together.

I closed my eyes for a minuet and got ready for our long flight to Voldemort. If Harry and I die, we’ll die with Voldemort at our feet.

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